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Despicable Marylin Manson Promotes Domestic Abuse!

| Filed under: Icky Icky PooMarilyn Manson

He probably did this hoping to get some controversy and press for his hasbeen musical career, but that doesn't justify his actions!

"Shock" rocker Marilyn Manson remind the world why he's no longer relevant in his new music video, in which he violently beats and murders a girl that looks just like his ex-girlfriend, Evan Rachel Wood.

Not shocking - just disgusting!

Check out the vid (above).

It's a shame he sabotaged himself with this video. This is actually the first Manson song we haven't hated in a real long time!

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272 comments to “Despicable Marylin Manson Promotes Domestic Abuse!”

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  1. 201

    we don't all live in your bubblegum bullshit world, man. people feel and they need to express themselves.

    i have definately been hurt enough to want to kill someone.

  2. 202

    everyone shut up.
    i created this account today to do so!
    i love his music!
    this song is amazing.
    you poeple who dissagree have no taste in art!

  3. 203

    LOL Wow. Good luck getting that one played on "The Hills" network….you know, that cable channel that used to show music videos.

  4. 204

    he's such a douche bag.

  5. 205

    You people are pathetic. JUST because someone dresses differently or doesn't live up to your fucking standards doesn't mean they're satanic. Thats like me looking at a person who dresses all scene and immediately labels her a whore. Marilyn Manson does NOT worship satan or any of the other sick shit people believes he has done. Quit your god damn judgments and learn the facts before you open your mouth.
    I know this will come up at some point but he did NOT honestly best this girl to death, it's called special effects and ACTING.

  6. 206

    He's Marilyn Manson, this is what he does. And you just made him relevant by posting about him and discussing the video. That was definitely graphic, though…no doubt disgusting and disgraceful…but again, that's him. Evan must be thrilled.

  7. 207

    And like someone said….Lady Gaga simulating some sort of sick suicide at the VMAs was amaze balls, fierce, bitch, faboosh, avant garde? You're such a hypocrite.

  8. 208

    Well, he got beat up by a bunch of girls in the "Arma-God-Damn-Mother-Fucking-Geddon" video, so are they even now?

  9. 209

    i'm familiar with marilyn manson, just not his music videos, so i was kinda shocked. but i like the song. you're fat, perez.

  10. 210


  11. 211

    he is looking for the shock factor, sort of like an idiot that goes out to a fashion show wearing a tshirt and no pants

  12. 212

    you sure know how to get people talking fatarse don't ya, with your stupid opinions.

  13. 213

    I definitely didn't watch the video…I can just imagine what horrors wait within it. He's a disgusting person!

  14. 214

    Re: Rebeccagrace11 – that is so ridiculous, how can you admit to not watching the video and then make judgement on it. filthy sheep.

  15. 215

    Whether or not "his"music is known to be one way or another doesn't allow for this kind of a video. More than just Marilyn Mason make this video, multiple produce it, edit it, etc and the message that gets sent is that it is ok and even artistic to beat and kill women. Not okay and guess what, we all go through breakups and they suck for everyone, but this is unacceptable and any ironic message or clever lyrical imagery is totally lost.

  16. 216

    I hate when people say it's just a video or it's just a movie. These images have an impact on us. If they didn't then company's wouldn't pay so much to show commercials to influence us. This video glamorizes domestic violence! I mean that is clear. He may look a little sad but it shows him continuing on with his life, washing the mirror and doing his nails. If he wanted to show something that was against domestic violence then he should have shown a video where he is arrested and has to take off all his make up and look like the little wuss he is in prison clothes and show himself being beaten up and raped in prison. That would have been a better video.

  17. 217

    First of all…..the impression I get from the video is that he is condemning domestic abuse…he is using violence and shock value…as always…today it is easy for ppl to discuss domestic violence…if youve never lived through it..that video shows the reality of domestic abuse…and it isnt butterflys and lollipops! furthermore…its no worse than that Eminem song where he is choking and killing his wife. i also agree with the other ppl on here …if u find it so disgusting then why post it? ur giving manson what he wants! i think it was disturbing and bothersome…but maybe people need that shock value to realise how serious domestic abuse is…newsflash, women are murdered everyday by thier abusive partners…hard to see it eh?

