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Andre Agassi Was A Meth User During Part Of Tennis Career, He Admits!

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Tennis great Andre Agassi admits in his upcoming autobiography, Open, that he used crystal meth during his career in 1997.

A Sports Illustrated employee broke the news early before the book's release on November 9th via his Twitter, but it has since been deleted:

"Book excerpt from Andre Agassi in the forthcoming SI: He admits to taking crystal meth during his career."

Agassi's rep confirmed the revelation.

We wonder if Brooke Shields knew about this? They were still married in 1997.

Shady, shady!

[Image via AP Images.]

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36 comments to “Andre Agassi Was A Meth User During Part Of Tennis Career, He Admits!”

  1. 1

    i always thought he was trash… now i no loger feel guilty about it

  2. 2

    My Perezcious will also reveal in his autobiography that he used crystal meth. Even to this day, the Perezcious occasionally scratches at imaginary bugs on his face.

  3. 3

    Booke Shields was married to him? I thought they were only dating. Why does this not surprise me?

  4. 4

    Brooke Shields was married to this guy? I thought they only dated. Why does this not surprise me?

  5. ap076 says – reply to this


    I like his honesty. Though obviously illegal, I wonder if it was on the Tennis Association's list of banned substances? I am just happy he was able to quit the habit rather early, if he only used in 1997. I have seen where this drug can take people to and it is not a pretty place (snorted, smoked, or shot) and thank g-d I never got hooked up with it.

  6. 6

    he should have kept this to himself. why do celebs think the world will be better off knowing every awful thing they've done. he should have thought of his children. I'm very disappointed in not only his doing the meth, but his self-centered reasons for sharing this with us.

  7. Moron says – reply to this


    Re: gobux001 – Agree. Some things should just remain secret.

  8. 8

    I love me some of Andre, he never looked like he was on it tho… he probably TRIED it before. But dayum I love him. Hope its not true Meth messes with your face.

  9. 9

    Then he should be stripped from all his titles and forced to return all the winnings. As well as erased from the record books. How can it be fair to expect to beat a player with 3 extra overdrive levels fueled by METH!

  10. 10

    why is this shady — people experiment — not the smartest choice, but who's perfect — by all accounts he's a good guy — made a mistake — moved on — not shady

  11. 11

    I wonder how many other athletes have used/are using recreational drugs during their careers? I mean, if Agassi and Phelps have both partaken of these mind altering substances, who is next? And why are we all so surprised when news like this leaks?

  12. 12

    I think I would need an illegal substance if I was married to Brooke Shields. Seriously though, 1997 was a low point in his career. He had a serious wrist injury and he probably wasn't sure if he would ever get to play again at that level. I'm not saying it's ok to look to meth or any other drug when you are down but the guy got clean. Cut him some slack. You think he was trash? In the words of Mcenroe…YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS!

  13. 13

    He's owned up to what he did. More power to him. He's definitely turned his life around towards the positive. He does amazing charity work. Why don't you ever recognize his good deeds, Perez? Would Angelina lose her Sainthood status if she admitted to something just as revealing?

  14. 14

    KNEW about it!? He probably GOT it from her! She is a former model, how else do you think all those models stay so sickly thin?

  15. obama says – reply to this


    i'm sure it's a major factor in the ending of their marriage. Duh

  16. 16

    Re: kjrash – dude, seriously "mind altering" okay METH yes. But in Phelps' case POT you must be out YOUR dayum mind because pot is not "mind altering"

  17. 17

    Ya know, hes dad was fuckin CRAZY!!! Dayum he is sooo HOOOOTTTT, god what I would do to that man is almost disgraceful.

  18. 18

    This is disgusting, he played under the influence of METH and accepted titles, trophies, world recognition and adoration. What a fake. He should be stripped of his titles and made to give the trophies back. Just like Marion Jones. Last I checked, most sports banned the use of street drugs.

