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New Lady GaGa!

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CLICK HERE to watch the premiere of her Bad Romance video!!!!

Loves! Loves! Loves!

Epic! Glamour! Dance! Dark! Fashion! Diva!

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490 comments to “New Lady GaGa!”

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  1. 1

    i love it, she makes some pretty fucking awesome vids

  2. 2

    Im in love with this OhMyFuckingGaGa xoxo

  3. 3

    FUCK GAGA!!!!


  4. 4


  5. 5

    this is beyond anything i've ever seen!

  6. 6

    This video is brutal.I love it.She's a genius.

  7. 7


  8. 8

    I loveeeee this song! its amazing!

  9. 9


  10. 10

    LOVE IT! Another fucking amazing video from GaGa!

  11. 11

    love it amazing video!!! The fashion, the art…. And she looks super hot!! phwoar.. Just wonderful!!! Had a heart attack when it finally came up!!

  12. 12

    So Perfect. gaga just got the BEST video !! The Best so far!!

  13. 13


  14. 14

    boring as always.this crazy bitch has to know that she is boring and everybody hates her noew.she is a bimba.
    she tries to be madonna well darling kill urself and try next time

  15. 15

    Amazing! Love it love it love it! Gaga for life!

  16. 16


  17. 17

    I like it!

  18. 18

    search on google for the site:
    you chose the best fuse tv
    Lady Gaga x Britney Spears GOGOGO!

  19. 19

    epic?do u know what epic means perez?get a fucking life.this is all but never epic.shes boring,shes a cliche

  20. 20

    I love love the song… but the video sucks… damn i hate it when that happends… I much rather listen to her music then to watch her live or in her videos she is soo ugly!! but i give her props for the musics… thats it…:)

  21. 21

    and this fucking song??this is ridiculous

  22. 22

    I don't like the song and I don't even really like GaGa, but she has the most awesome video's! She looks really good.

  23. 23

    ever notice fat head, she always covers her ugly mug with some hideous mask or huge shades. DA B*TCH has been hit with the ugly stick.

  24. 24


  25. 25

    OMG it's so wonderful.

  26. 26

    What really amazes me by Perez's constant raving of GaGa is how he thinks this is somehow so "new" and :"groundbreaking"? … haveing been in quite a few myself — this is nothing more than the generic mainstreaming of VERY BAD GAY DISCO like you might have, and continue to hear in any number of bad gay discos. NOTHING is new or groundbreaking about it, and when the costume schtick wears off she will nothing. As a gay man I find her VILE and shallow like the culture that eats her up and poays for her insipidness! PEREZ has little or no tatse. He is just hype so you can pay his rent.

  27. 27

    Best video ever, period. All hail the queen of this masterpiece!

  28. 28

    I really hate this song.

  29. 29

    I cant get over how bad the song sucks!!!!

  30. 30

    madonna wannabe with no attitude

  31. 31

    FUCKING INCREDIBLE! Reminds me of the 'Express Yourself' video from '91!! Finally, someone is making proper art pop again!!!!!!!! VIVA GAGA!!!!!!

  32. Laury says – reply to this


    I have to say, she looks pretty in the video.

  33. 33


  34. 34

    Blows Britney's 3 vid right out of the water! Love u gaga!

  35. 35

    very cool. did she get a nosejob?

  36. 36


  37. 37

    Definitely EPIC! LAdy Gaga has done it once again!!!!!!!!!! Britney who? lol jk still love me some brit brit but wow GAGA is something special!

  38. 38


  39. 39

    That 15 minutes of fame clock just sped up.

  40. 40

    saw it about half an hour before this came up. and its nothing special, just aload of dancing wearing silly clothes :)

  41. 41


  42. 42

    omg this video i cant think of a word to describe its so amazing sexy fun cool i just have to watch it again again and again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. 43

    As i was watching, I caught myself just smiling like a retard. She is just so interesting to watch. I totally lurve Gagaloo
    I don't understand why people think she can't sing.

  44. 44

    AMAZING, she's wearing Alexander McQueens new collection. How perfect!

  45. 45

    I'm getting kinda sick of her

  46. 46

    This is AMAZING!!!!!!
    Love it!!

  47. 47


  48. 48

    love it best video ever love gaga love the video love the song this is fucking awesome! !!

  49. 49

    This bitch is bat-shit crazy! Honestly, she takes herself far too seriously!

    She is a POP SINGER who sings songs about getting drunk and losing your phone. Take a pill and settle down.

  50. 50

    Sometimes i'm unsure about Lady Gaga, but this video is unreal!!

  51. 51

    Amazeballs!!! :)

  52. 52

    Stupid…I love how people think stupid trash is good these days…sad. She's nothing but pure trash! That's not art or fashion or good in any way. The song is lame and the video is worse.

  53. 53

    I think it's great, she looks amazing and the song is very catchy!

  54. 54

    loooooooooooooooooove it!!!!!!!!!!

