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Balloon Boy's Dad Is Sketch, Say Peeps Who Know Him

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The police may not think that the now famous Balloon Boy incident was a publicity stunt, but other people keep coming out of the woodwork to say otherwise.

The boy's father, Richard Heene, seems to have some enemies (or friends equally as eager to gain some screen time), one of which is coming out fervently stating that this whole mess was probably created for attention.

Scott Stevens used to work with Richard as a "storm chaser" at the Science Detective research group in Fort Collins. Scott says that he believes that Richard intended to send the balloon "aloft", but whether it was " to leave the illusion that there was a boy on board", he isn't sure, but he sure doesn't doubt it.

Scott recalls that Richard often wanted to involve his three young boys in their dangerous storm searches, an urge that ultimately ended the men's friendship:

"I just thought he was beginning to push them into some things that were ethically on the edge. … I knew at some point he would create a situation that would bring attention like he's having right now. I didn't want to be a part of that…The last straw for us was when Hurricane Gustav and Hurricane Ike were heading toward the Texas coastline and Heene wanted to go back there and take the kids," she said Thursday. "Those kids went everywhere with us. We took those kids tornado chasing."

Yikes! Forget the balloon! These kids have to be worried about being sucked up a funnel!

Scott continues to say that Richard is the sort of man that is always "scheming", hoping to get recognition for all his "wonderful ideas." Ultimately, Scott says that Richard "thinks that if he can have this attention on him and share his ideas, he could get something out of it."

Oh, he's going to get something out of this alright: 15 minutes of fame and lifetime of ridicule.

We're starting to firmly believe that this was all a hoax. More and more, we find reasons not to trust these people.

What do U think?

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62 comments to “Balloon Boy's Dad Is Sketch, Say Peeps Who Know Him”

  1. 1

    With a name like Dick Heene, this guy could get a lot of attention in gay porn.

  2. 2

    Someone should call child services on this guy.

  3. 3

    This douche bag with the TACKY HAIRCUT, has the potential to become the NEXT JOHN GOSSELIN. I hate him already.

  4. 4

    he was on the show WIFE SWAP.. and def and weirdooo!!

  5. 5

    Yeah, definitely something fishy about Dad. Bill him for rescuers' expenses.

  6. 6

    WTF is this whole thing about? The kid was not in the balloon! Why is this still a topic of discussion? The dad wanted attention and his payment is fame and attention. Sounds like he made the right move. The ridicule should go to the news media and you bloggers who keep talking about this. The kid was not in the balloon. At least octomom really had octuplets. These people did nothing.

  7. 7

    …apparently the balloon isn't the only thing filled with hot air.

  8. 8

    Dad should take another hit off the bong

  9. 9

    Listen, I don't know if the guy is a freak or what, but I'm also a stormchaser and have taken my young daughter on chases before. Chasing storms isn't particularly dangerous. Sitting around and waiting for one to hit you is. Here in Colorado, the funnels are generally weak and the storms follow a fairly predictable path. They almost never track west, so we chase them from the east. If you know what you're doing, it's a very safe hobby. Unless the funnel is rain-wrapped, the weather is generally clear and the driving is safe around the storm. You can see for miles and miles out here. I've been chasing for 15 years and have never even had my hood dented with hail. Anyway, that dad could be Sean Young double batshit crazy, but not for stormchasing with kids. Just my two cents.

  10. 10

    I think yer gonna milk this story for weeks and just keep posting every droplet of shit that involves these idiots. The same way you do with those gosselin ass wipes.

  11. SRM says – reply to this


    I saw this family on WifeSwap and the only reason I remember them from all the other crazy families I've seen on that show is because the dad is a wackadoodle. Absolutely off his rocker. Loud, rude and crazy. When I found out who they were, I wasn't surprised. Then when I found out it might be a hoax, again, I wasn't surprised. Looking forward to the backlash on this idiot.

  12. 12

    I knew it was a hoax when the boy was found at the house. I wonder what's the BIG announcement the father has.

  13. 13

    I think the "nay-sayers" regarding this man's integrity, are the ones who seek THEIR 15 minutes of fame. Slander lawsuit in the future, perhaps?

  14. 14

    You need a better intern, or better sources. Supposedly, the quotes from this story all come from some dude named Steven…however, he is referred to as a she in the quote that is lifted. Idiots.

  15. 15

    Re: HighwayMiles

    Sounds like you are in denial buddy.

    You are a child abuser. We gonna get you.

  16. 16

    Hopefully the price of fame for this douchebag comes in the form of $$$,$$$ and time in jail.Then he can create a real story of how he dropped the soap and a balloon disappeared in his ass.

