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Idol Alums Take Over The AMA's!

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This year's American Music Awards might as well be called an American Idol reunion!

Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Glambert and Chris Daughtry's group, Daughtry, are all scheduled to perform at the awards show on November 22nd!

Simon has built himself quite the empire, hasn't he???

Will U be tuning in?

[Image via WENN.]

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63 comments to “Idol Alums Take Over The AMA's!”

  1. 1

    YES, I will be tuning in… but only for GLAMBERT. Me loves him.

  2. 2


  3. 3

    Good lawd Kelly looks like that lead singer from Heart now ……why is she letting herself go like that?????

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  4. 4

    Yes I will be turning in. These people actually have talent and truly shine consistently. No bad show ever when these people get on stage.
    Nice that they are going for talent instead of lip syncing talentless wannabees, and children of celebreties trying to get famous off the backs of there parents.
    Rock on….

  5. 5

    At least you aren't talking about Lady Gaga for once you fat fuck.

  6. 6

    What about Taylor Swift? She got 6 noms, she should be performing

  7. 7

    nlhwywi. You & P.W. would have def. been perfect! Last night at the P I was yat. Can't wait to take you to one! 46 ms bg

  8. 8

    No offense, but all of these artists would give a better performance than Taylor Swift. She'll porobably perform, though. But yeah, I'll definitely be tuning in, especially to see Lambert's first performance of his debut single. My question, however, is whether the AMAs will do it like they did last year, where some performed during the pre-show and the others during the show, because David Cook performed during the pre-show. And if so, which artists are performing during the pre-show.

  9. 9

    I can not WAIT to see Adam perform!!!!

  10. 10

    Great line-up of talent. I recently saw Kelly Clarkson perform at Hollywood and Highland. Kelly Clarkson rocks!

  11. 11

    Barf-what about REAL stars who have worked HARD without a hand up? Geez, what a bunch of second rate performers. Bring on the real musicians.

  12. 12

    Her gut is getting huge! Kelly needs a weight intervention STAT!

  13. 13

    I hope Kanye leaps before he looks again and says something bizarre……
    Does anybody know if he is drinking from that bottle he keeps dragging around with him?

  14. 14

    i'll totaly be tuning in!

  15. 15

    I'm tuning in to see Adam. Can't wait. And for all the idiots commenting on the immensely talented Kelly Clarkson's weight..STFU!!

  16. 16

    a-dum! a-dum! a - dum! a-dum! a-dum! a-dum! a - dum! a-dum! a-dum! a-dum! a - dum! a-dum! a-dum! a-dum! a - dum! a-dum!a-dum! a-dum! a - dum! a-dum!
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  17. 17

    I am going to see Kelly Clarkson TOnight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. 18

    My God! Does this woman spend all the money she makes ON FOOD?!!??!!!

  19. 19

    Re: monnie – *cough *cough… MILEY CYRUS!!! lol.

  20. 20

    HECK YEAH! I love Kelly! She rocks!

  21. 21

    Kelly, put down fork and back away from the table! I puttin' you on a strict diet of BBD's bbd.

  22. 22

    Well, they're all good! WTF do you mean Perez?

  23. 23

    I'll tune in to see Adam. Kelly can put on a good show too. The rest, Meh.

  24. 24

    Is Ida Maria in the running for the "Showed Good Sense" award for bailing on the Perez Presents Failure tour of gayborhoods?

  25. 25

    That's going to be a great concert… except for Daughtry. I'm not a fan of his music but seeing as most people are, the concert will definitely turn out great for those Idol fans.
    I hope they perform their own songs and they don't have to peform stupid, pointless shit like "Dancing Queen" or some group number… Seriously.

  26. 26

    Tuning in to see the Glambert, maybe the others too…….maybe…

  27. 27


  28. 28

    HOLY FUCK. Kelly Clarkson's almost as fat as you Perez!

  29. 29

    I fuckin hate how you draw shit on pictures

  30. 30

    Kelly Clarkson really needs to lose weight. It's not about being mean, she's headed for obesity

  31. 31

    kelly's fine. just becasue she isnt nicole richie doesnt mean she's not healthy. what does it matter how much she weighs anyway. she's a singer not an actress.

  32. Why!! says – reply to this


    Perez–I was enjoying seeing your site each day. But I am done, what you have done to this photo is sickening. I want nothing more to do with this site.

  33. 33

    She looks like she has doubled in size.

  34. 34

    She needs to lose that weight. I am sorry but she is a performer and that is her job. She is too fat right now

  35. 35

    Nice dick in her mouth but Perez, we all know Kelly is a dyke.

  36. 36


  37. 37

    I guess the whole world is getting a front row seat as Kelly Clarkson commits career suicide. As a former music industry executive, I would have dropped her from the label after her comments regarding the best executive the music industry has ever seen to date Clive Davis a living legend. I am still stunned that they didn't drop her she isn't selling any cds, her image is one of a rowdy drunk out of control artist who is sloppy in her appearance and lackluster in her performance and couldn't even sell out Chuck E.Cheese right now. The label needs to drop her and give the time and money spent on her to an upcoming talent who actually seems appreciative and will work and not complain about a legend in the music industry. Shame on the music industry for not kicking her out! She doesn't have enough talent to even be on stage.

