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Britney "Upset" By Australian Fans

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Britney Spears' first tour in Australia continues to feel the heat and it's upsetting the pop princess!

After being criticized by the Australian media for lip-syncing (duh!) and reports of fans walking out of Brit Brit's show, her tour promoter quickly came to her defense saying:

"Britney is aware of all this and she’s extremely upset by it. She’s a human being. I’m embarrassed, with such a big international entourage here with Britney, to be part of the Australian media when I see that kind of totally inaccurate reporting.”

We really don't understand all of the fuss. Britney has ALWAYS lipsynched her performances and everyone knows this — and doesn't care! It's about the dancing and the "incredible spectacle" of the show!

Keep it up Australia or you can be sure Britney won't be going down under on her next tour!

[Image via WENN.]

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221 comments to “Britney "Upset" By Australian Fans”

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  1. 101

    I live in Brisbane, Australia and I'm going to Britney's 24th November show. Besides being a Britney Spears fan being the reason I'm attending her show, I was amazed by the fact that she has never toured in Australia before and I figured this is a once in a lifetime opportunity! Therefore I am definately going! We don't get massive shows (which is exactly what the Circus is) in Australia. We have missed out on some amazing shows because we are so far away and majority of the arena and entertainment centres cannot fit a show of this caliber! This is nothing but STANDARD for the Australian Media to create such scare mongering! EXTREMELY TYPICAL!!! We urge you Britney to not conform to these pathetic attempts! Please do not feel discouraged from touring this beautiful country again!

  2. CBE says – reply to this


    Why should anyone go to a concert that is not a concert? It's a stage show with a soundtrack. Sorry, but if I'm going to pay good money for a CONCERT, I EXPECT A CONCERT! Would you go to a Broadway show where people lip-sync'd the whole play? Of course not! So why should you pay good money to watch someone who is suppose to be a singer lip-sync to their synthesized soundtrack? Save your money and buy the CD. It really is a theatrical ripoff. Next, they will only be on-stage half the time, with a double doing the rest (how can you tell at a distance?). Give them an inch and they will take a mile, and it still comes out of your pocket.

  3. 103

    Re: alexis13 – "…she can put a little more effort than she has been putting in". Shitney hasn't made an effort to do ANYTHING for several years, other than go to gas stations, Rite-Aide, shop in expensive Hollywood stores and eat too much junk food. She obviously doesn't care about her fans, her public persona or her children.

    Whether her lackluster performances are due to medication, boredom or diminished metal capacity is irrelevant. She should retire from show business immediately and concentrate on trying to behave like an adult parent.

  4. 104

    Re: HalfFull – hahah thats gold!!

  5. 105

    im an aussie and i really dont care if britney never comes back here lol

  6. 106

    Woh cares, it's still her and it's one amazing show

  7. 107

    Re: Madonna_#1fan_4ever! – you say by your nickname that you're THE fan of Madonna.. but madonna would be ashame to have a "fan" like you.. Madonna recognize Britney's skills as a Performer,Madonna is a loving /lovely person who spread the peace..wich you don't by commenting Hatefully here about Britney Spears.

  8. 108

    Miss P!nk never lip sync's! even do acrobats 30 ft in the air. ♥

  9. ganza says – reply to this


    So now its about the dancing and the spectacle? LOL Britney has never been able to get her ass to follow her chest without a five second delay. Does that mean she's all about spectacle? This is all about embracing mediocrity and the Aussies aren't having it.

  10. 110

    This is so offensive!
    I saw Brits first showi n Perth and LOVED it! Aussie fans knew she was going to lip-sync and still paid the money and therefore should not be complaining - she was AMAZING!
    however, it is sooooo rude for everyone to bag all aussies out for the comments of some - the majority of concert goers loved the show.
    Dont bag out all the aussies for the comments of some!