  18. 218

    SO I GUESS HORROR MOVIES PROMOTE VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN TOO?! It's a fictional music video, not a documentary. Also, I think you're riding this Rhiana wave a little too much. You are a supporter of Gaga, she and MM are friends, and they are both performance artists. I think you're taking this all out of context. The song is lovely, and the music video fits the song. Well done Marilyn Manson.

  19. 219

    if only he beat the shit out of somebody who looked like you perez, come back to toronto!

  20. 220

    Because gay men really do HATE women….

  21. 221

    I'm not even surprised by this. Marilyn Manson is completely irrelevent now. Nobody cares.

  22. 222

    You are a little drama queen aren't you tubby? So you take all art literally? Ban books next maybe? What a dumb ass you are.

  23. 223

    say hello to domestic abuse! i think there could have been less curtain play and more hitting.

  24. 224

    Re: Sunshy – a high-fiving to a-you sunny boy!

  25. 225

    He's an artist expressing himself. People who are complaining are the ones who take the bible literally too. Com on now. Love ya Perez quit picking on him.

  26. 226

    I disagree with you Perez. I am in no way a Manson fan, but we watch movies all the time with violence, murder, rape and drug usage. Pretty much most of us know not to go out and mimic these films afterwards. A music video is art and should be taken in that sense.

  27. 227

    We should ban all horror movies as well then, right? Blah blah blaaaaaaaaaah. I liked this song…I don't give a flying fuck about the video. I've seen worse depictions of violence on fucking CSI!

  28. 228

    This is typical Manson. It's disturbing, yes, but it's not worse than other videos I've seen by him or any other artist for that matter.

  29. 229

    Perez please,
    The vid just contains something you do not understand and it's called ART
    Get the clue, grow up, etc
    And i understand why Lady gaga's vid is art and this is 'pure domestic abuse' is it becouse there's a little blood in it? and what do you call every movie, even the news, what whole America watches, even 6 yr old kids?? hum? There's olso blood and violence, but on the news it's all real, that's fcking reality. and this isn't
    Get it

  30. 230

    Re: Ravana – LOL Your comment is SO stereotypical of those "hard rockers". We "just don't understand you, or your religion, or your art" and "the masses are just sheep!!!!one!!!" "You're not as smart as all of us! Wahhh!"

    Keep telling yourself that. The roaring laughter behind you is just the wind, I swear.

  31. 231

    WTF is this?!

  32. 232

    blah blah blah we get it. Mms terrible and fucked up and dosent deserve to be alive
    not that hes any better that u. mario, i think ur just jealous of him cuz he hangs out with gaga
    some ppl hav problems. dosent mean u need to call attention to them.

  33. 233

    it's despicable how domestic abuse is in fashion, but you just gave marilyn manson the best publicity of his life. . .AAAND your beloved lady gaga did fake a suicide during her vma performance and it was "omg, fucking faboosh alkdjflaksdjflasf" –pretty disgusting!

  34. 234

    It's Marilyn Manson what do you expect? Regardless of how violent the video is, keep in mind this is a 40+ man who is still wearing make-up and trying to pull off angsty goth music.

  35. 235

    Marilyn Manson has never even been valid in my book. He craves attention and to people like that negative attention is better than no attention at all. He's a washed-up, has-been whose best songs were remakes of old popular songs. He sucks, he's gross, and nobody cares.

  36. 236

    How is this any different than a horror movie.ish music video? chill.

  37. 237

    Ya know, when I've been done wrong by someone whom I trusted and/ or loved, I've experienced extremely violent feelings and thoughts. Talking to my friends about it tells me that everyone I know goes through the same thing. So here we've got Manson putting his feelings into the context of music and film, openly owning his hurt and anger as a form of art, and what do we get from our favorite drama queen Perez? "OMG, HE'S PROMOTING DOMESTIC ABUSE!!!" *sigh*
    What's the matter, Perez? Do you resent anyone who knows how to be honest about their feelings without coming off like a whiney little girl? Are you madmadMAD that someone can use their fame and celebrity to inspire thoughtful introspection instead of using it to draw the attention of junior high students by publicly throwing a fit about things that don't involve you in the slightest?
    No, wait, I think I got it: you're just jealous because you wish someone even gave enough of a shit about you to beat you.
    You're a disgrace to gay people.

