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63 comments to “WTF, Pete Wentz?!”

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    At least it was done by Dan Smith

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    no his worst mistake was marrying a female period. Have fun Ashley with your man going behind your back and taking it from behind from some dude. But you know what, any girl who will marry a dude that has messed with dudes in the past deserve it!

  5. Ditte says – reply to this


    I say genius. ;D xD

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    errr… am i the one who actually thinks this is kinda sweet?

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    It was a bet - if Cobra sold over one million copies of Good Girls Go Bad, he'd get a tattoo of Gabe's face.

    It's a bad tattoo, at that. Doesn't really resemble him.

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    I'd like to suck on Mr.Wentz's pete!! :) yummy

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    Illegal to tattoo somebody when they are obviously drunk, sounds like he was sober but doesn't want anybody to know he got a picture of his crush on his arm.

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    Hahahha what the fuck. that totally made my day! what an idiot lmao

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    LMFAO tiight! i would totally get gabe tattooed on me! cept that doesnt even look like him aha

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    What a fucking moron.

  14. k-lee says – reply to this


    hah. idiot.

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    Maybe they are F*cking…. That would make sense at least. Jus'Sayin'

  16. bchc says – reply to this


    Dan Smith is married to my friends sister. He's an excellent tattoo artist, though I'll admit the resemblance isn't that great.

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    too much money, so very few working brain cells.

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    hahaha!! It doesn't even resemble Gabe! Idiot.

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    i concur…….looks nothing like gabe at all. have always heard good things about dan smith too….if nothing else this will hurt DAN'S business

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    lol what an idiot. Dan Smith is a great artist but he works for that self indulgent shop rat bitch Kat Von D

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    Re: Spindoc

    Ha, man are you thick. Yes it is illegal to tattoo someone who is intoxicated or has been drinking more than 1 drink due to the fact that you bleed more when you consume alcohol. But haven't you seen Chris Brown? He was all tatted up at 17. That's illegal too. Just because there are such laws doesn't mean everyone follows them. DUH.

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    LOVE IT!

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    Re: Bambosh – LOL NOOO, ur not the only one :]

  27. kis95 says – reply to this


    Re: Spindoc – I think that it's his leg…albeit, a very skinny little leg!

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    not buying the gentlemans bet….seems a little gay to me

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    It could have been worse. Much worse. He could have gotten a tat of Papa Joe.

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    he got it because he lost a bet to gabe saporta. gabe got to pick the tattoo. he didn't just choose gabe's face.

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    why is his leg skinnier than that guys arm?

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    It could be worse. He could have lost a bet where the loser had to get Pumpkinhead Mario's ugly visage tattooed onto his leg. Where is his calf muscle by the way?

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    that guy is a moron. He likes guys and he is leaning into that dude. I bet thats his mangirl. Oh well, go do another line, you jackass, and let your music be forgotten.

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    Wentz is sooo gay! First he is in love with John Mayer and now this guy's face is on his leg. trash

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    its not that bad.
    their obviusly friends and getting somthing like that isnt that big of a deal.
    i would do the same for a friend of mine, :]

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    if any of u were smart ( besides the people who know what the truth is) u would know that pete lost a bet to gabe. the bet was that if "Good girls go bad" sold more than a million copies then pete would have to get a tattoo of gabes choise. And pete lost. and pete is a man of his word. and yes marrying assley WAS the WORST thing he ever did

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    he wasn't drunk. pete doesn't even drink!!! u guys stink. yeah, i'm upset he got another tattoo, but what can happen now? he made a bet and lost. it happens to everyone. perez, stop posting false things, even if it is for reading enjoyment. its not cool man, not cool.

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    What an idiot! He's seems gay to me..

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    u know if people dont know the story then y do people even leave comments?

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    hyuk hyuk that's like, uhhhhhhhm, so funny, he is such a stoopid dumb ass!

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    Oh well, it's not like it's permanent or anything.

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    it was a bet, perez.

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    I doubt he was drunk. Dan Smith knows better than to tattoo someone while they are intoxicated.

    Now Pete just being an idiot, that I can believe.

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    he's stupid.
    but i love gabe. you know he is laughing his ass off right now.

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    … I would get a tattoo of Gabe's dreamy face, sober. I'd be a "Hot Mess".

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    what a douche nozzle

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    Dan Smith! (the tattooist). I was at the show last night. Pete came out during Cobra's set and said some weird things..hahaha

  49. 49

    i don't mind getting gabe's handsome face permanently inked on me!

  50. 50

    Gabe Saporta is really cute…so at least he has a cute tattoo

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    stop drinking so much.

  52. 52

    I think it's called growing up, he needs to grow up.

  53. 53

    The pair of them are like little kids, Alice in Wonderland themed wedding - divs.

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    i feel like pete and gabe deff hook up all the time

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    He is gay, and I don't understand what he and she are doing together. I do see why he drinks, though.

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    i'm actually surprised you didn't know the real story.. pete wentz made a bet with gabe that if good girls go bad went platinum he would get a tattoo of anything gabe wanted..

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    Hey at least he stuck to the bet-Its people like him who make those games fun!!!

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    Pete's just holding up his end of the bargain. The picture looks like one when Gabe was younger.

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    I like FOB but that's just IDIOTIC.

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    whatever, gabe is fucking HOT. i want his likeness tattooed on the inside of my eyelids.

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    LMAO love it. P.S. That other dude is Dan from "L.A. Ink", fun fact.

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    wow i love gabe saporta but that's the stupidest tattoo ive ever seen..good for you pete wentz, add another great life choice to the list

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    As Cocoballs said it was a bet if Good Girls Go Bad sold over a million copies so stop your bitching he was just upholding his bet.