  11. 111

    Ok Perez let's clear up some things. First of all, no one in Aus is even talking about this. The headlines today included a murder investigation and the retirement of a radio dj NOT BRITNEY'S CONCERT. people care more about radio personalities than britney's performances, doesn't that indicate something to you?

    second of all, lip-synching wasn't mentioned four days ago when this was vaguely newsworthy, it was the fact that fans in the back of the arena couldn't see a thing even though the venue does have big screens.

    but like i said, four days ago, for five minutes, this was being discussed. now, all of you oversensitive americans need to move on.

  12. 112

    In short, the concert was shit. No one cares she lip synch's, people care that it was practically her walking around the stage singing like, one song. And half the audience only saw her back, because of the 'circus' set up. People got pissed because they didn't even see her.
    Get over it, because no one in australia actually cares about this.

  13. 113

    Chunky monkey.

  14. 114

    Re: CBE – Exactly!

    Now I live in Sydney and avoided going to see Britney due to the fact that paying $200 for someone to pretend to sing and rely on her back up dancers is a freaking rip off! I paid around that much to watch Mamma Mia! and the quality of the performers' voices was outstanding and they managed to do it while doing dance routines.

    I would rather spend that money going to small gigs, like Anberlin and The Academy Is…, which is quarter the price and I KNOW the songs are going to be sung live.

    Maybe it's just Aussies have standards on how they like their performers. Also, the double-standards Americans have is quite annoying (e.g. basically shaming Ashlee Simpson for lip syncing on national TV, which is viewed for FREE, yet praising Britney for charging people for doing the exact same thing).

  15. 115

    What an idiot! Good grief, Mario - live concerts aren't about dancing and 'incredible spectacle' of the show. They're about live musical performances. Singers are first and foremost singers. If they're not going to actually sing, then they have no business on stage. Let Britney Spears do Dancing With the Stars.

  16. 116

    C'mon - who in their right mind would want to pay to see someone lip synch….I would more gratification out of a music video than watching someone lip synch on stage!

  17. 117

    Anyway, she's not a singer! She don't have a voice, her natural voice (without lip sync) is completely terrible! So… who care!?!

  18. 118

    Come on.. she's hurt and upset?

    Ask yourselves three questions;
    How long has this girl had a career now? A- Around 10 years
    How much support has she had from Australian fans? A- LOTS
    How many times previously to this has she actually bothered to play a show over here? A- AFTER A 10 YEAR CAREER!

    And do you know how much tickets even cost? A RIDICULOUS amount..
    This is plainly how much she respects and values her Australian fans! She's here to take our money from album sales and overpriced concert tickets and she can't sing ONE word live?


  19. 119

    this is really starting to shit me off.. i would prefer you put Australian media at the end of the sentence as i have talked to all my friends about this topic and i can assure you 97% of Australia doesn't give a rats ass.. so get your damn gorilla head facts right.. fuck Australian media making us look like wining fucks

  20. 120

    FIRST OF ALL, to all of you dissing Aussies, only a few people complained! So get over it. Which means, the rest of us don't care!

    And a few of the ones that did complain had the right too, considering they paid $1500 for ONE ticket.

  21. 121

    100 Helens agree that NO ONE cares about this has been go hang with Old bag blahdonna. stupid bitch better pay her alimony

  22. Anlaj says – reply to this


    We don't care for lack of talent and we don't care for American trash…..one more tie we can cut with the yankies!

  23. 123

    To the person who called Australian fans 'stupid' - I resent that. A few high-profile journalists with the opinion that she should sing live does not represent the Australian population of 'fans'. So you know what? Shut the hell up. I don't go around calling American's stupid. Have some respect, buddy.

  24. 124

    To be fair, I know people who were working at her Perth, WA show and they were getting abused for her performance. The audience were yelling at the crowd control because they didn't feel they were getting what they had paid for. People were not only outraged because she was lip-syncing, but because she was not entertaining as is meant to be garanteed with her shows. She was not interacting with the audience, she spent most of the night with her back to the audience, and it was very obvious that she couldn't care less about being in a "small town" like Perth. For a city like ours, it's a major thing for an entertainment act like that to come here, it's so huge that I'd dare say we appreciate it more then those that get a chance to see these artists practially every year while we maybe see it every few years. Our money is as good as anyones and when we pay hundreds of dollars to see a show, we expect a certain level of entertainment and I for one don't appreciate these artists coming here and putting on a half arsed show. We are basically their salary, we are paying for a service and it's only fair we get what we've paid for.