  38. 238

    You can see art in lady gaga's crap but this is disgusting?
    that's a teensy bit hypocritical.

  39. 239

    YOU, are truly out of touch in a pathetic and desperate way. I pity you.

  40. Sarya says – reply to this


    I love MM.He is a total artist who gives a stunning and dark and lovely show.i adore his music and yes i do not think he condones violence against woman but portrays it in all his beautiful in your face style.To show it in its true cruel form…Rock on sexy MM. Love ya

  41. 241

    Re: leyla1

    I got into Marilyn Manson right after his publicity in Italy so STFU

  42. 242

    I dont think he is despicable, I think him as an artist he deals with issues through his music, and its not like he is sending to wrong message its MM he is controversial. I think he has to sing about it to heal.

  43. 243

    so… people are funny sometimes…
    "OMG, THIS ISN'T SHOCKING AT ALL, I'M JUST OUTRAGED AND DISGUSTED AND HAD AN IMMEDIATE VOCAL RESPONSE, BUT I SWEAR TO GOD I'M NOT SHOCKED!" …yeah, Manson's clearly not shocking or relevent even though he's still being talked about on a daily basis and his videos envoke several different "completely unshockable" reactions. (and since i'm currently questioning the intelligence levels of modern America, i'd like to point out that there was some sarcasm in the aforementioned statement)

    Also, for everyone who hates the music video and was disgusted by it i have a solution, DON'T WATCH IT!
    This video does not promote domestic violence nor does it incite violence in kids. In fact, music and videos of this sort have been SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN BY PROFESSIONAL PSYCHOLOGISTS to actually aid kids in calming down and working through distressing emotions through katharsis (a concept the greeks brought up a couple thousand years ago, but modern america, if this website is any indication, still fails to grasp). The effects of this video are all dependent on whether or not you appreciate the music and content. If you like it then it can have healthy emotional effects. If you dislike it then it has negative effects because you expect it to have negative effects (effects of expectations = basic psychology).

    In summary:
    look up the definition of shocking (everyone seems kinda confused)

  44. 244

    Re: whyamidoingthis?Re: whyamidoingthis?

    Um just because it's offensive doesn't make it shocking or original. Any lawyer or police officer will tell you DV happens all the time in the US (not even gonna get into the horrific things that are done to women and girls around the world), everywhere, every day. Men beating, raping and killing women isn't shocking in any way. The Richmond case is only an example. This video is absolutely unoriginal. If you want to talk video, just look at the recent statistics that came out about how much violence is done to women on television. All Manson is doing is actively taking part in, through pathetically regurgitating, a violent, misogynistic culture. Big whoop. He's gross, pathetic, and out of ideas.

    As for your studies, please- psychology is a minefield. Studies come out every day that contradict the previous ones. There have been studies where images far less horrific than these cause men to think of women as less than human. It's completely moronic to imply that culture doesn't affect people, when in fact, it's absolutely everything. Travel to another state (perhaps the small southern twon if your homosexual), another country- the Middle East! Good grief. And btw, women are people, too, and they are affected by watching this crap, too. For real.

  45. 245

    Re: whyamidoingthis?

    PS: Most americans learn about catharsis in middle school. Because I am so very impressed with your "learned" self, I guess I don't need to explain to you that every depiction of violence does not a Greek tragedy classic make. Lol. Nor are the ancient Greeks, as wild and creative and innovative as they were, the end all, be all on psychology and morality.

    Btw, seems people missed the pulled down panties at the end. Mixing sex and violence. Always classy.

  46. 246

    Re: whyamidoingthis? – And not that the average anybody is that great, but why would this website be any indication of the average United States citizen? It's not exactly a fair sample… For some reason people from other countries too often base their assessment of the US on its bloated, deluded media.

