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Joss Stone Lays A Verbal Smackdown On Lily Allen!

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Joss Stone must be in some need to promote her latest shiteous album, because she's taken to insulting Lily Allen publicly.

According to Joss, Lily's making a big stink about people illegally downloading music because she's not a real singer. Seriously.

Says Stone:

"She needs to sell records because she's not a singer, and that's not an offence to her because I think that she knows that too. I think she's a performer and she's more of a personality than she is a singer. But I think when musicians are really making real music people come to the show and that's what we make our money from, from playing live.

I think it's probably harder for an artist like Lily and any other pop acts. It's really about the track and about their personality and their celebrity and that's how they make their money is selling those records.

So the downloads - she's not going to win that fight. None of us will win that fight. So let's just accept it and let's see it as something that can be beautiful and it might change music for the better. It might sort the weeds from the flowers."


No word yet for Lushy Lilly.

[Image via WENN.]

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66 comments to “Joss Stone Lays A Verbal Smackdown On Lily Allen!”

  1. 1


  2. 2

    since when should joss stone be taken seriously?

  3. 3

    Eww, Joss Stone should talk, she has the worst voice. I like Lily Allen's singing much better.

    We'll see if Chanel ever asks Joss to sing at one of their shows. Maybe in the parking lot

  4. 4


  5. 5

    They seriously need to settle this with a pillow fight,then kiss and make out-I mean up-make up

  6. 6

    Oh Joss if it comes down to a scrag fight, a cokehead will always beat a pothead (it's scientific fact). She will tear you a new hole to put your incense sticks (joss sticks lol)

  7. 7

    "Shiteous album" - I bet you haven't even listened to it, because it's actually pretty good.

  8. Maio says – reply to this


    I love Lily Allen shut up b…

  9. 9

    LOVES IT!!!
    LOVES IT!!!!
    LOVES IT!!!!!
    LOVES IT!!!!!!
    LOVES IT!!!!!!

  10. embo says – reply to this


    Fucks for tracks is right about downloading, don't really care about the lily shit:)

  11. 11

    I don't know who Joss Stone is…

  12. 12

    i think lily allen is great and i dig her, she is hot, but Joss Stone is just as hot so what i really mean is that wow my dick is hard as fuck, both girls i would lay down and die for

  13. 13

    i'm sorry but doesn't joss stone sleep with anybody who will say hello to her in a sad attempt to have a career?

  14. 14

    Joss Stone's new CD is amazing! Joss Stone has one of the best voices and she feels her music which makes me love listening to her

  15. 15

    What's your issue with Joss Stone? Jealous you can't be a thin girl, Perez, that gets to chance to do half the things she does?

  16. 16


    Joss stone cant sing, for starts.
    And she considers her self a real musician when she's trash-talking someone who actually sells Albums for a bit of publicity?


  17. 17

    that's not Grammy Awards Committee language

  18. 18

    Joss is right and I am a Lily fan. I also like her opinions on downloading. Go Joss!

  19. 19

    yeah but lily writes her own music and its real life stuff. that why we love her.

    joss stone is really pretty. who ever watches the drama series "the tudors" will no she was cast as anne of cleaves (the one that looks like a horse) she was a good actress. but she looked to pretty to play her.

  20. 20

    Good for Joss! About time these lip synching talentless bitches get called out!!!

  21. 21


  22. 22

    If someone was downloading my music for free, I'd be pretty pissed as well. Don't stop me doing it though :D

  23. 23

    Lily Allen has a nicer voice as well

  24. 24

    i sense some jealousy… lol

  25. 25

    Some people with albums are definitely NOT singers… see Heidi Montag or Paris Hilton. I agree with Joss.

  26. 26


  27. 27

    Joss makes some good points, but why do artists and performers have to publicly insult each other?
    Makes them seem petty and judgmental.
    I actually like both of them .. don't diss each other!

  28. 28

    What Joss says is 100% on the mark. Joss is a musician and Lily is a personality. There's nothing wrong with Lily's brand of celebrity but it's more about marketing entertainment than creating music. Oh and by the way Joss's album is far from shiteous it's just not Mario's brand of mindless, soul sucking and shallow synth pop.

  29. 29

    Perez you moron, shes absolutely right, how is she even dissing lily? Artists make most of their money from touring, I mean they get what, 11 cents per track nowadays?

  30. 30

    Who the fuck is Joss Stone?
    She doesn't have shit on Lily Allen so why is she talking?

  31. 31

    that's not a "smackdown" at all.. it's just a fact. allen is a personality, not a musician.. not that there's anything wrong with that. allen makes her dough from produced tracks, stone's career is about performing live. apples and oranges, and that's all she's saying.

  32. 32

    I'm not a huge Joss Stone fan, but whoever says she can't sing is clearly on crack. She's got one hell of a voice.

  33. 33

    Bitch deserves to get beat down. Beat down by a hermi-peen!!

