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A Very GaGa Halloween

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Perez turned it out as Lady GaGa for Halloween!!!!!!!

We had our outfit custom-made by the Haus of GaGa, but we swore them to secrecy. Our wifey didn't know we were going dressed as her until we emailed her a picture completely done up.

And she LOVED it!

And we loved being her!

We had soooooooooooo much fun. It was ridiculous!

Thank you to the Haus of GaGa for the outfit.
Thank you to The Kids, Sammy & Judy, for additional styling.
Thank you to Erick Orellana for hair.
And thank you to Carlene K for makeup.

But, most importantly, thank you to GaGa for being an inspiration and a dear friend.

We love you!!!!!

P.S. CLICK HERE to see some more fierce pics of Perez as Lady GaGa on Halloween!


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401 comments to “A Very GaGa Halloween”

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  1. 201

    O H. M Y. G O D.

  2. 202

    This Gaga can play as an offensive linemen.

  3. 203

    Well that'll disturb me for years to come O_o
    Oh well, still awesome ;D

  4. 204


  5. 205

    Looks prettier than her.

  6. 206

    Bet her dick is bigger than yours, Goo-Boy.

  7. 207

    oh my gosh!!! ha!! wow, she got some big guns!

  8. Lucas says – reply to this


    I think P looks betta as a woman. Ever think of making the change?

  9. 209

    lol… fierce, Pereuza!!!

  10. 210

    WOW!!!! AMAZING!!! costumes perfect and you look amazballs!

  11. 211

    way to insult lady gaga ….

  12. 212

    Perez dressed in drag… now that is scary on a whother nother level!!! But not as scary as the fact that you shaved your armpits, LOL!

  13. 213

    i like it! you look like her and i like the eye liner on you! nice legs btw!

  14. 214


  15. 215

    Wow, your life has been led up to this! Arms are looking good in that last pic!

  16. 216

    you are so fat

  17. 217

    LOVING it perez!!♥♥♥ Keep working it and ignore the haters! =)

  18. 218

    Nice try, Mario - but that's not half us ugly as the real Lady GaGa.

  19. 219


  20. 220

    ha i hate to say that pig boy looks good, but he looks more WAY feminine than GAG GAG!!!

  21. 221


  22. 222

    Wow Perez. I am speechless. I am laughing uncontrollably and completely speechless.

  23. 223

    seriously perez, you should have lost more weight before you dressed up as gag-gag. those tree trunk legs of yours are just nasty in fish nets. your legs probably rubbed together and had blisters by the end of the night. eeeeeeeewww. yuck. gross.

  24. 224

    LMAO! Love it!!!

  25. 225

    When I first saw this, I actually thought it WAS GaGa with a little bit of weight on her! So that must mean you did a really good job. I was a afraid to read the comments, I could only imagine, 'You look more like a man than her', 'You look more like a woman than her', blah, blah, blah. But it was a clever outfit & you obviously were able to work it & raise a few eyebrows at the same time which = SUCCESSFUL.

  26. 226

    is that a giant everything bagel above your head? Where the hell r u? Looks like a junkyard! Fugly flooring,fugly furniture, garbage everywhere, your as freaking messy as your fugly face! you look hidious,and to think i never thought it could get uglier than GAGAs mug,but you sure topped it in the FUG department

  27. 227

    Yo go Perez! you look so hott!

  28. 228

    i finally had to make an acct. just to hate on this guy, he's the grossest thing on earth!! He's truly the lowest form of life, and gettin pd for it, good for him. I wish he'd come around my way, lights out!! I dont disriminate, but this guy make me want to hate gays!!

  29. 229

    Fierce, love it!!

  30. 230

    OMG perez..fabulous!! Love it!!

  31. 231

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your costume! I wanted to make that exact costume but didn't have the $ to buy the stuff I needed=(

  32. 232


  33. 233

    great costume perez! xxxooo

  34. 234


  35. 235

    Work it!(:

  36. 236


  37. 237

    Lol cool, i dressd up like lady gaga too.. were awsome :)

  38. 238

    Nice muscles P! You are looking fab.

  39. 239

    wooooww, u look awesomee!!
    i also wanted to dress as gagaa :)

  40. 240

    this works.. you actually look good.

  41. 241


  42. 242

    Oh my fucking god. That was a surprise.

  43. 243

    you are actually prettier than gag-gag. however, that really isn't much of a compliment.

  44. 244

    Re: PerezHilton – Amen. I totally agree with you.

  45. 245

    ahahah omg this is amazing!!! you make a hot lady gaga!!!

  46. 246

    Strangely enough, these are some of the best pictures I've seen of you… That's kinda sad, but work it!

