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Gabrielle Union's Rape Confession!

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In the aftermath of the unfathomable gang rape in Richmond, Gabrielle Union became outraged and disgusted by the lack of seriousness dedicated to the issue. As a result, she offered her own experience on the subject.

She said:

So as I'm on the way to shoot Chelsea Lately…I'm sad more than anything. After googling the gang rape story in Richmond and reading comments on blogs, it just leaves me sickened and really sad. The fact that race and socio-economics have been used to explain away a brutal gang rape…just sad…maybe I just have seen every kind of rapist and survivor….every race, color, religion, socio-economic status group…it's all the same…a lack of regard for violence against women. Tolerated, and in this case encouraged by the mob surrounding the perps…laughing, joking and taking pics.

When I was 19 years old, I was raped. I was working at a shoe store in California, and the store was robbed. The person robbing the store ended up putting a gun to my head and raping me. As he was raping me, I felt as though I was floating over myself, thinking, 'This isn't happening.' I blanked out and had an out-of-body experience, like I was hovering above seeing this ­horrible thing happen to someone else…not me. I was fortunate enough to go the UCLA rape crisis center after this horrific ordeal. It gave me my life back. My dignity and self-esteem were gone and they helped me find them again. That’s why I now lobby for state legislatures across the country and the federal government to help raise funds and awareness for rape crisis centers, and I speak to all different kinds of people across the country about what happened to me. My goal is to never hear the words ‘me too’ from someone after I say ‘I was raped.’



[Image via WENN.]

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71 comments to “Gabrielle Union's Rape Confession!”

  1. BOKO says – reply to this


    Brave, wonderful woman.

  2. 2

    This isn't news. I remember a while ago she appeared on Oprah and told her story.

  3. 3

    Wow, that's crazy. You never know what people's back story is!

    I'm glad she's speaking out. Her success is a great example of how you can move on from something so horrible, and not let it break you completely!

  4. 4

    I Love Gabby for her strength and showing that you can move on after such a terrible event.

  5. 5

    It's about time someone commented on this.

  6. 6

    Damn…that sucks…

  7. 7

    God bless her…. :-(

  8. ap076 says – reply to this


    This just after I heard a story (in MA) about how in hospital ERs the state is going to back off of it's portion of financial backing towards these programs and the extra training the RNs require.

  9. 9

    " I blanked out and had an out-of-body experience, like I was hovering above seeing this horrible thing happen to someone else."

    That clearly indicates that she developed an alter-ego due to her rape trauma. I wonder how many alter-egos she has, and which ones are controlled by a switch for CIA/GOVERNMENT reasons?

  10. 10

    This is old news. She told this story on Oprah a couple years ago. Way to be ahead of the curve.

  11. 11

    Violence against women is universal.
    I believe it is why the Middle East hates western countries so much. The freedom women have infuriates them!
    But, look at what is happening right here in the US.
    This rape is the tip of the iceberg. Look at the mass murderer in Ohio is it? Convicted rapist, let out and now on the top ten serial killers list. Unfucking believable! And, it is written off, again, for the neighborhood. No one noticed. Police were indifferent.
    Stronger laws and legislation must be enacted!
    Women need to stand up for ourselves!

  12. 12

    Not a confession. She has spoken about this before. Anyway, God bless her and continue your mission Gabrielle.

  13. 13

    noone cares Gabrielle

  14. 14

    That was very brave and inspirational of her.

  15. 15

    What a strong woman. I am also a victim of rape and what makes so many women quite about it if it does happen is the fact that so many women out there lie about it either because they cheated and want to play the victim or they want to get some man in trouble or even for attention. It makes it really hard for people like myself who actually went through it to prove it to people. It's a very emotionally traumatizing situation.

  16. 16

    Whoopi Goldberg doesn't think it was rape-rape.

  17. 17

    Poor woman, good for her!

  18. 18

    She has her self esteem back so now she can STEAL ANOTHER WOMAN'S HUSBAND!!!!!! Dwayne Wade is a scum bag anyway, I hope he does the same thing to her. ♥

  19. 19

    Re: SWEETPIECE! – make things simple, violate anyone, get you balls cut off. wanta see violence drop?