  19. 19

    Re: Hilly1050 – He didn't win any top level tournaments in 1997 and he only played in 24 matches that year. Get the story before making ridiculous comments.

  20. 20

    That is if he indeed only used meth in 1997…

  21. 21

    It figures! He was always SO nasty!

  22. 22

    I think Brooke knew and has not been a saint either…

  23. 23

    Well that explains the mullet.

  24. 24

    Tisk Tisk Tisk

  25. 25

    She was doing it with him. None of these celebrities drug habits surprise me.

  26. 26

    Oh please - as if. He has a book to sell. What a joke people fall for this shit.

    What, he and his wife don't have enough money between themselves he has to stoop to this?

    And even if it were true - why do celebs (lately Whitney Houston, Mackenzie Phillips) feel the need to air their dirty laundry in public??? I don't want or need to know thanks!!

  27. ap076 says – reply to this


    Re: roosterhead – Well put.

  28. 28

    he did it. meth andre reallly lol. it wasn't the drugs though. good thing he can just go to sleep and wake up tomorrow

  29. 6one9 says – reply to this



  30. 30

    I only created a profile so that I could defend one of the greatest tennis players to have ever lived. In 1997, AA was not even at the top of his game. He was with BS, then divorced, then fell to (I believe) 147 in the world. He played the challenger circuit (meaning he played matches that anyone could play and no other major tennis player-or otherwise-has ever made their way through the challengers circuit) to improve his ranking so that he could qualify for the major events. He ended up being able to play the 1999 French Open, where he ended up in the final, two sets down, and came back to win the one title (French Open) that he was missing. At that time he became the only man to win the Australian, French, Wimbledon, and US Open, (because the surfaces were different-there were 5 other men who won those but at the time, a few surfaces were the same) and rose to #1 after winning the US Open that year. In 1997, he was not even playing tennis, and if he was using drugs, why can't we admit that is human and mistakes were made? He is one of the greatest players ever and that is not only because of what he accomplished but also because he has made a commitment to Las Vegas and the children that reside there and are educated there. He consistently raises money and awareness for children who cannot afford or receive a good education. He has founded charter schools. I think the idea that any of this can tarnish him is ridiculous and petty.

  31. 31

    thats probably why he was taking the meth…..

  32. 32

    Why did he half to divulge this kind of information if he only used it once and no one found out about it? He does so much go philanthropic work and is a role model why taint his wholesome image with this nonsense. This is a case of TMI and poor judgement. What does this stand to prove to the reader? You can still use meth and make it to the top of the sports world?

  33. 33

    Not shady, just life. Andre Agassi was spotted today getting connected to people who are needing mentors to support people as they get off meth. THANK YOU ANDRE!!

    I would have stopped to chat but you are simply too handsome in real life for me to have believed it was actually you. Now, sitting here, I realize it was you. Meth kills hope. A friend who has walked the walk is the only friend who can understand. Welcome to the healing part of life, dear heart.

    Anya Blah, blah, blah The Undead Zombie Mother of Blog-Doom

  34. 34

    well stated… the problem with most individuals responses that state AA needs his titles taken away are the same individuals that probably would not be able to explain how the drug works…first of all, as you stated, this was in 1997 when AA had only played 24 matches. Second, Meth can only do so much in terms of improving performance. Taking anabolic steroids will improve overall performance in a given period. Meth, however, only lasts hours. Finally, AA would have probably suffered a heart attack playing with Meth in his system in 90 degree heat. So for those of you who base your comments because he decided one night to snort something need to be educated yourself and to get real with yourselves. Go read a book & learn something. Better yet, go read his book and learn something.

  35. 35

    This is indeed the sort of thing you don't talk about in public.

    Just consider Perez' absolute propriety to that respect.

  36. 36

    guarantee you one thing, if he was a heavy user he wouldve never been as good as he was. He wouldve used prob recreationally , meaning less than once a week otherwise that shit wouldve popped up during that time on court. Fuck you haters, he's a true athlete and a humble one at that, americans should be embracing him