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Miley's Never Even Heard A Jay-Z Song!

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She's not the brightest bulb, is she?

Miley Cyrus openly admitted that she's actually never heard a Jay-Z song, referencing her current Top 40 hit, Party in the USA, adding that she doesn't listen to "pop music."

We wouldn't quite classify Jay as pop, but she's just bein' Miley!

She continues to basically bash the song, further stating that it's "not even my style of music":

"I don't know, I didn't write the song, so I have no idea. Honestly, I picked that song because I needed something to go with my clothing line. I didn't write it and … I didn't expect it to be popular, originally. It was just something that I wanted to do, and I needed some songs and it turned out for the best."

Then she throws God into the mix to make herself seem grateful:

"I'm really blessed for it to have done as well as it has. Totally blessed. God has definitely put me in an amazing position with amazing people."

You got really lucky, Miley. Let's just call it like it is!

The only smart thing she said in this interview was that she will NOT be covering dad Billy Ray Cyrus' 1992 hit Achy Breaky Heart.

Thank God!

[Image via Andres Otero / WENN.]

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215 comments to “Miley's Never Even Heard A Jay-Z Song!”

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  1. 1

    Um. She is.

  2. 2

    bahahahahaha this is funny.

  3. 3

    Number 1: I want to FUCK Miley Cyrus, when she turns 18 of course.

    Number 2: Achy BreakHeart is probably better than most of her songs so she should sing it.

    Number 3: Jay Z sucks. No one knows who he is.

  4. 4

    fuck tard.

  5. 5

    dr. luke is awesome!!! he shouldnt waste his talent on a retarded hillbilly like miley!

  6. 6

    Can't believe what she say.. she is so stupid :S poor girl & is only what 17? what a future :S

  7. 7

    I hate this girl, so so SO much….

  8. 8

    i think everyone wants to punch her in the face.

  9. 9

    miley cyrus is an idiot. she doesn't write her own music and she can't sing. she calls jay z pop?! actually, the crap she sings is pop. miley, please go into a hole and never come out.

  10. vaaka says – reply to this


    What a moron.

  11. 11

    omfg!!!! is she fucking kidding. she doesnt like pop music!?!?!?! HELLLO YOU ARE A FUCKING POP SINGER!!! which leads me to believe she doesnt care what she does as long as it gets her paid. ughh

  12. 12

    this has to be a lie.

  13. 13

    source please.

  14. 14

    iv never actually listened to a jayz song either. its not about stupidity - i just dont listen to the radio. theres probably millions of artists out there that i havent ever heard or that youv never heard. whats the big deal?

  15. 15

    Perez, i love you, but you are seriously the biggest hypocrite in the entire world. You would bash any other artist within an inch of their life if they openly admitted to not writing or caring about the songs they sing. Why do you give Miley Cyrus a pass even though she has no musical integrity??I hate this girl. why is she famous…and who the HELL doesn't know who Jay-Z is…i mean seriously!!!!!!!!!! for being one of the biggest pop-stars today she is unforgivably uncultured!!!!

  16. 16

    She doesn't hear herself then. She is pathetic if she believes tha Jay Z's music is pop lol!!.

  17. 17

    this girl is fucking gorgeous as fuck i cannot wait until she is legal so i can jerk off without feeling guilty…btw jay-z is about as pop as it gets when talking about hip hop, dude is mainstream and sucks

  18. 18

    Re: glamourextra – you dont need to listen to the radio to know who he is or one of his songs…Im sure u have heard one of his songs but u just didnt know it was him!

  19. 19

    Re: ScottLand – its from an interview on mileyworld

  20. elo says – reply to this


    Jay Z is a pop artist sister.

  21. 21

    holy fuck…
    I do not like you Miley…
    i hate that song
    you are fake… and frankly…
    I just think you are a terrible example for young girls.
    That is all.

  22. 22

    Everybody meet your future trainwreck and her name is Miley Cyrus! She will far surpass Britney and Lindsay antics combined in the forseeable future.

