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Joe Jackson Continues Ca$$$hing In On Michael's Death

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What an ass!

Joe Jackson is going to be introducing screenings of the upcoming Michael Jackson film This Is It at select venues in England.

He will be reportedly pocketing $250,000 for these intros as well as telling stories about his son to the audience. A source reveals that "he stands to make more from these London shows than from his Vegas deal."

We're not even surprised by this man's horrific behavior anymore.

He doesn't care about anything except for money!

You really ought to be ashamed of yourself, Joe!

[Image via WENN.]

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61 comments to “Joe Jackson Continues Ca$$$hing In On Michael's Death”

  1. 1

    slightly puzzled as to why the jacksons keep coming to this side of the pond to cash in on michaels death

  2. 2

    thinking about it i feel bad for him…. he´s soooo going to HELL

  3. 3

    This fucker needs to die

  4. 4

    Is it true that Khloe got herpes from Lamar?

  5. 5


  6. 6

    Joe Jackson was in the Bahamas a couple of weeks ago doing the same thing. He was at Senor Frogs the night I went, and he was absolutely disgusting. He used his son's name to get everything he wanted and more. He had about 20-30 young (hot) women with him feeding him and catering to his every whim. Father of a pop-star or not, I don't care.. he is a horrible human being and I have no respect. I'm not a celebrity lover, so if I see a celeb out and about I leave them alone but I had no desire to even LOOK at this man he disgusted me so much.

  7. 7

    that dosnt prove anything

  8. 8

    These kind of people makes me vomit

    Can't believe that a person can be so greedy and shameless!!!

  9. 9

    Old school pimp— asshole.

  10. 10

    what does this ass need more money for at his age?

  11. 11

    wtf why would anyone pay the person responsible for abusing and terrorising poor michael his entire childhood life, he has said numerous times how he despised this scumbag. and what fan would even listen knowing what we know

  12. 12

    …and we wonder why Michael was so fragile and wounded.

  13. 13

    Joe Jackson is a fucking worthless sack of old balls. Just recently re-watched the documentary "Living with Michael Jackson." Michael started crying when talking about how this piece of shit used to beat him sensless and throw him against the wall. And look what it did to him. Joe, please die already.

  14. 14

    I'm so surprised that that weak sad excuse for a women wife hasn't left this asshole. Actually i'm not.

  15. 15

    shame on whoever is PAYING him !!

  16. 16

    P I M P

  17. 17

    this guy is a pathetic pile of shit, i absolutely despise him

  18. 18

    Seeing how our legal system is set up the way it is, youwould think that someone (like members of his family, maybe the wife?) could get a court order to stop him from capitalizing on Michael J.

  19. 19

    This guy turns my stomach!! Disgraceful!!!

  20. 20

    He's gonna keep on going until he's stopped, literally.

  21. Laury says – reply to this


    How this man can be so greedy and heartless never ceases to amaze me. I hope the audiences boo him and throw tomatoes at him. I know I would. Michael deserved a much better father than this.

  22. 22

    Joe Jackson is literally the scum of the earth. That he raised one of the biggest humanitarians in the world is proof that miracles happen. I can't believe this prick outlived his son. Remember folks, you are more than where you come from. You can be anything you want to be, regardless of your situation. Joe Jackson can blab all he wants, he'll never be a fraction of the man his son was. Too bad he didn't appreciate him when he had the chance.

  23. 23

    would anyone care if joe jackson died?

  24. 24

    ya and u have not made a dime of a death eh tubby. for once just shut the fuck up. u are no better. he takes a booking fee. u collect ad revenue for posting stories about it. until u no longer post anything related to the jackson family, reread 2nd sentance

  25. 25

    Re: CuddlyCarla – i did not know sleepovers with children made u a humanitarian.

  26. ap076 says – reply to this


    Re: perezhasanalleakage – I cannot speak to the sleepovers, a bad idea in my opinion. But check your facts before you insult MJ as a humanitarian. If nothing else 20% of his will goes to charity.

  27. 27

    fucken idiot molester bastard child abusing douche i hope something bad would happen to his ass how the hell is it possible for him to be collecting on someones death that he had a huge part in fucking mofo

  28. 28

    Re: Nelly_In_SJ – he wont get any women without it lol

  29. 29

    Joe Jackson is scum.

  30. 30

    This is very sad but predictable…Michael's father is without the ability to recognize the inappropriateness of his actions…This doesn't mean he's necessarily a "bad man" but his actions are certainly disappointing…Remeber, Michael DID love his father (as best he could) and although it's sad what happened in Michael's childhood, we must refrain from judging others…Jesus says he with is without sin may cast the first stone and somehow I doubt if ANY of us qualify to do that….

  31. 31

    I remember that time that Micheal kept singing off key and I hit him with the belt and it caught the side of his face and he started to cry, and the other boys were trying to make Michael feel better and so I hit them too. Ahhh…good times.

    Questions from the audience?

  32. 32

    Re: ap076 – whats 20 percent of 0 he was broke

  33. 33

    Why shouldn't he? Everyone else is making a fortune off of him. And they're all NON- family members. I think he should. Michael was his son and Joe made him the icon he is today.

