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Lisa Marie Flees To London!

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Since the birth of her year-old twin girls, Finley and Harper, this cruel city is just to much for the heiress of Rock n' Roll!

Lisa Marie Presley is starting a new life for herself - in Britain! Although she has lived in Beverly Hills since her dad passed away in 1977, the singer is ditching El Lay for the laid back lifestyle of London.

Really?! What's more laid back than Cali?!

"We have found the quality of life so much more enriching and fulfilling. The civility, the culture, the people and its beauty have reawakened me and have smoothed out some of my bleak and jagged views about people and life," said Lisa of her new home.

Blah. Blah.

We're sure your privileged Beverly Hills life was tragic!

Good riddance luck!!!

Image via WENN.]

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83 comments to “Lisa Marie Flees To London!”

  1. 1

    uhm, people can move wherever the hell they want. And if Britain is where she wants to go, who are you to judge? You're just jealous of her.

  2. Manay says – reply to this


    this is old news…

  3. 3

    She's doing the Gwyneth Paltrow thing, "America sucks etc". Well Ms. Presley please do leave and don't come back. And I guess you'll be renouncing your U.S. citizenship since you hate the USA so much? But you won't do that so you don't have to pay UK taxes…

  4. 4

    oh well

  5. 5

    Now That "Though of Reasoning" is Kewl! "PROPS @ LISA! Whatever Work's 4 You 2 Give You Peace, Joy & Happiness!

    Perez? Cali? Sun, Fun, Fake Titties & Hollywood? Not Everyone Want's That Doll Baybee!

  6. 6

    London's an awesome city. I'm jealous because I can't afford to live there. I don't blame her - LA is crapsville compared. I've lived in both cities and London still takes my breath away. Of course, if you prefer thick pollution, zero history/culture and plastic people - LA is the place to be.

  7. jaxfl says – reply to this


    Who cares?

  8. 8

    she seems soo mean i watched the interview with her and michael and diane sawyer she seemed like soo mean and she dosnt smile much …lol

  9. 9

    I'm more than happy for her to move to Britain. I love LMP.

  10. 10

    Well she's right in what she says, in what she has seen so far on the surface, and she is enjoying the maturity of Europe. However our country also had worthwhile qualities 40 years ago, before the self-destructive curse of drugs and amorality was imposed on it.

  11. 11

    didn't your highness madonna move to london also because america sucked???

  12. 12

    Um, really?! California laid back?! That's like saying people in the New England area are laid back. Both coasts are FAR from being laid back.

  13. 13

    People always get bent out of shape because someone openly say they think another country has a better way of living than the US. The US is just filled with people obsessed with fame and wealth. Will screw over anyone if it gives them the chance to gain something from it. Just look at this whole health care thing, people violently arguing over such a non issue. "Fuck helping people that can't afford ridiculous medical bills" This society's mentality is "fuck everyone else as long as i am doing good, i don't care."

  14. 14

    Whose fat ass has been blinding her outlook lately !?!? Geez, the best way to get to know British culture is to go on vacation where they tend to go …. i.e., Crete, Spain, etc, etc …. and the Brits are the equivalent of American trailer park trash on steroids, all tanked up and total non-recycle box worthy.
    The rest of Europe can't stand the Brits' collective arses !!
    As soon as she moves there, she'll be appearing every 2nd day in the Daily Mail, Mirror, whatnot …. with stories about how fat she looks, her botox regiment laid out in black and white for all to read, this/that/gutter gossip that even American Trailer Parky trash media can only wish they could come up with.

  15. 15

    Re: Quemical – I couldn't have said it better myself.

  16. 16

    Ya right soon she'll have a fake English accent like Madona!!!

  17. 17

    do you really blame her? let's face it, america is an incredible nation, but americans suck. We are rude, slovenly, and greedy.

  18. 18

    Perez you have to understand that hollywood is basically the rejects at school

    the reason you hate on regular ol people is because to them you are weird. but to hollyweird you are cool

    just because it seems right in la, does not make it right, you celebrties live in this bubble you start believing it is right.

    all the celebs have jumped on the obama band wagon, green movement, etc. when in fact obama is doing so many things to destroy our freedoms.

    perez your blog will be under attack soon from the white house

  19. 19

    Good one less douchebag in L.A.

  20. 20

    It's funny because I have been reading about how Britain is getting really bad, the society is breaking down and crime is on the rise,problems with immigration a lot of the same stuff that has been happening in America for a while, but if you are rich you can have a nice life just about anywhere.