  47. 247

    Re: LexiSmexi
    First off, people who blog for the simple pleasure of targeting a specific person and attempting to tear them down highly amuse me (hence the hilarity of this site). I could have had my two minutes on the soap box and then just left but w/e. Secondly, in regards to that mini feminist movement you had at the bottom of your first comment, I’m a girl and I’m not trying to dehumanize my own gender. I could respond to each individual point you made and attempt to shoot it down like you did my own comment, but why bother when I can sum it up in two simple words? OPINION MATTERS (I may have brought this up earlier?) Hence our different perspectives, and that’s fine. What’s troublesome is when people try to force their opinions on others and convince one another that there’s such a thing as a wrong opinion.
    p.s. I’m glad my “learned” self is so impressive to you :P

  48. 248

    I don't usually comment on stuff like this - but i must admit, this was pretty freaking wrong. I was an avid Marilyn Manson supporter for many, many years - some people would say almost obsessed. But i couldn't stomach this. Must be a big man, beating a half naked woman who's a quarter of the size of him. I know that he is artistic & everything he does has a hidden message - but what the hell was he trying to say with this? He should beat himself for fucking up every relationship he's ever had - not women that look like his exes. Read his book - even he admits he's a fuck up. What a dick.

  49. 249

    ps. for all of you people complaining about this site - what the fuck are you doing on it if you think you're better than it? Perez is doing HIS JOB - you knew this when you logged on. You know what he does - why are you surprised when he gives you the goods? That's what makes him GOOD at his job. You must be just a tad committed to his cause, given you went to the trouble of signing up and getting yourself a profile. Stop acting like you're above it all - wankers.

  50. 250

    Re: whyamidoingthis? – you're a fuckhead. there's really nothing else to add to that. you've proved my point already.

  51. 251

    my mom told me not to watch this video anymore after she saw it lol. i wish he made a video for "i want to kill you like they do in the movies" but anyway i love marilyn. and i don't know why anyone is surprised, but it is shocking but i love it hehe;)

  52. 252

    Eh, to me it wasn't worth all of the hype. I find the exploitation of women in rap music vids, to be much more than disturbing than this.
    For the folks who STILL find Manson's antics shocking, simple enough, continue to ignore him. Judging from the song, he seems pretty much done with, anyway.

  53. 253

    marilyn manson was amazing 15 years ago when we were all mansonites. his music has gotten dull and i skipped through most of this video, but it seems like you just "ewwed" him for violence because he isn't a fad anymore.

    just like gaga's paparrazi (which in your definaition would promote murder as well) there's SO many recent vids that show violence…how is this any different?

    if anything, it could be symbolic of a failed relationship or a failed anything.

    one day soon, it might symbolized your failed blog.

  54. 254

    Marilyn Manson is one of the most creative, original artists who ever existed. You feed into exactly what he wants. Attention. And that is exactly why he made the video the way he did. He doesn't support domestic violence. He just supports any violence. He is unique…and deserves to be respected. It is idiotic that you try to make him look like he actually hits women. This video is nothing more than a joke. And you made the joke work by posting this video.

  55. 255

    although it is a disturbing video…the reality of domestic violence is disturbing…
    i see the black leather gloves and i see OJ…
    i don't see it as condoning domestic violence at all…but more as a statement against…

  56. 256

    wow …

  57. 257

    OMG get over yourself will ya?! Its a fricken VIDEO! A Marilyn Manson Vid even! what did u expect daisys and cuppycakes?Music,movies,books etc are all a outlet for our feelings and fantasys a way to act out without really doing the acutally act. So every song or video about murder,suicide or drug use is the artistist promoting those things?? I LOVE Manson, and I'm not some dumb goth kid either, I'm a 38 y.o stay at home mom/medical student. Go MANSON,, as Madonna has said before.. Express yourself!!

  58. 258

    before anyone bitches at me about my "dumb goth kid" comment, I did not mean that being goth is dumb, what I meant is that I'm not someone young and uninformed and worshipps manson just because its cool. I love manson because he's talented, smart,funny and beautiful! And lastly I love goth! in fact I'm an oldschool goth from the 80's when we were called "batcavers" unfortuantely i'm getting too old to pull off the goth style well:(

  59. 259

    i'm a chic, and I see absolutely nothing wrong with this video. That's why, it's a VIDEO!

