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Miley's Little Sister Loves Stripper Boots

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Jesus would not approve!

Miley's 9-year old sister, Noah Cyrus, put the global underage human trafficking epidemic to shame on Saturday when she showed up to the Children Affected by AIDS Foundation's 16th Annual Dream Halloween in El Lay dressed like a dominatrix THAT!


And she loves those stripper boots! The Scores dancer-in-training managed to slut up a ladybug costume at another event this weekend while wearing those suckers again!

Momma Trish and Billy Ray, snap out of it!!!!!

[Image via Getty Images.]

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466 comments to “Miley's Little Sister Loves Stripper Boots”

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  1. 1

    Seriously, that's just wrong.

  2. 2


  3. 3

    ARG! MY EYES! >_

  4. Twime says – reply to this


    What's wrong with her parents? No caring mum or dad would ever allow their child to go out looking like a prostitute.

  5. 5

    omfg perez what is this kiddy porn u put up?

    what the fuck is this whore in training. btw is every girl in teh cyrus family fugly ?

  6. 6

    poor girl…looks horrible with all that make-up….so wrong and sad

  7. 7

    that is seriously disgusting for a nine year old to dress like that, what were her parents thinking letting her, shes gonna end up just like her sister with the dirty pics n stuff probably

  8. 8

    OMG!!! What a hideous little TROLL!!

  9. 9

    Kids costumes are actually shown w/those sorts of boots, dumbass. It's not just Miley's parents that do this. I work at a day care, we had a halloween party this weekend, if you had seen what 7, 8 & 9 year old girls were wearing, you'd die. It was awful :(

  10. Paty says – reply to this


    I´m sorry…I know she is 9…but GOD that is one ugly kid.

  11. 11

    it's a Halloween costume, for crying out loud and an ugly one at that. poor kid is not cute at all and probably is trying to intimidate her sis, Miley.

  12. 12

    I didn't know they sold hooker/stripper clothing is child sizes. Poor thing is tragic looking too and she has a muffin top at age 9.

  13. Dunya says – reply to this


    And next wek the sex tape!!!!

  14. 14


  15. 15

    Strange looking kid

  16. 16

    Are you kidding me? What a disgrace her parents are. These poor girls are going to have a very difficult time adjusting to growing up too fast in the same manner that Britney has had. Yeesh

  17. 17

    Jesus would also not approve of you calling a 9 year old CHILD a slut.

  18. 18

    omg! Her parents are smoking CRACK. She is a 9 year old girl dressing up as a prostitute for fun!?! Her makeup and her outfit are insanely too mature for her. I can't understand what her parents are thinking. Are they encouraging a problematic personality? I appreciate looking up to your siblings, but each child needs to understand and appreciate the stage/age that they are currently in.

  19. 19

    I would NEVER let my nine year old daughter wear that for halloween!
    At that age I was probablly a witch or bunny, and not the slutty kind

  20. 20

    OMG! Poor kid, she is so fucking ugly. What the fuck?

  21. 21

    These parents really need to get a grip on their children.

  22. 22

    If she keeps dressing like that, she will likely be a child affected by aids.

  23. 23

    Wow… and I thought I looked slutty this year.

  24. 24

    Noah huh? Guess they really wanted a boy

  25. 25

    wtf is that???!!!

  26. 26

    looks like cindy lauper… just worser

  27. 27

    Too bad your mom never told you to stop dressing like a 31 year old pedophile.

  28. 28

    that's disgusting! how could her parents allow her to wear that? that's slutty for ANYONE, but my lord, a 9-year old?

  29. 29

    What an uggo.

  30. 30

    OHH EMM GEE!!! sooo sad!!!

  31. 31

    Absolutely disgusting! What kind of parents dress a 9yr old like this?

  32. 32

    WTF! It's head is WAAAAAYYY to big for its body and FUGLY!!!

  33. 33

    Leave her alone Perez. She is only a little girl dressed up for Halloween.

  34. 34

    SAD……….The outfit is disgusting in and of itself, let alone that she's a 9yr old KID……but she has something really wrong with her face…..almost scary.

    Those Cyrus parents are worse than Dina Lohan!!!!!!!!! Fame whores who don't care about their kids…….SAD

  35. 35

    Dear lord the boots are the least of her problems. Damn, that is one ugly girl.

  36. 36

    That is so disturbing. She's NINE years old for goodness sake. I know she probably wants to play dress up in all these little outfits, but really it looks like she forgot her skirt, and those boots….are for strippers!!! What will she be wearing when she's 15!!?

  37. 37

    That is gross!!!

  38. SuzyP says – reply to this


    Not okay

  39. 39

    I think many things about the costume aren't appropriate.

  40. 40

    Ali Lohan somebody coming 4 your pot.

  41. 41


  42. 42

    Um, gross.

  43. 43

    OMG how old is she? A child should NEVER dress like that in a million years. I can't believe her parents let her leave the house like that

  44. 44

    Ok first of all…not the cutest costume….but I see plenty of other little girls wearing stuff like this…Maybe not my child…but damn…those aren't stripper boots and don't call someone that little a slut

  45. 45

    holy crap.
    that's a mess in the making …

  46. datay says – reply to this


    I have seen miley in person, and she seems LOUD and OBNOXIOUS. She is pretty though.

  47. kyky says – reply to this


    I thought it was a midget at first. Ummm, that kid is ugly.

  48. 48

    On the one hand, little girls love dressing up like that. Normal. On the other hands, her parents should know better than to let her. That lack of sound parenting is not normal.

  49. 49

    She looks like a little monster that might hide under your bed.

  50. ClubM says – reply to this


    lol she looks like a troll

  51. 51

    Perez, WTF??!!!! You just called 9-year old a slut. I don't like what she's wearing either, but damn!