  25. 125

    maybe it's about time singers can sing again? The dancing and the show are just mere decoration.
    Maybe it's a sign of the times that people want some honesty, some reality, not just a facade.

  26. 126

    i remember a couple of years ago and she didnt even know what australia was!

  27. 127

    "Keep it up Australia or you can be sure Britney won't be going down under on her next tour!"

    One can only hope.

  28. 128

    And that would be a bad thing?

  29. 129

    Re: LucianaRavioli
    maybe thats why no one ever plays there. because your media keeps on abusing them

  30. 130

    Re: Little Miss Genius – Sorry to inform you, but Kylie Minogue has never sung live, because she sounds about as good as drowning cats.

  31. 131

    If P!NK & the Black Eyed Peas can have spectacular concerts with awesome dancing & sing live, why the flip can't Shitney?

  32. 132

    Talentless Shitney should be more upset and embarrassed that she is such an unfit mother and still does not have primary custody of her own two children. And Fat K-Fed is about to give Brit Brit's little unloved tax deductions another bastard stepbrother or stepsister. Keep spreading that seed, K-Douche! You can never have enough illegitimate vermin. Maybe you and Shitney can have some more when she goes batshit crazy again. It's coming sooner than ya think…..

  33. 133

    i am australian and i do understand the fuss…….people are paying double the price of Pink who did 50 or so shows around aus who SINGS LIVE UPSIDE DOWN …but that wasn't even the point…if poeple read…it said poeple left because she didnt look enthusiastic as she was singing and when it cost $120 PLUS you expect the performer to dance like she wants to be there and i know the arenas here…they are huge and would love to see the singer on a big screen when u can't see them properly and that was the point…they couldn tsee her ont eh screen because they wouldnt show her…
    Of course everyone knows britney lip synchs but they would at least like a GOOD performance for what they pay
    so i think everyone should stop saying it is AUSTRALIA's fault or whatever that we say this…coz it is fair … a concert is about a performance

  34. 134

    I dont even give a fuck, get this trailer trash out of our country!

  35. 135

    For those who actually prefer their musicians actually sing and play their own instruments, Breaking Benjamin are touring for the promotion of their new album.

  36. 136

    any TRUE britney fan knows its not about the singing, it is about the performance..the dancing the entnertaining, heck even the scandal. i saw her in phoenix. had the worst possible seats (there was one row behind me, full of girls younger than me, just as excited) i was disappointed there were no screens (there were screens but for some strange reason they werent being used) so the only britney i saw was the blonde flipping hair. but i dont care…its britney bitch!!!!! i just wish it didnt cost almost $600 to see her up close, cuz it woulda been awesome….get that key word: SEE her. not HEAR her.

  37. 137

    I;m also from oz and i couldnt care less , but just because a few ppl complained that does;nt mean the whole country thinks she is crap.

  38. 138

    i do love me some live music. but not britney live, its not the same. paramore live= awesome. linkin park live= awesome. david cook live= awesome. britney singing= not so awesome, britneys performances= awesome!!

  39. 139

    This baggy old whore couldn't perform her way out of a paper bag. If her alleged "fans" don't understand this, they are as mentally feeble as she is.

  40. 140

    Silly me, thinking that a live concert is something where an artist sings live.
    If all she can do is dancing around, why doesn't she just stick to making videos?

  41. 141

    Having read all the comments and being Australian, I'm so disappointed with the nasty comments from land that gave the world trailer trash. And that is nothing to be proud of. Australian love live shows, they love when performers interacting with the crowds. I don't give a flying fart what the media says. You'd have be pretty thick to believe this beat up story. But please America, take back your trailer trash. Aussie have high standards…please, you can have her back now…or at the very least get her to wash her hair!!!