  60. 260

    Some, well most, of you people have some very serious issues to actually think that because he is Marilym Manson that this is an okay video. We censor what our children watch so that they do not see horrible movies, videos or killing going on in the news. At least us with sense do. You people need to get off of Perez's sack and step back and reflect for a minute and relaize what it really is that you are saying is not a big deal. You make me sick. Whatver the lyrics were, does not make this video alright by any means. How this man is not locked up in a padded room and or has actually commited murder amazes me. We all have our free speech and this is mine. I do not care if you likr it or me for it. You are just a bunch of idiots that are supporting something that should have never been made. I hope you people can actually sleep at night believing what you do about this… Really I do not, but whatever makes you feel better when you do lay down. What if that was you? SICK SICK SICK individual and individuals is all I have lefrt to say to what I have seen and read. To those of you that think it is wrong, thank god.

  61. 261

    I like the song and I could defend him regarding the words in the song, but I cannot defend him!! The video is very disturbing and should not be allowed to be seen! Why is this crap allowed to be seen? Makes you wonder about the people we have to live with! Never liked the guy for this reason. He is a piece of s***! He has come up with a couple of good songs but I would NEVER pay to see this guy! What a waste! Poor parents!!

  62. 262

    Unfortunently I came across this well, music video if you want to call it that and was completely disturbed. I only joined this to make one comment only and will never log back in here again. This video is fine for the manson lovers if they like violence and thrive on that type of music. He is clearly disturbed and depressed and that is not talent. I would hope that when my children our older, they can continue on the path of good and education, not stupid websites like this. Someone mentioned that Perez should not put this here only giving manson the response he wants.. How true! I only responded as this should be taking off the air. This is not talent and I really wish manson could read this personally. He needs help and he shows it through his work.. He sucks.lol ha ha….I actually feel bad for him, he is so ugly and untalented. So for the manson music lovers, if you really believe in your heart wayyyy deep down this is good stuff, then please go het your self some help! On that note, I will never sign in again, this was a one time thing and had to be disturbing for me to even waste my time with this site… money makers off our gossip…maybe we should try this.

  63. 263

    One more thing I wanted to mention that I didn't in my other response.. The girl in the video..clearly she thinks little of herself as well. Two disturbed people feeding off eachother who think this is going to be a hit…he is washed up and never had talent in the first place… the type of people who are attracted to this type of music, well, I won't go there but will leave it at disturbing, depressed, feeling angry, worthless etc…about them selves. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out this is a man that is using what ever he has left to get in front of a camera to "try" and make it. He is not excepted because he is purposely bizzare trying to draw attention to him self.. he has problems..so clear..Perez, you are helping him by even putting this dirt on the web which tells me a bit about you too! funny, no one ever thinks of the kids that may accidently come across this garbage like I did.. If my children ever came across this by accient I would go public and do everything I could to take down websites like this one. How disturbing for anyone young to see. I was logging into check my emails and this was on my news page. Hmmm all about the money and not what that could do to a child.. yes, it can promote violence in someone who may think thats cool if manson did it. Perez is promoting it too.

  64. 264

    That is not acting.. that is why he is a has been..no one gives a crap how someone looks, its the people who make commments like that that have issues with themselves! He is clearly non marketable, and he sucks..maybe folks would take him seriously if he was an idiot. We all see different people everyday and thats not what the problem is, no one cares if he looks pale, like a women and is ugly. What people care about is purposley making a statement that says who he really is, disturbing, depressing and anyone who actually likes this music, should go look in the mirror and see what is inside, not how someone looks.. a murder and beating reall or not, is not talent and no one will ever take him seriously… The only people who are attracted to his music are …well I wont say it. Disturbing

