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In Case You Missed It….

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Check out Girls Aloud singer Cheryl Cole performing her first solo single, Fight For This Love, on this weekend's X Factor, as well as Whitney Houston performing Million Dollar Bill (above)!

Chezza's song has grown on us and we can forgive the fact that she was a bit stuff in her performance - she was singing live!

What did U think about her number????

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74 comments to “In Case You Missed It….”

  1. 1

    i was actually surprised at Cheryl she did a good performance i was shocked she sang live i loved it and that outfit is hot and as for Whitney i loved her comeback this was probably the best episode of The X-Factor i've seen so far

  2. 2


  3. 3

    what the fuck is up w/ all the videos today………

  4. 4

    Whooo… Cheryl´s lookin great in that outfit. And I think she did perform well.

  5. 5

    please perez dont make me laugh! her outfit was like some slutty MJ tribute, all the heavy breathing sounds like shes on a phone sex line and she blatently mimed the hard parts because there were no facial close-ups and the bits she did sing you could hear her beathing :P
    if a decent singer had the song it would be good but with cheryl it isnt . . .

    whitney was a hot mess but still sang 100 times better than cheryl . . .

    p.s followm me on t w i t t e r my names FUTURESTARdelux thanks x

  6. 6

    cheryl smashed it last night, good on you girl!she was 10 times better than whitney!well done chezza!

  7. 7

    What was wrong with Whitney??

  8. 8

    Re: RobPnMeShouldB – he's lazy

  9. 9

    amazing! the dance break at the end was awesome! now she needs to release in the us!

  10. 10

    both amazing

  11. nanex says – reply to this


    she did ok… i felt bored watching it to be honest though… was a bit like the song was slowed down and she was havy breathing. Id rather she mimed and i could get up and dance to the song in me livingroom like i di to it in a bar.
    chezza needs to stop trying to take over the world.. we have her on hair adverts on xfactor and endorsing almost everything… go asway please love.. i do like oyu but ..breathing space.. please…
    whit is awesome.. she was cracked out afterwards though… the host dermot was like whada fuuuuuuckaer

  12. 12

    Cheryl good performance,annoying song would be ok if i was 12. Whitney crap performance and shite song.

  13. 13

    At least Cheryl sang, Whitney didn't even sing half the song!

  14. 14

    she's really pretty. but she SUCKS. i'd never heard a song of hers. and this BLEW. dude, i wanna be a singer too. guess talent's not necessary anymore.

  15. 15

    Re: Canadiana* – of course! why didn't i think of that…….. ;)

  16. 16

    Did Whitney smoke a pipe before she preformed on stage? lolzz

  17. 17

    Cheryl was awful, just because people like her they all say she was wonderful..
    The dancing was shoddy and the singing poor, you could barely hear her, as for people saying 'well she was singing live', plenty of people sing live at festivals and do a millions times better than she did, lets praise talent not looks!

  18. Dawo says – reply to this


    Whitney was Hotttt :) love it!!!!

  19. 19

    Just what the world needS more lip syncer's choreographing like the Jackson's.

  20. 20

    Dont u find Cheryl´s song really boring?

  21. 21

    im saddened by whitney houston's voice =( she used to be sooo amazing… not so much anymore.

  22. 22

    OMG!! Cheryl was just cringeworthy, she sounded like she was trying so hard to reach the higher notes….and looked like a verrry dodgy eurovision act. Eeekkkk. SO SO BAD. Simon said she was good, yeah right!! Of course dosent help that she shared the stage on the same night as a real singer, Whitney!!

  23. 23

    God Whitney was off her face on something

  24. 24

    eww cheryls another dog that needs to die..

  25. 25

    Re: Whorlow – i take it you haven't seen the newspapers then?

  26. 26

    Wow! i havent seen Whitney Houston in a looooong time but she sings amazing! That other girl Cheryl is not that good. She looks fine though but i dont like her voice.

  27. 27

    Whitney looks preggers in that dress..

  28. -liz- says – reply to this


    Last night was all about Cheryl!! The girl is an absolute superstar…defo the biggest star in the UK right now!
    The song is amazing, it gets better with every listen and that performance was unreal!
    Fingers crossed she'll get to no1.

  29. 29

    Cheryl mimmed through parts of it, sort it out luv………………………….:(

  30. 30

    Chezza totally nailed it!!!!!

