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Despicable Marylin Manson Promotes Domestic Abuse!

| Filed under: Icky Icky PooMarilyn Manson

He probably did this hoping to get some controversy and press for his hasbeen musical career, but that doesn't justify his actions!

"Shock" rocker Marilyn Manson remind the world why he's no longer relevant in his new music video, in which he violently beats and murders a girl that looks just like his ex-girlfriend, Evan Rachel Wood.

Not shocking - just disgusting!

Check out the vid (above).

It's a shame he sabotaged himself with this video. This is actually the first Manson song we haven't hated in a real long time!

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272 comments to “Despicable Marylin Manson Promotes Domestic Abuse!”

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  1. 101

    what a looser

  2. 102


  3. 103

    ok you can say it's only a video etc but what happened to people's sensitivity!? this is just so graphic… sad.

  4. 104

    He sure got your attention and blog spact though, didn't he Perez? You're such an assh0le.

  5. 105

    That's pretty fucking awful, but at least it'll get people talking about domestic abuse.

  6. 106

    spact=space …. Sorry about the typo. Barbara would have let it slide, but she only has a 6th grade education.

  7. 107

    You talking about this just gave him tons of publicity, moron.

  8. 108

    someone odviously never got enough attention as a kid-time to grow up you fucking freak

  9. 109

    Re: LexiSmexi – well put

  10. 110

    I like it. I'm a long time Manson fan. I'm your average middle aged white woman.

    I agree there's a double standard with this post in regards to Lady Gaga, who by the way, I absolutely loved on the VMAs. Thankfully there are still "artists" around who are pushing the boundaries of Vanilla America.

  11. 111

    P.S. thanks for posting this. I've seen pictures from the video shoot he's put online, but I had yet to see the video. I've been waiting for it.

  12. 112

    Re: Ms. Jackson2885 – I was being sarcastic, but maybe I went too far in trying to show my point. I just get so tired of people justifying anything because it's "Art." I am an artist and the reality is art is not a free for all.

  13. 113

    Re: leyla1 – HA HA! Really? NOWHERE ELSE? Been to Norway lately? In fact, been OUT of the country lately?

  14. 114

    what a fuckup.

  15. 115

    Agreed - It's disgusting. Some might argue that it is art. It's just disgusting. He thrives on his shock value. He is messed up.

  16. 116

    FFS Perez. If that had of been Lada GaGa doing that you would have been praising it for being artistic and eye opening to domestic abuse.

    Where the fuck does he promote it and say its a good thing. If anything it shows how bad it is!!!!

    Stop targetting celebrities and making some out to be assholes when you have a personal bias against them.

  17. 117

    Their is something just plain demonic about that man. I feel like I am staring into the face of Satan when I see him. Frightening.

  18. 118

    This is some sick shit…..

  19. 119

    OMG after seeing Marilyn Manson beat up a girl, I sooooooooo totally wanna go do that to my girlfriend now. (If you don't get sarcasm, don't come cryin to me)

  20. 120

    When is this stupid ass going to grow the hell up? We're supposed to think he's just SO deep with his moody lyrics and dramatic make up. You look like a MORON! Grow up clown!!

  21. 121

    Re: Cashmere JayRe: Sunshy

    I agree.

  22. 122

    lolz shes a whore anyway so she deserves it. Go Manson!

  23. 123

    I don't think that Manson is advocating domestic violence by having it in his video… if one pays attention to the context, it's clearly a negative fantasy resulting from a rough break-up. However, I personally find the whole montage gross and over-done… that maybe just a couple shots of a beating would have alluded to the theme sufficiently. No one wants to see a bloody woman crying and dripping blood… but then again, every artist has his audience.
    Not that Manson tends towards tastefullness, but if I directed this video, I wouldn't be comfortable publicizing it without a disclaimer. Not to say that this is necessary– art is art, opinion is opinion, and Americans are free to produce art as long as they don't break the law in the process– but I'm left wondering…does he regret fantasizing about killing his girlfriend? I'd like to look at the lyrics to see if it's there, but of course Perez didn't post the name of the song. Anyway, I never really liked Manson and just the song itself (not the vid) didn't change that… it's boring, with very little music in the background, and he kinda sounds like a doped-up David Bowie with no tone quality. But that's just my opinion lol.

  24. 124

    It just makes you think will he make this a reality one day!! What do women see in him?? No matter how fame hungry I was I wouldnt touch him with a ten foot pole!!

  25. 125

    Raw. Did not expect that. I liked it. It woke me from my coma that boring artist are lately. Raw. Damn.