  20. 20

    Re: palerider84 – Not even close to being funny dude

  21. 21

    Re: JigSaw – There is a part of me that agrees with that sentiment! Castration for rapists and child molesters! I struggle with the violence I feel when I learn of these stories.

  22. 22

    She is very brave for handling it the way she did and helping other women. Violence towards anyone is unacceptable and I am glad to see someone famous standing up to it.

  23. 23

    Re: slut muffin – Slut muffin, while acknowledging you as a victim of a horrible crime, I just want to point out that the pervasive insistence that false reports are common, although they are less common (1.6%) than false reports of auto theft (2.6%), is not helpful to women just like yourself who fear not being believed. Far from having a problem with an epidemic of false rape reports, 61% of all rapes remain unreported, which is hugely bigger issue.

  24. 24

    one of the few people in hollywood who seems to have a brain, any rape victim who can come back from it to be a well rounded person has my respect

  25. 25

    Re: kaykay85 – WTF that litrally had nothing to do with the article you just wanted to be a fuckin jackass huh

    ive heard about her being rape before but never in detail like this i really like gabby she is speaking of for something that other people continue to ignore it still makes no sense to me that people could go away longer for drugs or crimes that dont envolve violence then the scums that decided to rape women or anyone

  26. 26

    Re: MindControl – Hopefully someone in the gov't can finish you off and let there be one less retard in the world

  27. 27

    Confession?? Gabrielle has been an outspoken advocate for rape victims for years and has always made it clear that she herself is a victim of rape. I guess unless the person is Lady Gaga, you don't take the time to do research about them…

  28. @v@ says – reply to this


    Only self-entitled, socially inept little shits with zero self esteem would take it by force. Rape is about power; for those who don't really have any.

  29. 29

    Good for her! She's absolutely right. Horrible, horrible thing that no one should have to go through.

  30. 30


  31. 31

    She's so brave. Love her.

  32. 32

    She really is right! They're HEATHENS no matter what color rapists are! Young old, black or white! They all need to be castrated! Mario maybe you should back THAT bill!? I honestly had NO IDEA what color they all were! I still don't but no matter what castration is in ORDER! They should have to live with scars for the rest of their life the way the women will!!!!

  33. 33

    She is so beautiful. I wish you the best doll.

  34. 34

    Re: JigSaw – Absolutely! I'll bet the numbers would drop drastically!!!!!

  35. 35

    Hookah PLEASE!

  36. 36

    I admire her strength. Every time I hear or read about some kind of brutal attack against a woman, it breaks my heart. And to turn it into a political agenda by applying racial or economical undertones is totally unfair. Not just from a societal standpoint, but from a WOMAN'S perspective. Brutality against women needs to be addressed as an issue that is separate from race, politics, and demographics. It is a hate crime and should be treated as such.

  37. 37

    Re: slut muffin – Sorry Slut Muffin, re-reading my post I feel that I didn't make it clear enough that I in no way intend to invalidate your expression of your fear that you wouldn't be believed because you worry that some women do falsly report being raped. That is a completely valid concern, rather I was merely hoping to point out for the benefit of future victims, that false reports of rape are thankfully a very very rare occurance and in no way as prolific as believed in our society and that a victim should always be given the benefit of the doubt when reporting a crime so that people like yourself do not have this added worry at an already increadibly upsetting time.

  38. 38

    I like Jigsaw's idea. Bye bye balls!
    I think she's right on the money.

  39. 39

    I respect her for coming out with that and honestly shes right.

  40. 40

    There are some EVIL people in this world. It's seriously disgusting that people can laugh at something like that. It's infuriating!

  41. 41

    This is not a new revelation…she told this story years ago, like when Friends was still on the air. But bravo to her for speaking about this atrocious attack and the seeming indifference to it.