  17. 17

    These people are def FAME WHORES….they were exploiting their children on the dumb show WIFE SWAP last year

  18. 18

    I don't understand why people aren't concerned that if the story was true,
    why the boy was so scared of his father that he would hide in the attic in a box? Is this guy beating his son or what?

  19. 19

    Thanks, buddy. Actually, I'm a housewife. Your basic seatbelting, shopping cart-wiping, vitamin-offering, whole grain muffin-baking worrywart type of mom who happens to have a degree in atmospheric physics and likes to share her love of weather with her child. Nothing abusive there. I'm sure plenty of parents take their kids hunting and surfing and stuff like that. I don't. I just drive around looking at pretty clouds.

  20. 20

    I believe it was all staged. Children at that age have no reason to lie. When he said, I thought it was for show. And now everytime someone asks him what he meant he gets sick. Yeah right! And if you really look at the balloon, there is no way in hell the wind was that strong for a six year old to be lifted like that. The balloon was too light. Now there 15 seconds of fame chasing may have their children removed from there home. Good work Dad!!!

  21. 21

    YA THINK?!???!!???
    ********rolls eyes********

  22. 22

    I saw the interview and the kid clearly stated that he heard them yelling for him. Then, they ask him, why didn't you answer and he said, " coz we did it for show."
    The kid hid coz they told him to, but he couldn't lie, coz kids that age, don't lie good!
    I like the family, crazy or not. I watched them on WifeSwap and they love those kids. Clearly the kids are not afraid of their dad. He looks like alot of fun to me, but then again, I'm dabitchindakrazihouze……lollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  23. 23

    The sheriff is as retarded as the dude for not noticing they were pulling everyone's leg from the start. That guy and mom deserved to get punched in the face! And who names their kid Falcon??? LOL

  24. 24

    I think daddy needs me to fuck his hairy ass, that would straighten him out.

  25. 25

    What do I think? I think you're going to go on one of your fanatical crusades about this and somehow blame Jon Gosselin.

  26. 26

    COMPLETE HOAX - I *totally* think this was a hoax - and not only THAT but I think he drugged his son for that other interview where the poor little guy puked! He looks SO OUT OF IT before he vomited and all I could think is "they DRUGGED HIM SO HE WOULDN'T FUCK UP AGAIN & say the wrong thing!!" - I HOPE they're investigated and found out asap - they should have their kids taken away from them - that dad is one fucked up cookie.

  27. 27

    He's crazy and yes, it was a hoax.

  28. 28

    I asked you people nicely not to let this shithead family become famous. I said "please." But you went ahead anyway and now they are famous and incredibly annoying. Not to mention how successful they are at making the media look like complete mental retards. Let me try to set you all straight: It was all a scam! Do you get that? It was a set-up, and you fell for it. The only people that now need to be involved are the police and child protective services. Otherwise, stop giving these freaks the attention they want, or we will NEVER get rid of them. I think a lot of you morons actually WANT there to be a reality show about this family, because you would find it INTERESTING. You people sicken me…..I'm gonna get drunk now.

  29. 29

    Re: HighwayMiles – That must suck…to have a degree in Physics only to become a ….housewife. Blah.

  30. 30

    What the hell kind of submissive Asian chick who can't speak English properly would marry this freak of a father? Oh, I just answered my own question. And she's a HOUSEWIFE too. "She love you long time".
    The word HOUSEWIFE just makes me want to vomit.

  31. 31

    Re: SanDiego619 – agree about the Sheriff and anyone else who this lying fame whore family. The parents acting skills are horrible. Someone please assassinate them.

  32. 32

    saw him on that show wife swap… he was sketchy then….

  33. 33

    One word for this father: SOCIOPATH.


  34. 34

    I love that family!

    That's a real liberal family right there! lol

  35. 35

    Has anyone considered that the local police force could equally be in on this? They could have mistakenly seen revenue for thier little town if they went along with the sceme. Perhaps they didn't mind thier moment of fame either.

    This was obviously a hoax, and that family is obviously disgusting, but the question is just how many people were in on this? They should all be shamed for making a child lie and deceive. THAT will indeed come back at them when their own children with murky moral lines do the same to them.

  36. 36

    Something about this guy just doesn't ring true. I think the poor kid was throwing up during his television interview because he was a neverous wreck about having to lie for Daddy. All of the boys were antsy and their eyes were averted from the camera. There is a cover up going on and making those children be a part of it is criminal! I think this guy wants the publicity that our boy Jon Gosselin is getting. Another guy using his kids. Scummy!!!!!

