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The Gute Is Desperate For A Hit

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Is this really necessary?

Tom Selleck, Ted Danson and Steve Guttenberg are reuniting for another Three Men and a Baby sequel. Because the original sequel Three Men and a Little Lady went so well!

And guess what it's called? Three Men and a Bride!

Steve Guttenberg, who has practically faded into obscurity, broke the exciting news saying "Disney's developing Three Men and a Bride. That's going to be a smash. A smash hit. They're bringing everybody back for that. Nobody knows about it. I'm the first to talk about it."

You're probably the first to talk about it because you're the only one who's career needs reviving.

Why don't they just save themselves money and put it straight to DVD?

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54 comments to “The Gute Is Desperate For A Hit”

  1. 1

    has the world run out of creative ideas? i used to love these movies as a kid, but come on. these sort of remakes never work out. sorry gute and co.

  2. 2

    I love these movies when I was kid but now…don't really think it's work. However, Guttenburg was in an episode of Law & Order C.I a couple years and the man is effin' buff and beautiful! Might have to see it in hopes for an ab shot!!

  3. 3

    IDK - I'd actually probably go see it. The first movies were good.

  4. 4

    So pathetic!

  5. 5

    Loved the first movies and all three guys. I'd hoped back then there would be a sequel showing Mary all grown up so personally I'm looking forward to seeing it. Perez, you can be a real bah! humbug! kinda guy sometimes.

  6. 6

    I loved three men and a little lady - still would watch it if its on tv - maybe that makes me a geek but ah well I'm 30 now and will def go see 3 men and a bride.. will they get them same girl to play mary? she was great when she was 5.. must imdb her :)

    Its a bit of a cult movie i think - I trained a top drama school and we were always messing about in the pubs doing bits from it.. 'what a crock!'

    Ok officially a loser now :-P

  7. 7

    Haha Id like to see that…I miss 80's movies.

  8. 8

    So negative Perez…give it a chance first

  9. 9

    I'll see it.

  10. 10

    perez i love you. but you seriously have bad tatse in movies if you dont get a kick out of three men and a baby and the sequel! it was an awesome funny enjoyable movie. cant wait to see the three men and a bride.. oh grown up mary !!

  11. 11

    I am going to the movies to watch it. Then 3 years later I am going back to the movies to watch "Three Men and a grand baby". What a great franchise. They should should continue to milk this franchise and make a movie ride at Disney World where you pretend you are a bread crumb on Tom Selleck's mustache and you get to see first hand how to pull the ladies from the '80s .

  12. 12

    I think he's just joking!

  13. 13

    The 3 Men movies were my favorite movies ever. I would totally see this. I loved all 3 guys especially Tom…way hot! I was gonna marry that man when I grew up! And Steve is adorable. Why you gotta be so damn mean Perez?

  14. 14

    I used to love these movies so much when I was younger, Hope it turns out to be good!!

  15. 15

    YAY! i'm so excited for it! i still have both baby and little lady on VHS here at my house. Of course I can watch them since i throwed out my VCR years ago, but still! i can't wait!!!

  16. 16

    Havn't heard from Steve Gttenberg since he was seen jogging naked in Central Park…really…..well, bottomless anyway, with his bare ass exposed and doowhakus swinging freely……it's true…google it and you'll see, it's all over the place, the story I mean, not his doowhakus….t

  17. obama says – reply to this


    oh no. That's really bad. He needs to take his meds and calm down. So desperate and hungry sounding. Im embarrassed for him.

  18. 18

    Ted Danson is hilarious on Bored to Death
    But Steve Guttenberg? He never could act ..

  19. 19

    Love the Gute! Great guy!

  20. 20

    It almost sounds like he is being sarcastic, but you know, if it's true, i'd so watch it. I think fans of the first two movies were hoping something like this would happen. If it's done really well (I know, I know, what are the odds) it could work.

  21. 21

    I'd rather watch these 3 old guys in a cute movie than most of the crap that's out there now. At least those guys are real actors.

  22. 22

    Why can't we get a Short Circuit 3? But seriously, I'm in, as long as the mystery ghost shows up in a window shot.