  42. 42

    I just read this story, and i felt i needed to say something. They thought this was inevitable? They knew all the problems with this courtyard. The lighting, the fencing, no cameras, the gangs. They knew the problems in this one area and decided to ignore them. They knew something bad was going to happen but they did nothing about it. It took the gang rape of this poor little girl to make them finally decide that they needed to do something. I think the administration should be held accountable as well.

  43. 43

    She shows that women who have been sexually assaulted can overcome the terrible thing that was done to them and live productive, successful lives. For the first year after I was sexually assaulted by my ex boyfriend I suffered horrific panic attacks that would come and go for about five hours a day. I would wake up with scratches on my arms and face because I was fighting off my attacker in my sleep. I no longer suffer the panic attacks and I don't live in fear of being assaulted again, but I do still sleep on the couch. It changes your life forever. You never forget and never entirely "get over it" but you can get on with your life in spite of it.

  44. 44

    Being raped changes you, if you tell people you were raped (like a fiance or someone) they tend to treat you like a victim. If you don't tell they and occaisonally get a little weirded out by sex then, your lover thinks your a freak, and not in a good way.
    It feels like it's not ok to talk about it. Go Gab!

  45. 45

    I luv Gabrielle… sum of u are real idiots…. alsoo if u dnt like Perez WTF ARE U DOING ON HIS SITE?? Your the ones that have no fucking life… if i dnt like a site im not goin to visit it much less comment on it….. fucking stupid shits… who gives a damn how old the confession is

  46. 46

    Wait! I live near the Richmond and I've been hearing about this all over the news lately, but she got some of the facts wrong. First of all, the only person who has said anything about race during this whole investigation, is the aunt of the one African American boy that is being charged. The rest of the boys were Hispanic, but none of them are playing the race card. It's not about race, but rather who was present, who participated and all the assholes that stood around taking pictures. All races were involved. This has nothing to do with race. Rape has nothing to do with race. I've been raped too and it was a white guy. Rape is rape, so just leave the race card at home. Just sayin…

  47. 47

    bless her for her strength. the more you tell your story, the less power it has over you. those boys should all be prosecuted as adults, and have their lives taken away, as surely as they've stolen that girl's from her.

  48. 48


    Rape should be considered a hate crime.

  49. 49

    the worst part is, that is usually someone you know. in between 70 and 80 % of all rape cases, the victim knew the rapist. Either a partner, relative, friend or an acquaintance - that's the facts. I was in a relationship, and I too got raped - throughout the entire relationship which lasted for almost three years. It's important that people understand that this happens very, very often, and that rape is not just something that wild men on the streets does. It can be whomever, and often a person you trust. I'm not telling you to be paranoid, but to have your eyes open. Read signals. Don't be a pleaser, if you ever feel danger, get the fuck out.

  50. 50

    wow. gabrielle union is a truly brave, amazing woman . . . i am so impressed i have no words.

  51. 51

    Very articulate and impressive statement. Let's end this violence against women!

  52. 52

    I know when criticised you argue that Perez is just a persona and that's fair enough. But that doesn't excuse the words you use to describe women when it's clear you do not judge males by the same standards. For example - you call Sienna Miller "sluttiena" because she is in your view promiscuous. On the other hand you report of someone like Russell Brand in a much more positive light. Yes, you do acknowledge he is promiscuous too - but you don't vilify him for it and that's the difference. This is just one example of what appears to be you being much quicker to judge a woman - especially the young women you feature on your website - for their behaviour than you are a man's.
    Also, you criticise Chris Brown for his actions, and rightly so, but you don't seem to understand the language you use in some of your posts facilitates on some level the culture of abuse towards women that exists in today's society in the first place.

    How can you expect to be taken seriously campaigning for equality when you don't even support the true meaning of the word when it doesn't apply to you or the group you belong to?

  53. 53

    I had the pleasure of working with Gabrielle a number of years ago. She was very professional and an absolutely kind person, someone really void of any Hollywood pretense. I'm so proud of her for taking a stand and standing up against something as awful as rape. I hope more women are willing to come forward and take a stand.