  37. 37

    Re: Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD rescinded – I think the police won't get in on it, Dr. Cornelia. I think they may be in on it, too. I realize theres a remote possibility tehy are that stupid, but odds are and form the way they are talking, they are covering for that family. Maybe they wante to put their little town on the map or have their minute at "fame."

  38. 38

    umm wth people DID NO ONE SEE that guy and his wife saying that their ancestors are ALIENS?? umm that bothers me more than the storm chasing

  39. 39

    who builds helium saucer shaped "ballons" in their backyard? Freak, hoax story and on HLN today he asked the media to leave questions in a box on his front door.

  40. BOKO says – reply to this


    Yesterday I wrote, send the kid back up–like to correct that…Send the dad up, with a bottle of iced tea and no bucket.

  41. 41

    Don't use drugs.

  42. 42

    Re: karumbaRe: karumba
    –WTF is this whole thing about? The kid was not in the balloon! Why is this still a topic of discussion? The dad wanted attention and his payment is fame and attention. Sounds like he made the right move. The ridicule should go to the news media and you bloggers who keep talking about this. The kid was not in the balloon. At least octomom really had octuplets. These people did nothing.–
    Nothing? Aside from filing a false report with the police department (which is illegal), they used official resources which are scarce and stretched thin. Police, national guard, news media - thousands upon thousands of dollars that the taxpayers will have to pay for unless this jerk is held responsible and made to foot the bill.

  43. 43

    This guy should pay for every resource used to find his kid. He is a bad actor with a bad haircut-off with his head!

  44. 44

    total hoax. No little kid falls asleep in a box in an attic. For real. TOTALLY FISHY.

  45. 45

    The real giveaway in this whole ridiculous fraud is in the home video of the balloon launch. Check it out on the video movie site. You think the father is a bad actor on larry king? Just watch him react to the failure of the child to secure the tether (what the fuck, seriously??). Watch him yell, curse, and kick the fence. Laughable!!!! You watch this vid, and then try to tell me the whole thing is NOT a scam. Go ahead, just try. OK, I'm sloshed…..

  46. 46

    Dad AND Mom are off their rockers!!!! How come MOM goes along with this bullshit. Where are her maternal instincts to protect her children?!!!

  47. @v@ says – reply to this


    Personally, I don't think they staged this. Like the Sherriff stated, you can't charge a guy on hearsay or because he appears to be a douche. This thing can't be proven, so would be a waste of a court's time just to be thrown out.

  48. 48

    His haircut really annoys me. It's like 1992 attacked his head and refused to let go.

  49. 49

    I'd let his old lady suck me off in a heartbeat.

  50. 50

    Ha ha ha ha ha what part of "criminal charges" don't you understand?????? Once again, Dr. Dogbarker sees the truth while you dimwits are all like, "oh gee wiz they seem like a perfectly normal family to me duh…." Well guess what??? They're criminals!!!!! Ha ha ha god I'm wasted….

  51. 51

    This whole family is bat shit crazy and we as tax payers have to pay for it.

  52. 52

    The crazy ass father and his mail order asian bride need to be locked up for good.

  53. 53

    he clearly has problems…risking his kids' life like that hoping something would happen so he would be in the limelight? this balloon thing definitely had to be a hoax

  54. 54

    Sick, sick, sick. The eocnomy is rough, so go out and exploit your family for money? I don't think so. Get a job, earn some money and get off our tv. screens.

  55. 55

    everybody is focusing on dad but, if you saw their 'wife swap' episode, you know that mom is just as nutty.. if not more so.
    they've been pitching a reality show all over town, and then this balloon stunt. coincidence ?? please.

  56. 56

    sooooo sick of hearing bout this family

  57. 57


  58. 58

    I just got a puppy and I had to buy a license to have a puppy! - We should make it so people need a license to have children - and, no, I don't mean a Pilots License

  59. 59

    Could just be that either the kid did what was said in reports & was afraid or his thinking was such that he was seeking fame like dad seems to have a history of. Maybe he thought he'd get some attention from his parents and please dad.

  60. 60

    pathetic attention-whoring douche! I hope he becomes a bigger social pariah than Octomom! I already hate him! He sounds like a complete tool

  61. 61

    Dick is an appropriate name for this guy for sure!

  62. 62

    Just another excuse to get his family on tv, AGAIN!! His parents are being horrible examples of "stage" parents. How long is the media going to talk about this pathetic excuse of a media stunt? It's really sad that they were talking on tv while Falcon was throwing up. They could have rescheduled that interview. What media whores!!!!