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Receding Hairlines, They Happen!

| Filed under: Pete Wentz


Pete Wentz, what a big forehead you have?

The years of dying your hair jet black have taken their toll on the follicle count atop your head, we see.

Pete was spotted sans Asslee in New York yesterday, hanging out in Times Square. Actually, he was attending the It's Y!ou Yahoo! yodel competition at Military Island. You know your career has hit rock bottom when….

But back to the hair - the shaved head look actually suits him. Not many guys can pull it off successfully. But he seriously needs some longer locks to cover up the damage.

Honesty hurts. So does listening to your wife sing.

[Image via Getty Images.]

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121 comments to “Receding Hairlines, They Happen!”

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  1. 1

    what are you talking about?! have you seen your receding hairline lately? your forehead is twice the size…

  2. 2

    He's fugly anyway so who cares!!! It doesn't make him, he's already BROKEN!

  3. 3

    Yet you could land a fucking aeroplane on your head - if only someone would.
    Does Will.I.Am have a pilots license?

  4. 4

    rather have a receeding hairline than a fugged up face like…. ummmmm YOU, perez

  5. 5

    Ummm… Perez? You have one of the worst receding hairlines ever- and you're younger then him, right?

  6. 6

    There is nothing wrong with his hair or hair line. Why are you trying to attack him for a stupid non existant reason? Shouldn't you be supporting positive body image?

  7. 7

    And what are the alternating Pepto Bismol pink and Ronald McDonald red doing to your follicles mario ????

  8. ttt says – reply to this


    DING! +1 for perez

  9. 9

    gurrl…you really need to let your jealously of this guy go. at this point, you just sound pathetic.

  10. 10

    His hair line looks fine. I can't believe you have the gall to say anything about his hair when you're SO Bald!

  11. 11

    I really really like it short like that.

  12. 12

    BigDaddyMagnum says, "Hey Mario… have you ever LOOKED IN THE MIRROR you fat fuck? You've got a forehead the size of Texas and are balding worse than Mr. Fall Out Boy here. Oh yea, And you're FAT. At least Wentz is kind of attractive. On the other hand there is no hope for you, you ugly queen."

  13. 13

    ooh he looks better like this

  14. 14

    Honesty? how is it honesty when you have fabricated a complete lie about this guy? There is nothing wrong with his hairline… in fact he looks AMAZING with the new hair! People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones Perez… judging from your hairline and the abuse you inflict on your mop monthly, you'll be losing your hair far faster than Pete Wentz…. that's if one of your haters doesn't put you out of your misery first.
    Your envy is so pathetic.

  15. 15


  16. 16

    i think he is kinda hot….you perez….UGLY…..

  17. 17

    As a former fat slob but still kinda sloppy gay guy/girl….. shouldn't you be promoting positive self image instead of negative? It kills me to hear you whine about equality for gays…. and yet you're more than willing to attack and trash everyone else for the smallest of issues. HYPOCRITE. The gay community should be ashamed to have you associated with them…. and I'm sure they are.

  18. 18

    That's…not a receding hairline, idiot.

  19. 19

    HOLLY CRAP this is what he hides under all those hats he wears all the time

  20. 20

    There are respectful, professional, educated and compassionate gays and lesbians…. and then there is PEREZ.

  21. <3. says – reply to this


    Just looks like big forehead to me…
    Aren't guys supposed to have big foreheads anyway?

  22. 22

    He looks better. Less "tool-like." Nice Jacket.

  23. 23

    you seen your own pic of you and that old chick?
    your hair is the worst ever!
    you wouldnt look good with short hair either.
    I cant believe you put pictures of yourself on here!

  24. 24

    this guy has done something to change his looks (plastic surgery, botox)
    and changed his hairstyle as a distraction. we all know that the wife likes the knife too….must say—he looks good…different but good. must have used ashley's doc

  25. 25

    Re: ElliotWilliamp – WOW YOU ARE HOT!

  26. 26

    Re: vancouvergrrl – WE ARE!

  27. 27

    You have the worst hairline in the world… and you're an asshole

  28. 28

    perez has one of the biggest foreheads i've ever seen and his hairline is 10xs worse than pete's.

  29. 29

    hah i was there when he shaved his head!!
    at the blink 182 concert at madison square.
    great concert.
    he looks better with a buzz

  30. 30

    Hum… Koo-Koo the Bird Girl, euh sorry… Perez,…Have you seen your face lately???
    OD of selfconfidence lardass?