  42. 142

    OMG how dare they get pissed that someone doing a concert do more than walk around the stage and lip synch!

    It's a good thing she went nutso or she would be a total has been now.
    She doesn't put on a show, the 100 plus dancers and the huge production is the show. She is a bad joke.

    And boo hoo Britney- making millions to do nothing is so sad. Oh well. She gets away with doing nothing all the time and deserves to be called on the joke of a performance she does.

    BTW how gross is she with t he tear in her stockings and fat ass.

  43. 143

    OMG FUCK SAKE.. its nott the hole of australia. fuck u you act like there are like 100 people in the country jeez.. i think people were pissed cuz she wasnt as 'on' as she should have been because she had only just arrived and was probably buggered. for fuck sake we know she lipsyncs thats not the issue.. i dont care im soo excited to see her next friday !! :D :D

  44. 144

    Re: kimmykye

    Can you please get that in writing…

  45. 145

    Re: _Revolver _ – Calm down Revolver. You'll hurt yourself. There are 22 million people in Australia-21,999,990 don't give a flying fuck about Britney Spears so to call an entire country scum is carrying on just a liiitttle bit wouldn't you say?

  46. sezza says – reply to this


    being from australia i can say that the whole britney lip synching thing has practically blown over here, she is barely even making the news, seriously tiger woods is getting more news time. The actual show was slammed as the big screens did not show her only her dancers so people further back in the arena could not see, the lip synching was mention for a moment by a minster who was using her as an example as to why ticket prices should be monitered and disclamers used for lip-synching.
    Its not like australia has never had a preformer come here and mime before

  47. Cat84 says – reply to this


    I went to the concert on Friday night in Perth, Australia & LOVED it. She was a tiny speck on stage but it was very entertaining, just like the circus!! And I loved how "Perez" opened up the show on the big screen. It was a awesome show & come back again Brit.

  48. 148

    Thank you for calling Britney princess of pop again ! Shes the princess of pop and will always be ! I love u Perez :)

  49. 149

    Just maybe Aussies thought they were getting someone half as talented as "Pink"

    On second thoughts you should not Say the names Pink and Brit in the same sentence!… One is very talented… The other is just out there making a few dollars before her career desolves completely! :)

  50. 150

    I don't think there has been THAT much news coverage of this at all - so I think it may actually be HER entourage being a bit sensitive about it all.

    One thing though Perez, there is no need for the threat about "Keep it up Australia or you can be sure Britney won't be going down under on her NEXT tour!"……ummm, this IS her first tour of Australia (or so my britney-mad friend has told me!)……so I guess that we all kind of expected that being her career 'come-back' tour, perhaps she would actually try to show her PAYING FANS that she still has talent - especially after the MTV debacle…….maybe singing live could have proven that she's to be taken seriously…?!
    sorry - must be thinking of someone else!!

  51. sojel says – reply to this


    Uhhh Perez, that's the point- Australia DOESN'T WANT HER. No one gives a shit if she comes back here- she's washed up. Australia went crazy for Justin, Pink and Beyonce- we have taste.

  52. 152

    maybe you guys should focus on all the other celebrities in Australia right now and how australia is reacting to them because they are actually talking to the media and still having fun ask Joel and Benji, Pete Wentz, and MC Hammer!

  53. 153

    Re: Nosey Parker – we did its just that she hasn't toured here before and we aren't used to "miming" she is also not talking to the press which is the STUPIDEST thing you can do when you are a celebrity and its your first time here!

  54. 154

    Re: Gigit – AUSTRALIANS as people are not our MEDIA are!!!

  55. 155

    The fact that she dosn't sing live is disgraceful, honestly why do people go to see her if she's not even singing. Justin Timberlake gives it some welly with his dancing and sings amazingly at the same time.

    I don't know why anyone would pay those prices to see her.

