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Chaz, Is That You?

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It would appear that Chaz Bono is in the final stages of his gender reassignment!

Boobs be gone!

Bono was spotted in West Hollywood on Thursday afternoon looking like an entirely new person, wouldn't U say?

The now-son of Cher began his transition from female to male last June to "honor his true identity."

Go with it, bb!

[Image via Pacific Coast News Online.]

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199 comments to “Chaz, Is That You?”

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  1. 101

    Chaz is so fat he can't even see his new dick.

  2. 102

    What amazes me is all the comments on her weight, she can have unnatural same sex relationships, cut off her breasts and sew her vagina shut and call herself a man, but what everyone can't get past is that she is fat, as if that is the worst sin against humanity.

  3. 103


  4. 104

    Re: camaguey

    The only thing that is disgusting is
    you. How fucking dare you call someone
    disgusting just because he wanted a sex change
    their are reasons for why he has done this and
    frankly you could not understand nor even want
    too soo if i where you i would shut the fuck up
    and learn too respect people.

  5. 105

    Chaz hunnn, i think you need too loooseee a lil weight,
    but atleast the change looks great. =)

  6. 106

    she just looks a hell of a lot fatter with shorter hair, how bout having gastric bypass surgery honey

  7. 107

    What an idiot this "person" is.

  8. 108

    Re: AudreyArellano

    what is your problemm?
    do you even have a heart??
    what really gives you the right too judge
    and decide who goes too hell or not.
    you honestly have nerve too write that…
    o and one more thing …. why exactly r u on
    a gay mans blogging site when you clearly disown
    them and disllke the gay and lesbian community jw?

  9. 109

    Bravo to him…but he better lose some weight or he won't be around long enough to enjoy his new found identity.

  10. 110

    Re: njpaul129

    Now fucking tell me pleassee if god
    did not intead women and men to be
    with the same sex.. then why the hell
    did he make soo many gay and lesbian
    people …??? hmmm

    umm yea well all i have too say is this:
    you are innconciderate and ignorant too even
    be on perez's blogg and on top of that say that
    he and alot of other men and women are just a mistake
    by god well you are just rudde and yeaa your the losserr.

  11. 111


    if thats a mental disorder
    than your just an ignorant BITCH

  12. 112

    i wonder why he has gotten so big so fast…? would it be the hormones?? well, as long as he is happy! better get on a diet though before Perez starts attacking… oh wait, maybe Perez only attacks the straight, hmmm?

  13. 113

    Re: Big Black Dick – god you are an idiot

  14. obama says – reply to this


    Re: njpaul129 – you must be gay or why else would you be trolling the internet for gay-friendly websites. You are an abomination. Join us all in the year 2009, you ancient, simple minded cow.

  15. 115

    Any girl that has that much balls gets my full respect! congrats Chaz, may you live happy with your spouse, I wish you the best ! xoxoxo

  16. 116

    Wow, his/her parents must be so proud. Cher and Bono's only child tells Cher, "Mummy, when I grow up, I want to be a man."

  17. 117

    Actually, Chaz has a very nice girlfriend. Her name is Jennifer Elia. She likes him for who he is. It's a refreshing change from shallow people who can only dis people about issues such as their weight. Y'all need to look within and see what makes you so mean spirited that you have to say something bad about other people to make yourselves feel better. Chaz has had a very challenging life. It's hard enough being gay, or being big, in this society, due to prejudice. Never mind what it must be like to feel like you were born the wrong gender.

  18. 118

    If he wasn't transgender, the post would read as follows:

    Chaz, Is That You?!!!?

    It would appear that Chaz Bono is in the final stages of his gender reassignment!

    Boobs be gone! But look what's taken their place!!!!

    Bono was spotted in West Hollywood on Thursday afternoon looking like this.

    What happened, bb????

  19. 119

    Nice. Turn yourself into a man that no straight girl would go near. Next he'll be taking it up the arse by some rich old daddy…

  20. 120

    I think it's great that he is going through this transformation, but he also needs to get healthy as well as continue his search for his identity. Being that size can't be good for you.

  21. 121

    I hope he finds peace and happiness.

  22. 122

    Ewwww..it is so nasty.

  23. 123

    Male or female, fat and ugly is still fat and ugly.

  24. 124

    It looks more manly than Perez!!

  25. Ammie says – reply to this


    Chaz is way cuter as a guy. To the idiot who says that it is an abomination to be gay . . . yeah, and I bet you believe in Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny too. Grow up!

  26. 126

    uhm she should lose weight i do't think it's healthy for her to be that heavy and undergoing surgical procedures
    and i can't believe this happened.she was sucha cute kid :(

  27. 127

    oh wow…
    p.s. everyone…when someone switches gender or is in the process…you refer to them as the gender they are switching too.

  28. 128

    Whatever feels right and makes you happy! Blessed be!

  29. 129

    Wow Cher must be so proud. So let me get this right, her dream was to become a big fat greasy man. This chick makes NO SENSE!!! What a lunatic!

  30. 130

    It's really really really not his job to make you people happy. Lay the fuck off.

