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Celebs Who Give Back!

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From human rights organizations like Amnesty International to rebuilding infrastructure at home and abroad, the following are celebrities that have donated the most $$$$ to charitable organizations in 2008.

Paul Newman gave a whopping $21 million to fund health initiatives, education, emergency campaigns and environmental protection before his death last September while Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt gave $13.4 million to build a health clinic in Ethiopia, development in New Orleans and the Armed Services YMCA.

Very generous!

Jesus-worshipping Mel Gibson gave $6.5 million to the Holy Family Church in Southern California, Oprah Winfrey gave $2.4 million to after-school programs across the U.S. and scholarships for students in Whitesboro, New Jersey (Steadman's hometown).

That's it, O?! Considering the money she's got stashed away, she could restore California's economy!!!

Rounding out the list is Barbra Streisand, who gave $1.7 million to fund The Barbra Streisand Women’s Cardiovascular Research and Education Program in El Lay, Leonardo DiCaprio for donating $1.5 million to community development and The Paris Review literary magazine and Nicolas Cage, who gave $1.1 million to Amnesty International.

Damn! We bet Nic wishes he was a little more stingy these day!

And to all those that donated, no matter how much you gave or held out on us - you're an inspiration!

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22 comments to “Celebs Who Give Back!”

  1. 1

    Their are a few more celeb's you could have mentioned Perez, instead of listing the celebs YOU love that give back.

  2. 2

    Of course they give it away..or else the goverment will take it….so is it all out of the kindness of their hearts or are they forced to?

  3. free says – reply to this


    If i were a celebrity and had to choose of A. giving my profits directly to the taxman or B. support a charity with it and get a tax deductability paper ànd a lot of positive press in return, I know what I'd opt for!

  4. 4

    Ever noticed how the smart and generous people in Hollywood are always the talented ones? Tweenies like Miley Cyrus doesn't care a bit about the world… maybe she doesn't even know that there's a war going on in the other side of the world.

  5. 5

    Re: Lunatic.me
    How could she know whatz going on? Daddy-O has her crammed so far up his butt, she can't see past his shit. I love people who give. If I have a dollar left and someone asks me to give, I'll end up broke every time.

  6. 6

    …hey Perez. Black Eyed Peas give also. A punch yes, but it is still giving.

  7. 7

    perez why don't you mention about how oprah built a school in africa?…..ofcourse she gives tons of money!

  8. 8

    Re: DaBitchIzIndakrazihouze
    Daddy-O has her crammed so far up his butt, she can't see past his shit-lmaoooooo

  9. 9

    Are you people dumb? It was just for 2008. And if you didn't read the last statement he put….
    "And to all those that donated, no matter how much you gave or held out on us - you're an inspiration!"
    He is also stating that are more out there who did. So stop your bitching and complaining just because one celebrity is not one here. Geeze.

  10. 10

  11. 11

    Actually, Michael Jackson was the most charitable pop star in the history of pop music, by 1988 had donated to over 40 organizations worldwide and created several of his own. Not to mention his posthumous estate donation. But, I wouldn't expect him to get the props he's due as usual.

  12. 12


  13. Ocean says – reply to this


    Mel Gibson donated over 50 million dollars to that church since 2007, he donated 20 million doallrs to hospital and building schools for indians in USA, and 30 millon dollars to build school and hospitals in latin America and a hopital that he is also financing in Indonesia, for children, and a hiopsital for chidrens in Los Angeles, and several environemental projects that he finace 100% to save the rain forest, and international projects to protect the environement.
    H eis never cited for those, thus he travel a lot to se them and folwo up and attend meetings, because unlike other celebs, he is very discreete about those charity events that he finance and create, and not just as a one time donation.
    He recently donated 21 milion dollars for a hospital and chidren center in Africa, as well as health care help for populations in the Fidji's islands group.

  14. 14

    Nice in theory, but when you make millions, you either give it to the IRS or to charity.

  15. 15

    Re: Lunatic.me – A lot of celebrities who are charitable don't publicize it. Somehow it takes away from the gesture of giving when celebs are benefitting from the giving. But then again, better to give than not at all.

  16. 16

    Re: CuddlyCarla – Exactly.

  17. 17

    i got a charitable contribution for the world. Pots and pots of green tea to antioxidize the world

  18. 18

    Yes, both Brad & his gal give generously to all the less fortunate. Some of you ugly people out there got to do the same otherwise its bad karma. Look at ugly Maniston who has not done shit and keep on talking shit and still mount to shit. Public shout outs in the air say Maniston is one of the worst actor out there. She ruins love stories. LOL

  19. 19

    Where's Madonna?

  20. 20

    I'm not trying to be mean or anything….but why is Nic Cage giving away money. Isn't he like, totally bankrupt these days. He married that child bride and next thing he knew…poof! money was gone.

    And while I'm at it…

    Brad + Angie = Overexposed, boring, old news. Yawn.

  21. 21

    The "BIG O" laughs herself all the way to the bank everyday looking down at us and making fun of us cuz we are all so stupid to believe her bull crap. She is as gay as Perez is and we all know it so why doesn't she just come out of her huge walk in closet. I can't stand that woman. This just shows how selfish she really is.

  22. 22

    Big fan of the Brangelinas. I can't wait to see Salt!!!