  26. 126

    Re: melstar1 – If parents did a better job with there children we would not have such incidents , if kids let movies and music affect there behavior there is obviously something more inside them thats wrong.

    more people watch graphic movies full of violence and such yet they dont murder ,rape of anything like it .

    BTW MARIO that other person was right , u rag on manson for this yet u praise that fat head GAGA?? Hypocrite to then last HUH? .

  27. 127

    ok i get why people can find it a little odd but come on he does things like this & people give it press!!
    the guy is a great singer & that song is intence!!

  28. 128

    Are people still even listening to him? He's just a pathetic over grown baby. "Look at me, look at me, I'm so crazy and dark". He should consult Jenny Craig asap.

  29. 129

    Wow… this is just HORRIFIC! Give me a break… a musicvideo is considering "Upsetting" when you americans butcher and torture people for real. You are a greasy,plastic and fake comercial for a broken,rotten and hollow product.

    Stop pretending to be upset… you just can't show comercials for greasy fastfood and clerasilproducts before and after this video if it was shown on tv.

  30. 130

    I find it to be beautiful. I like both Manson and Wood and actually you too. I enjoy this video for the emotion and feeling in it and he has done interviews where he mentioned a fantasy of beating her for breaking his heart and this is obviously a dipiction of that, I can't say I haven't also dreamed about beating people and previous 'lovers' so I find it to be raw and truthful and sad but beautiful. I like it.

  31. 131


  32. 132


  33. 133

    this is SO DISGUSTING. fuck him.

  34. 134

    his video is just depicting violence and he in no way supports it.
    you hate him yet you're giving him press?
    kind of ironic, perez.

    i like the video.
    it's disturbing, and if you've watched any of his other videos you'd realize this is rather tame for him.

  35. 135

    His schtick grew tiresome 10 years ago.

  36. 136

    Amazing song

  37. 137


  38. 138

    The song sux ass. The video is lame.

  39. 139


  40. 140

    I was ambivalent about him before — some good, some gross — now he's just a complete piece of sh** to me. I get it's art, I get others have done weird art too (Lady Gaga) — but this was just vile. I can't imagine him in the editing room discussing what parts to keep and leave out. It displays a level of narcissistic sociopathic behavior to even think it's a decent idea. There are lots of things to express about it in world — the fact that he chose this over all the other options says more about him than anything else. I'm DONE with him.

  41. 141

    "It's a shame he sabotaged himself with this video. " - I agree.

    Revenge is a desert best served cold.

    He's still not over it.

    i dont think it's necessary to have that level of hitting-it's as shit as russian dolls-obviously he's saying that about ERW.

    i dont think MM should do drugs-it's ruining his creativity.

  42. 142

    well, now you know what he,d like to do to e.r.w. we all know its fictional, but unfortunatly some dipshit kids are gonna wanna do the same.

  43. 143

    the fact that people are defending this video and the man who made it should be a really, really, really big red flag.

    seeing violence like this in music videos only makes it that much easier for people to visualize themselves doing the same in their minds, and then do it themselves.

    manson should be thrown in jail for creating something as evil and disgusting as this video, and anyone who says otherwise is deluded or disturbed.

  44. 144

    oh and to those saying its supposed to be taken metaphorically–no, it's not. manson has said that if he got the chance he would murder evan rachel wood. he does not speak figuratively.

  45. 145

    WTF he is one sick puppy

  46. ps says – reply to this


    Re: shittin_condoms – I'm not saying that this is even close to violent porn, and I'm not sure what the laws are like in the US, but in Canada porn that in mixed with graphic violence is considered obscene, and is not protected by freedom of expression (as of the last time I was in criminal law… maybe there is a new case out…). I agree with Re: LexiSmexi – at 76 that this is just glorifies violence against women, which has a sexual aspect to it. The policy behind the fact that graphic violence in porns is just that: because of such glorification. Manson is certainly not helping the "cause".

  47. ps says – reply to this


    Re: Zombie Hitler – your comments are great, I wish you would start your own blog! Always witty.

  48. 148

    Re: Addicted_2_Music – Well said.

  49. 149

    If it's so despicable then why are you placing an ad prior to showing the video? If it's so despicable why not link to a 3rd party site instead of generating ad revenue? What are you doing with the money generated? Perhaps, donating it to a worthy cause. I doubt it. There is nothing wrong mentioning the story and your objections. But what is despicable is making money from it.

  50. 150

    He deserves a lot of bad things to happen to him.

  51. 151

    Just out of curiosity, why is everybody despicable EXCEPT Lady GagGag and Slimey? Maybe if Marilyn recorded a Britney song with sucktastic euro beats while dressing like a cross between a parade float and a cheap hooker you would like him? JFC. Grow the hell up.

