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Gaga Talks Gossip Girl

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We think we are going to XOXO this!

We've heard very little of Lady GaGa's much-anticipated appearance on the desperate for some serious ratings Gossip Girl. The cast has only confirmed that she will be appearing and eluded that it will be something pretty spectacular.

Now, we've got some more deets and they come from the lovely GaGa herself. She recently sat down for an interview and explained in more detail what we can expect of her November 16th cameo.

The Lady explained that if she was going to do the show, she was going to have to do something more than just some randomly inserted musical performance. She wanted to do something different:

"I hate TV series performances, because they kind of come in out of nowhere, and everyone's, like, really into the story, and then all of a sudden somebody breaks into song. And it has nothing to do with the storyline, and then it screws everything up. I really sat down with the writers. I was like, 'Look, I want to do this, and the reason I want to do this is because I am trying to say something that is not mainstream in a mainstream capacity. So, if I can say it on your show, that would be, like, a real coup d'état for me as a performance artist.' "

What came of this meeting and the final product, GaGa confesses, is more of an elaborate music video, rather than musical sequence:

"I am the narrator behind what is going on with the characters and make the song part of the moment," she explained about the "crazy performance-art piece." "We used these ladders, and I'm falling off ladders. Ladders are kind of a monster symbol about bad luck. And I have this 35-foot-long dress on and these X's, very gothic-inspired. It was great. They let me do whatever the hell I wanted. It was amazing."

It sounds amazing! We can hardly wait to see it!

And between this and the upcoming threesome, Gossip Girl may be making it's way back to top!

Let's hope for the best!

Are U looking forward to the episode?

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65 comments to “Gaga Talks Gossip Girl

  1. 1

    Bitch needs to make some time with a sandwich

  2. 2


  3. 3

    how lame…gossip girl sux

  4. 4

    I like Gossip Girl and Lady Gaga's music.. but this doesnt sound that great.

  5. 5

    she has a big head!

  6. 6

    I'm confused. James Franco is a loser for doing TV; but GaGa isn't. Do you even scan the posts put up by your sister, Mario, before you put up your own GaGa kiss-ups?

  7. 7

    Shelo oks more and more UNhealthy every week. It's not so much the weight loss, but her eyes look drained, her skin looks worn. I'm so over her WHOLE trip.

  8. 8

    Umm.. I'm not a big fan of GaGa, I think she is a total werido (althought I'm sure that's what she is going for). I don't understand why you post stuff about her all over your site.. she is not the interesting in any way to say the least.

  9. 9

    can you suck her/his cock any more?

    you're like a giggly 12 year old girl. oh that's right, you mentally are

  10. 10

    That picture screams FEED ME!

  11. 11

    I'm DEFINETLY going to watch it :D

  12. 12

    Poor thing has such sagging boobs. Either she has lost a lot of weight or she has terrible genetics. probably the latter.

  13. 13


  14. uno says – reply to this


    Why is it everytime I see a photo of this girl she is half naked????? Eat some food and put on some damn clothes…… You are a role model for young women, are you trying to tell them to take off their clothes?
    I love your music but the nakeness has to stop……. real artists shouldn't have to use sex to sell their music

  15. 15

    I remember a time not too long ago when Perez denounced people posing topless like this as sluts.

  16. uno says – reply to this


    eat and put clothes on

  17. 17

    Udderly ridiculous.

  18. 18

    Oh, attention seeking sluts at that. Lady Gaga can do no wrong however, it seems.

  19. 19

    God she is so ugly.

  20. 20

    Re: BabyLuv – they are down to her belly button almost

  21. 21


  22. 22

    Miss Thing evidently thinks she's as fabulous as Grace Jones. NEWSFLASH: she's not.

  23. buck says – reply to this


    lady gagg…the liberal baby mama

  24. 24

    It's a she-male.

  25. 25

    That picture is weird.

  26. 26

    the only thing that is bigger than your ego is your pointed ugly poker face!

  27. 27

    You're OBSESSED with this FREAK Perez!

  28. 28

    I'm excited!!! I love Gossip Girl and Lady Gaga's music!

  29. 29

    OMG I love Gaga but wtf?? she looks revolting too skinny!! I can see bones! she really has transformed herself into what hollywood wants her to be, god she used to have meat on the bone and brown hair, she isnt original and she isnt setting a good example at ALL!

  30. 30


  31. 31

    My Perezcious would like to advise the posse that his "wifey" Lady GaGa's armpits do NOT smell like garlic balogna!

  32. 32

    Wow she's really losing weight.