  56. 156

    awww i feel bad
    i loved her concert and so did the majority of people

  57. 157

    I am from Australia, and im going to see Britney in Melbourne on Thursday, i new she would lip snyc when i brought my ticket, everyone did. and i couldnt care less. i would pay the money to just see her for 5 minutes, i LOVE her. thursday will be the best day of my life!! SO excited.

  58. 158

    Hey why are people being so hypocritical about Britney? People like Ashlee Simpson (to name just one) get publicly shamed for lip synching on live TV in the US (which I don't think is that big a deal) but it's fine for another American singer to tour the world (oh that Excludes poor New Zealand since she isn't coming here!), charge huge $$ for tickets and then doesn't even sing live- I think that's far worse! Go see a rock band- they all sing live and wouldn't be caught dead lip synching

  59. 159

    This is such bull#*@t, I'm in Australia, know one here is saying anything of the sort about Brit Brit! Who cares if she lip sync's, the show is worth it!!!!!

  60. 160

    Keep your talentless crap, America. We don't want her back.

  61. 161

    All the complaining wasn't so much about her lip synching (duh everyone knew she does) but the fact that she didnt TRY: she didnt even pretend to sing, she just chewed gum. And that was only seen by the people up the front.

    There were no TV screen so the people who paid $150 for a ticket at the back couldnt see anything except tiny little ant people under the spotlight really far away on the stage.

    They should have set up TV screens.

    And "she wont come down under on her next tour" well, she didnt come "down under" on any of her other tours so we're used to it

  62. 162

    Wow, from all the world the Aussies are the only ones with sense, finally someone puts Britney in her place, she can't sing and she can't dance her days are over…

  63. 163

    I still think its some cheap ass people who wanted tickets, but don't want to pay full price for them!

    If they thought Britney was going to put on a full live set, them I have a viable Dinosaur egg to sell one of them !

  64. 164

    I have no respect for a performer that has no respect for their audience. She views them with contempt. It's about time that someone has taken her to task. One of the Milli Vanilli members jumped out a window over this. If this hits her wallet & ppl start voting with their money, paying only to see artists that don't lipsynch; we'll see less of this.

  65. 165

    For once I agree with you Perez! Did Australian fans really think Britney was singing!?

  66. 166


  67. 167

    [re=4488828]Re: jenjen

  68. 168

    What the HELL is wrong with people ?
    I would LOVE to see ANYONE get there ASS on a stage DANCE and sing for an hour and sound GOOD at that…
    You can't have it both ways…NO ONE IS THAT GOOD..
    For those that try, well its not working like you may think…..
    I would say dumb-ass Australians but this World is crawling with DUMB-ASSES of all nationality's…

  69. 169

    Someone should send that unpleasant songstress (if that, indeed, is what she purports to be) back to Louisiana, lock her in the bedroom of her home, and throw away the key so that she
    cannot continue to occupy the limelight when she doesn't have either the talent to sing or the integrity to admit it. Her 15
    minutes of fame should have ended years ago. When I think
    of all the people who have been blessed with REAL talent it
    rankles me no end that Ms. Spears gets to tour and make
    millions but has so little to offer her befuddled fans.

  70. 170

    For those australians who knew britney spears always lip-synced during concerts and still whine about it after the concert, GET A LIFE, do you think you're so special that britney spears has to sing live to you? DON't FUCKING spend money on tickets and attend the concert if you don't like lip-syncing britney spears, easy as that. For australians who don't know she lipsynchs, too bad, you're a frog in the well. I am no fan of britney spears, but really those austrailans who whine and walked out of her concert just seem so pathetic to me.

  71. 171

    Britney lip snycs because she CAN'T sing.