  21. 21

    "this cruel city is just to much for the"
    Should be "this cruel city is just TOO much for the"
    Check your GRAMMAR!!!!!

  22. 22

    Working the COS in London, eh?

  23. 23

    Is she running from Scientology?

  24. 24

    Give her three years..she will be packing her bags back home. The truth is that no matter how much you love a place, there's no place like home. Just ask Madonna or Gweyneth.

  25. 25

    Bleak and jagged views about people and life???…Quality of life so much more enriching??

    What a crock of shit. One less pretentious bitch in the pack—no great loss.

  26. 26

    Newsflash Perez, LA is full of the most shallow, fake, materialistic people on earth. It's a city of superficial relationships. I wish I had the money to move over there too because she's right–the quality of life is better. Get your head out of your ass and go see for yourself.

  27. 27

    Re: RutRoe – No, just workin it! Did you see the Cruise post? They just had a huge meeting of the Intl COS in London. She was told to go there is my guess.

  28. 28

    Europe has more to offer than the Us.
    The culture, custom, food,class, even schools are better than here in the old USA.

  29. 29

    It is not "LAID BACK" in L.A.! We have traffic 24 hours a day, people with thier goddamned cell phones attached to their ears at all times, people rushing everyhwere, everyone with an agenda for the day or night.

  30. 30

    She lived most of her life if I am correct in Ventura County close to Santa Barbara a sleep town with as much as a normal life EP daughter could have…

  31. 31

    What's it to you where she lives? She can live wherever she wants. Maybe the paps aren't in her face as much over there. And maybe she likes living there.

  32. fiona says – reply to this


    LA is harsh and plastic. If She is welcomed overseas, good for her to enjoy a fresh start.
    You, on the other hand,are a dry turd.

  33. 33

    She's welcomed to do what she wants. Frankly LA and the paps that are there, I'd want to move out too. She probably wouldn't mind having her kids have a nice life that wouldn't require being hounded by others.

  34. 34

    Re: Plinkie9
    I agree….Why the hell are people so jugemental of others? If Lisa wants to live in London, that's HER choice and who are WE to judge her for it? I think she's making a great choice…London is a wonderful city!!! So is Los Angeles - but maybe she just wanted a different lifestlye after watching her ex-husband be hounded to his death in LA…People need to leave her alone!

  35. 35

    I just don't get how anyone in the US can say that the country Excels in all categories and everyone else should take notes and be exactly like them.

    UNITED States? Really, The only time I've ever seen the country live up to that name is on Sept 11th 2001 and a few weeks after that. Then it all went back normal and everyone just looked after themselves. Our Police and Firefighters were heroes, Time past they got their benefits and resources cut. 9/11 helpers that were in ground zero helping out, started getting cancer and respiratory problems. And what did they get when they needed help? Well, they were pretty much asked "Why should we help you for Free?"

    "Anyone who bitches about the how things are in the country can just go live somewhere else, they aren't patriotic." So a true Patriot should just turn a blind eye to what is wrong in the country. Patriots have been doing a good job at turning a blind eye to the fact that High school graduates can barely read. It seems Schools only teach "Celebrity non-sense" Because really, that's the only thing these kids really know. "10% of 100? Who the fuck cares, i'm never going to need that. But did you know _______ got eliminated from American Idol Last night!?

  36. 36


  37. 37

    I don't give a rats azz where she lives. What's with the announcement? Did she need to notify all 3 of her fans? She could have emailed them.

  38. 38

    welcome to muslim land! you will regret LMP. 40% of the people in london are islamic retards

  39. 39

    —> THIS IS WHAT I DON'T UNDERSTAND… California is a TERRIBLE place to live. Seriously, there is nothing good about living amongst rude, fake, plastic people who only want to be rich. Honestly, Californians think they're the shit, but the rest of America hates them. I grew up in Georgia, and while most Californians will immediately think of Georgia as a "super-conservative state that hates gays", the truth is MOST Southerners are actually the most laid back people in this country, who are very accepting people. California paints the south with a bad image (which the rest of the world takes as true), but in reality, places like North Carolina and Georgia are the solutions to Lisa Marie's problems. No one is fake, and everyone will treat you with the utmost respect. If you hate it, deal with it because it IS the truth, and I'm liberal.

  40. Moron says – reply to this


    Well,if my ex-husband had been murdered for revenge,greed and profit by unscrupulous vile citizens of my country,I too would have a bleak and jagged views about people and life and would want to get as far away as possible from this country. And there is more heartbreak to come,with the trial of the murderer. I don't blame her for wanting to disappear.She can hide but she cannot run though,from the memories and her bad choices.If only she had made one choice different,she wouldn't need to run away… I wish her good luck though.