  31. 131

    eww. exersize, excersize its so good for u. but way to go on the surgery

  32. 132

    Re: Lisa1023
    I was wondering the same thing!

  33. 133

    So if you're gonna switch genders, why opt to be an over weight disgusting example of a man? Unless this is what lesbians think men look like…

  34. 134

    That is just disgusting. She went from an unhappy fat girl, to a man about to have a heart attack.

  35. 135

    Man or woman, Chaz is a LARDASS. Lose some weight, it's not sexy in either gender.

  36. 136


  37. 137

    Chaz's mother (Cher) must be SO proud of him/her/it. You've got to wonder where the FAT gene came from…neither Sonny or Cher were ever LARD ASSES. Losing a few hundred pounds should have been a priority, in lieu of a sex change operation.

  38. 138

    IT better lose some weight before IT dies. And Perez, why the flippity flying fuck do you call everyone BB?????

  39. 139

    Re: AudreyArellano

    Jokes on you… there is no hell. Well, there is. It's called life. Fuck off. Love, a heterosexual leaning toward consevative friend. Religion is a hoax.

  40. 140

    Re: njpaul129

    Like if there is a God humans know what he/she/it desires. Pulease. Stop pretending you know what god wants. The bible is fucking bullslhit.

  41. 141


    Hey, according to YOUR bible a sin is a sin is a sin… so gluttony is a sin… but NONE of the sins say that sex change is. Yeah, according to some new testement bullshit "man lying with man" is a sin… well guess what you religious fuck. Maybe Chaz was sick of the bible's idiocy and decided to save her soul and become a man… so she is no longer having same sex sex. Got it? Probably not… if you believe the bible you're a closed minded dickwad.

  42. 142

    Time to hit the gym, like a real guy.

  43. 143

    Re: VictoriaRose828

    You're forgetting that all of the idiot bible belters think that being gay is a choice. They think you're not born that way. They think they choose who makes them horny. Hmmmm…. at what age did all the bible belters CHOOSE to be hetero? Oh, yeah, wait. They didn't have to. They were born that way.

  44. 144

    Re: cheesemeister

    But what I wonder is how can Jennifer Elia possibly call her self gay if she's now with a man?????? very interesting situation.

  45. 145

    Damn! I thought he suppose to be LOSING weight.

  46. 146

    Celebrity Parents: TAKE NOTE!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. 147

    Wow. This is a tough one for me - I am a HUGE supporter of gay/lesbian rights.. transgender, bisexual, you name it… but it's difficult for me to understand mutilating your body to get there.
    Did she/he surgery have her/his breasts removed?!? That's a big deal.
    Why can't you just be who you are and live the way you want? Dress as a man, do what you need to do, but leave your given body alone… it just seems violent somehow.
    I wish Chaz the best and hope that he has found true happiness. Kudos to Cher for being a supportive mother… I hope when my kids grow up, if need be, I can offer the same support and unconditional love.

  48. 148

    Been reading many of the ignorant posts, so……People do not undergo sex reassignment because of some "feeling" they have, or due to self-loathing. They genuinely believe themselves to be trapped in the wrong body. Just imagine how you would feel if everything about you remained the same except your genitalia. Imagine feeling so uncomfortable in your own skin, like your body is betraying you. Try some empathy people.

  49. 149

    I have no problem with gender changes but, he/she is carring too much weight. Is it the hormones that excelling the weight gain? Good on Chaz for making the brave discision. Hopefully after this is over he will be happy.

  50. 150

    "Obese Slob" is not a gender.

  51. 151

    Are the male hormones responsible for the weight gain? Is she taking steroids too? OMG She can't be happy with herself whether she's female or male. I don't know what to think about Chaz now.

  52. 152

    chasity had been on celebrity fit club. too bad she/he did not take anything away from it. I am surprised the doctor did the surgery with that amt of weight and the hormones involved. he/she is a timebomb waiting for a heart attack. sad. but the doctor will collect, because chastity had private insurance. yeah!

  53. 153

    Re: njpaul129 – So did god make you such a dumbass or is it a lifestyle choice?

  54. 154

    I think he looks pretty natural as a man.

  55. 155

    I'm sorry but that is just gross.

  56. 156

    now he needs his stomach stapled

  57. 157

    lolz at Zombie Hitler's comment…LOLZZZZ 4 DAYZ!

  58. 158

    well i cannot belive that this was once a girl, but if he is happy making this decision y all the weight? it looks like comfort eating.

  59. 159

    That's what you get for being a spoiled rotten rich kid.

  60. 160

    Wow there are so many fucked and critical comments here! Must be great to be so perfect. This is not an easy thing for a human to go through (emphasis on human) and in a perfect world with decent people there would be more support here. Sad to see the plain evil we are becoming.

  61. 161

    Re: njpaul129 – Thanks for speaking on Gods behalf, Im sure he is proud of your misplaced anger and bigotry. What ever happened to love your brother? or he who is without sin? or Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven? If you intend on representing God do us all a favor and know something about what you are saying!

  62. 162

    Good luck Chaz hang in there! There are alot of people showing support even here focus on those.