  31. 31

    she wasnt singing actually.
    she cant even sing …i mean compare cheryls voice to the xfactor contestants and whitney…SHES GOT NOTHING BUT A BARBIE FACE ON THEM.

  32. 32

    cheryls outfit was weird

  33. 33

    Re: Whorlow – I agree….as pretty as she may be, people need to accept she cant sing ….. i dont see why shes judging a singing competition when she cant sing herself and isnt a music producer or anything….so whats the point of her?!?!

  34. 34

    No, "a bit stuff" is complete bollocks (means nothing).

    I thought she was ok, but i think when Simon has to stand up and say things like "that was incredible" it just makes him look stupid as her performance was just OK. nothing more. that many dancers, long shots and special effects could make anyone look OK. I did like the outfit though and at least she didn't fall out of hers.

  35. 35

    Am I the only one who thinks Whitney looked fucked up on something?

  36. 36

    Cheryl did AWESOME hats off to her for singing live
    Whitney was mediocre and bad

  37. 37

    i tihnk cheryl did a very good job for the talent that she has, she has never caimed to b the best singer in the world so why people think shes now some sort of fraud for possibly miming parts of it is beyond me, i think you should all take a look at whitney, yes she has a nice voice, it sounded shocking last night, she came in too early, then sang the wrong words, her dress was badly fitted, and she couldnt even complete a simple sentence when needed too, absolute fuckin mess! and not even a hot one!

  38. 38

    I only watched a few sec of the Cheryl person, not my cup of tea. Whitney was having troubles all through the song with her dress being too long & she had to pick it up & at one point it looked like her strap came undone. She did seem out of breath during the song.

  39. 39

    umm Whitney is a mess… girl can not perform at all any more

  40. 40

    Re: gossipfan26 – I saw the papers and saw that everyone seemed to love her! Only MSN has the sense to say its her looks that got her the votes not the singing!

  41. 41

    Whitney was drugged up to the eyeballs

  42. 42

    wasnt impressed with whitney, her dress undid part way through as well lol i thought cheryl did great though, the song is a real grower and she answered ehr critics!

  43. 43

    both their stylist need taken out back and shot! wtf was that michael jackson tribute? and whitney being the diva she is knows better than to wear a dress that is two sizes to small, no wonder it broke

  44. DavHa says – reply to this


    I think Whitney is completely on point here, she's into her song, she delivered the best of her now, it's great

  45. 45

    what the hell is "a bit stuff in her performance" was she preforming with a dildo? ….really Perez proof read befor you post

  46. 46

    Whitney was positively stoned!

  47. 47

    OMG lol it wasnt live. It was pre recorded, the presenter made a joke about it after her performance. It was a good dance performance, but she was miming practically all of it. Love the outfit though :) Whitney was a mess, couldn't read her cues after!

  48. 48

    Robbie was on drugs last week, Whitney this week. its a good job kids dont watch this show!!…oh wait…

  49. 49

    Love Whitney!

  50. 50

    whit woz really gud stp dissin her! chezza woz SHIT!

  51. 51

    Get your facts straight porky face. Cheryl Cole did NOT sing live. It was all over the radio this morning and the entertainment sections of some newspapers reported on it as well. Her performance was NOT live. And Whitney was as high as a kite. So fail on both accounts!

  52. 52

    Enyone who thinks she sang live is deaf!! she couldnt even talk afterwards!

  53. 53

    So Whitney's allegedly kicked the drugs?! Based on last night's performance - I don't think so!! Hot? Hot mess!!!!

  54. 54

    Wow! Very impressed with Cheryl! Loved the break dancing at the end.

    Witney did really well, great UK comeback and everyone had a great time. Would have loved to have been there for the 2 performances, the energy must have been amazing!

    Thanks for the videos. Missed Sundays show, knew who got kicked out just needed these performances lol

  55. 55

    Cheryls outfit was ridiculous -mother of god the mediocrity of it all!!!!

    Whitney looked lovely - Nice soft curls is the best hair style for her rather than that straight Nancy Pelosi look. BUT, for someone born to perform - her voice is really gone!!! It's just a tragedy to hear her voice now compared to what it was. Especially, when someone like Cheryl, who could not be heard over a clothes line, is getting praise on the same show as her


  56. 56

    Cheryl needs to practice… practice… practice…

  57. 57

    I feel sad for Whitney. Though she can still perform and get a crowd on their feet, her voice seems to be permanently damaged from so many years of abuse. As they say in the vocal world - use it or lose it. And it appears her's has definitely suffered.