  23. 23

    Perez, remember she supports gay marriage? Okay, resume daily ass kissing..

  24. 24

    Whoever you have behind that computer doesn't even know how to read.
    She didn't said that Jay Z sings pop music. She said she doesn't like pop music and that it's "not even my style" referring to her latest hit, "Party in the USA"

    if your gonna copy & paste from other websites at least do it right. DUMBASS!

  25. 25

    Re: ScottLand – I don't know what site its on [if it is on a site], but I heard this clip on the radio. Well, not her not hearing a Jay-Z song, but about her saying pop isn't her thing.

    I feel that /she's/ lying. How can you not hear a Jay-Z song? Especially if you put it into your song. And two, you sing pop, so wtf are you talking about Miley?

  26. nina1 says – reply to this


    well that explains why ppl like the song it's not hers

  27. 27

    Re: shittin_condoms – who the fuck would jack off to miley cyrus…

  28. 28

    Find that hard to believe

  29. 29

    Re: SheHasBigBoobs

    HAHAHAHAHA I Love you for this. I am envious of anyone who doesn't know who Jay-Z is by the way. I sincerely wish I never did.

  30. 30

    Party in the USA is a terrible song .. can't believe it's a hit ..

  31. 31

    Re: FemaleFilmMajor

    my grandma and most people over 40 do not know who Jay-Z is. So I'll say 38% percent of americans do not know who Jay-Z is.

  32. 32


    May the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus be praised, adored and glorified throughout the whole world now and forever.
    Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, pray for me. St. Theresa of the Child Jesus, pray for me. St. Jude, Patron of Hopeless Cases, pray for me and grant this favor I ask.
    (Say this prayer 9 times a day and for 9 consecutive days and publish.) Your request will be granted.

  33. 33

    Way to respect the fans of your pop music, Miley. And the people who write your songs for you. And Jay Z.

  34. 34

    what a hypocrite.

  35. 35

    i knew she wasn't cool enough to know who Jay-Z was :P

  36. 36

    She is so fucking honest even if miley comes like bitch ha! she´s always so real n.n gotta love her. you should see the whole interview before judge, and Jay Z it is Mainstream and that she said "pop" it´s just a prove that she doesn´t know about his music! she olso say in another interview that she loves doing pop music.

  37. 37

    you would think she would be smart enough to listen to a jay z album before she starts singing about loving his music… but that would be assuming miley had a working brain. fact: her frontal lobe is not fully developed yet.

  38. 38

    GO MILEY!! keep it Real n.n

  39. 39

    Ha Perez stole "news" from OceanUp that so low and lame, I love you Perez but like chelsea handler say "leave my Miley alone"

  40. 40

    Re: loquita – shes wanting the attencion!!!!!!!!!!!1 its silly and really out of place. i dont like her at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    pd: love you pic!!!!!!juanes is the best!!!! hes hot and has a HUGE heart there should be news about him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  41. 41

    This girl is so full of it. I don't know why people like her.

  42. 42

    Re: Yellow Peeps – YES! absolutely. that's the point here. Who cares if Miley likes or knows Jay-Z or whatever. Her song is AWFUL.

  43. 43

    She just needs to not talk….ever ever again!

  44. 44


  45. 45

    this is the first time i have ever had a favourable thought about this kid. at least she admits to have nothing do do with a song she recorded. and was recording what she was told to. if more of theses pop artists would admit that they are just part of the record company"s business plan. i would have more respect for them.

  46. 46

    She is so fake, and Jay-Z is not pop. Even if he was though, this statement reveals what's wrong with pop 'artists' like her. They have no passion for what they do. You don't hear a rock singer/band member saying they don't listen to rock music, or a hip-hop artist saying they aren't into hip hop. Also, she doesn't write her own songs, her singing voice is terrible, she's not a great dancer or performer, and her personality is annoying. Why is she successful at all?

  47. 47


  48. 48

    i don't understand how she's never heard a jay-z song when run this town and empire state of mind are played on the radio every other song, not to mention they were both in the top 10 on itunes at some point. plus, he performed at the vma's, and his album was highly anticipated. i dont understand, i thought people in the music business were supposed to listen to other music to see what's going on? i guess this just proves she's not a true artist at all, on so many levels.

