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So Brave! Woman Mauled By 200lb Chimp Reveals Her Face On Oprah!

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Charla Nash's life forever changed last February when she visited a friend's home in Connecticut and was attacked by the person's 200lb pet chimpanzee. In the horrific accident, the animal ripped the poor woman's face apart, leaving her with no nose, no lips, and no eyes.

Today, for the first time, she speaks on The Oprah Winfrey Show about the terrible ordeal. It is amazing to hear her story and remarkable that despite the terrible adversity she has had to overcome, she can still remain so upbeat.

Charla, who permanently lives in a hospital in Cleveland, isn't aware of the full extent of her injuries, as she won't often feel her face and asks others not to describe them to her. She drinks all of her meals through a small hole where her mouth used to be, and while it seems impossible, Charla hopes for the day that she can have "a hot dog or piece of pizza."

The doctor who treated Charla when she was first brought into the emergency room explains that paramedics on the scene said her hands looked like they had gone through meat grinders and that her fingers were thrown about the room. He goes on to say:

"The monkey had ripped off her entire upper jaw, had ripped off her nose, which as hanging by a thread. We found extensive dirt, chimp fur, and chimp teeth implanted in her bone."

Though Charla can't remember exactly what happened the morning she lost her face to this animal, the chilling 911 call from her friend, Herold, paints a devastating picture. The woman screams into the phone that the animal is "eating" her friend and begs the operator to send the police to shoot the chimp.

Now, as she spends her days about the hospital, her face veiled as to not "scare" other people, she relishes in the small moments she gets to spend with her 17-year-old daughter and hopes that one day, she might receive a face and hand transplant.

Wow. So brave.

It's one of the most heartbreaking stories we have ever read and to see and hear how brave this woman is is truly inspiring. We just hope there comes a day where she can get back to a normal life. She deserves that much, considering what she has been through.

CLICK HERE to check out a picture of Miz Nash after the attack.


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217 comments to “So Brave! Woman Mauled By 200lb Chimp Reveals Her Face On Oprah!”

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  1. 101

    Re: Soapwitch

    VERY well said.
    I feel sad for that poor woman an the chimp :(

  2. 102

    poor woman…I hope that with the great medicine we have she'll be able to have procedures done to give her some normalcy back

  3. 103

    Prayers your way! you are beautiful:)

  4. 104

    wow…so sad. brought a tear to my eye. g0d bless her.

  5. 105


  6. 106

    Poor thing :(

  7. 107

    omg poor thing…

  8. 108

    Oh my God. Stay strong. Our prayers are with you!

  9. 109

    Re: ememememe – That is so wrong. No one wants people like you on this site.

  10. 110

    God that's awful!

  11. srdib says – reply to this


    what kind of monkeys worked on this poor womans face in the hospital? with all the tech knowledge out there, this is the best they could do? why doesnt oprah give up a few cheeseburgers and help the poor lady out with some real doctors and give this poor woman her life back.

  12. 112

    Here's a thought…. how about not having a Chimp as a pet. What was she thinking? This is a WILD animal - not domesticated!! I think she deserves it. Not so bright.

  13. 113

    this woman is so brave. i know if i, and a lot of others, were in this situation, i don't know if i could ever leave my house.

  14. 114

    She went on Oprah to reveal her true face because there was a "bounty" on her picture among the tabloids. She wanted to reveal herself in a way that would maintain her dignity - by doing it on her own terms. As for the lawsuits pending - how can you blame her and her family. Victims of fender-benders sue for lots of money for a stiff neck… she is disfigured and blind for life even if she is able to undergo a successful face transplant.

    The great news is, she is funny, upbeat and optimistic. Something we should all aspire to.

  15. 115

    Re: ememememe – Abortion is meant for shitheads like you who dont deserve to be born. Karma you fuck.

  16. TADOO says – reply to this



  17. 117

    Re: tom951 – Why does she deserve this to happen to her? Why is someone like you not dead yet of a cruel, painful disease yet? Maybe you deserve for someone to wipe the street with your ugly face? Piece of shit.

  18. TADOO says – reply to this



  19. 119

    Oh my god.. This is absolutely devastating!!! God bless this poor woman..!

  20. 120

    Re: Rockwell11 – It was not her chimp. It was her friend's chimp that she was doing a favor for while her friend was not at home. It was a freak thing that happened. Why would she deserve this? Why would anyone deserve this? What a disgusting thing to say. Do you realize how much pain and suffering this woman has gone through? How do you know that something tragic cant happen to you or your family when you least expect it? Dont talk shit asshole. Karma is a real bitch.