  34. 34

    What is wrong with this man. Michael was his son. Strangers care more about Michael than Joe does. The media always tried to make it out that ALL the Jacksons were weird

  35. 35

    …but I think its only Joe. I watched Living With Michael Jackson a few days ago and he started crying when asked if his father only beat him with a belt and asked Martin "Why do you do this to me?" Three days after Michael died, Joe went to the BETs and when the reporter said "the last couple of days must have been hard for you" and Joe replies "and" than when he realizes that the reporter things he's an a$$ he goes "yeah, it has been, we just lost the biggest star in the world." Than he started pimping out his record label. And you wonder why Michael was so hurt and insecure and shy all through his life. You would be too if Joe was your dad.

  36. 36

    …but I think its only Joe. I watched Living With Michael Jackson a few days ago and his dad really left a lasting mark on him. People wonder why Michael was always hurting, well you would be too if the media was always tearing you up and you had Joe Jackson as your dad- if you can call him that.

  37. Moron says – reply to this


    Re: The Gospel Truth – Very well said.I don't know why those judgemental bastards think that sony/aeg and a multitude of businesses could profit except the family.Everybody has their own way of dealing with loss,and maybe his way is to talk about him,and why not be paid for that since everybody under the sun is? People are phenomenally stupid!

  38. 38

    Stop hating! He is the father after all. What do you want him to do? Donate the proceeds? Make that money!!!! Don't hate the player. Hate the game!!!!

  39. 39


  40. 40

    He is so gross!!! I could not understand why people were consulting with him on Michael's affairs!! Michael hated his father, so now that he's dead we should all go aganst what Michael wanted?! I don't think so!!! He's a prick!

  41. 41

    is this confirmed?

    it;s not nice to call him names he still has family who care about him but he could be more respectful towards his son

  42. 42

    is this confirmed?

    it's not nice to call him names he still has family who care about him but he could be more respectful towards his son

  43. 43


  44. 44

    Going to HELL ——

  45. Moron says – reply to this


    You people should listen to "Michael Jackson Oxford Speech" on You tube before writing idiocities here. The man was his father,and while far from being perfect,he was not the one who killed MJ. The murderer and the conspirators are still at large,and they are all profiting from MJ's death.

  46. ap076 says – reply to this


    Re: perezhasanalleakage – Not even close to broke, do you research.

  47. 47

    the abuse continues beyond the grave
    RIP Michael, you are in a better place and safe

  48. 48

    I can't believe that anyone still pays him for anything :(

  49. 49

  50. 50

    Re: CuddlyCarla – couldn't agree more.

  51. Efe says – reply to this


    That old granddad is the scum of the earth. He's probably getting money for his coming funeral, seeing that no one will care enough to give him a burial. My God! he should be ashamed of himself. Michael saw him for the evil, greedy man that he is, which explains why he left nothing for him in his will. So in frustration he is trying to get money off his son's name!! HOW SICK IS THAT!!

  52. 52

    scumbags all of 'em

  53. Fresh says – reply to this


    He looks like Spike the Gremlin

  54. 54

    Mancunian–The Brits loved MJ, they are the most Rabbid fan base. I can't believe I'm going to defend Joe Jackson, but listen up folks, when you are black, poor, growing up in the US from what? the 1930's, you ask yourself how the hell you are going to feed your family. The man had 11 mouths to feed. Yes, he was an abusive man, a pimp, he cheated on his wife, in their own home and bed. Let me make one thing clear..if you have black parents, you are guaranteed ass whippings if you step out of line. No getting around that one. And yes, he's making money off Michael, if he doesn't along with Jermaine and LaToya, others will. For instance McClain and Branca, why the hell don't you all bash them for not allowing Ms. Katherine to sit in on the vacated Executive seat? They get a cut from the estate. Berry Gordy is making money, there are 4 Remix Suites on the market. Personally I cannot stand the man, and I don't know how he's making speeches, especially in England, when as a black woman, I have to put on the close caption when he speaks, because I cannot understand a word that is coming out of his mouth. Yes, MJ and his siblings were abused by this man, I understand your anger, but MJ forgave him, he said that in the Bashir and other documentaries that he filmed "you have to forgive", that's what counts. My opinion, even though he did forgive Joe, that bitterness remained, to his own demise. Sorry..this is my take on the subject.

  55. 55

    Evil piece of crap.

  56. 56

    JOE = SCUM !

  57. 57

    he sux, simple

  58. 58

    Not surprised but I think that the jackson family should make a contract or something that every aperience that man is going to do 90% should go to the kids and 10% to that evil man

  59. 59

    Re: tincan
    wow you actually have a good point but i think it would be fair or maybe we dont know the complete info on how that money is split but if its not maybe it would be better if atleast 80% of the money goes to his kids there still little and at least 20% to that man because at the end of the day it was his sons talent that got him were he is now

  60. 60

    Why shouldn't his family make money in regards to MJ, everyone else is and no one sees anything wrong with it?

  61. 61

    HAHAHAHAHA this sounds familiar! You're making a big shit of Michael Jackson's dad "making money" off his death at least he hasn't been doing it for going on FIFTEEN YEARS like Abraham Quintanilla with SELENA'S death! Why don't you say something about that fat ass?