  49. 49

    And if she had heard a Jay Z song, you'd be bashing her parents because it contains inappropriate content. This poor girl can't win with you, can she?

  50. 50

    I hate Miley Cyrus. She's the devil in disguise.

  51. 51

    Big deal that she hasn't heard any songs from Jay-Z. I'm sure that Jay-Z doesn't mind…so why the fuck do you people care?

    BTW, pop means popular…have you forgotten that? Or do you believe that Jay-Z isn't popular?

  52. 6one9 says – reply to this



  53. 53

    WOW, HOW COULD YOU NOT KNOW JAY Z MILEY….like what planet do u live on. he's a better artist than you

  54. 54

    Jay-Z is not pop. He's nothing.

  55. 55

    sccoped by rapradar.com this morning

  56. 56

    this girl is FUGLY…i don't understand WHY people out there think miley is so 'gorgeous' shes SO NOT!!!! and she is clearly a dumbass because she IS a pop singer

  57. 57

    Ugh someone tape her mouth shut so she can't talk or sing.

  58. 58

    i swear whenever i hear her songs, it reminds me of the voice in the little song "the hamster dance".

  59. 59

    wow i love party in the usa butt honestly an artist that doesnt listen to other artists or isnt firmiliar with other artists songs and doesnt know how to properly clasify genres is just plain ignorant……smh miley

  60. 60

    If she doesnt listen to pop then how is she a fan of Britney Spears?
    and doesnt she know that half of that music she writes or who ever writes it for her is pop music.
    I like miley but She just does stuff everyday that makes me shake my head

  61. 61

    jay z is best rapper alive well 1 of em
    mileys reminds me of meagen fox

  62. 62

    Dude. she didnt say that she never heard a Jay-z song. she just said that she dont no what Jay-z song was playing in her song. like stop putting words in her mouth to make her look bad !!

  63. 63

    THAT is one of th reasons why i DONT like miley cyrus.shes so fake.

  64. 64

    obnoxious little brat…end of story.

  65. J.Ann says – reply to this


    Such a hypocrite. Annoying as hell.

  66. 66

    ok well she's basically stupid.
    1. she hates pop music, but she sings pop music that doesn't make sense
    2. i thougth she loved britney spears to death, but that's pop music
    3. if she's never heard a jayz song why sing about it? she must have some control over her songs
    4. she said she wrote the song herself.

  67. 67

    she could atleast sound a little greatful to the person who wrote and produced it for getting a her a popular hit. notice i said popular hit, not a #1 hit.

  68. 68

    Brighter than you.

    The Pop in Pop Music comes from Popular. Jay-Z is mainstream. Even if they try to sell it under a different name. Thats called marketing.

    The "God" comment on the other hand is quite naive - or again, marketing

  69. 69

    She rocks

  70. 70

    'i picked that song because I needed something to go with my clothing line'
    - what the shit? just shut up miley and take some new nude photos like you always do

  71. 71

    Re: 6one9 – jay z's nickname is "jigga man". lol

  72. 72

    Re: shittin_condoms
    you are obviously a 40 year old man who other than jerking off daily to underage teenage girls on the net has no life

  73. 73

    Go Figure. Even SHE doesn't like her own music…

  74. 74

    Miley Cyrus is very pretty!!!!!!!!

  75. 75

    That makes her sound so incredibly lame.

  76. 76

    whatta poser o.0

  77. 77

    "God has definitely put me in an amazing position with amazing people"
    More like your hilbilly Dad put you in short shorts on the strippper pole.
    Does anyone really believe this minor hasn't choked down some cock snot yet?

  78. 78

    Me neither. Well to be honest, I tried to listen to Jay-Z, but after the first lines of rap I turned off.

  79. 79

    Re: mrsbrody

    me…in two years or so :P

  80. 80

    Wait, so if pop isnt her type of music, why does she name britney spears one of her idols? Whatta moron.