  52. 152

    The point is to shock the dumb masses, you ingrates! Its funny some of you are so "scared" of someone who is so harmless! Lame! Get over it! and NO he doesn't promote Sodomy, killing puppies, etc. his videos are ART!
    besides none of you are intelligent enough to understand a Satanist anyway… Losers!

  53. 153

    Lyrically, he's amazing. I don't think of him as a "shock rocker" at all..he's a performance artist. You shit on him all the time, but Gaga is doing the SAME EFFING THING and you eat her ass for it…Come on Perez..wake up and learn art.

  54. KDubs says – reply to this


    OMG absoluetly DISGUSTING!!!!

  55. 155

    If anyone thinks this video promotes domestic violence you are ignorant. What a beautiful video. Too bad you didn't actually listen to the words or notice how he is dressed in this video. You would have totally gotten the point.

  56. 156

    Whats the name of the song? i loved it! :)

  57. 157

    Hmm, I think it's different than Gaga in that this is a serious depiction of what it would look like if he beat a girl to death (as opposed to paparazzi, where it's neither graphic nor in a serious tone).

    Gaga's is clearly art. I like the vid personally. But I could see where some might view it as bordering on creepy and disturbing.

  58. 158

    At first it was lame and then it got really disturbing. Marilyn Manson's a pretty level-headed guy when you talk to him in real life.. I don't know why he chooses to keep doing this shit. I just hope kids don't get a hold of this vid :/

  59. 159

    dita von teese's probably laughing over this

  60. 160

    This was a really messed video, the girl in it was such a bad actress like … really.
    BUT I really liked the song (:

  61. 161

    This was a really messed video … like the girl's facial expressions were just so bad.
    BUT I really enjoyed the song (:

  62. 162


  63. 163

    i'm not a huge fan of marilyn, but there is a lot worse depictions of violence in music lyrics and movies out there. obviously he is heartbroken and it's taken to the extreme, but who hasn't been so heartbroken and lost when someone leaves you that you would do anything to keep that person with you.. ie here it's depicted as violence. it's a really emotional video, and the song is one too. i don't think he's doing this just for attention, this was his artistic intention.

  64. 164

    I don't see what is wrong with beating women, or men, or children for that matter. Everyone needs a good beating sometimes. As long as its not violence against a dog I will grab my popcorn and gladly watch. Oh but I also cover my eyes when they eat cockroaches on fear factor because I feel bad for the innocent bugs. and I am not even kidding at all. woot woot manson….. oh just wait till he creates a video for "I wanna kill you like they do in the movies" tee hee

  65. 165

    Wow. That song was really good. I didn't think Manson had it in him anymore. I say that as a fan. It surprised me.

    The depiction of violence in the video was shocking. Violence against women should always be. But it was kind of amazing to see that imagery attached to so much longing. The fantasy verses the reality. Turns your stomach in all the right and wrong ways.

  66. 166

    Ummm btw…. you water marked the fucking video with your logo. you just put your logo on a video of a woman getting the shit beat out of her. generally when someone puts their name on something, they support it.

  67. Sue C says – reply to this


    This is just plain disgusting.

  68. 168

    it doesn't seem like he was going for shock at all. perhaps that's the problem? it's not "manson is going to do something shocking and entertaining to keep people talking" i'm sure he could have done a fully produced sparkling video of him just hauling off and beating that girl.
    it's a beautiful video…

  69. 169

    For his next trick he'll be making a name change to "Charles"….

  70. 170

    What's interesting is Perez doesn't even type the name of the song. Afraid people might actually like it?

  71. 171

    i love manson and i love this song. i don't care much for his looks but his voice/music is fucken sexy.
    it's ridiculous how perez tries to point out any kind of semblance so that he can fill up an otherwise, unentertaining waste of space.

  72. 172

    Didn't you call Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi" video one of the best videos of all time? She is pushed off a balcony by her man & then she gets revenge by killing him. Why are you such a hypocrite? I didn't watch the Manson video, but you're the one promoting it, and therefore promoting domestic violence if your opinion is correct. If he's so irrelevant as you say, no one would have seen this if you didn't post it!

  73. 173

    OMG!! its art and marilyn manson! not even domestic abuse! its a representation of a broken heart and im a female who grew up with domestic violence! im not affended at all!! and cmon lets be honest if it was that dickhead gaga itd be AMAZING!!

  74. 174

    Re: Ravana – I dont think I really care to understand a satanist because I love the Lord.