  21. dea says – reply to this


    America the idiocracy, where anyone should be allowed to own a gun and a wild animal…

    (I could point out that this solves the natural selection modern medicine prevents, but sadly I just see evidence that stupidity prevails. Not to mention that this woman really didn't deserve this - no one does. So incrediably brave to tell her story and to show us the result.)

  22. 122

    i wish i didnt see that picture.
    but ohh godd ;p

  23. 123

    thats why wild animals should be kept in the wild,i fucking hate people that have these animals as pets,its their instinct to attack if they feel threatened…i wonder if the poor gorilla was killed

  24. 124

    seriously why do we keep reading stories about people in the US having chimps/lions/bears/tigers for pets?! what is it with you idiots? you have too much money to spend? you have too much time on your hands? you want to be that different? it should be illegal there like it is in the rest of the world.

  25. 125

    Re: Moonmoth – shes probably hoping someone will Volunteer to give her a face transplant by going on the show-oprah could afford to do it for her alone

  26. 126

    Re: Rockwell11 – do you not fucking read you dumbass? It wasn't her chimp. And to say someone deserves something that awful is a very cruel thing to say. why dont you stfu.

  27. 127

    Re: Mercine – In Australia under our health care she would get all her medical bills paid for FOR FREE. Isnt this what Obama is trying to set up? For the world's richest country, the US is pretty fucked to it's citizens. Glaf i dont live there.

  28. 128

    This is heart breaking. PEOPLE SHOULD NOT HAVE WILD ANIMALS AS PETS!!!!!!!!!

  29. 129

    Is it just me, or does this remind you of Chuck Palahniuk's book Invisible Monsters? Anyone??

  30. 130

    wow i'm so sorry 4 that woman so strong so brave stay strong

  31. 131

    how can people be so cruel and laugh at her. seriously you guys deserve a chimp to rip off your face and see how it feels. my wishes and prayers goes out to her and her family! this did bring me to tears, poor woman :(

  32. 132

    This is awful. Poor woman. I'm speechless at how horrific her injuries are.

  33. 133

    I thought that chimps were illegal. That is so horrible. She is a very strong women to go on tv. I problably couldn't do it. I wish all good things for this women she deserves it.

  34. 134

    BLESS her precious heart. That must have been a totally life changing terror. We never know how drastcially and quickly our lives can change forever.

  35. 135

    After a certain point of injury, you should really let people pass on in peace instead of doing all kinds of crap to keep them alive at all costs so they can live a life of utter horror & misery.

  36. 136

    What a brave brave wpman. Thank God she can still speak. At least she can still speak to her daughter.

  37. 137

    She has to sue the city….they may be the only source of the monies needed to provide for her and for her daughter. Her friend doesn't have the money.

  38. 138

    2 people asked what happend to the chimp~it was killed at the scene if i rememer right.

  39. 139

    Re: Smokey1973 – very well said…

    what an incredible attitude considering the circumstances.

  40. 140

    Thats so terrible.

  41. 141

    Amazing.. This a horrible accident. i wish her & her family the best.

  42. 142

    I want to cry for this poor woman. No one should have to suffer such a horrible thing.

  43. 143

    The woman who SELFISHLY kept the chimp as a pet should suffer severe consequences - how about having giant wall sized photos of what that animal did to her friend plastered all over the walls of her tiny jail CELL!

  44. 144

    woah! I wasn't sure if I was going to look, but the picture is even more heartbreaking than the description of it. SO so sad. I could never imagine the pain she has gone through…

  45. 145

    Re: pookieroo – You made an intentionally "funny" insensitive statement….you are soooo cool. Do you feel superior for the day? Loser.

  46. 146

    wow. i think i need to check myself whenever i complain about traffic or not getting enough sleep, etc.

  47. 147

    This is toooo sad. That woman is so brave. I would be too weak to live after that attack.

  48. 148

    how horrible. My prayers goes out to her and her loved ones.

  49. 149

    OMG. I didn't think it would be that bad!
    That's soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sad….Oh my god……SO SAD.
    Wow, I really hope she's going to be okay.

  50. 150

    oh my God Poor Woman but how in the hell did she get a pet Chimp? Still God Bless Her She has some courage!!!! I just can't imagine….Stay Strong Honey Stay Strong!!!!

  51. 151

    That is beyond anything I could ever have imagined a chimpanzee could do. This is the reason people should not keep exotic animals as pets… EVER.