  63. 163

    Who is Perez to call anyone "big boy" and not think? Perez, you're a fat fuck and I can't wait till you fuckin' die.

  64. 164

    Hate to break it to "him", but "he's" not a "man", "he's" just a mutilated WOMAN!

  65. 165

    I'm shocked to say the least..she was the cutest little kid on the S&C show in the 70's. Wow. Hope she can lose the weight though. I think it's just sad.

  66. 166

    We ❤ U Chaz!!!!

  67. 167

    I'll always think of her as Chastity. She was born a girl because God wanted her to be a girl…why she felt the need to change is beyond me.

  68. 168

    Re: buck – she has a wife!!!!!

  69. 169

    Re: Mickey9661 – you may not like what audrey has said, but she has the right to believe whatever she wants, and if you chastise her for this belief you are as close minded as you assume her to be….

  70. 170

    Re: Stephanie1968 – hahahaha very true and funny!

  71. 171

    Why, why,why?

  72. 172

    she'll always be a woman.

  73. 173

    As either a male or a female…self loathing just pours off this poor soul. Deep confusion still stares out of those sad eyes. I feel bad for Chaz, who has always struck me as a sweet person.

    Self acceptance is in order

  74. 174

    I guess it should come as no surprise that some people would be unnecessarily cruel on this site regarding Chaz. Until you have been challenged with this sort of life-changing decision, none of us can really speak to this. For those of you hiding behind your email handle and making snide remarks, must you behave like grade schoolers?

  75. 175

    Basically this lard-ass lezzie is gonna turn into a "man" and then drop dead from a heart-attack.

  76. 176

    Wow! I've never seen so many ignorant people gathered in one place! Why don't you try to educate yourselves, just a tiny bit, about being transgendered? Perhaps a little compassion and empathy wouldn't hurt either. Allow Chaz the freedom to live happily. That's what we all want for ourselves, right? Be gracious enough to extend it to others. Even when you don't totally understand.

  77. 177

    Re: DrinkYourKoolaid – nope. smart.

  78. 178

    cher must be so proud. not. cher must think she should've never had her. not only is she fat, gay, then she changed her sexual identity. she's ugly as a woman and a man. fail.

  79. 179

    Looks healthier than Lohan…..

  80. 180

    She was born a she and even though she has changed her look's she will still be a she and when she leaves this world she will be a she. The Lord intended for her to be a woman and in another life after death she will remain a woman. You can change your appearance but you can't truly change your soul. I beleive that after death you are perfect and your spirit will look the same as when you were on earth only you will be perfect and look perfect and feel no pain and she will look like a woman like she was born to be. So if changing her appearance and gender make's her happy here on earth then so be it but when she die's and goes to Heaven if that is where she goes I beleive she will be Chasity like the good Lord intended…In the end you can't mess with mother nature or change it!!

  81. 181

    hard to picture the little blond girl her parents held hands with when singing I Got You Babe at the end of their show each week.

    For health's sake, needs to get control of weight. Maybe once the stress of this transition is over, it will be easier.

  82. 182

    was't Chaz on celebrity fit club a few years back,looks like it didn't work…. Not healthy at all

  83. 183

    I got a new Career for "him". The UFC! "He's" twice a big as the champ Brock Lesner.

  84. 184

    I hope Chaz is Happy now…

  85. 185

    YUCK. Lose some weight, fat boy!!

  86. 186

    Re: MileyCyrusLooksLikeAChipmunk – That is exactly what I was thinking! So she was a lesbian, but now she likes the kielbasa sausage? Inneresting.

  87. 187

    I really wish he would lose weight. It's a shame to go through all this just to drop dead from heart failure!

  88. 188

    She looks like she ATE a man, not had an operation to become a man.

  89. 189

    Gross!!Damn,what went so horribly wrong with this child…

  90. 190

    Maybe the same dysfunctional brain damage that made Fat ass Mario wanna put his dick in the mud-hole and lick some poo.

  91. 191

    I swear I see my father in everyone..
    Life is awesome when you see a different perspective in life.

  92. 192

    ewwww grossss

  93. 193

    Re: sharre – yeah i was thinking that too! sad, just sad….

  94. 194

    That much fat around the heart is just asking for major health problems.

  95. 195

    shim sauce!

  96. 196

    That's horrifying. Who the hell would want to look like that??

  97. 197

    Re: mgh – That's not true actually, you can legally change your gender after sex reassignment surgery.

  98. 198

    Looks like Buddy Hackett!!!!

  99. 199

    Re: Zephyrinthesky


    Oh, and njpaul, how do you know the mind of God? Did he/she/they tell you personally? Are you forgetting that Jesus Christ was a revolutionary in his day? He counted whores and tax collectors among his friends!!!

    I am a Christian and bigoted narrowminded people like this give all of us who understand the TRUE teachings of Jesus a BAD NAME. Don't you think God made gays and lesbians and transgendered people for a reason? Jesus is probably shaking his head at all of the misguided Hell and Brimstone Christians and saying "woah, wait a sec. This is NOT what I taught!!"

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