  72. 172

    We don't tolerate CRAP in Australia. We keep everything very real and anything that is not real is considered TOOL material !! Hence AC/DC, Hugh Jackman. We have disowned Russell Crowe accordingly………

  73. 173

    You don't get it! The whole lip synching + paying $200 a pop for it was the tiniest part of this "outcry". Everyone knows she lip synchs, we get it… but her Friday night show in Perth (and Saturday to a lesser extent) were a let down because she didn't "bring it". Instead she was stiff and had hardly any interaction with the crowd. That's what the fuss in Perth was about, not about her lip synching - that was just a few ignorant fans who thought she was actually going to sing (idiots). So seriously, it was a bad review.. everyone gets them, it wasn't her greatest concert, all performers have an off day.. so lay off the Aussies for telling it like it is. Britney wouldn't have got the reviews she did had the concert been better (but still lip synched) and worth the money.

  74. 174

    You know what? the few people that walked out of the concert "disappointed" or "disillusioned" by Britney's lip-synching make the rest of us Aussie's look like a bunch of wousers and wankers!! Brit has lip-synched her entire career, big hairy deal!!! She's an inspiration to people everywhere cos she hit rock bottom and came str8 back up again…give the poor kid a chance! She deserves it!!! So from this Aussie to the wouser Aussies….PULL YA BLOODY HEADS IN!

  75. 175

    Im kinda annoyed by the fact that u Americans reckon that us Aussies ALL hate Britney. yes its stupid that she cant be nothered singing live, but thats what Idol is for, coz we know they can sing live. But not all of us Aussies hate that, some of my fellow perth people, most of them seeming to be over 25, are complaining that they couldnt see her well due to lack of screens, which is fair, but NOT EVERY SINGLE AUSTRALIAN hates her for it. we were smart enough to realise that we didnt need tickets to hear her sing, we just need to turn on the radio.

  76. 176

    Also i think the fact that this was her first appearance in Perth impacted on this. the first day of her first nation-wide tour of australia, and she couldnt be bothered talking to the crowd. thats what i call ungrateful on her part: people pay her money, give her a salary, and she shows very little gratitude!

  77. 177

    Were do you think Australia is, under a rock?? I live in Perth and of course we knew that Britney lip synced! Even the radio stations promoting her concert joked and advertised that she would be lip syncing. What the crowd was angry about is that she didnt interact.. Britney didnt address us by our city but as Australia.. she said about two sentences the whole night! We didnt expect her to sing live.. but a little more then a token "hi its great to be here" would of nice. Other than that the performance was really amazing!

  78. 178

    michael jackson never lip singed

  79. Kalia says – reply to this


    I don't even know why people go to see someone mime. And she isn't even that good at it. Its like she is going through the motions. My friend took her daughter to see it and she said it was bad. Brit doesn't even dance like she used to. She walks…mimics her words, looks bored and my friend said it was like she was going through the motions. Sad. And yet people line up to pay big bucks…for what?? To be disappointed? My friend got freebies from a contest–so thats how she went. But paying 200.00 to see her, nobody is worth that.

  80. 180

    man she is fat….she has no discernible talent, just a pre-packaged pop "princess," but atleast her body rocked back in late 90's after she had her tits done and lipo. Her face has never been anything to write home about–but now it looks old and hard. Her only fans are fat women and gay men like perez.

  81. 181

    Regardless of the fact that she's always lipsynched her performances, it is kind of a cop out. I think people have always felt that way about it. If she actually sang, she would be one hell of a performer. She makes up for it by putting on a hell of a circus-type show, but still…. it's nice that someone is kicking up a fuss. Maybe one day, lipsynching won't be so mainstream and accepted and it'll make room for people with legitamate talent to take center stage.

  82. 182

    Perez you fat fuck, if we aussies are walking out of her concert, do you really think we give a fuck if she comes back?

  83. 183

    Well I think with the price we pay for these friggin concert tickets the least the headliner can do is sing live! WTF!!! They are all Divas anyway!

  84. 184

    maybe I'm old fashioned, but when I go to a concert I pay to hear the band perform live. Not put on some flashy show and lip-sync. So who cars if Britney is hurt. Maybe she should go back to actually singing and selling tickets at a reasonable price. Then maybe concert goers wouldn't be so pissed off.