  52. Yada says – reply to this


    Seriously sad and disgusting. That's child abuse

  53. 53

    She has a sh*T load of make-up. That Skirt is WAY to short. What are these parents thinking? That is wrong on so many levels.

  54. Harv says – reply to this


    What the hell is that ?
    How do you let your 9-year old out of the house dressed like a hooker ?
    Was that her Halloween costume ?

  55. 55

    Is she dressed up for Halloween?

  56. 56

    What is wrong with the parents.

  57. 57

    now i hate making fun of little kids…but shes not cute :(

  58. 58

    she looks like a 40yr old hooker.sad.

  59. 59

    That kid looks like an experiment gone wrong.

  60. 60

    What is this costume even supposed to be? Goth hooker? I feel bad for making fun of a kiddie, but Jesus Christ, what are her parents thinking?!

  61. 61

    at first I didnt know it was a Halloween costume! so I got really scared!! LOL but then I read it was for Halloween and I thought…. still thats just not normal…

  62. 62

    Re: NotFamous – imitate

  63. 63

    omfg, she's 9 years old!!! shouldn't that be child abuse - letting your child go out with all that makeup and looking like a whore? That's just disgusting. What the heck is wrong with her parents? No wonder Miley turned out the way she did, but poor Noah will be effing boys by this time next year if her parents don't smarten the hell up. I guess to them Noah is just another meal ticket. disgusting and shameful.

  64. 64

    Start the SKANKING early in that family.

  65. 65

    OMG her parents should be ashamed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She looks like a "little slut"

  66. 66

    Thats toooo much for a 9 yr old

  67. 67

    lol wow who the fuck lets their kids out like this!?

  68. 68

    What an unfortunate looking child. I have nothing to say about the outfit-it's a disgrace and everyone knows it.

  69. 69


    And she loves those stripper boots! The Scores dancer-in-training managed to slut up a ladybug costume at another event this weekend while wearing those suckers again!"

    And u wonder why the BEP manager Bitch slapped u?? cant even be respectfull towards a child?? what did ure parents do to u in ure child hood MARIO?

  70. 70

    she's 9 for christ sake! She looks like a $20 whore!

  71. 71

    just wrong on all levels, Halloween or not, you have plenty of time to dress like a two cent whore when you're older, seriously, the Cyrus parents have to get a grip on their girls…..and themselves!!!

  72. 72

    she looks like a fucking whore…

    who dresses their 9 year old in a micro mini mermaid tube dress and knee high platform hells? her makeup looks like she got it done yesturday and went on a bender last night…

  73. Pibb says – reply to this


    That is one unfortunate looking child. You really don't even notice the boots.

  74. 74

    that has got to be one of the ugliest children I have ever seen in my entire life. her parents definitely should not produce anymore female children.

  75. 75

    wtf is wrong with their parents. omg!!

  76. 76

    Another butt-ugly Cyrus!

  77. 77

    This family is so fucked up.

  78. 78

    Unacceptable for a girl that age. Even on Halloween. What happened to our society?

  79. gritz says – reply to this


    I don't care that it's a Halloween costume, SO not appropriate for a 9 year old, celebrity spawn or not. What is wrong with their parents????????

  80. 80

    PROSTITOT!! for a bunch of jesus freaks, they sure do allow their children to dress like whores of Babylon!! fucking retard rednecks!!

  81. 81

    You people should all be ashamed of yourselves. Seriously she's just a 9 yr old kid. And Perez by doing this just shows you have no class. No class at all. Anything for hits, right?

  82. 82

    Someone needs to call DHR. For real!

  83. 83

    WTF IS THAT!!!!!

  84. 84

    The Cyrus clan are hillbilly and trashy folk. nice way to dress your CHILD.

  85. 85

    Wrong on sooooo manny levels.. :o

  86. 86

    Miley's mother met B-Ray as a "groupie". It is in the blood to dress like hookers.

  87. 87

    She's just Scary! That dress, that make-up, that FACE! OMG!

  88. 88

    JUST EWWWW!!!!!!!!

  89. amish says – reply to this


    This doesn't constitute whoring out your child or child pornography in some way. IF not , it should. THe Cyrus' are sick fucks! DISGUSTING! Save the children here at home!

  90. 90

    What. The. HELL!!!! Poor girl - her parents need to be publicly flogged. Or stoned. Or something.

  91. 91

    Wrong on so many levels, obviously trying to follow in her sisters footsteps

  92. amish says – reply to this


    Mattel , Toys 'R' Us and especially Children Affected by Aid Foundation need to issue apologies for having a pre-teen prostitute pulled off the corner to walk their red carpet! I can't go on enough how gross this is. . . yuck, I have puke in my cheeks.

  93. 93

    they propably let her dress like that so people won't look into her fugly face…
    but seriously her parents should go to jail for that! people go to jail for less and they are making this little girl into a hooker. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

  94. 94

    Sorry. Costume or not that is just wrong,

  95. 95

    omg shes hideous.

  96. 96

    She's 9!!! Makeup and hooker boots!!! WTF!!! So much wrong here!! Parents need to stop pimping out their kids for money. Get you own job and support your family. Not every child actor/performer/celebrity ends up like Ron Howard!! Media outlets have to stop providing the vehicle for crap like this.

  97. 97

    WTF. . . .
    She Is Just 9!
    She Shouldn't Be Wearing All That Make Up
    And Don't Get Me Started With The Clothes. . . .

  98. 98

    The only thing worse than that costume on a little girl is that perezhilton.com published this picture and called a nine-year old a future stripper. You are a foul human being Mario.

  99. 99

    she looks wierd.

  100. 100

    wow ugly from head to toe! nice teeth bitch you look like a fetus

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