  31. 31

    Just because he has a big forehead that doesn't mean he has a receding hairline. It'd be like saying Tyra Banks has a receding hairline. Learn how to make observations, asshole.

  32. 32

    His hairline actually isn't bad. There are lots of guys who are younger than him that have worse.

    And Ashlee actually is pretty good.

  33. 33

    Oh no you didn't
    Perez, honestly, you have the most extreme hairline I've ever seen
    You look like fucking Dracula with that widow's peak

  34. 34


    Sorry dude, but Pete looks as hot with short hair as he does with long hair. He is a sexy little muffin.. I am not seeing in this pic what you are seeing. maybe yo had a bad run in with Pete and Ashley, and so you have to hate on them, but Pete is a sexy man..

  35. 35

    i think he looks good with that hair cut.
    youre a dumbass perez!

  36. 36

    I saw him cut it off! It was epic! I dont like him but i love fall out boy, and i was at their concert on October 4th @ Madison Sq Garden and it was so funny!

  37. 37

    Look who is TALKING! Seriously, Perez.

  38. bjaih says – reply to this


    U are a fin dick head, Pete Wentz will b hot when he is fin 90 And Ashlee is a good singer! Get Over IT!!! Gosh..and btw u dye ur hair like 24-7 so its in for u too..Have A Nice Day(:

  39. BOKO says – reply to this


    I think he looks just fine this way. I always did say he was hot but no-one would believe me. Think it was more of an aesthetic criticism of his work. BOKO

  40. 40

    THAT IS A NORMAL hairline. He has a somewhat high-forehead is all. He looks fine.

  41. 41

    Re: madgesboi82 – Thanks, much appreciated xxxx

  42. 42

    Mario, you fat fucktard. Pete Wentz does NOT have a receding hairline. I am so fucking sick and tired you you and your hypocrisy. If anybody's hair is fried from all of the processing, it's YOURS. And, if anybody's hairline is receding, it's YOURS. Dying one's hair does not make you permanently lose it, you fat fucktard. Genetics does. Kiss yours goodbye every morning in the shower drain. Assuming of course, you shower daily?

  43. 43


  44. ap076 says – reply to this


    Re: Nonbreeder – You piece of shit, with your age and your cue ball
    head you should recognize that this is a sign of early thinning hairline. He is not going to go bad like you and have to troll around WeHo watering holes looking for a gay for pay to slide their fist up your ass.

  45. 45

    Re: trent_is_better – I was about to say the exact same thing, it amazes me how the pork face refuses to see all his ugliness…

  46. 46

    Re: Bigdaddymagnum – Hahaha well said!

  47. 47

    Pot calling the kettle black ;)

    Have you looked in the mirror lately? We're not seeing a thick bunch of hairs on your fat head anymore, now are we? You do well with covering up your huge forehead with those girly locks most times though.

  48. 48

    i think he looks great!

  49. 49

    wake up perez and take a look in the mirror. fuckwit.

  50. 50

    perez fuck you he looks fine

  51. Lunar says – reply to this


    I think he looks very sexy here. He just has a larger forehead, doesn't really look like anything is receding.

  52. 52

    He looks like Jeremy Piven.

  53. 53

    wow he looks so different without the hair, but I see absolutely no receding hairline, I think you may be seeing things perez, and his head is far from shaved

  54. 54

    Her singing may be worse than his receding hairline.

  55. 55

    Re: ElliotWilliamp – No prob! I was assuming you were gay when you said you loved Madonna lol

  56. 56

    you can be so smart and insightful, but this is crap

  57. 57

    Back in 2005 his hair was like this. His foreheads ALWAYS been that size. Goodness gracious.

  58. 58

    lol his wife might suck at singing but shes great at portraying a pyscho slut bioytch on melrose…. =)

  59. 59

    Perez: you are retarded

  60. 60

    geez, quit offending perez.. so what if he makes fun of celebs.. that's why he's here for. as long as he isn't making fun of YOU..

  61. 61

    wait a minute..werent you the one telling him to cut the emo hair?!?!?! youre the one with the I LOve Lucy 'do…

  62. 62

    You are all idiots

  63. 63

    wow.. you are an asshole. have you seen your ugly gay ass lately?? OH MY GOD!!! get a life you fucking asssss!!!!!!!

  64. 64

    umm yeah hi, your hair is worse so you shouldnt be talking right no…also he is still more famous then you are..and a much much cuter person then you will EVER be!