  52. 152

    Re: ememememe – oh wow you're so cool making fun of a woman who will have to spend the rest of her life in a hospital after a freak accident. what a douche bag

  53. 153

    So, Oprah found a sweeps period face worse than the burn victims she usually features in November and May. Gotta pay those bills!

  54. 154

    i dont know if brave is the right word, i mean, theres no real point to go on tv. Sad? yes it is sad what happened but frankly Oprah is just using her for ratings and theres nothing else gained by going on TV.

  55. 155


  56. 156

    chimps are bastards.

    my prayers and my best wishes go out to the family.

  57. 157

    i don't feel sorry for the lady, because i can only feel sorry for idiots who leave messages like him Re: ememememe – i wonder what mental problems he has many i bet, but i do feel like i complain to much for the way my body isnt perfect or that im not tall enought and that some times i feel to lazy to get up every morning what i feel is embarrased that that lady can do it and i cant, let it be a lesson to all of us to live our lives and be brave because we don't know what could happen to us

  58. 158

    god bless her.

  59. 159

    Re: kaylzx – Chimps aren't bastards. Humans who think they have the right to own chimps are bastards.

  60. 160

    Puts things into perspective.

  61. 161

    I can't even begin to imagine what she has been through. My heart goes out to her, she's a fighter.

  62. 162

    I am amazed she survived…

    God Bless Her

  63. 163

    Re: Shell Hell – what??? omg get a dictionary girl

  64. 164

    This woman is incredible, I could never imagine being so positive after such a horrific event. Thoughts and prayers……..
    *And for those who are yapping about her lawsuit: I think she deserves it. There should be state laws prohibiting people keeping wild animals as pets. I never blame the animal when these things happen. They're WILD. Blame the owner and the state that allows this stupidity!*

  65. 165

    so sad. poor woman, she's lucky to have escaped with her life.

  66. 166

    ohh blessed her . hopefully maybe oprah can pay for her face surgery as she is just using her as a tool for rating … it would be great if she can do that good deed from all those millions she owns

  67. 167

    and why the hell someone owns a pet chimp…. is well accounted that chimps snap
    they are not pets they are dangerous animals

  68. 168

    wow…that is such a horrible and unfortunate accident.she's so brave for sharing her story and pics. Bless her heart and prayers and best wishes go out to her!

  69. 169

    It takes a high level of compassion to take care of an animal. Chimps are particularly dangerous, because ALL of them bite. Please, if you are not a trained caretaker, if the animal does not belong to you and it doesn´t know you, don´t go near it, don´t think you can pet it.

  70. 170

    honestly, now is your time to gain a little respect from those you've pissed off. why don't you start a fundraiser, or donate the money she needs to have this done? i know your job is publicity, and this story shows this woman is well deserving. i know you've got the money to spare and im sure you would change her life. and that's something you can truly feel accomplished for!

  71. 171

    this woman should be able to go out, live her life, and enjoy your children. imagine if that was your mom! how heartbreaking that would be. i wouldnt be able to handle it.

  72. 172

    i feel very sorry she had to go through something like this. she must be in alot of pain. this is why people should not try to make pets out of wild animals. how many of these "for instances" have to happen before this won't be able to happen again? and then of course, the animal ends up being destroyed because some fool had to have it for a "pet". when will people get it? they are wild. they need to be left that way. i feel bad also for the animals that end up being destroyed for a human's pleasure. the friend should be sued for all the discomfort she has caused this woman. and all the medical bills her "pet" has caused. i wish oprah would have her friend on to explain why she is so ignorant.

  73. 173

    Re: ememememe – you are an idiot. just wait til karmas fucks you up. then we will see whos laughing

  74. 174

    holy fucking shit!:-(

  75. 175

    Unbelievably sad and tragic — many blessings and healing thoughts to this poor lady. What more can one say?

  76. 176

    Re: ememememe


  77. 177

    That woman should have called animal control when her Chimp escaped, not her poor friend. I watched the interview and it wasn't as hard to look at her as I thought. Frankly, I have a harder time looking at Mario Laundromat (aka Pervez). Inner beauty matters more than whats on the outside.

  78. 178

    Re: Rockwell11 – What a fucking moron you are. Reading comprehension isn't your strong suit, is it?

  79. 179

    Re: rosie111 – I'm glad you're not in the US also you ignorant whore. Eat shit and die you fucking bitch.

    Also just scanning the comments…Why are people so fucking stupid!!!!!!!!! It says in the first sentence that the chimp belonged to her friend. It was not her chimp!!!!!!!!!! Is your attention span that short that you can't get though a whole sentence?????

