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A Birthday Party Filled With Pure Imagination

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We got the Golden Ticket!

Saturday night, Katy Perry celebrated her 25th birthday with a Wonka-themed white party that was just as much a celebration of friendship as it was her life and the incredible success she's had thus far.

We've known her for three years now, and most of the faces in that room are friends that Katy's had for a very long time - plus Mom, Dad and Sister Hudson, and some special friends like our beloved T-Swizzle, yes Taylor Swift was in da house!!!

When we say that this birthday extravaganza was one of the best birthday parties ever, we are not exaggerating! And everybody in attendance on Saturday night would back up that assertion!

We were under the impression initially that - like last year - it was a costume party (albeit with a white theme) so we went ahead and had that Mother Perezia outfit made. We then found out it was just a white themed dress code, but screw it, we had that Theresa-inspired ensemble created for us and we rocked the shiz out of it! Plus, it kept up the spiritual theme we established last year when we went as Jesus to Katy's 24th birthday costume party (and she went as Freddie Mercury).

The space the party was held in was transformed into Wonka's factory with candy all over the place and a string section greeting you with their take on memorable tunes.

Dinner included lots of yumminess, especially some deelish yellow and green mashed potatoes - and there was so many sweets downstairs for dessert that we're surprised we didn't go into a food coma.

The MisShapes provided some fun songs and revelers proceeded to get incredibly messy as we all sullied our white outfits with some party paint, which was SO MUCH FUN! See exhibit C above with Perezzers, T-Swizzle and Julianne Hough.

We all had soooooo much fun that the lame ass fire marshals put a damper on he whole party and kinda shut it down after Katy's blowing out her birthday cake turned into a food fight and cake was splattered all over the dance floor. The fire marshals shut down the dance floor - claiming it was a hazard - and forced everybody to dance on the green astro turf in the other room.

Then, the lame ass fire marshals told the DJs they had to cut their set early and they shut the party down just after 1 AM.

Boo on you, Los Angeles fire marshals!

1) It's a private party! 2) You should be working WITH people on their special day - not against them! 3) That venue had insurance, in case anyone did slip and hurt themselves!

But, you know what???? Despite the dicky behavior on the part of city officials, Katy's birthday party was still epic. And no asshole fire marshal was able to rain on her parade!

She and everyone there had AN INSANELY AMAZING time.

We expect to see lots of photo booth pictures starting to pop up very soon!

Happy birthday, Katy!

We love you!!!!

[Many many many thanks to Sammy & Judy - "The Kids" for helping us with our outfit!]

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172 comments to “A Birthday Party Filled With Pure Imagination”

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  1. 101

    the irony of you being Mother Teresa straddles the line between tasteless and insulting. And you would be the first to sue if you got hurt in a situation that the fire marshall is exactly trying to prevent, wouldn't you you effin' idiot.

  2. 102

    He dressed up as Mother Theresa. It's not like he was sitting in the corner dressed up as Mother Theresa jacking off. It's not like he's purposely doing something to entice this much stupidity but then again it is Perez. You guys really need to curb ur hate. You guys come off as sounding very ignorant and this coming from a person that doesn't like Perez Hilton.

  3. 103

    You look like a fame-gimme-I'm a- gay retard- nun being chased by the general populace- Halloween costume gone wrong LOSER!!!

  4. 104

    Re: laidback – I would beg to differ. Yes, he would purposely do anything to entice this much stupidity as you put it. This is how he gets noticed. Look at that ghastly ensemble he wore to the VMA's. His agenda is to get noticed and would wear a possum turd on his head to accomplish that end, if he hasn't already.

  5. 105

    Katy is absoulutely beautiful! Everytime I think she is "average" in most ways, she comes out looking like this.

  6. 106

    I don't know perez, but the nun outfit doesn't favor you at all, maybe the costume of fat bastard from austin power would be a better choice.

  7. 107

    Wish I coulda gone xD
    Katy looks fantastic :)

  8. 108

    hahahahahhaha what a fucking loser
    excuse me as i laugh my self to sleep thinking of you the retard attending a normal party dressed as mother teresa
    and by the way- no we all realize you only did it so it would cover up your fat rolls
    no one is fooled rosie!!!

  9. 109

    Re: Cashmere Jay – Fact: Perez has been seen cruising the Castro wearing possum turds on his head. I've also heard a rumour that he's prone to molesting Collies.

  10. 110

    I'm glad I wasn't there….0_o

  11. 111

    it's so disgusting to see YOU PERVez making fun of the blessed mother Theresa.

