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New Lady GaGa!

| Filed under: Lady GaGa

CLICK HERE to watch the premiere of her Bad Romance video!!!!

Loves! Loves! Loves!

Epic! Glamour! Dance! Dark! Fashion! Diva!

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490 comments to “New Lady GaGa!”

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  1. 201

    you will never disappointed with Lady Gaga!! LOVE

  2. 202

    Love it!!!

  3. 203

    i fucking love her, this is amazing

  4. Beffy says – reply to this


    Self-indulgent drivel.

  5. 205

    i like it

  6. 206

    OMG!!! I LOVE her! This IS epic, this IS amazing! I think it's so funny how all the shit talkers hate on her and even say that "everyone" hates her…are you guys serious? LOL!!! She's laughing at YOU! LOL! GaGa you are amazing, you are talented, you are fresh, you are incomparable! twistedviridiana.etsy.com

  7. 207

    So cool! LOVE gaga!

  8. 208

    From a mom in Springfield, MO who's teenage boys think I'm a nerd, because some of their music I think is odd choices. But I will 100% agree with them and more. Lady Ga Ga really is a very talented musician and artist. Her videos are art. WOW.

  9. 209

    are we sure it's actually her? i dont think it is.. :S she looks different, i know different make up and things, but i dont think its reall her…
    plus, that is totally some weird stunt she'd pull, putting a lookalike in a video and waiting to see if anyone noticed haha .

  10. 210

    I'm a huge Lady Gaga fan! I'm going to see her in ATL in December but at this point I'm almost debating getting a refund. This is because I FEEL DUPED… for several reasons. Has no one noticed the correlation between her new album name/theme and the name of the overpriced headphones she is trying to sell??? It's all marketing. As a result I'm convinced "Monster" can't genuinely be her concept alone… She is also quoted as saying "I am extremely confident about my body, the way I dress, the way I want to look," and yet she has clearly had a nose job which suggests that she's very insecure about the way she looks. It makes me seriously bummed out that she changed herself in that way because I think she was more gorgeous and perfect before. Additionally, in this video at 4:07 when she takes her glasses off, just before getting into bed with the guy, she uses essentially a face double. That IS NOT her. I'm sorry but it's not her nose and it's not her mouth. Compare the shots for yourself!!! As a fan I feel insulted and that's the only reason I bring it up…. :(

  11. 211

    Holy Shit ballz! Did you see those boots?! Awesome!

  12. 212

    I love this video & I also love her natural make-up she looks soo beautiful!

  13. 213

    You forgot contrived, staged and stale.

  14. 214

    Wow she's had a bit of surgery recently, nose and fuller lips??

  15. 215

    And you forgot gay bar mainstream.

  16. 216

    Sounds like shitty 80's synth pop. In fact, the video even reminds of me of shitty 80's synth pop that MTV used to play. It's like she went to the "Falco School Of Video Ideas".

  17. skid says – reply to this


    wow, I think Im finally a lady gaga fan.

  18. 218

    Shes Gorgeous I wanna fornicate to her. Oops already started.

  19. 219

    She has really grown on me. I love the vid, totally amazing.

  20. 220

    its really cool but the song and the vidio dont fit echtother at all (sorry for my crappy english)

  21. 221

    i lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve it go princess gaga we love it

  22. kaylo says – reply to this


    I dont… like it. I was hoping for it to be so great.

  23. 223

    LOVES IT!!!!

  24. 224

    Re: MadonnaCelebration – Sod off already and go listen to Madonna then! Obsessive little twit…

  25. 225

    Awesome video, maybe some people don't get it or don't get the whole concept of a true diva… for me she's like the next Madonna and Kylie, or a fusion of both. She's unique!

  26. 226

    What the hell? This song is just "Poker Face" with different lyrics…

  27. 227

    Lady GaGa is SICK.

  28. orus says – reply to this


    Are you all brainwashed??? Turn off the pictures, the masquerade, the provocation, just listen to the "music"…. and there's nothing left. The "music" is dull, primitive, gimmickry and simple. Nothing that will have a continued existence. Just a short swollen hype…

  29. 229

    LA LA LOVE her. This is her best one yet. Awesome!!!

  30. 230

    Love the vid & the song!!

    Kudos Lady GaGa!!

  31. 231

    Silent Hill: THE MUSICAL!!!

    Sorry couldn't resist. :P Interesting video

  32. 232

    That was the weirdest, most facked video i have ever seen! But….
    Love you

  33. mben says – reply to this


    This is probably her best vid… and a great song!!!