  75. 175

    Everyone defending this is an idiot. Nobody gives a shit what Marilyn Manson stands for, he's a sick asshole. It's sad that this kind of video is allowed to be made. Fuck Marilyn Manson.

  76. 176

    what a horrible disgusting piece of shit.
    leave his music career in the 90's, where it fucking belongs.

  77. 177

    How is this art? And yes, kids are influenced by this. I'm sure there are teens, and twenty-somethings who are intrigued by his so-called mystique/ weird persona. His defenders can claim whatever they want but those images are pretty powerful.

  78. 178

    awesome…love it! cause perez does not.

  79. 179

    It doesn't take a genius to figure out that he's not promoting domestic violence. He looks heartbroken. Music videos are an art form and symbolic.

    If someone created a music video with a depiction of suicide, are they promoting the actual act of suicide? What about all of the music videos that show drugs and alcohol?

    Perez, you used to give celebrities a fair shot, whether you liked them or not, but you're too biased now.

    By the way, I really like this song!

  80. 180

    Leave him the fuck alone. It's a fucking video Perez, fucking relax you dick.

  81. 181

    i wish Twiggy Ramirez was in it.

  82. 182

    perez u need to stop the shit. hes just an artist expressing his oppinions. besides its just a vid. people who say things about others r just insecure of themselves. fuck off and give him a break. look in the mirror 4 once ur not perfect either and u definantly rnt hot…. i'd choose marilyn manson over u any day :]

  83. 183

    uh.. if you havent realized that girl looks like she has no resPect for herself… wonder why hes beating her…
    and go Pick on someone else. this vid is good.

  84. 184

    I'm the furthest thing from a Marilyn Manson fan, but it's a music video. It's not reality and doesn't speak to his actual beliefs on domestic violence. It's basically a mini film. That's it. Disturbing and graphic, but you're definitely being way too dramatic about it.

  85. 185

    Perez your a tosser, he is a fantastic artist. i thought the video was beautiful . and saying that he promotes domestic abuse. does that mean that Precious promotes child sexual abuse or is it art? Wake up!

  86. 186

    Clearly your feeble mind was not capable of understanding the symbolism in the video, Mr. Perez Hitler. Get a grip. You call ERW a whore constantly, and now suddenly, you are just disgusted by a depiction that MAY or MAY NOT have been symbolic of her. You're an idiot.

  87. 187

    Re: SaritaS – Running to the edge of the world. Of his new album. Saw it live. Awesome. MANSON ROCKS!!

  88. 188

    WTF?! Perez i love youu, but really-?? he's not promoting it. it's a music video.
    you never said Gaga was promoting death after her VMA performace, did you? >:B

  89. 189

    Re: Cashmere Jay – hah, im not the only one that thought that when i saw this this post

  90. 190

    OK that has gone waaayyy too far! Take this off the site ASAP! Some mental dumbass will see it and think its cool to do that. Manson was obviously trippin when he made that video. TAKE IT OFF THE SITE.

  91. 191

    Re: LexiSmexi – agreed. perez, you are a fat hypocrite! :D

  92. 192

    It's just Manson. He's hurt and it's not like he was actually beating her and killing her. It's his form of expression and it's better he do it in song then in another way. It's a beautiful song. Very different from most of his other ones. It just shows that he's human too.

  93. 193

    thats sick :( ugh it freaks me out he freaks me out, ppl y r u on this site if u hat Perez? hes awesome

  94. 194

    I like that song…it sounds sad…guess you have to make a sad video too

  95. 195

    Anyone involved in the making of this video is a sick and disgusting person. I hope his ridiculous career is over and then he can die of a long over due drug overdose. What a sick F**K. That girl in the video should be ashamed of herself for letting herself be used in such a manner, it is not art it is violent pornography, as if we don't have enough sick serial killers out there, then you have so called artist acting this stuff out, it is foul beyond words. The world is getting so ugly.

  96. 196

    "It's only acting, baby"

  97. 197

    I love how Gaga isn't promoting it in her fucking dumb video, Paparazzi … give me a fucking break.

  98. 198

    you're only saying that because it was released the same day as rihannas interview. song was decent… video was kinda creepy… but so is his face : /

  99. 199

    holy fuck Manson thats just out of control and disgusting ,One step forward and ten steps back for men but then he aint no man

  100. 200

    how about you pay attention to the fucking lyrics, you ignorant piece of shit! manson is incredibly talented and has an amazing stage presence. I'm a HUGE fan and you know what, I DON'T REALLY APPRECIATE YOUR TONE!!!!!

    yah! I said it!

    He was depressed. He was heartbroken. Do you know how that feels???

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