  12. 112

    Re: jabbar – agreed. I'd LOOVE to see PERVy making fun of muslims… now THAT would make me LMAO

  13. 113

    PS: if i went to a party dressing up as a typical homosexual man (you know, wearing a bright coloured shirt, skinny jeans and an overall "clean", trendy, polished look), you'd be calling me a "homophobic".
    Dear PERVy: you're a CHRISTIAN PHOBIC

  14. epic says – reply to this


    Re: laidback – ok - you have a point, but i think the idea of mother theresa is a different for you as for the most other people. she's somehow holy. no one should dress like her or like ghandi. dress up as a nun - i don't mind. but someone (PH) who insults and makes a living from that, who "pisses" on the church etc… no sorry, i don't see the fun in it.

  15. 115

    omg perez…too embarrassing to show up to a non-costume party in a costume, lol

  16. 116

    perez, your costume is insulting. Have a little respect -__-

  17. 117

    U already dress up in a different costume on a daily basis -usually clownesque ones- so I bet nobody noticed your misunderstanding…

  18. 118

    you definitely don't EVER deserve to wear similar clothing as mother teresa

  19. 119

    Mario you look ridiculous. Thats all I can say, just ridiculous.

  20. 120

    Well, at least it's funny to see that how many jerks had no idea who Mother Teresa really was.

  21. 121

    "We were under the impression initially that - like last year - it was a costume party (albeit with a white theme) so we went ahead and had that Mother Perezia outfit made" bahahahhahahhahahahahahhahahahaha

  22. 122

    can you just imagine how ridiculously stupid that fatass looked waddling around that party??? what a fucking retard.
    you should have gone as your doppelganger, linda tripp!!

  23. 123

    Wearing a costume to a non-costume party is kinda lame but I'm glad you had a good time.

  24. 124

    Re: epic
    Once again, missing the point. Holy? Really? How many people right out makes fun of Jesus. JESUS!!!!!! The most Holy of them all. C'mon guys. Pick your battles. Sometimes it best to ignore the elephant in the room. Especially if the elephant is trying to get your attention. There is a reason as to why this elephant is making a muck. Because deep down that elephant wanted to be a mouse. No matter how hard this elephant works out, smiles, truth is, it will never be a mouse. So its only connection is being gray, still not happy. LoL. So this Elephant makes a website dedicated to talking about mouses. Being mean to the mouses, trying to hang out with the mouses, and being happy when mouses mentions it. Then, it happens. The Elephant is no longer an elephant. It turns. It turns into a big, fat RAT! Close enough, but still not a mouse. The end.

  25. 125

    Re: zach swan – thats a lie- pig boy would never walk around with a turd on his head-
    that was actually just his face-
    its okay, people confuse the two alot!!!!

  26. Auj says – reply to this


    Perez, you look handsome!

  27. 127

    look how much he write, since they took pictures with him.. what a suck up

  28. 128

    Katy looks amazing!!! :)

  29. Sezzy says – reply to this


    nice pics of ugly people

  30. 130


  31. 131


    Party sounded fun though …

  32. 132

    Dude, didnt you look in the mirror before you left the house?
    You just look ridiculous, amongst all those stunning people.
    And how blasphemic is your costume? I'm not religious but I still take offense to that. I would love to be inside those celebrities' heads when you walked in the room "oh my god."

  33. 133

    Don't lie. That's how you always dress.

  34. 134

    mario is like the biggest loser ever

  35. 135

    Perez you confuse me.

    Who is "we"?
    "We dressed up as mother Teresa" I think you mean "I dressed up as mother Teresa". You are only one person.

  36. 136

    theres only one mother theresa ted and thats you… your not ted so shame on you

  37. 137

    Wow. How mature. Adults having a food fight. Party should have been shut down for pure stupidity more than anything else.

  38. 138

    Your outfit is downright offensive. You are sick.

  39. .Nai. says – reply to this


    You are a freaking cockroach. I cant believe you would actually dress up like that. Mother Theresa was an angel amongst us and you…. its just repulsive. Your stupid face is repulsive.

  40. Monza says – reply to this


    I cannot believe how ignorant and immature you are. And it's Mother TERESA, not Theresa, dumbass. It is so ironic for you to be wearing such a costume.

  41. 141

    There is nothing pure about Perez, Katy Perry or Taylor Swift. Perez is a douche bag, Katy is fuckin' weird and Taylor Swift is a big bitch in a little girls body.

  42. 142

    ahem, Why wasn't i invited?!?!?! lolz

  43. 143

    saw the pictures, so colourful and looked epic!