  34. 34

    ok, joss stone isnt big on the talent side either. like someone else posted, they need to stip down to bra and panties , have a pillow fight and then a tickle fest, video tape it and sell it. thats the only way anyone would care about these 2.

  35. 35

    um joss stone sucks

  36. 36

    lily actually sounds really good live. AND she's a talented writer.

  37. 37


    I agree with Joss on this one…what she says is absolutely true. Real musicians don't have to worry about hot singles and album sales (though it is awesome to get those things). They can live well off touring.

  38. 38

    lily allen isn't a singer? more of a public figure? are you kidding me?! lily allens music is witty and intelligent and she sells a LOT more records than joss stone. she's been making music a lot longer than joss stone.

    just sounds like jealousy

  39. 39


  40. 40

    Joss Stone is just jealous. Lily Allen is AWESOME!

  41. 41

    I hate to admit it but Joss is right. I see were she is coming from. Lily is more of a studio type of artist it doesn't mean she isn't good or doesn't sell. I am a fan of both regardless but I do agree with Joss on this one.

  42. 42

    I still think it's effing hilarious that you call her Joss 'Fucks For Tracks" Stone. LOL.

  43. 43

    Seriously? Joss Stone(r) can suck it. Lily Allen is FAR more talented.

  44. 44

    joss stone has an AMAZING voice. anyone who says otherwise needs to get their hearing tested.

  45. ganza says – reply to this


    where's the insult? you mean you….the Brit Brit fan…..don't know the difference between a performer and a musician? Joss is right on and Lily probably knows it.

  46. 46

    why is that an ouch? perez, you're so stupid. lily allen doesn't even want to be a musician anyway, that's what joss is referring to.

  47. 47

    Joss is right about sorting the weeds from the flowers. There are too many performers out there who have zero talent using what little singing abilities they have for profit. Just listen to the radio, it's 99% bullshit. The 1% or true talent are being drowned out by money hungry pseudo stars.

  48. 48

    WTF is wrong with her? Just because Lily doesn't use THIIIIIIIIISH much volume when she sings, like joss do (and almost barf her stomach up), doen't mean she's not a singer.

  49. 49

    joss is right

  50. 50

    Joss Stone can shut up! who even remembers the last time she had a hit.

  51. 51

    Colour me free is amazing! You must be deaf not to hear how talented Joss Stone is. She talks too much but she's a great musician.

  52. 52

    Well said Joss - Lily has no talent and Joss may not be my cup of tea but she has huge talent. All Lily has is a big mouth and nothing to back it up with. She's a talentless waste of space.

  53. 53

    I'd rather listen to Lily than Joss anyday so who's the singer now? Idiot

  54. 54

    "She needs to sell records because she's not a singer, and that's not an offence to her because I think that she knows that too."

    HILARIOUS and oh so true!!! Eat 'em up, Joss! Now SHE has talent. Lily is driven by the big media hype machine and not much else!

  55. 55

    Re: Canukian – I agree on everything you said. She is correct, and she makes a good point. She's a very good singer too.

  56. 56

    you're a jive perez!

  57. 57

    Seems to me Joss is the one reverting to different tactics to sell records and get attention. Lily has been much more successful than Joss.

  58. 58

    first off i have to say i love them both but i dont know why perez is jumping to lilys defence because shes always saying far worse than that about other people . . . including him lol
    secondly all the people saying Joss cant sing need to shut the fuck up because she has one of the best voices EVA!
    thirdly if perez bothered to listen to Joss's album he'd realise its totally AMAZING!!!!!! (buy it peeps) COLOUR ME FREE! is joss's best album yet.
    and while i love lily its true that she needs to shut up about file sharing coz im sure when she was young and broke she did it . . .

  59. 59

    You know, she's kind of right…

  60. 60

    Joss Stone sucks!

  61. 61

    whatever, did anyone even realise has-been joss had a new album? she is hated in britain and has been for ages. her last album two years ago scraped half a million copies (pretty much all in the us) and lilys just came out a few moths ago and has got a million. jealousy.

  62. 62

    WOOOOAH NOW HORSEY! Seriously Perez how effing fickle do you want to be? You have been Sh'ttng all over lily the past couple of months and now youre rushing to her defence? I really dont think she wants you in her corner mate…. and as for Joss Stone? She is totally spot on, her voice is absolutely insane - Lily IS more of a personality and she knows that! she plays on it. Joss Stone has one of the greatest voices of our time. FACT. There is no denying the power that girls lungs are packing.

  63. 63

    When Joss Stone is a bona fide superstar then she can talk. Right now she is minutes away from obscurity in the music industry and getting dropped by her label.

  64. 64

    who even buys joss stones albums much less download them? never heard her music…wait, didnt she do a stupid version of a white stripes song? thats it? yeah…who the fuck care

  65. 65

    And this is coming from the chick who slept with a guy just to get a music career

  66. 66

    lily allen is very good what is joss stones problem