  55. 55

    Ofcourse.. Did we ever expect anything less from her.. Love

  56. 56

    A Piece of Art
    Love It
    I Have no words
    Is Just Fantastic

  57. 57

    I do need to add though…she looks really pretty in the close ups with the light makeup, normally I don't think she looks good at all so it's nice to see that she is really pretty when she has normal makeup on.

  58. 58

    Mmm…starting to get bored with her.

  59. 59

    LOVE IT!!! I have to admit I wasn't really into her new song Bad Romance but somehow now after watching her fabulous video it finally grew on me. For some reason it takes some time for me to like Gaga's music but after awhile its playing full blast on my radio. She's very artistic indeed and there is no denying that.

  60. 60

    what the fuck

  61. 61

    wow amazing..mcqueen looks great on gaga…brilliant video

  62. jham says – reply to this



  63. 63

    OMG!! That was an amazing blast! Fantastic and so insiperd! I love the white bear dress! I wish Brit Brit would make cool videos like this one…

  64. 64


  65. 65

    loves it

  66. 66

    AWFUL! Hate the song, hate the video, it's the same shit as before, crazy ass ugly couture outfits, that no one would wear, and Lady Caca grinding her muffin on some guy or object. Sucks.

  67. 67


  68. 68

    yawn. everything she does is the same and you can tell she was raised in NYC. everything is directly ripped right off from the club kids of the 90's. NOTHING ORIGINAL OR AMAZING HERE. sorry lady

  69. jham says – reply to this


    Re: MadonnaCelebration – and what cliche would that be?

  70. 70

    Sounds like a song that could be on eurovision song contest. Which means it's a bad song, duh. the video is somewhat cool thou

  71. cma88 says – reply to this


    horrible. absolutely horrible. probably the worst music video i have ever seen in my entire life. dreadful song also. this girl just have zero talent. and people get sucked into it cuz her label promotes it too much and she repeats the same thing over and over in her songs. this is just plain bad. i wouldn't EVER buy a CD/watch another music video of hers in my life. just disgusting.

  72. jham says – reply to this

  73. Maio says – reply to this


    Amazing! That's so GaGa.

  74. LBaby says – reply to this


    she's a true artist

  75. 75

    Love it! She looks amazing!

  76. 76

    am I the only one that notices how skinny shes getting? her head looks bigger!

  77. 77


  78. 78

    oh. my. gaga. effing brilliant.

  79. 79

    OMG loved it, cannot wait for the concert!!!!!and album

  80. 80

    Re: SinnersDelight – you're soooo right. She is so damn overrated. To me this video shows a crazy woman who tries so hard to be "different" but in most close ups and dancing parts she looks like gwen stefani or britney spears.

    She always tries to be crazier than in her last video. Maybe in her next vid she'll be completely naked. only thing that could be even worse is if she had perez in her video.

  81. 81

    FUCKING FINALLY! I'm lovin itttt (:
    This chick makes pretty bad ass videos.

  82. 82

    ok im gonna tell it how i see it, when she first came out i was a big fan of her but then all her offstage attention whoring put me off and i couldnt stand her . . . but because my friend sofia listens to her so much i started to like the music again even though i still find her annoying as a person . . .
    this video is really amazing and i wish britney would pull something like this out of the bag and regain her old swagger . . .

    p.s is it just me or do the "creatures" in white at the start in the sunbed things look like the creatures in black in BAT FOR LASHES video for her single DANIEL?!? . . .

  83. 83

    Love her, love the video, love the song but…. $115 for her earbuds? Are you fucking kidding me? That's pretty pretentious.

  84. 84


    wtf is it gunna be next?

    love it in a weird sorta way..x

  85. 85

    She is a pro! I love her. Watching her in the video of when she was in a group b4 she was famous, she looked like someone who was not going to go to far. However, she has now come along way !

  86. 86


  87. 87

    Anyone who doesn't like this is a fucking idiot.
    Love you Gaga. xo.

    Keep up the good work and be fierce.

  88. 88

    Sound like one of those crappy songs they have on Eurovision song contest. the video is somewhat cool thou.

  89. 89

    love heeeeeeer!

  90. 90

    oh, and i need to mention that she looks very pretty.

  91. 91

    Normally I would bash you for being on GaGa's nuts all the time…but this video is FANTASTIC she looks gorgeous and fierce and I LOVE IT! Keep it up GaGa!

  92. 92

    Re: MadonnaCelebration – MadonnaCelebration, grow the fuck up.

  93. 93

    Yo Kanye! I'm really happy for you & Imma let you finish. But Lady Gaga has the best video of ALL TIME!!

  94. 94

    Haha, love the ending and the Beyonce-like dancing, great video!!

  95. 95

    Love it, she is so cool

  96. 96

    she looks GORGEOUS!

  97. 97

    Love the music, love the video..she's so FRESH and UNIQUE.

  98. 98

    are thoseee the neww ALEXANDER MCQUEEN!!! =DD gorgeousss just like gaga!
    always amazingg! =D

  99. E777 says – reply to this



  100. 100

    Re: MadonnaCelebration – she doesnt want to be anybody. you people dont like her being compared to Madonna, yet you're always saying shes a wannabe. Shes lady gaga, no one else.

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