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But What He Really Wants To Do Is Act

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Adam Lambert has dropped an oh-so-subtle hint that he would like to act.

The American Idol runner-up revealed: "I hope acting's in my future, yeah. It is something that I've done a lot over the past eight or 10 years. If the opportunity came up and it was the right thing, I would love to be a part of a film. Right now, I am going to work on the album first. One thing at a time, right!"

One thing at a time!

You gotta get the music thing right first!

[Image via Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.]

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95 comments to “But What He Really Wants To Do Is Act”

  1. 1

    He would be amazing on the big screen…he needs to find the right part though…he's gonna do it all..i have no doubt. LOVE him :)

  2. 2

    spare me.

  3. 3

    Go Adam!

    Perez it HATING!!! LoL…

    And you know it!

  4. 4

    Put him in Highschool Musical 6 or something

  5. 5

    ywlisi wmymtwci msmay Been want to tell you those things all day! Nite b. yn ym 46 ms

  6. 6

    closeup? have you seen his pictures and tv interviews? he has really bad skin, gross. pot holes!

  7. 6one9 says – reply to this


    I think I'd rather see Adam sing and dance all naughty and stuff. He did the drama geek thing years ago ~~ Let it goooo Adam!! :)

  8. 8

    Why does every freakin' singer all of the sudden think they can act also?? We have enough of these people…get over yourself

  9. 9

    I just learned that Adam Lambert is a fire crotch! Who knew?

  10. 10

    Adam is the finest entertainer to come along in a generation. He will be huge and will have an empire–music, movies, clothing line, etc. He's capable of doing it all.

    Perez, you are a sack of shit. You're a hatemonger and you thrive on negativity and strife. No wonder you get physically attacked and sued, I hope it happens more often. Next time Teddy takes a shit on the floor, remind your mother to clean it up. Don't you keep her on the payroll for that?

  11. 11

    Hey Marycherry83 …… because he's been an actor! Duh!

  12. 12

    oh course he does….real shocker there…*smh*

  13. 13

    Re: Lady_Saccharine_Sweetness – HSM 6 - Revenge Of The Emos

  14. cixi says – reply to this


    Isn't his 15 minutes up yet… I can't stomach him

  15. 15

    Re: Cassielyn – shut up, you are worthless

  16. 16

    Yo Perez-I think you missed the "in my future" line!!! And I hope he does act in the future-he's an amazing performer no matter what stage he's on.

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  18. 18

    Umm..no thanks…

  19. 19


  20. 20

    Adam is a citizen of a democratic country. He has ABSOLUTELY every right to do whatever the hell he want whenever the hell he wants to as long as it's legal. Give him a friggin' break, how would all u people feel if suddenly people started criticizing u ’cause u say "I think i wanna be a painter", or "I'd like to be designer". All people are entitled to have dreams, so give Adam a fu****g break.

  21. 21

    UGH…I'm so sick of this dude. His stupid clothes, his dyed hair. Just go away. His first single sucked ass. It sounded like a male version of something Gaga or Britney would do. Who wants to see him in a movie anyway?

  22. 22

    Clearasil or Proactive may be hiring an actor.

  23. 23

    Are you serious Perez? Hating on Adam today!! WTF! this amazing Man could do anything. Hope someday he does act he'll be amazing! I would definately want to be the actress, he could paw me anytime! Romantic scenes he would sizzle the screen! Don't care about his sexuality! His voice is the BEST! He's the Sexiest dude around! everytime I see him I WANT MORE! BRING ON MORE ADAM! He's talented, JAW DROPPING GORGEOUS!! Go ADAM! Stop the Jealousy Perez your mad because he won't look at you. I bet he would go with a women quicker!!

  24. ap076 says – reply to this


    I think like we can have it take place at spring break in Florida and have like singing and dancing and get another AI star to make it a romance. We should totally call it "From Adam to Kris".

  25. ap076 says – reply to this


    And I forgot when they order a pizza in the movie all they will have to do is shoot footage of Adam's face.

  26. 26

    GO ADAM! i love him! hot hot hot ;) HE CAN DO WHATEVER HE WANTS!!!

  27. 27

    ANOTHER poser with limited music ability who REALLY wants to be in the movies. OK fine. But his roles will be as a "gay fashion assistant" in some big budget film, or maybe many roles in independent gay films. As long as he stops that singing, I'll support that! Here's to Adam on the LOGO chanel!

  28. 28

    no one is going to want an "actor" who looks like that LOL

  29. 29

    Adam for Mad Max!(sorry Mel)Go baby!

  30. 30

    After look that album cover, I don't think nobody will take him in serious specially Hollywood, they might ask to do the remake of Priscilla in the Desert !

  31. 31

    How many leading roles could he score? I mean, when it comes to any love scenes, how many actresses would want to stick their tongues in his mouth ?!?

  32. 32

    Baby can do what ever he wants to do! I have my wallet open for what ever he has to offer! He is so hot and sexy and gorgeous! I just love me some Adam Lambert!!! Can't wait for his album! Best voice ever! Haters look in the mirror - you suck! Adam rules!!!!!!!

