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A Very GaGa Halloween

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Perez turned it out as Lady GaGa for Halloween!!!!!!!

We had our outfit custom-made by the Haus of GaGa, but we swore them to secrecy. Our wifey didn't know we were going dressed as her until we emailed her a picture completely done up.

And she LOVED it!

And we loved being her!

We had soooooooooooo much fun. It was ridiculous!

Thank you to the Haus of GaGa for the outfit.
Thank you to The Kids, Sammy & Judy, for additional styling.
Thank you to Erick Orellana for hair.
And thank you to Carlene K for makeup.

But, most importantly, thank you to GaGa for being an inspiration and a dear friend.

We love you!!!!!

P.S. CLICK HERE to see some more fierce pics of Perez as Lady GaGa on Halloween!


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401 comments to “A Very GaGa Halloween”

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  1. 301

    get aids , f a g !

  2. Aries says – reply to this


    Good job, well done!

  3. 303


  4. 304


  5. 305

    You sat on some cottage cheese.. oops! Those are just your thighs.

  6. 306

    Re: SheShe1206 – He should be given support? The only time he gives support to celebrities and others are when he thinks he can get something from it!

  7. 307

    thats the scariest thing i have seen ever. i seriously considered killing myself once i saw that picture.

  8. 308

    Bravo Perez!!

    You look amazing as Lady GaGa!!


  9. 309

    For the love of God Perrz, could you gay it up any harder. Looks like you had fun anyway

  10. 310

    I was Gaga too!

  11. 311

    Gross, you look fat in that. Sorry Perez, I love you but sometimes you have to really look in the mirror and say…"ok yeah not yet." Maybe next year babe. love u though.

  12. 312

    LOL Amazing !!!

  13. 313

    sexyy…love it!

  14. 314

    My god your hideous. And I sincerely mean that in every sense of the word.

  15. 315

    o honey this is cute but please dont do this again

  16. 316

    Jesus F'n Christ! It's bad enough that she pays you to post about her 3 times a day, but then you dress as her for Halloween? Dude - start shooting crack NOW you need it.

  17. 317

    I was lady gaga for halloween too!!! :)

  18. 318

    you look great doll.i hope you had a happy halloween

  19. 319

    Nice try Perez. Considering you had the dress custom made for you, you had a huge advantage. I could have rocked a Lady Gaga costume way better than that but I'm a woman, I already got the blond hair, and years of experience applying make-up but then again, you didn't do that yourself either. Whoever your make- up artist was they did a horrible job. I would have done a dramatic silver/black eyeshadow and maybe a lightning bolt on your face. That make-up was just really plain. Also, the wig should have been longer, and I would have added some gloves to cover up those manly hands. The way you did it just made you look like a really bad tranny.

  20. 320

    who knew they could make it in your size. haha.

  21. 321

    i love it!!!

  22. 322

    FUGLY!!! You just look like a sad fat transvestite. The make-up makes your face look even more ape-like than normal and you've obviously put weight back on. Sickening. Who knows why Gaga feels she needs a loser like you around but I did notice in a recent interview she was visibly pissed off when the interviewer mentioned that you keep saying you discovered her, which she politely refuted. She is class act and you are a gross act.

  23. 323

    no wonder the dress looks so professional , its from the haus of gaga …..

  24. 324

    Perez, this is a pretty good look for you.
    You needed to wax your arms, plus a bit more dramatic face make up.
    You look better as a female.

  25. 325

    I think I just threw up…

  26. 326

    girlfriend, you've got some sexy collarbone action!!!

  27. 327

    Proving once again that gay and pride are a complete oxymoron in your life.

  28. 328

    Work it, Perez!!! : )

  29. 329

    i loooooooves!!!!!!!!!! da' best!!!!

    p.s. this is specially 4 ya' cause we just A. FREAKIN'. D.O.R.E. ya'!!! =D*

  30. SSTAV says – reply to this


    !!!!!!! Go GaGa support!

  31. 331

    i can't believe how ridiculous you look perez honestly, the outfit and everything was good but you in it……WRONG, i know you are homo but can't find men costumes?????????

  32. adt says – reply to this


    My two least favorite things: Lady Gaga and you. And not very original, Perez. There were about eighteen Lady Gagas at a single party I went to. So go fuck yourself and die.

  33. 333

    o god. why am i not surprised.

  34. 334

    hahah!! I love it!!! :) I think you look great.

    to all the people who posted a rude comment, wtf is your problem? if you dont like perez get off his website!!! GET A LIFE.

  35. 335

    I love it!! I had the chance to meet Lady Gaga last weekend in Miami and took pics with her too but someone stole my camera!!! I am so devestated because she was super sweet.. :(

  36. 336

    Dude! If you want to pull off this look entirely - SHAVE YOUR ARMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. 337

    and you say britney needs a stylist?psh……you can't even dress like you're own gender!

