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Britney "Upset" By Australian Fans

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Britney Spears' first tour in Australia continues to feel the heat and it's upsetting the pop princess!

After being criticized by the Australian media for lip-syncing (duh!) and reports of fans walking out of Brit Brit's show, her tour promoter quickly came to her defense saying:

"Britney is aware of all this and she’s extremely upset by it. She’s a human being. I’m embarrassed, with such a big international entourage here with Britney, to be part of the Australian media when I see that kind of totally inaccurate reporting.”

We really don't understand all of the fuss. Britney has ALWAYS lipsynched her performances and everyone knows this — and doesn't care! It's about the dancing and the "incredible spectacle" of the show!

Keep it up Australia or you can be sure Britney won't be going down under on her next tour!

[Image via WENN.]

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221 comments to “Britney "Upset" By Australian Fans”

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  1. 201

    I'd never spend my good money to go see anyone lip synch a concert. That just tells me that her voice is fake. It's been doctored in the studio. What they're selling here is a dance number with lots of glittery fluff. People would be stupid to want to see that. They're making her rich while she's cheating you!! Get REAL Britney!!!!!!!

  2. 202

    and that is why she is a dancer and not really a musician. I guess it does need to be advertised more, people shouldn't be paying for money to see her sing.

  3. 203

    I sure wouldnt pay $200 just to see someone 'dance'.

  4. 204

    I'd be upset too. This makes me sad for Brit. As if they didn't know she lip-syncs? How stupid.

  5. 205

    Who gives a shit…Britney is an untalented mess….if you want to see a REAL show where the entertainer actually sings…see Kylie Minogue…saw her here in L.A. and she was amazing…saw the Britney show and it was probably the worst concert I have ever seen in my life….Sad when you can't even sing one song live…she's pathetic….

  6. 206

    I think Australian's are also probably smart enough to recognize REAL talent…unfortunately we here in America celebrate no talent bimbos…Gee the music in the USA stinks…..

  7. 207

    Even though several people here say that everybody knows Britney never sings live, it's also something everybody is allowed to expect when going to a concert, to see an artist performing live. If Britney is just unable to sing live, she shouldn't be giving concerts and take singing lessons instead. Why people even bother paying good money to see BritBrit is beyond me..

  8. 208

    you know one way to stop that??? STOP LIP SINGING!!!!!

  9. 209

    Thats funny dude!!! And meanwhile, Australians LOVE Christina Aguilera!!!! Because she can actually Sing and Perform and put on a Great Show!!!!!

  10. 210

    I'd be upset if I paid top dollar to go and see someone lip syncing…. she gets the big money to sing, not dance around and move her lips without sound!

  11. 211

    I had a Dog named Btitney; She also had a Nasty,Stinky Puss like Brit-Brit…

  12. 212

    I you can't sing live don't perform live. Duh. I'm amazed at the number of Americans who will support a show where the artist pretends to sing. That's just stupid. Stay home and watch videos, of that's what you like.

  13. 213

    This fat whore looks like a man. She has fat man legs. And she has never had any talent. Lose weight bitch.

  14. 214

    How about some acurate reporting Perez. I'm Australian living in Australia and the only place I hear about fans being upset by Britney's lipsynching is American websites. Check your source Perez. Ah the sad world of gossip - don't condemn a whole country Perez or we won't want you back either.

  15. 215

    As an Aussie I can only hope she never returns! Hope she leaves with the shits!

  16. kymaa says – reply to this


    I see Britney Tonight at Rod Laver in Melbourne and im totally shocked about how many people don't understand about performances and live singing. all i can say is Britney is the pop Princess and some snotty nosed people in Australia (although i LOVE my country) are NOT going to bring her down!,, Keep going girl!!!

  17. 217

    Us australians might be the only people to care, but if we pay hundreds to see a LIVE act, we want a LIVE act, and I mean the singing not the dancing. Everyone else might settle for less but thats a joke. Stay home and listen to her CD.

  18. 218

    When ppl say Britney Spears what comes to mind? Great singer? no, Good vocalist? no good performer? YES!

    Im an Aussie and to be honest, I dont know anyone who really cares she lip syncs, our medica is so efing shit they report of bullshit stories most that arent real then go on about it for dayyss!! so next time you see something from austrlian reporting please ignor it.

  19. 219

    Re: chloek – we just dont want someone so fake in our country. thats it. sorry. you have your opinion.

    hey, she can lipsync but atleast make it look real.

  20. 220

    Get a clue Brittany, people don't like being scammed for all that money!

  21. 221

    I wouldnt pay £2 to see Britney do anything, she was good once but not anymore she needs to quit while shes behind and concentrate on being a good mother to her boys cos lets face it shes faild thm a bit. Why would you restart a career that screwed ya life up in the first place. Is being famous really more important than ya family and ya sanity?

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