  65. 65

    Perez, you must have been looking at any one of those million pictures of yourself in your apartment when you made the comments above. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this young man's forehead! What in the world are you referring to?! Am I sensing jealousy about this young man and his good looks? Hmm? Old age is catching up to our precious Perez! You'll be just fine, I'm sure.

  66. 66

    he looks so handsome :)

  67. 67

    hahaha. oh perez.
    your hairline is simply ridiculous.

  68. 68

    eww looks like my dad

  69. 69

    I'm not even a fan of his band, but when i read your remarks i had to comment. You are dillusional, he doesnt have a receding hairline, he doesn't have a shaved head. He looks fine! I think you ran out of things to say so you ahd to come up with some bullshit remark. when you open your trap make sure you can back up the shit that comes out of it, or else you sound like a pathetic fool.

  70. 70

    He's got a five head.

  71. 71

    not be mean or anything but have you seen your own forhead?

  72. 72

    1. His hair line looks fine 2. Perez, who have a bigger forehead then him 3. A "yodel competition"?!? wtf?

  73. 73

    I think he looks fucking adorable with short hair. Don't be mean, Perez. You have a receding hair line too, if not much worse than his. I think I actually prefer the short hair on him!!

  74. 74

    Re: condessa – BigDaddyMagnum says, "Thank you baby."

  75. 75

    I offically give up with this site. Petes hair and hairline look great I will come back to the site when i see your apology to Pete on his website A Boy's Life- I hope others will follow - Perez it is time to give your head a good shake

  76. 76

    I wouldn't be talking, Perez. You look like you're going bald yourself. All those times you were dying your hair a different color everyday took a toll on YOUR head. Honestly hurts.

  77. 77

    You are a total dick.

    You bash fox on the Jessica Simpson weight comment, you add your own lame comment to that which pretty much backs up what they tried to add humor to- then you go preach how it's wrong, then two seconds later you go in and bash someone's hairline.

    BTW- he is sooooo much hotter than you could even dream in your dreamiest of dreams… wannabe

  78. 78

    Re: LV-Entergetic – I meant to say * you *.

  79. 79

    his music sucks, so does his face, why wont he die already

  80. 80

    isn't that quite rich coming from you?

  81. 81

    I see NO receding hairline?

  82. 82

    reminds me of the old days before he became a douchebag

  83. 83

    Not everyone wants to look like YOU Perez.
    Bald isn't ugly.
    Beats the heck out of a bad rug!

  84. 84

    He's not that bad.
    And Ashlee isn't that the fucking devil.
    Get off your high horse.

  85. KGRFE says – reply to this


    "you know your career has hit rock bottom when…" Perez - better start practicing for next year, I am sure you will be there!

  86. 86

    he looks like he used to circa GTA!
    he's always had a big forehead peretzel

  87. 87

    That's not a receding hairline, it looks normal to me. You're just not used to seeing his forehead so you think it looks big.

  88. 88

    Re: madgesboi82 – Your assumption would be correct!!!

  89. 89

    Much better!

  90. 90

    i love it when perez makes fun of other people!!!

  91. 91

    His hair looks good. Stop being so bloody negative and hateful. Why must you constantly perpetuate this "being gay means I'm a whiny bitch" thing? You're accepted by society for the most part, isn't it high time you stop being so fucking bitter? Jesus God.

  92. 92

    Didn't I see him on MTV's Tool Academy?

  93. 93

    He looks like he's got plenty of hair to me, maybe it's just a high forehead. They exist, you know. Wait a minute, OFC you know!! Your's is big enough to land a fucking airplane on, ffs. Jealous that he's famous for more than drawing badly on pictures of people with ACTUAL jobs, perhaps?

  94. 94

    He has ALWAYS had a big forehead, that's just the way he is. Not like you have anyplace to judge anyway.

  95. 95

    I'm all for Wentz trying something new b/c his other hairstyle was old. But I also think that now we all know why he was wearing it long. He kinda looks bad now. lol

  96. 96

    Are you running out of topics to gossip about?

    Here is one. What fatso with Rainbow brite hair need to get laid????

    Oh its you Perez!

  97. 97

    At least Wentz has a talent other than being a Hollywood parasite who hurts others out of fat, gay aggression !!!

  98. 98

    Perez….now you're the official hair folicule expert? What if he just has a big forehead?

  99. Scrib says – reply to this


    HIS hairline may be receding, but he's HOT.
    YOUR hairline is receding, and you're NOT.

  100. 100

    why is this fuckers hair such a big deal. before he was all famous and whatnot he had short hair. no one cared then, no one cares now. give it up

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