  34. 234


  35. @@ron says – reply to this



  36. 236

    Love, love, love her!!!! True artist!

  37. 237


  38. 238

    GO GAGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. 239

    love her or hate her its a pretty cool video

  40. 240

    Best video since Vogue!

  41. 241

    Her music is so mediocre and common, there's nothing original about it. And her choreography is ridiculous, it looks like something a 12 year old made up. She can't dance at all. Her costumes are amazing, but the rest of it is so blah. Her talent will never live up to her image, and she tries so hard to be shocking it just isn't.

  42. 242

    She effing KILLED that shizzz!!!! I love this bitch!!!!

  43. 243

    THIS IS an EPIC video. It's amazing. AWESOME.

  44. 244

    Fucking AMAZING! Can't stop watching. LOVE IT!

  45. 245

    Re: MadonnaCelebration – Obviously any one born today will be INSPIRED by The Queen Madonna but to say Gaga is stupid is no good is just STUPID. She IS the new princess of pop. Britney is like a maid to them both lol.

  46. 246


  47. 247

    Re: MadonnaCelebration – Wow talk about having some heavy disdain for an artist. Lmfaooo you wrote like 20 comments on this! Do you have a life?? Some advice for you..EVOLVE. Why don't you go to youtube and get your fill on Madonna. I bet it will brighten your little caca mood. Dale, go nuts.

  48. 248

    Re: ms cool – No Nose job and if she did so what

  49. 249

    Is it just me, or has she had more work done? She looks really different… still pretty, but something is different.

  50. fUkRD says – reply to this


    Ok, so whethere you like this girl or not ( and I don't ) she does have a great video,…sorry,…but it IS good. And the song is very catchy.

  51. 251

    Very cool, reminds me of a Madonna video when she use to give a shit and spend $$$ on them, I love it! very Trannylicious!

  52. 252

    Amazing video! I have no idea how she walks in those super high heels though!! :-D

  53. 253

    I'm sad to say that this song sucks. I normally would not be one to say that he's pretentious because I get that she's an artist etc, but the French part is gratuitous. Also, I like her big-nosed and weird, not crying and lit in a way that makes her nose disappear :)

  54. 254

    insane! Loved every second…

  55. 255

    Im not a super GaGa fan but i like this video and the song. A little weird but still good:)

  56. 256

    Re: MadonnaCelebration – HAA HAAA HAAAA!!!! 2 singles in the top 10, Madonna my ass! her last single tanked!!! and I hope she's not planning on embarassing herself any further by releasing that pile of shit song "Revolver" with convicted felon Lil Wayne! HAA HAAA HAAA sad and desperate, can't wait for Gaga's amazing truly live experience on Dec 3, and I didn't have to mortgage my house to buy a ticket either!

  57. 257

    OMGG, this is amazing. Kitty SOOOOO LUVs it!

  58. 258

    Piece of Art….i love everything about it!!!

  59. 259

    And its real simple folks…FUCK THE HATERS! Who cares what these little twits have to say, its all just negative bullshit. To really go out of your way to write something negative OVER and OVER again like a broken record just shows you give a fuck. Its real funny to me how this generation tries to sound credible with their VAPID, VAIN, INSIPID comments. No one cares about the talent, just if everyone's nose is symmetrical. What…the…fuck…is wrong with you fucking kids!???! Stop hating! How about you praise the music you like and ignore the music you don't like. Don't gas up fans by writing negative shit. Is this your way of feeling superior for the day?? Very, very sad. God hating shit talking twits on here is just like hating stupid drivers on the road. You want to strangle them for about 30 seconds than you move on with your life.

  60. 260

    Re: Madonnasmatrix – You plsss SHUT UP!!!! Loser!!!!

  61. 261

    This is ONE of the MOST AMAZING and CREATIVE Videos from Any Artist is Such a Long time!!!

    I cannot wait for her tour!!!

    Someone has to take Madonna's and Cher's place, and Gaga is IT!!!

  62. 262

    Re: Lewlew – I think what you mean was If anyone Does like this, they are a fucking idiot. Yes, I do believe that is the only thing that makes sense. Dumb Bitch

  63. 263

    i love her

  64. 264

  65. 265

    two words: alexander. mcqueen.

  66. 266

    all hail the lady! u never know what she will do which makes her so fucking incredible. video draws u in and has you hypnotized with very look

  67. Norma says – reply to this


    she just blew all the competition out the water! Best video by far

  68. 268

    Hair sucks!