  41. 41

    Sweetpiece #27 My thought exactly.

  42. 42

    i rule and you suck #40 HAha! Loves it!

  43. 43

    Thats odd. My dads side of the family is british and want to move to the u.s because they think its better

  44. 44

    Just the rantings of another whacked out scientologist.

  45. 45

    uhm, so where are her two older kids? Hope she hasn't left them.

  46. ap076 says – reply to this


    Re: Nonbreeder – If it is not "laid back" in LA (to which I agree) then why did you choose a retirement home in WeHo? Perhaps Pennsylvania Dutch Country would be more your speed. You might even find a farmer boy with experience with cows, so it would be no small stretch (more like already stretched out) for him to put his fist up your bovine ass.

  47. 47

    I would take Britain over America any day. America sucks.

  48. 48

    Re: i rule and you suck – Everyone I have met from Georgia is amazing, and many people I've met from LA are so full of themselves for being from Cali, it's disgusting! The LA people I know are not laid back at all. I know quite a few people from Northern California, especially the Humbolt area, and those people are actually laid back.
    I'd definitely agree living in London is far more relaxing than LA. It's a REAL city, where you can walk and you don't have to drive everywhere.

  49. 49

    Re: ERRRBOOO – There are so many similarities between the US and UK. I'm British, grew up in the US for 10 years, and have been back in the UK for 9 years. The societies are so similar, but people in America tend to think the UK is much more European and "refined", and the British think the US is full of fat, lazy, idiots. The truth is, the UK is the America of Europe. There is an obesity problem here, and the country is full of uneducated benefit abusers who left school at a young age.
    Both are amazing countries, but I get very angry whenever I hear the British speaking badly of Americans, because they don't realise that the countries are so similar. I sound like a Yank, so I'm often the victim of American bashing.
    The only difference is the Brits are more well "travelled" because it's so cheap to go to Spain and Turkey. However, they all eat fish and chips in Ibiza. The Spanish hate them.
    Any American that lives here gets over the appeal quickly. I think Gwenyth did, which is why she's moving to Spain.

  50. 50

    Perhaps it's to distance herself and her family from tabloid trash and malicious gossip? Does that hit too close a nerve?

  51. 51

    Oink! I'm a fucking fat pig faced piece of shit that gets all upset whenever some one says they don't like LA. OINK! Squeal! OINK!!!!! SNORT!!!!

  52. 52

    Re: Serena!!!COLON!!! You Twats – My thoughts exactly, other than the sunshine, she's really not making THAT drastic of a change comparatively. If she wants to shake things up for real, she could move to Italy or Spain or Greece.

  53. 53

    Re: Serena!!!COLON!!! You Twats – Well Done for Stereotyping a whole nation there! Remember the Pilgrims went over to America a long time ago so alot of Americans are directly related to Britain! There might be a fair few of young idiots who left school, wont get a job or 'cant' get a job but at the same time there are millions of hard working people in this country who dont all go on holiday to Spain ( alot go to America btw) Britain is becoming alot more like America which i love at the same time i hate, we are still a very unique country. By the way have you been reading the Daily Mail because that 'paper' is full of sh*t. And just to add if you wanted to move to Britain London (ie the city) is the last place you should go its not laid back, polluted, crime is awful, best to move to the Country near a city. Plus I can guarantee you the whole time Madonna lived here i bet you she barely left London, pretty sure if i lived in America i would explore the whole country, because London actually is not the real Britain.

  54. 54

    Re: Lola2103 – Wow. Did you read my post at all? I was simply pointing out that the British accuse all Americans of being fat, lazy, and stupid, yet there is a problem in this country with obesity, laziness and education. It's the pot calling the kettle black.
    Am I reading the Daily Fail? What are you talking about?
    Your rant makes no sense, you've not made a single valid argument.

  55. 55

    There are definitely places like that in the US!!! WTF? Beverly Hills would be the MOST phoney! Come back to reality!

  56. 56

    Good riddance?? …Good riddance???!! Are you kidding??

  57. 57

    Why is she news?

  58. 58

    you are mean and fat

  59. 59

    I'm a bit of an Anglophile but…isn't London a hotbed of the radical Muslim movement? Always seems a bit dangerous to me. At least consider the English countryside. Or…Tennessee!

  60. 60

    Perez you have to b the most vile person on earth.I hope some thug beats you up big time really. What a repulsive mean spirited moron you are.
    You are not funny or clever.Just an idiot. Someone important needs to put you out of business.