  33. 33

    he thinks he can act because its essentially what he's been doing for years. i wish people would learn 1 or 2 things about a person before they jump to ignorant conclusions. even if you dont like him do you know how hard he's worked at his dreams. everyone deserves respect.

  34. 34

    i am sooooooooo sick of this dude… and perez you and the rest of the media are such hypocrits… you have kissed this poser's ass all year long, tried to convince yourselves and the rest of the nation he was some kind of rock god /glam god superstar when he hasn't done jack shit to prove himself worthy of all this ass kissing. his psychotic and delusional fans have terrorized any columnist daring to speak truth about lambert… now that both his singles have not lived up to this hype, you start the campasign to backpedal, and cover your asses… this dude is going to fail bigtime - he is doing nothing new, or bringing anything new into the game, he will say and do anything for attention, and those old ass women that call themselves fans are thinking he's bi, or straight, what delusional bitches… dude needs to seriously go away, and you, the mainstream media, and the other kool aid drinkers are getting ready to get your asses handed to you when he bombs… how stupid you all have been to let the idol machine pull this kind of overhyped snow job on you, and to see all the ass kissing for lambert has been pathetic. i am sick of him, hearing about him, and will not waste my time speaking another word about him, but just had to let this all out.

  35. 35

    you make him out to be such an obnoxious douche. i would hate him if i didn't look further into it. but i fucking love him.

  36. 36

    Re: kaaketu – He's chubby, has a chubby face, and bad skin. Get a grip.
    Speaking of which, I've got plenty o' something that'll give you something to grip. ;)

  37. 37

    OMG have I mentioned lately how hot he is?! BTW, people take these comments and posts way too seriously, everyone has a right to their opinion!

  38. 38

    I LOVE Adam and would love to see him act in a movie or would like to see him on any stage. he can do it ALL. He's gorgeous too!

  39. 39

    actually i saw this interview the reporter asked him about future projects
    if he would be interested in acting. what was he supposed say? no please
    no more opportunies!

  40. 40


  41. 41

    Re: kimmygirl
    you are fucking retarded. He has never acted in anything. How the fuck do you know if he'd be a good actor? You don't IIIIIDDDDDIIIIIIOOOOOTTTT!!!!!!!

    And No he won't be a good actor because his 15 min are officially over.

  42. 42

    Re: Marycherry83


  43. 43

    Re: kimmygirl

    and btw theater actors make the absolute worst tv/film actors. They are too affected and over the top and Adam Lambert is the epitome of too affected and over the top LOL GOOD LUCK CHUCK

  44. 44

    Actually, Adam is a GREAT actor. He was on broadway and you can watch some stuff where he's acting on youtube. He is EXTREMELY talented in acting, singing, dancing, and writing and once he really gets started he's going to take this business by storm. Love him or hate him, at least you're talking about him. And Perez, decide whether you like him or hate him. One day you act like you want to screw him and the next day you act like you don't like him. Pick a team.

  45. 45

    Baby's on fire! Go Adam!

  46. 46

    It fascinates me that so many rude and obnoxious people have gathered in one place. I have read so many mean spirited comments on this website over the past several months, it's sickening. Funny how people hide behind the internet, saying things they would never say to someones face. I guess it makes them feel powerful to diss other people. And I'm sure they have flawless skin, not an ounce of fat on them and can sing better than everyone. Adam has more class in his little finger than a lot of the people on this site.

  47. 47

    Idk.. I like movies but i love music !!
    And he's one of my favorite singers.. But hey! Is he the new H. ledger?
    If he's as good acting as he is singing it's possible =)

  48. 48

    Nothing but love for Adam
    Perfect outfit in this picture ..

  49. 49

    Adam is amazing. Seriously.

  50. J.Ann says – reply to this


    He'd be fantastic on TV and in music too! =D

  51. 51

    Why can't singers just freaking SING?

  52. J.Ann says – reply to this


    Re: ShoeWhore – I bet many actresses would. ;) I know many women that would.

  53. J.Ann says – reply to this


    Re: fool4noone – Love your comment! ;)

  54. 54

    Adam Lambert is amazing. He may be "the talk of the town".. and all you "haters" my be getting sick of him.. but GET USED TO IT. His iconic. His style is going to change the way we look at celebrities. He is unique and honest. Which is more than all you haters can probably say about yourselves.

    P.S. Those ppl commenting on his skin… who the hell cares. Who hasn't had bad skin at some point in their life? GET OVER IT.

  55. 55

    Of Course he does….

  56. 56

    Re: katincanada

    How is he iconic? His style is NOT unique. Are you telling me you've never seen people dress like that before? It's been done. He's a grown man dressing like some teenage emo POSER!! If he wants to be taken serious as a musician & actor, tell him to grow up & stop trying to relive his teen years. He looks like a fool.

  57. 57

    Re: fool4noone
    # 46
    Amen. Amen. Amen

  58. 58

    Re: crazygreen1126
    # 56
    Everyone is entitled to their own interpretation when it comes to art and artists
    But that's a first for me .. Adam is posing as emo??