  47. 247


  48. 248

    wheres the bleach!! my eyes my eyes

  49. 249

    You look way less uglier as a woman, you should seriously consider doing it on a daily basis…as for the GaGa similarity, mmm…gaga is much slimmer and wears longer wigs, this looks more like her heavy set older cousin, nice try though!

  50. 250

    Saw this exact thing in blue in Dallas last night.

  51. 251

    Herman Munster in drag. You put the fug in fugly, tub of guts.

  52. 252


  53. 253

    OMFG!!! You look like a girl I work with. Yeah, I agree with everyone else. You look better as a woman.

  54. 254

    Re: LILVOICES – hopefully the end is soon!

  55. 255

    perez u wish you were lady gaga in real life dumb hoe

  56. 256

    You are gross!

  57. 257

    KISS ASS!..you look just as she does, HALF MAN! Fat thighs, an Adams Apple, and a downward spiraling career. YOU GO GIRL!

  58. 258

    What the hell is so scary about Lady GaGa? Halloween isn't carnival!

  59. 259

    you look ridiculous… and stop calling her your wifey.. you sound like a moron.

  60. 260

    Re: Buck-Wheat – you need to stop talking like a gangster.. da, dem, you sound so so very sad and pitiful

  61. 261

    wow you look great!

  62. 262

    Hahah I love it! I went as GaGa too:D

  63. 263

    omg i fuckin called it. ughhhh you look like hell. such a doushe

  64. 264

    i thought no one could be uglier than her, but somehow you made it possible!!!

  65. 265


  66. 266

    You rock Perez, this outfit is FIERCE! Nice job going all out with the make up and armpits too! Re: gossipygab – Funny you have a account with Perez if you hate him so much.

  67. 267

    Re: Buck-Wheat – What? Learn how to write and spell man.

  68. 268

    that's disgusting. I will never look at Lady Gaga the same again

  69. 269


  70. 270

    no… just no. seriously. no.

  71. 271

    you actually pulled it off

  72. epic says – reply to this


    mhm, honestly - i would never dress up as my "best" friend. not a good sign. though i admit you're not that ugly.. not beautiful, not scary, not funny.. somehow you look like a decent dressed drag queen - hard to explain what i think.. BUT - why don't you shave your whole arms the next time?

  73. 273

    My Perezcious's first choice was to replicate the "wifey's" Kermit the Frog outfit, but the Haus of Gaga advised the Perezcious that there were not enough disembodied frog heads in North America to fulfill his request.

  74. 274

    You look EXACTLY like her! The resemblance is absolutely uncanny!!!!!!!!!!

  75. 275

    ….the arm hair too… very masculine …. JUST LIKE GA GA!!

  76. 276

    great costume , work it!

  77. 277


  78. 278

    Wow, Perez, you`re looking sexy!!! Keep it up!

  79. 279

    WWOOWW that is hot (NOT)

  80. 280

    you can shave your pits and chest but not your forearms? i hate to break it to you, but you look more like ivana trump than lady gaga

  81. 281

    OMG Perez so funny! great idea!

  82. 282

    Loves it…. ♪You're stunnin in your love glue-gunnin!♪

  83. 283

    Oh good, for a moment there I thought gaga got really FAT suddenly

  84. 284

    Strangely enough you look better as girl!! Maybe you should be a drag queen it would be better than those yellow gloves and outfit you wore to the MTV awards…

  85. 285

    u looked F-A-B-U-LASH!!! LOVED IT AND yes, GAGA is an inspiration to us all and congrats to you and your weight loss as well!!! keep it up —girrrrlllll!!!

  86. 286

    My friend was a baby version of GaGa, so she was Lady GooGoo GaGa

  87. 287

    Ew ew and EW

  88. 288

    WOW! The ugliest fucking man in the world has now become the ugliest fucking drag queen in the world! Never become a woman!

  89. 289

    Haha Fantastic. You look great Perez! Love it x

  90. 290

    very awesome, you look fit !

  91. 291

    sorry, I was distracted by that very large "everything" bagel above your head. . . now i"m hungry

  92. 292

    Yeahh you would you, you fucking jack off to lady gaga get off her already!

  93. 293

    OMG!!!! That's soooo funn!!!! you look great Perez!!! hahahahah LMAO!!!
    P.S: i love the hair!!!!

  94. 294

    I was so lady gaga for halloween too.

  95. 6one9 says – reply to this


    I think I could have done it better Perezers!!!!!! Of course I am female and way closer to GAGA size.. But you LQQK good in drag!! :)

  96. 296

    Definitely prettier than the real Gaga.

  97. 297

    uhm don't go there you look desparate

  98. 298

    Wow..you have NO shame at all!!

  99. 299

    Perez you're working it!

  100. 300


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