  54. 54

    I love you, Perez, I do, but the headline, "Rape Confession!" is absurd. Do people "confess" to being robbed, assaulted, embezzled from? No. Confession is defined as "an admission of misdeeds or faults". Rape victims are not at fault, have committed no misdeed. The only confession regarding rape comes from the perpetrator, not the victim.

  55. 55

    I am also a victim of rape and what makes so many women quite about it if it does happen is the fact that so many women out there lie about it either because they cheated and want to play the victim or they want to get some man in trouble or even for attention. It makes it really hard for people like myself who actually went through it to prove it to people. It's a very emotionally traumatizing situation.
    Re: slut muffin


  56. 56

    [It changes your life forever. You never forget and never entirely "get over it" but you can get on with your life in spite of it.
    Re: cheesemeister

    Agreed. There is no going back but somehow we have to find the ways and will to go forward don't we?

  57. 57

    aMEN Gabrielle..well said and very true.

  58. 58

    this is an old story

  59. 59

    I would hate to say it…..'me too', as a social worker and psych student i was raped by an ex boyfriend about 10 yrs ago and only just told people about it a year ago….this is something that will never stop, a man or woman will feel they have the power to violate somebody and will continue through with their actions to do so and those that are violated will hide it away with the shame and guilt and dirt that comes from them touching you, as a social worker that has worked with a lot of youth rape is just another part of my vocabulary….as long as those men sit in their chairs and judge those that have been raped as whores, liars and sluts beging and asking for it then it will continue to be tolerated and even accpeted in today's and the futures society

  60. 60

    i live not that far away from where this incident took place…the sad thing is this 15 year old girl will never ever be the same…it was reported that she had left the school dance and was going to call her dad to come pick her up…a fellow student that she recognized lured her to the back of the school to drink with a group of boys …she should not have gone to drink with a bunch of males but no matter the bad decision she made she did not deserve this to happen to her…no one ever does…for 2 hours she was beat and raped with a group of up to 25 people that either partook, cheered them on and took pictures!! how sad that today's young males have absolutely no empathy, sympathy or compassion for anything….this is the post 9/11 life we live in…how sad

  61. SSTAV says – reply to this


    Re: palerider84 – A, Learn to spell. B, Have you ever been raped? Exactly. You don't even understand how it feels. It's like taking a knife and cutting off your balls. IMAGINE THAT. She's commenting on how people who are careless find this sort of matter hilarious. They have no souls. So yes, take a minute, and care.

  62. SSTAV says – reply to this


    Beautiful woman, indeed.

  63. 63

    She`s amazing!!

  64. 64

    Wow, that gave me chills

  65. 65

    Re: palerider84 – Wow, aren't you just a pathetic piece of shit

  66. 66

    For those of you that made comments that "she has told her story before" I think you are missing the point. The story has to continue to be told until this HEINOUS crime against women AND men is stopped. Many victims don't come out and tell their stories for fear of ridicule, blame, additional attacks, etc and for every person that feels like someone they identify with has their back we can continue to form a united front. It is SAD that Gabrielle had to relive/tell her story AGAIN because a brutal and grotesque attack has happened to another innocent woman (while people stood by and watched no less)…. Please be more compassionate to what survivors go through to be ABLE to come forward and tell their stories. You have no idea how much it helps people…. and hopefully one day it will help put a stop to it! XOXO

  67. 67

    Wow, that's crazy. She's certainly become a strong, powerful woman from it though! Good for her!

  68. 68

    This story has been told 1,000 times already. Just go back to work and get in a movie for a change. Stop using this hideous experience as way to gain attention to your stalling career. This is really in poor taste and I'm sure you will have Hollywood who didn't know lined up asking you to star in their films.

  69. 69

    old news. I mean, good for her for speaking out against people's indifference to violence against women, but she's been incredibly open about her rape for years now.

  70. 70

    you try to make it like you broke this info…i already saw her speaking about this in an interview a LONG time ago…i think it was with oprah but i'm not 100% sure. but yes she is an incredibly brave and strong woman.

  71. Laura says – reply to this


    but remember! it doesn't mean a woman is weak if she CAN'T come back from it.