  61. 61

    L.A. is a fucking Cesspool, Perez. It's disgusting if you can't afford to pay 3 million dollars for a two bedroom house somewhere nice. Pimps, addicts, and hollywood types. That poor woman has never had a second of normalcy in her ENTIRE life. London is just like any other city, it's got it's good points and bad points, but since she can afford to live in a nice area, why NOT? What right do you have to judge her, you useless, talentless lump of fat?

  62. 62

    Perez you have to b the most vile person on earth.I hope some thug beats you up big time really. What a repulsive mean spirited moron you are.
    You are not funny or clever.Just an idiot. Someone important needs to put you out of business.Re: sparkys nemesis

    Radical Muslim Movement..you HAVE to be a stupid spin fed Yank..FFS…No wonder she left your stupid greedy country

  63. 63

    good for her!!!

  64. 64

    I don't blame her for leaving at all. LA is a disgusting place, with fake people and fake class. The whole area needs to sink to the bottom of the ocean.

  65. 65

    "Britain is getting really bad, the society is breaking down and crime is on the rise"
    HAH. That's rich coming from a country where every other day a school shooting happens. Nice.

  66. 66

    Re: Zafrina – Yeah… at least we don't have guns! I feel far safer here than I ever did in the US!
    Re: sparkys nemesis – You ARE an idiot, as an above comment has already pointed out. Radical Muslim movement? Wow! Moron.

  67. 67

    she going for the government healthcare.

  68. 68

    What is the big deal about her moving? Maybe she wants a normal life with her family and doesn't need to be seen all over like you. I hope she finds what she's looking for. You on the other hand need to grow the fuck up.

  69. 69

    I bet it doesn't last! London's an amazing place to live so i dont blame her for moving!

  70. 70

    seriously, WHO GIVES A SHIT????????????????

  71. 71

    Okay with me where ever she goes. She pretty well screwed-up when she said the people in the States didn't appreciate music the way they do over there. So I guess she is better off over there if she wants to continue her so called music career. The same people that gave her the rich life she is has come accostomed to do not know anything about music. Who does she think put Elvis on the map by listening and enjoying his music? The truth is she is no Elvis that's the problem she has his looks and her mother's talent not Elvis's. For this reason she claims we the people in the States do not know or understand music ( whatever )….

  72. 72

    She really is bat chit crazy!!! Ever seen the english tabloids??? They are brutal. Good Luck with your hiding in plain sight.

  73. 73

    she looks Amazing…just sayin.

  74. 74

    Oh please! LA is full of freaks and famewhores–lucky for you, you're both! Good for Lisa Marie! Its called free will–she can move wherever the hell she wants!

  75. 75

    Re: markho – Couldnt have said it better myself–i luv my country, but we SUCK rite now!

  76. Dita says – reply to this


    I say live wherever you're happy - and that can change many times in your lifetime. To each his own. I live in NY (born & raised) & also lived in LA for a very long time and visited London many times. LA is full of plastics and NY isn't much better. London isn't perfect either but if that's where she's happy who is anyone else to say or judge? I love America but there is a big beautiful world out there. Home is where you make it.

  77. 77

    Good for her. I hope she likes rain, damp and constant cold weather. MJ's death has really affected her, I can certainly empathize.

  78. 78

    Re: tincan – Constant cold weather? You're really an idiot.

  79. 79

    perez whats with the anger issues?
    does it really hurt you that bad that shes moving to england? geeze

  80. 80

    RE: pervert_hilton- Just like 60% of fake christians and politicians in america! Our christians/politicians have been funding these "islamic retards" as you put it, for years, just goes to say alot about our country! Attitudes such as perez hiltons is why our country is filled with people who lack morals, who dont appreciate life or take it for granted. Whatever happened to wishing your fellow mankind peace and happiness within their life instead of sayin good riddance. Perez I pray you never end up in jail, I know a few hard heads that would love to pump your ass till your colon falls out! Be a man not a bitch!

  81. 81

    Though she is right on some level about L.A. to shit on your own people and country, what a LOSER! Leave, revoke your citizenship and stay the fuck out!
    Gee this will do wonders for her "comeback", the U.S. fans won't be there to support her "singing" career. lolololololololol

  82. 82

    Re: rudy96

    Excellent post. I was pretty offended at that. She likes taking our money for doing nothing, but considers us a bunch of idiots. Nice.

  83. 83

    Re: Zafrina – But its the truth, I didn't say America wasn't bad I think we need to change a lot of things in this country but you can't say that Britain isn't on the same downward spiral.