  33. 33


  34. 34

    It's ALLUDED not ELUDED. When you indirectly say something you allude. Elude means avoid.

  35. 35

    Nobody watches the show, they are desperate to get any attention just like Lady Gargoyle. They should rename it Gossip Whores.

  36. LEAH. says – reply to this


    Only you would think this would result in a good episode. sounds like a trainwreck.

  37. 37

    perez face it gaga is not big all over the world.she has some sucess now in usa.but american ppl get tired of artists quickly.gaga wont last sweeheart face the true.she is no madonna,no cher,no tina turner,no nothing.she is disgusting a madonna copycat

  38. 38

    …she sounds so full of herself in that
    but wow i found her talent…she grew a face on her nose

  39. ap076 says – reply to this


    I preferred the original Grace Jones in "I'm Not Perfect, But I'm Perfect For You" and the dress is just as massive as Gaga's 35 foot dress. Plus with the stamp of approval of Andy Warhol and the dress itself being a creation of the late great Keith Haring I think it is a little more artistically interesting than the "Haus of Gaga". Check it out on y o u t u b e under the title and wait until the 3 min mark at least.

  40. 40

    "i am trying to say something that is not mainstream in a mainstream capacity."
    what could she possibly have to say that is not mainstream?

    Just dance. Gonna be okay.
    Just dance. Spin that record babe.
    Just dance. Gonna be okay.
    Dance. Dance. Dance. Just dance.

    what an artist. true lyrical genius. one of 'the best of our time' says this perez guy.
    unbelievably sad.

  41. 41

    Re: blahblah12 – I've breast fed 3 babies and have perkier boobs than that woman!

  42. 42

    She'll add some excitement to Gossip Girl, but she can't 'save' the show.
    It has jumped the shark.

  43. china says – reply to this


    there`s a mysterious delay in your comments, what with being the great supporter of the music scene.

    european music awards ring any bells?
    one award for your bitch only: best newcomer
    and that`s what she is. a decidedly annoying newcomer.

    performance of beyoncé was great by the way.
    and thanx to god that the show wasn`t disturbed by some misplaced fashion show of your wifey laddy caca.

  44. 44

    Why does she have to continue to say she's a performance artist?? If she IS one, she certainly wouldn't have to point it out in every friggen interview she does..Second of all, thanks to you and your website Perez..she's getting BORING really fast. I'm sure your "wifey" can thank you for that.

  45. 45

    no Gaga for one day. I bet you can't do it

  46. 46

    …and eluded that it will be something pretty spectacular.

    eluded… really? need a spellchecker perez? i need a job :)

  47. 47

    CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!

  48. 48

    She's trying to insert her neurosis into everything.
    Epically frightening.

  49. 49

    Wasn't it not long ago people were calling her fat..?

    Even remember one comment being made about her claiming she had "back flab".

    What do you expect a woman to do having to put up with childish insults like that..idiots..

  50. 50

    She's calling herself a performance artist now? Um honey, Madonna already claimed that title back in 1984.

  51. 51

    "artist" pfft.
    sell out.

  52. 52

    Gaga's "style" is horrible in my opinion. Her music is alright. But yeesh this is hypocritical. There was a previous posting about how James Franco was downgrading to tv. and gaga's doing the same thing basically but she's not downgrading? Hmmm. something doesn't add up here. Not like Perez actually see's an of the comments people post on here anyways. His "people handle it."

  53. 53


  54. 54

    This picture of her is convincing proof that she is an alien from outer space. No human being is shaped like that.

  55. 55

    aaaahhh I can't wait!!

  56. 56

    GAGA's a BITCH, WHORE, SLUT and all the fuckin names :D

  57. 57

    Does anyone else find it ironic that she is doing a show with ladders and bad luck…and some paparazzi just died falling off a ladder to get a picture of her? I think that it might be a little insensitive if she goes along with the "ladder theme."

  58. 58

    ^^that simple.

    i'm thinking…. a bit of cake or chocolate? or cut the work outs….
    you see if Mariah Carey was that thin you'd spread utter shit like she's anorexic.
    Lady GaGGaG truly is disgusting; ew.

    i love mariah carey

  59. 59

    Oh, what an icon! nawt. she needs to get over herself.

  60. 60

    does she ever eat…or wear clothes??

  61. 61

    p.s. BALONEY T I T S!!!

  62. 62

    I love her tattoo

  63. 63

    Not only is she ugly, she's stupid looking.

  64. 64

    she looks GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!
    she looks GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!
    she looks GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!
    she looks GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. 65

    love 'em both!