    My mother has been a singer her entire life but after 10 years of barely singing anything, her voice is definitely gone. The strength is no longer there. Hopefully Whitney's voice coaches can continue to work with her to bring her voice up to a smidge of what it once was.

  58. 58

    that first video sucks. Her voice sounds horrible.

  59. 59

    I wasnt actually a big fan of the song at first but LOVED her performance on Sunday! The reason she is a judge is because she went through exactly the same ordeal when she was in popstars the rivals…so she knows how it feels…and if she was that crap how would she have had dozens of number ones and sold out stadium tours!!and have any of you lot try dancing around like that and not got out of breath…course she needed pre-recorded backing help..some of the most successful artists do! so qhy dont you all quit hating cos she has worked bloody hard to get where she has!

  60. 60

    Whitney LOOKS great and SOUNDED great! Awesome performance and she still worked the hell out of that stage despite her dress breaking. What a trooper! Such a diva.

  61. 61

    cherly is getting on my wick! she's everywhere in uk. she cant sing, aya she's pretty, and that seems to be the only talent ya need.!? it was all over the papers that she mimed the whole song, recorded 4 hours earlier. and she's supposed to be a mentor for the contestants!!! A FRICKIN JOKE!

  62. 62

    No not 100% live.. live now and then..Shit singer shit song and Whitney looks stoned.

    Rubbish .all rubbish

    You site dedicated to the z listed of showbiz.Nobody with talent would let you anywhere near themselves.

  63. 63


    And did anybody else think Whitney Huston was stoned off her face? she didnt seem right at all I was really upset :(

  64. 64

    Cheryl is soooo rubbish, just awful. she didn't sing live and the prerecorded version didn't even sound good! what a joke. another cash cow for Simon. if it goes to no.1 i think i will have to move, come on this isn't the best Britain's got to offer. how she can live with her self sitting in judgment of others.

  65. 65

    Erm is it me or is Whitney off her face in this?? How long did it take her to answer questions? And she is so dazed! She was RUbbbbish!!! Cheryl was Amazing as ALWAYS :) x

  66. 66

    WOO go Cheryl, i hope she does make it 2 munber 1, gr8 performance, and so what if she mimed the words, Britney probably hasnt ever done a live vocal in her life, people have run out of critisism for it.
    Anyway 10 times better than Whitney, the song was nothing like its made out to be and she couldnt even get her wardrobe right :S how embarrasing.

  67. 67

    it so sad having to hear whitney like this… i just can't express how sad i am for her. if only she'd made better decisions in the past

  68. 68

    i think that for the shit cheryl got in the past for her vocals she did a great performance better than drugged up whitneys performance anyway she did us brits proud and iv heard the sampler for her album very good and versatile ……

  69. 69

    i love cheryl cole but girl cant sing out side of the band ! if a contestant had been as awful as her simon cowell would have eaten them alive instead he sat there spouting BS , if we cant trust simon to tell the truth what's the point , need to fire her stylist too

  70. 70

    Whitney and Madonna are the true superstars! Whitney the voice and Madonna with her songwriting and performances! Long live the queens! (Sorry Mariah, your songs, style and videos are always the same!)…..

  71. 71

    Cheryl was shite!! She cant even sing but yet she judges people on their singing??? WTF is wrong with this world!! Get the real talents on there like Beyonce, Christina, Celine, Leona!!!

  72. 72

    I thought she was great:D There was loads of speculation that she was gonna mime it but she didn't n she really did put on a good show with the dancing and stuff too :D

    As for Whitney, she was good but at the end when she was talking she looked like she was out her face, don't know if she actually was or if it was just the long term effects of before..hmmmm

    But yeh, that X-factor show was great :D next week is going to be shit with Westlife on it, who even knew they were still about.

  73. 73

    why hate on cheryl people? she did good. the songs catchy, shes beautiful and her voice is good, not great but still good. whitney perfomance was fun, i pefer her like that actually. if you see the whole thing. u can see whit checking dermot and simon out lol

  74. 74

    Im not trying 2 be a bitch or anythin, but too all those people sayin that Cheryl is crap and Whitney is better, where is Whitneys number one?
    Cheryl has had one of the fastest downloaded singles in UK History! and the fastest selling of 2009. She looked and sounded great on stage and she was lookin HAWT!!!
    Whitney looked like she was back on the drugs and she had that major wardrobe malfunction :S, to be fair she sounded ok too.