  59. 59

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this guy!! I feel in love with him when I heard him sing Black Or White on American Idol and than he kept amazing me as the weeks went on!! He should have won, Adam is so different than most of the singers out there and he is killer live. He seems super nice too and I think he would be great at acting. He's really cute too.

  60. 60

    Adam is hot - go Adam!!

  61. 61

    he sucks. literally.

    go away.

  62. 62

    Re: crazygreen1126 – I have seen people dress like him before… obviously. When I said his style is unique I was talking about his vocal talents. :)

  63. Sezzy says – reply to this


    gay batman!

  64. 64

    starchild80, the fact that you spent all that time writing all that out makes it obvious you secretly want him to fuck you. duh

  65. 65

    wow, is this guy gay? Because I totally couldn't tell

  66. 66

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  67. 67

    I was really impressed with his new song "Time For Miracles!" His first single, however, wasn't that great. And his album cover is awful!!

  68. 68

    Adam Lambert will be stunning on screen and I can't wait. So far, his music is fantastic!

  69. 69

    What the hell has our country come to ?
    Now that I know it's so easy to become a celebrity now a day's, maybe I will pack my crap up and move to hollywood to become one myself..
    I guess it's not about talent anymore,

  70. 70

    Re: JennyCraigOnCrack – Oh your one of those. You only like ppl with flawless skin. Acne has never touched your silken skin. You must be worthy of love then, guess I'm not:( NOT. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Those who treasure Adam love him unconditionally as we have seen him be gracious, poised & articulate besides be a talented singer/performer. Sad you only go skin deep.

  71. 71


  72. 72

    i think he is a little old for high school musical two

  73. 73

    Girl, let me DRIVE your Lamberguiniweenie and head your ca-reer in the right direction. Adam needs a Bail OuT yall, I'm ready to give it to hims.

  74. 74

    it could be nice….

  75. 75

    He responded to the interviewer who asked him if he might be interested in acting. Of course, as a newbie, he has to stay open. Although he was a stage actor, he could easily translate to screen. He's beautiful and would be great in a musical. Jesus Christ Superstar, the updated film, or Wicked. Even the haters feel like they need to comment. He sure gets a lot of attention!

  76. 76

    Stick to singing…something good!

    Touring with Queen sounded like a good idea for Adam. I think most people would like to see him do more stuff like that.

  77. 77

    Perezzie—give this boy a script!!! He's my fave Idol to date and he deserves every opportunity he can get.

  78. 78


  79. 79

    Iabsolutely adore Adam Lambert and have no doubt he'd be a great actor. I would love to see him in the Twilight series or in True Blood!!! Yum–he can bite me any day of the week, and twice on Wednesdays.

  80. 80

    poor perez. checked the itunes charts yet today? want to recant yesterday's insinuations his music isn't doing well, perhaps?

  81. 81

    Adam's music is AMAZING. he is incredibly talented. I am a huge fan and will continue to support his career!

  82. 82

    I saw of clip of his acting on youtube, he is SO good! not even kidding. He'd be amazing.

  83. 83

    Maybe she can be a guest star on THE L WORD.

  84. 84

    Adam?? When the self-proclaimed "Queen of all media" is showing this much bias against you and hating on you, then you know you're on the right track! I would LOVE to see you coming to a theater near me! And Perez? ME-OW! HISSSsssssssss! Jealous much Mary? (The REAL Queen,Rose) Psst! Get off my throne, biatch!

  85. 85

    Re: Marycherry83 – Why does Adam think he can act?? Umm…because he HAS and CAN maybe?? Adam is NOT "every singer", he is theatrical and has a very solid theater backgroud.Sheesh…do your freaking homework before you blog, umkay?

  86. 86

    Re: starchild80 – So, lemme see if I get your drift, starchild..umm, Adam is just "posing" when he sings? And he is rated, by music experts, as #2 of the "Most technically skilled rock vocalists of all Time" right behind a deceased artist(Jackie Wilson) and right in front of another deceased artist (Freddie Mercury) because these damn experts don't know what the hell they're talking about? OK…thanks for enlightening me. ROCK ON ADAM! XD

  87. Bmas says – reply to this


    In musicals, hopefully.

    Though, it's completely unfair that someone that good looking be able to sing and act as well.

    Good Luck to him.

  88. 88

    If his acting is as horrible as the cover of his CD the he better should quit that dream right now… I used to like him so much, until I saw that shitteous cover and now he makes me so sick

  89. 89

    of course he's got the music thing right! It'll be one of the biggest albums this year.
    Adam would be an amazing actor. he has really good presence on camera.
    loving this picture of him

  90. 90

    Note to any singer that wants to be an actor. Never say you want to act. Tell the interveiwer that you would not be a good actor and you have no skills, that the director would kill you. Directors love challeges, to show what they can do. Trust me

  91. 91

    Re: katincanada

    Well you're the one who said his style is going to change the way we look at celebrities, so to me it didn't sound like you were talking about his voice?

  92. 92

    ugh so sick of this flamer

  93. 93


  94. 94

    you're late again

  95. 95

    Go Adam ! : )
    i love you ;*
    if you wanna act, act ! :D