  69. 269

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. 270

    That has to be one of the weirdest music videos i've ever seen but, the song rocks! My four year old girl loves gaga..

  71. 271

    this is beyond awful and idiotic. you people are tools to such an extreme it isn't even remotely somewhat funny. this is garbage.

  72. 272

    that guy in the video with the gold thing on his face is a renouned model from SLOVENIA! his name is Jurij Bradač ( Yuriy Bradach

  73. 273

    Just when u thought u couldn't loove her enough, GAGA has done it AGAIN…. LOOOOVE the song, once its in ur head it doesnt come out…. LOOOOVE THE VIDEO can u say STYLE QUEEEEN!!!! LOOOOOVE IT great amazing job GAGA xoxo

  74. 274

    Epic! Glamour! Dance! Dark! Fashion! Diva! and CREEEEEEPY!!

  75. 275

    Re: MadonnaCelebration – Do you ever go away? If your gonna come back with the same insults don't bother.


  76. 276

    Re: StacyMacyPacy – I agree!! She looks absolutely amazingly different and quite pretty!

  77. 277

    no words… amazing and epic just dont cut it. its soooooo gaga! LOVE it!

  78. 278

    Re: Cat Pig – You weren't alive to even experience what disco actually was. So don't put her and the word disco in the same sentance you stupid bitch, don't talk shit and try to be hardcore with a keyboard okay!

  79. 279

    predictable. her wearing a crazy outfit, while being weird, when was the last time i saw that? oh yeah her last video.

  80. 280

    Re: StacyMacyPacy – People like you, yet your still trash. That IS fashion hunny, take a good look at Alexander McQueen & Marc Jacobs (something you'll never afford) and those outfits were ALL them.

  81. 281

    LOVE IT!!!!

  82. 282

    im impressed ..im your fan lady gaga..bravoooooo…good work

  83. 283

    Re: welshboi :P – NO the creatures are like her red VMA outfit. Bat For lashes had black bubbles on there peoples.

  84. 284

    Re: MadonnaCelebration – You say everyone hates her….um, she just became the first artist EVER to have 4 songs reach #1 on the Billboard pop charts. Clearly you are in the minority with your hate. Enjoy those sour grapes!

  85. 285

    Re: Lewlew
    Guessing you're a know-it-all teeny bopper so it wouldn't be appropriate for me to say what I really think of your ignorant opinion and attitude, though Lady GagMe is fair game. She does have a different and interesting voice, but she's pretentious and extremely irritating. Her music is unoriginal, she looks and sounds like a poor man's version of Madonna in the 90's. She appeals to people who are all for show but no substance with the depth of a puddle. In simple terms, a talentless, annoying copy-cat hag who tries too hard to be interesting…an epic fail.

  86. 286

    Good music but shes fucken weird

  87. 287

    Unf***ing-believable!!! She deserves the video of the decade award!!!

  88. 288

    ughhhh love it

  89. 289

    i think this is the best video of all time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. 290

    i bet you didnt know that the videos about human trafficing.she said so in an interview and If you know it the whole video kinda makes sense.like when those guys sit in the circle around her and they watch her and then you see the notebooks sayin SOLD.I think she looks very pretty and for the ones whohate her so much just dont watch….

  91. alx12 says – reply to this


    love it! amazing vid

  92. 292

    Re: **MJ** – fuck you

  93. 293

    Re: MadonnaCelebration – what r u talking about? boring??? ehhhhhhhhhh this is the best video of all time! ash kanye

  94. 294

    This is Amazing! Epic can't even describe GaGa!

  95. 295


  96. 296

    It's a great video but I still find annoying when she refers to herself as emboficating the avant-garde. This video takes from artists like Matthew Barney, Pierre & Gilles, and other artists who develop a language of theatrics and fetishism from the late 1980's to the 1990's. Haus Of Gaga being people from New York, they must know about this and should stop pretending that they are inventing the wheel. What is true of Gaga is that she is the most mainstream artist to emerge from a scene of neo-burlesque and cabaret which was a big trend in the past decade. They are many not-well-known artists from that scene who are as equally flamboyant, but Lady has this over them that she can also compose catchy tunes (and hire good remixers).

  97. 297

    I meant "embodificating" in my previous comment.

  98. 298

    Pretty awesome I have to say and I really like the 'Chew Fu Club Mix' !

  99. 299

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  100. 300

    She's crazy awsome!!! I would bust a Kanye if she doesn't win a VMA next year! Go Gagita!!!

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