  80. 180

    This is so sad, and never should have happened. Her friend should have known better than keeping wild animals as pets.
    People should NOT keep animals like chimps as pets. It's inhumane! Yes, they're adorable as babies, but as soon as they grow up they become aggressive and belong in the wild. Too many chimps are adopted then neglected when they grow up, due to their behaviour changes. They haven't been around other chimps and have never been in the wild, so they have to go through extensive therapy to get them adjusted to living on a reserve with others. They're similar to feral children. It's very sad and laws need to be set in place to protect these animals, and obviously people who are around them.

  81. 181

    so sad :(

  82. 182

    Re: Alliestp – She has to sue someone, because Americans are going into bankruptcy over their medical bills due to inadequate healthcare coverage. The poor woman needs some way to pay her medical bills and get through the rest of her life.

  83. 183

    OMW…How heartbreaking! THIS is EXACTLY why I despise all bloody apes! They're so freaky and evil!

  84. 184

    Unbelievably sad, I wish her the very best. I hope she is surrounding by only caring,compassionate and intelligent people to counteract the ingorance she will unfortunatley face should she emerge to the real world on a daily basis. I dont know if I could be as brave as her. God bless her. Wild animals are not pets, it is dangerous and cruel to have such as pets.

  85. pj88 says – reply to this


    So horrific. Such a strong strong woman. No words to express….

  86. 186

    and i was worrying about my cellulite. a hot dog……you forget how life's small pleasures are a privilige. thank you for your compassion in this story perez

  87. 187

    I just can't imagine why the monkey would suddenly start doing that to her?

  88. Vamps says – reply to this


    They say "everything happens for a reason" - BULLSHIT, not this time… Life can be SO unfair sometimes :( Praying for you Charla xo

  89. 189

    Wow…that poor, poor woman. I feel so terrible for her. I can't even imagine what she is going through. My heart goes out to her and I will keep her in my prayers. :(

  90. 190

    ok, if she was so scared of the chimp, as she claims, why did she go over knowing the thing was loose?? but, there are a few bright sides to this. one, she is blind now, so she doesn't have to look at that fucked up "face". two, obama is going to give her some guvment health care, so she won't have to worry about paying for any of the hospital bills. also, what point does it serve to go on tv with this?? who cares?? I for one really could have gone without seeing that freak. it was a CHIMP, and it did what chimps do. it's like when people get all bent out of shape when a pitbull eats the face off a kid. guess what speedy?? DOGS BITE!!! keep your stupid kids away from them. but, instead, lets ban the dogs. this stupid bitch should have told her friend fuck you and told her she was on her own. but, she wanted to help. so, help us all, and keep that fucking thing on the front of your dome cover up form now on.

  91. 191

    Living in Cleveland, I would love to go to the clinic with a gift & support for her. I had no idea she was in town. Such courage. She's a rare, brave woman. Her daughter will be in my prayers as well.

  92. 192

    Re: ememememe – I really don't see what you can find so funny about this!!!!! Its not funny, at all and you should be ashamed of yourself for laughing at the poor women's heartbreak!

  93. 193

    poor woman!

  94. 194

    Re: ememememe – All I have to say to you is "ASSHOLE" you have no heart and no soul. May GOD have mercy on your soul.

  95. 195

    She is a true star, and so brave, be proud and stay strong :)

  96. 196

    Thank You Perez for not putting that photo in the main article. I saw her in a veil on Oprah and shut it off before she revealed. I don't know why people like to see things like conjoined babies and other disformites this.
    I don't think it's Brave. I am not Inspired. I would rather be dead than live like that.

  97. 197

    If I thought Oprah was a horses ass before! Wow what a exploitive piece of shit she has become. I could not believe how she talked down to Charla. How she kept saying "Do you realize how bad this is". "Do you realize the extent of your injuries" Of course not FAT ASS! She has no eyes! But the absolute topper was when Charla said she has to eat from a straw & Oprah replies with "Well, at least that is one way to keep the weight down!!!! OMG!! WTF !! Hey Oprah, I'm surer Charla would rather have a face then worry about her waistline. It speaks volumes as to what would matter most to MS. THING Time for you to hang it up. Oh, & one more thing, at least Charla has a reason that her face looks the way it does, what is your excuse Oprah?

  98. 198

    Re: Mercine – STFU moron

  99. 199

    that is the saddest thing I ever seen… I hope the friend learned a listen not to keep wild animals as pets.

  100. 200

    Oh god.. That's awful, makes me wonder why "god" would allow something like this to happen to a person. Very, very prave. My heart goes out to her family.

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