  23. 23

    three men and a little lady was one of my fave movies when i was a kid. i would actually love to see this.

  24. 24

    luv the idea

  25. 25

    I think its going to be a porna actually. 3 grandpa's and a ho.

  26. 26

    I love this cheesy shit !!!!
    Can't wait……lol

  27. PAH says – reply to this


    Shut-up Perez! I love both of the movies, they were cute family and kid friendly. Three Men mustered only one sequel, 1990’s Three Men and a Little Lady. Although it made almost $100 million dollars less than the first movie, its $71 million gross actually wasn’t bad. $71 million in 1990 for that kind of flick really was pretty decent. Perez, stop picking on things like this and stick to your no talent ass Simpson sisters, Lohan, and whatever D-list star you gripe about!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. 28

    yayaya!!! im excited to see it..!

  29. 29

    Wahoo!! I love those movies.. I'm so there!!

  30. 30

    I know it's lame, but that would be beyond awesome. I loved the first two movies growing up and it would be so cute to see them all back again!

  31. 31

    Loved this movie when I was younger, I'd see it, but hope they don't ruin the classic.

  32. 32

    As a kid from the 80's, I would totally watch it. Although it kinda seems like it'd be rip from the movie Father of the Bride with Steve Martin, which is a remake of the movie Father of the Bride with Spencer Tracy. Back to what I was saying, It seems like it would be along the story line of Father of the Bride with Steve Martin except this one would be 3 old men dealing with the marriage of their quasi-daughter, dealing with getting old and dealing with money woes of the wedding. Hmmm, thinking about now, I'll watch it when it's available on DVD to rent.

  33. 33

    I love this movie.

  34. 34

    omg the baby in this movie were twins and they lived across the street from me when we were kids! they were my best friends, thats so trippy to see!

  35. 35

    Is Leonard Nimoy going to direct again? He directed the first two.

  36. 36

    Are you kidding? Three Men and a Baby is still one of my favorite movies, Peter (Tom Selleck) as the architect always reminds me of my dad and it was released when I was about the same age as baby Mary. To have her grown up with her dads marrying her off? I'd love it for the nostalgia.

  37. 37

    I would so see that. Am I the only one that thought 3 Men and a Little Lady was cute?

  38. 38

    I am not gonna lie, I am super excited!! I loved both of the past ones and I always thought there should be a third.

  39. 39

    Tom Selleck, DON'T DO IT! You could still re-appear in other better projects.

  40. 40

    ick :(

  41. 41

    Perez only likes it when Lady Gag Gag plays the bride.

  42. 42

    i totally loved both three men and a baby and three men and a little lady. i'm not sure how i actually feel about this, but i will go see it for the mere fact that tom selleck is one of the most handsome men alive.

  43. pj88 says – reply to this


    I look forward to this.. I miss all those 80's "feel good movies".. everything is so dark and serious now. I know its a different world, but its nice to escape into a dark movie theatre for a few hours and watch something happy for a change!

  44. 44

    Tom Selleck is SO hot

  45. 45

    Love Love Love those movies! Will def be watching!

  46. 46

    Re: Rissa Ray Bay Bay – BTW-it's not a remake!

  47. 47

    Will LEONARD NIMOY be directing this one? Spock directed the first two movies.

  48. 48

    I will go see it. I loved the first two! Even with the scary ghost lol!

  49. 49

    would love this!

  50. 50

    Well, hey while they're revisiting 80's films, maybe we can drop by and see whatever happened to Ferris Bueller! now THERE'S a movie I always wished there had been a sequel to :P

  51. 51

    Maybe they could get Zac Efron to play Ferris's smart-ass kid.

  52. 52

    Yay I'm excited. It'll be Mary getting married I assume.

  53. 53

    I highly doubt I'll see this new one if it's made, but the sequel, Three Men and a Little Lady was sooo cute! I loved that movie when I saw it years ago. I still like it actually. Didn't see much of the 1st one.

  54. 54

    Most awesome movies ever. Favorite of the 3 men was Peter. I totally would have had Tom Selleck's baby. Still would…so hot.