  38. 338

    My Perezcious's original thought was to go out as Hungry Hungry Homo as a tribute to the favourite board game of his youth - Hungry Hungry Hippos. My Perezcious was consistently able to get more marbles than mummy or sis-sis.

  39. 339

    Brilliant! Seriously… you look amazing! Part time job perhaps… x

  40. 340

    What a "Fatty Pa-tatti" wannabe girl.

  41. 341

    Oh dear, you look great!!! I can tell you´ve been taking care of your body, you´re slimmer!! And I love it when people really dress for Halloween. You´re adorable!! Un abrazo, flaquito.

  42. 342

    U shud wear mini dresses mor often, your body iz lookin hott!! BTW i was GaGa too!!

  43. 343

    you look Amazing! fierce!

  44. 344

    absolutely love it.

  45. 345

    i'm not sure which is worse…

    the fact that you think you could EVVVVA be as cool as Lady G…

    or your OBVIOUS under arm flab that is slappin' and floppin' ALL OVA THE PLACE

    instead of attempting to trash Lady G's look - you simply should have
    gone as yourself…which is pretty damn scary in it's own right

    and um…those are some fug troll calves you have…

    cerdo puh-leeez

  46. 346

    there's a reason you don't fit into those tights

  47. 347

    That last picture is hot.

  48. 348

    lmao oh Perez, I love it! Work it! oh btw… notice how many orbs are in these pics… seriously, damn.

  49. 349

    Don't get me wrong, I don't hate Perez………I just hate this costume, Gaga is SO over rated.

  50. 350

    you kinda look like Pink :)

  51. 351

    lol love it

  52. 352

    i love it and you look thin-ier lovely !!!!! you should come to mexico for my prom! we're going to cancun !!!!

  53. 353

    I LOVE IT! lookin hott

  54. 354

    OMG! Lady GaGa dressed like Perez Hilton! :O

  55. 355

    Perez looks loads better than Gaga!!

  56. 356

    you look like lady gaga… if she were a fat gay heffer

  57. 357

    Wow…just wow. I don't know…it's not too bad actually. I think you pulled it off, as much as a man dressing as a woman can, that is!

  58. 358

    How cute… I love it!

  59. 359

    OMG…U look like PINK!!!

  60. 360

    with all the money you spend on food service and you still can't get the pounds off!

  61. 361

    lmfaoooooo hideous

  62. 362

    loves it!! you look fab…you need to CD more often :)

  63. 363


  64. 364

    work it!

  65. 365

    yeahhhhh we ALL saw that coming

  66. 366

    Ewww, you look so gross its not even funny! =O

  67. 367

    This is wrong on so many levels. No look of your own so you need to steal someone elses? Nauseating..

  68. 368


  69. 369

    Wow Perez! You're one fierece Tranny! Totally hot! I love it!

  70. 370

    Where was this picture taken—you have alot of orbs around you Perez!!!!!!!!

  71. 371

    FUCK, are you ugly. And gaining your weight back. :/ GREAT costume, though.

  72. 372

    Ahh Trop fort!!! On t'aime Perez !!!!

  73. 373

    Nice job Perez!! Well done :)

  74. 374

    Re: dabeachboi – welcome to the club

  75. 375

    AWWW Great minds think alike. I love LADY GAGA and also dressed like her. I worked it

  76. 376

    But… you look like her twin. You're both ugly as hell.
    But, her dick is bigger than yours.

  77. 377

    Ya look fab darling!

  78. 378

    Just when we all think you couldn't possibly do something to humiliate yourself any further….

  79. 379

    Work It Perez!!!
    Your lookin sexii fierce in that Lady Gaga costume!!!
    Lovin It Honey!!!

  80. 380

    Krazy it worked.

  81. 381

    Re: Buck-Wheat – hi dexter lol!!!

  82. 382

    you don't need to dress up, you already a lovely monster!

  83. 383

    I Love your daring side!
    LOVE IT :)

  84. 384

    i made an account just to insult this horrifying picture. stick to updating the public about the media-stay away from showing the world your pathetic attemps to be fashionable.

  85. 385

    if you go to the pic link an look at those pics you look so much like jenny mcarthy !!!! no joke. this is fabulous

  86. 386

    My Gaga costume was better! lol

  87. 387

    ha ha thats funny perez lol. but i luv lady gaga. u look awesome perez!!!!

  88. 388

    love you perez!

  89. npc25 says – reply to this



  90. 390

    haha. is it just me or does anyone see how many orbs appear to be in the room??

  91. 391

    look at them legs, workin it. workin it. right on!

  92. 392


  93. 393

    special considering EVERY gay guy was her for Halloween..

  94. 394


  95. 395

    you rocked you sexy bitch

  96. 396

    Hahaha, very nice! You look like you had fun, and how could you not?

  97. 397

    Re: npc25 – HAHAHAHAHA!! SO TRUE..

  98. 398

    one word fugly!!!

  99. 399

    That is fucking disgusting…

  100. 400

    hahahaha BRILLIANT

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