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Travolta Wants To Move Extortion Case To The U.S.

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After the disappointing outcome of John Travolta's extortion case ending in a mistrial, Michael Ossi, Travolta's lawyer, is working on having the case transfered to the States!

Says Ossi:

I have asked the Bahamian authorities to preserve all the evidence for the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) to review, and I have written to the federal government and the Bahamian government about trying the case in Florida. The original call was made from the Bahamas to Florida, so there is jurisdiction for a trial in the U.S.

Travolta's lawyer is hoping to have the case transfered to Jacksonville, Florida, where John has said he will testify again if need be.

Ossi also added that the Travoltas were hoping to begin the "healing process without the prospect of more litigation over their heads," but sadly, the family has "no choice."

[Image via WENN.]

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15 comments to “Travolta Wants To Move Extortion Case To The U.S.”

  1. 1

    This is so sad! No one deserves this! I hope the case can get moved! They certainly don't deserve this continued nightmare!

  2. 2



  3. 3

    Moving the case to the US will ensure that it is a fair trial with no funny business

  4. 4

    Honestly? Why is Perez reporting every story lightyears later than other sites?

  5. 5

    Scientology kills!
    Remember Lisa McPherson

  6. jaxfl says – reply to this


    I'm from jacksonville, fl

  7. 7

    I really feel John and Kellys pain. This is a simple case of extortion with clear cut evidence and witnesses. There is no excuse for them to bungle a case like this. It is very brave of the Travoltas to go down there and testify as public figures and they owed them a fair and honest trial and justice for his son. Move it to the US! These people have suffered enough.

  8. 8

    Losing a son and then dealing with this? Sad. Hope it all works out.

  9. 9

    It's just sad to me that they are having to deal with this after losing their son. People suck

  10. 10

    Okay. What in THE HELL are these trials about?!!? I've tried without success to get a SHORT explanation, some kind of "quick read" on what this is all about, and NOTHING. My God! Let dead people rest!?!! Is Michael Jackson buried yet? Is he really dead? What about Elvis? Yes? No? Yes? No? Yes? Yes? No? Yes? ENOUGH!

  11. 11

    its disgusting someone could do that to parents that just lost a child…i hope they get em good…fucking scumbags!

  12. 12

    My heart goes out to John and his family!

  13. 13

    sadly, i live half my time in the bahamas. it sucks here. the people suck. hope those idiots go to jail. and they should move it to the u.s. u.s. don't play around.

  14. 14

    Remember the Natalie Holloway case in another country? They screwed that case up in Aruba. They should move the case to the States because clearly these other countries do not have the education concerning the law even if their law's are different to go to trial and convict a criminal. Their police work is sloppy which therefore they can't go to court and have a fair trial in a case and make it stick….I will give them credit for being pro's at deceiving and being crooked. To know that someone in a political position is so underhanded and dirty to want to extort a greiving perent for money. Bring their asses to the States and find them guilty and lock them up for a long time. Show them what justice is all about….

  15. 15

    HOLY SHIT! their son fucking died LEAVE 'EM Alone GODDAMNIT!