  85. 185

    Well if shes upset, get your act together, and start singing live :|

  86. 186

    I travelled over 2000km for the first show on Friday night and it was fan-fucking-tastic! I was standing, i could see Britney and i could hear the music. It was an absolutley great show! So good i paid the $1500 to go again on the Saturday and it absolutley blowed me away…best show eva!!!!!! people who walked out abviously arent fans otherwise they would have just stayed because OMG its Britney Spears! I went to see a show not hear her sing and it was a damn good show! LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!

  87. 187

    Re: omggchristie – thats sad.

  88. 188

    I'm an Aussie and yeah the media and general population are tough, but that's cos we've been raised on raw talent. Look at Kylie Minogue, 20 years ago she had no credibility with the Australian media, she HAD to prove she had talent, she would've got laughed out of town if she got up and lip synched an entire concert so busted her butt to put on a brilliantly visual show and sing live! Maybe Britney should take a leaf out of Kylie's book and actually pick up her game instead of taking the easy option! It'll serve her better in the long run!

  89. 189

    this story is late so what if she lip syncs i've been to all her concerts in england and with each one they are the best concerts ive ever been too and britney isnt the only person who lip syncs christina did at the 2008 vmas janet jackson did at this years vmas michael jackson use to lip sync madonna even lip syncs elton john called her out i dont careif britney sings or not if i wanted to listen to singing id listen to a cd britney is the best and no body puts on a show like her i love her soo much

  90. 190

    wow, Perez, a lot of this photos looked photoshopped recently. First that pic of Kristen Stewart inthose ugly jeans and now this one. BS's legs are not that big. She isn't Serena Willilams…..

  91. 191

    Wow, Perez, a lot of this photos looked photoshopped recently. First, that pic of Kristen Stewart inthose ugly jeans and now this one. BS's legs are not that big. She isn't Serena Willilams…..

  92. 192

    it is amazing what fans take from 'entertainers' now. In the 90s, madonna got ripped for lip synching. Milli vanilli-lipsynching then finding out they did not even sing the song? gone and one committed suicide. People expected LIVE shows. okay, they were not perfect, but that made it even better. they did not do there for dancing and who can see from the 300 section anyway. I am truely amazed who is famous, their voices are changed to beyond recognition, then they don't sing live-why? BECAUSE MAYBE THEY CAN'T???

  93. 193

    To put on an amazing show, you don't have to choose either dancing or singing.

    Tina Turner, Cher, Cyndi Lauper, are just a few names of people who not only do both, but do it amazingly. They put on a spectacle of a show with incredible LIVE performances. Also, they have quite a few years on Britney.

    Britney's too young to be so lazy. She's a drunk bitch…not a superstar performer as you like to think she is.

  94. 194

    Obviously someone does care. And obviously Britney knows there is something shady about calling herself a singer and not being able to sing live, or she wouldn't be upset. If she had always been billed as a show and not as a singer, it wouldn't be such a big deal. But she isn't billed as just a show. People are calling it that now to defend this. She makes music (and money) as a singer. Maybe it's time for her to change the image of pop star from 10 years ago, so she can move forward as a "show". Any way you look at it though it's a bit tragic.

  95. 195

    Re: Laury – "Concert"—A performance given by one or more SINGERS or instrumentalists or both. Britney is neither. See why people are upset?

  96. 196

    I think people should care…She is supposed to be a SINGER. Logically, she is supposed to sing! for real! WHAT A RIP OFF

  97. 197

    Britney please be strong! We support you!

  98. 198

    australians are behind the times lol. as if you would go into a britney concert expecting anything more….shes just a cheap act anyway! why anyone would pay 150+ to go see her I will never know

  99. 199

    UH…that's the whole point, Perez, the Aussies do not care! They want someone who is the real deal, someone who can actually sing. Sorry, Britney, you're a sweetie, but…the show is apparently over.

  100. 200

    I love Britney, but the show it so olllld now. It's time to get this tour over with and her line of clothing to come out. Honestly.

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