  65. 265

    I completely agree.. music makes the world go round. We are not all suppose to like the same music. But he is desperate, untalented and no one takes him serious because it is clear he has issues. I worry about our younger generation who may be exposed to this. Perez is no better, he is promoting him after his comments. He should have made his point and not added the link. I was upset when I seen this as I accidently came across this just like a kid could. It only takes a second even if your monitoring your child. No one cares about the kids, which tells me alot about their upbringing

  66. 266

    You people disgust me. leave Manson the f*ck alone. is he slapping you around? No. so back the fuck off and stop being hypocritical pansies. This is NO WORSE than you've all witnessed in either 1. A night of bad porn, 2. A movie, or 3. A motherfucking Rap/Pop/R&B video.
    Man the fuck up and back the fuck down.
    and this is ALSO not the worst that hes done in his career. If anything, hes IMPROVED over the years.
    whether or not you'd like to admit it, you're only "offended" because it's Manson.

  67. 267

    Your right, I do not know who manson is..I only know what I see. If he has improved, well, good for him and I wish him the best. He is almost done anyway and there will be another one right there to take his place when he is gone. Different strokes for different folks true.. but not true for my child or any children that are forced to accidnetly come across such a horifying thing. No one would truely know what that feels like unless you become a parent and want to protect them from people and music like that..

  68. 268

    i think it's unbelievable how you can just presume and JUDGE like that. how on earth do you know that he's PROMOTING domestic abuse? it's Marilyn Manson, for christ sakes. he IS sex, drugs and rock'n'roll. it's a video, and it's amazing. if you take a look at the lyrics and at the perspective in this video, then maybe you would come off as someone with an understanding towards the ones who are different. you're gay, but we don't judge you. listen to the lyrics, okay? look at him, he's CRYING. yes, he's beating her, killing her. but did you see how she lathers herself in her own blood? it's a video, it's obscene, it's Marilyn Manson. get a grib, please.

  69. 269

    He's showing how he feels, everyone has dark thoughts when someone breaks their heart. The important thing is he hasn't acted on them has he no, this is just an outlet for his rage … and no i don't think in any way that this video is encouraging people to beat women, and if any watches this and chooses to do so afterward then they had problems to begin with.

  70. 270

    Okay. First of all, this video is just Manson expressing his emotions. He's showing what these ex's of his made him feel like. He's showing what he wishes he could do to them, but would never actually do it. He's showing us the heartbreak soo many girls have made him feel.
    Second of all, it really urks me when people bring up that he's a satanist. Are any of you aware of what a satanist really is ? Satanists are actually a lot different than what they are made out to be in main stream media or by other religions. They believe that we are our own God. We determine our fate. We make our own morals. They don't condone murdering or abuse, particularly to animals. They have good morals, they just don't agree with having someone of a higher power controlling us.
    They, in no way, worship the devil or whatever. they just believe that we make our own fates and such.

  71. 271

    this is a work of art
    the problem with people like you, is that you dont take a deeper look into the things that he is displaying. most people just seem to sit and think that marilyn manson is just a "adolescent crying out for attention" but thats just because most people dont listen or are too dumb to understand. listen to him, he talks like a normal person, because that is what he is. He isn't the persona of a over-rated, attention seeking, has been celebrity but a regular person, with opinion and emotion, which he can turn into beautiful art. People just look at it the wrong way. Half his music is inspiring if you know how to listen and look at it. Yes this is violent. But everyday in our world is. This is a unique way of displaying emotion and feeling, and the only reason it is such a big deal is because of the wrongly accused manson himself, there is no proof that he has done this too the exgirlfriend, so what is the big deal??
    it's a display of emotion, not his everyday 'abusive' life, its no worse then your average 'm' rated movie. wanna see something discusting and sickening, watch saw, or a movie called martyr. go hire something R18, then you'll see something thats worth maybe saying something about..

  72. 272

    or even better, why not type into google CHRIS BROWN AND RHIANNA lets see the lovely photographs of the rhianna, half purple. worry about the real things happening.

    marilyn manson is probably one of the most clever and amazing, realistic, people this world will ever see, and until the world opens its eyes and takes a look past the fake blondes and greased up unnatural bodies, they wont see real beauty and art
    or the amazing artist he truly is.

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