  38. 38

    Re: divas1
    # 40
    If the music industry used your philosophy, 70% of all entertainers would be dropped!!!
    WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? And what horrible thing did Kelly do to you?

  39. 39

    She has taken over the AMA's and isles 1-7 at the grocery store.
    I am glad to hear she'll be performing, hopefully the stage will be really big and have bright lights. Sweat would do her body good. Sounds mean but she is talented and there is nothing like a heart attack to slow you down.

  40. 40

    omg…shes so fat

  41. 41

    I love kelly clarkson but I'll be the first to say she looks really awful here. it's not a matter of being stick skinny or fitting some materialistic mold, it's about being healthy. she obviously is not being healthy. she has gained way too much weight and really is setting a bad example to fans. not good.

  42. 42

    when did she get so huge??? wow!

  43. 43

    omg shes so fat….

  44. 44

    yeah…she gained alittle weight….everyone needs to get over it.

    and not gonna lie this does sound cool. might watch.

  45. 45

    Of course I'm watching…I want to see Adam! H e will be performing his first single off the new album. OMG OMG OMG I like Daughtry too!

  46. 46

    Kelly Clarkson looks great! She looks real! I wish I looked as good as she does. Nothing makes me happier, than a "Star" enjoying themselves and eating all the good food they probably get… yum :)

  47. barny says – reply to this


    I'll be watching it and hope that I will not have to listen to Taylor Swift sing.She is just average ant not a good singer like she thinks.

  48. 48


  49. 49

    guess the AMA's didn't want Kris.
    can't wait to see Adam! you should have put a pic of adam up instead of kelly. I love kelly but adam might have rocked that microphone better.

  50. 50

    Poor thing. Love her music but she is too big.. That's not healthy

  51. 51

    Just to remind some of you folks - Kelly won AI 7 years ago and Carrie about 5 or so, Daughtry about the same amount of time. Any boost they got from AI has long since been exhausted. I don't like reality shows, and never watched AI, but I know great performers when I see & hear them. I suspect some of you are failed wannabes & sore losers. As for Kelly's health, I'd like to know where some of you did your research, since you seem to be really ignorant. She is no where near being medically obese. It's not currently possible to accurately asses someone's health from a photograph. If it were, no one would ever have to go to a Dr.'s office. Just scan a recent photo & email it. So far, this isn't possible. So STFU.

  52. 52

    Clive! Clive! Is it really you? Don't be coy, we all know only you could have written that post. You must have a lot of time on your hands since they kicked you upstairs. Too bad about that. And too bad about Whitney.But you must have lots of money, why don't you just go somewhere and enjoy it?Kelly's doing just fine BTW. She'll do even better when her contract with RCA runs out and she can get with a label with a better marketing division. And more confidence in her voice and musical instincts. She really needs to get away from all that crass overproduction. That's for people who can't sing. And she can REALLY sing. Good luck, Clive! See ya.

  53. 53

    Damn…she got fat!

  54. 54

    Re: VintageLover90 – No, she gained "a little" weight last year! She went from healthy to chubby to full blown fat. It's sad. If being in the public eye isn't enough motivation to care about how you look, I don't know what is.

  55. 55


  56. 56

    Why can't Kelly Clarkson pull it together and get a PT to help keep her in shape. All that extra weight and none of its gone to her chest.

  57. 57

    Unbelievably PATHETIC post, with a sad, sad, sad, sad excuse for being funny.
    This is beyond sociopathic. This whole "blog" reeks of coke head creep. Kelly has dignity even if you try to degrade her. How low life to go on the internet and try to humiliate people with stupid imagery. PATHETIC!!!! Speaks volumes of the sources and says nothing of the targets. This blog is DISGUSTING. SOUL-LESS. GET A LIFE. No seriously, like FIND A SOUL. You are heartless, soulless creep!

  58. 58

    Adam Lambert shouldn't be there. He is a piece of shit. Kris Allen should be there.

  59. 59

    as for simon and his partners, it only takes ONE GOOD IDEA and to FOLLOW THROUGH! Yes, I'll be turning in. Kelly is a goddess… she's a confident, talented artist… screw the people who wonder "why she's let herself go"… she's a healthy, beautiful role model for all girls/women.

  60. 60

    OMG!!! YAY!

  61. 61

    Wow… you guys REALLY need to get over the weight issue! I bet over half of you are over twice Kelly's size and are trying to make yourselves feel better by downing her.. Just because she is not a size three does not mean she is FAT!! And no wonder you are a FORMER music industry executive if you dropped people like Kelly Clarkson from your label…

    And yes, I will be tuning in to watch people who are actually TALENTED perform!

  62. 62


  63. 63

    I love what you have done to this picture!