  44. 144

    y r u dressed like Mother Theresa u fat idiot??

  45. 145

    you are fuckign disgusting you piece of shit perez

  46. 146

    yes, mother teresa would be really impressed, fucktard. at least your hideous hairy gay legs weren't showing.

  47. 147

    wow katy looks great!

  48. 148

    and stop pushing your groin into people in your photos. noone wants to feel your little gay peepee

  49. 149

    I love Taylor Swift so please don't get me wrong here but WTF is up with her eye makeup?
    I know we are in a recession and all but I know these people can still afford a good makeup artist…
    that eye-liner has to go, the girl already has chinky looking eyes why would she allow anyone to put it on like that…

  50. 150

    Perez you are the most embarrassing tosser i have ever seen. Why do these tweenie newbie "stars" and Z- Listers bother with you. ? You are so unimportant and have no influence to speak of.

  51. 151

    You are such a JERK. What an idiot you are.

  52. 152

    katy perry looks smokin. taylor swift tries to hard she looks shiteous does she ever not wear a lb of makeup fuckkkkkkk

  53. 153


  54. 154

    The absolutely despicable inappropriateness of you dressing up as Mother Teresa is stunning! Shame on you.

  55. 155

    Since you aren't or ever will be even remotely qualified to become a fire marshal (which requires extensive training, education, commitment and intelligence - see what I mean), you've got your hot nerve calling them "lame ass"! They aren't there to enable some spoiled brat's revelry but rather to protect all the other innocents who might be endangered by your nonsense!

  56. 156

    So….where's her brittish boyfriend?

  57. 157

    You are the dick Perez. The Fire Marshall was doing his job! You dumbass even if the venue had insurance if someone got hurt… most people dont want their party guest to get hurt. I hope that if you ever need the help of the Fire Department they take their time to help you. You are such an idiot. Firemen and women are heros and awesome people. How dare you talk shit about them!!! Too bad you didnt get hurt there. But because of the awesome Fire Marshall you didnt get hurt. You dumbass! And to go as Mother Teresa? You are a disgrace. How dare you wear that. I wish we could stone you to death!

  58. 158

    I'm not Catholic, but I don't get why this costume is edgy or cool. Mother Theresa said over and over again that abortion was the biggest threat to peace in the world today, and that if a mother is allowed to kill her child, what is left but for us to kill each other. Perez cares more about baby seals than baby humans. Mother Theresa never would have called Will I. Am the six letter f-word. And, being Catholic, I'm not so sure she would have rallied against Prop 8.

  59. 159

    I didn't read all the comments, but has anyone else noticed Perez looks like an Oompah Loompah?

  60. 160

    I'm dressing as Harvey Milk bullet holes and all for Halloween……….

  61. BRATZ says – reply to this


    Love Katy's dress!

  62. 162

    "swifty" don't look too tall here……

  63. 163

    Re: greenhair – Agreed! but I love katy lol

  64. 164

    If Katy perry or taylor swift is friend with you it's because they're too afraid to appear on your blog and being hated…

  65. 165

    nice outfit!

  66. 166

    Re: Soda-Pop-Lover

    Her music is ok. I think she's made out to be this great artist when her songs are just ok. I would expect something more from someone who gets so much hype, but I can't expect that from someone who gets promotions from Perez.

  67. 167

    You are one person. Stop calling yourself "we". Talking about your Mother Teresa outfit and saying 'we had it made for us' DOESN'T MAKE SENSE. STOP DOING IT!!

  68. 168

    ps you look really out of place with these people… like you are too old to be hanging out with taylor swift

  69. 169

    Re: k8kate – THANK YOU

  70. 170

    Re: greenhair – are you talkin bout Taylor or Katy? Cause both get lots of hype (Taylor more so) but neither are too wonderful. It's true, whoever gets tons of hype on this site is probably VERY mediocre, cause perez seems to have "Shiteous" taste in music. I like katy's oddness though and her style. she's cool. Taylor seems so fake to me though. she bugs the shit outta me lol.

  71. 171

    Re: Soda-Pop-Lover

    I'm saying Katy is a freak, her music sucks. Taylor is a bitch. She is fake. It's all a show for the cameras, but when she's not around the paparazzi she won't go and take pictures with people. Her music s ok too. I've heard better country pop songs in Reba and Carrie.

  72. 172

    Sounds fun. I was wondering why you were dressed up as a Nun.

    Next year maybe branch out into satire of other religions or denominations? You could wear white longjohns and go as a Mormon in their Sacred Underwear!! :)

    (here comes the anti-PC police…time to skedaddle…)

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