  81. 81

    What a Dumb BITch I mean I don't listen to jay-Z I used to when I was in middle school but I don't listen to her either her music sucks and what the fuckk is she talkin about she is the pop artist not JAyZ…dumb whore enough of her

  82. 82

    how the fuck hasnt she heard a jay-z song? he's everywhere! you cant escape him!
    and shes a pop singer. HYPOCRITE

  83. Moron says – reply to this


    I haven't either,so what?

  84. 84

    Miley Is A Dumb Ho.

  85. Nesa says – reply to this


    Of course red necks don't know who Jay-Z is. Not too many black people are in the country world. She obviously is trying to put him down. Miley don't think she will ever need black people to buy her stuff.

  86. 86

    you know what i will never get over.. one night drinking at a friends house, i put on nazereth this flight tonight on high blast.. my friend stopped it. and downloaded party in the USA.. i will never look at her the same again

  87. 87

    she doesn't like pop, but that's what she sings. is she just really that stupid or am i missing a part of the picture?

  88. 88


  89. 89

    who cares?? hopefully most teenage girls havent heard a jay z song (especially ones who listen to alternative rock, like miley) because his lyrics are misogynistic, violent, and filled with curse words (like his repeated usage of the nword). honestly, he hasnt really had any huge radio hits over the past couple of words- i feel like listening to him a ton would kind of be like listening to snoop's doggy style record from the early 90's- old and out of date/style, not in touch with the popular and progressive sounds that are defining and pushing forward new music today. (although i must admit, i personally think "roc boys remix" is a fantastic dance song)

  90. 90

    She is sooo cute!

  91. 91

    Re: UMWolverine
    1) is your gradma 16?
    2) is your gradma one of the biggest pop stars in the world?
    3) did your gradma sing a hugely popular song called Party In the USA where Jay-Z's name is mentioned more than once?

    No???…then your gradma has no relevance to this conversation

  92. 92

    by the way, i understand why p i g boy would not consider jay z "popular music"- since his faves are the suga babes, the saturdays, lady caca, and girls aloud, jay z practically qualifies as intellectual, indie prog rock!!! ahahahahaha the man himself has probably never heard even a snippet of a jay z song in all of his 32 years . . . its blatantly obvious from the shitty 13 year old's ipod playlist that he considers artistic music. . .and that he has signed to his destined to fail record line (kind of like his clothing line, his book, his attempts to market himself and befriend celebrities, etc.)

  93. 93

    Hell, I've never heard a Jay-Z song. Guess that makes me and probably a few million other people stupid too, right?

  94. 94

    Eh, she's a kid. We all do and say dumb stuff when we're that age. We just get to go it privately as opposed in front of the world.

  95. 95

    Why are calling her a "fake bitch",i've read this in one comment,she's being honest,not a fake girl!
    By "pop",i think she means "mainstream".
    And Honestly,i know who Jay-Z is,but i've never heard a song of him(should i be ashamed?!) neither!

  96. 96

    eww shes so ugly! And to all those people saying Jay-Z is pop, wow you need your ears tested! Hes obviously hip-hop…

  97. 97

    Re: stephie0989 – PMSL!

  98. 98

    wtf? miley is the most honest person out there in hollyfreak.

    all you wack a$$ HOLLYWOOD people are fake as BARBIE


    miley called you out saying you are a douche report that. you can't because it is the truth.

    stop twisting her interview around making it seem like a negative.

    stfu!!!! stop gettin your information from other sites like oceanup!!!

  99. 99

    These hillbillies are so Irritating! Her career went up as quick as her fathers and now that she ACTS like him, he's deflating JUST as quick as his did! BYE BYE!

  100. 100

    Re: LauraLou – hmmm shes not a hillbilly seeing as shes lived in l.a. since she was 12 (probably a bigger city then wherever you live), traveled the world (GUARANTEED more well traveled then yourself) and has a hell of a lot more Balmain, Chanel, and Valentino gowns then you do, thats for sure!!

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