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Ashton Defends His Old, Old Lady

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Temper, temper Asston Kutcher.

Drunks shouldn't be antagonized!

On Monday, Ashton and his grandmother wife, Demi Moore, attended the after-party to Ashton's gig at the “24 Hour Plays." in NYC. The duo caught up with pal Jennifer Aniston and were trying to enjoy the evening.

That is, until another party guest decided to get his mockery on.

His target: Demi!

An eyewitness at the party recalls:

“Demi and Jennifer Aniston were happily sitting together in the VIP when this guy starting really obviously making fun of Demi and things like her relationship with a younger man. It went on for quite a while. Ashton heard it and approached him. At first he thought the guy wasn’t serious and was like ‘what the?’ He then realized he was serious. Ashton lost it…It got pretty heated, nobody knew what to do."

As Ashton lost his cool and went into a rage, Demi was said to look very embarrassed. Once the verbal spat finally cooled down, the couple and Aniston escaped through the back entrance.

Wow! Wonder what this guy could have said to get little Ashton do riled up! We think maybe he's just a tad too sensitive? Afterall, who hasn't made fun of Demi Moore?!

Granted, very few people are ballsy enough to do it in earshot range, but we commend him for that!

Learn to relax, Ashton!

[Image via WENN.]

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81 comments to “Ashton Defends His Old, Old Lady”

  1. 1

    why would you make fun of hercome on he is beautiful for her ange and if it was the other way around no one would say anything

  2. 2

    Who cares. They'll be divorced within 5 years.

  3. 3

    Just ignore it Ashton. You're a celebrity…There will be people talking shit to your face….But it's all just words…You don't see Jesus Luz yelling at haters who make fun of he and Madonna's relationship…

  4. 4

    No, he did the right thing. No real man lets another disrespect his wife or his marriage and get away with it. This guy was way out of line and deserved to have his ass handed to him.

  5. 5

    This guy is obviously a Drunken Douche! He deserves to get yelled at!

  6. 6

    I think it's nice that he stood up for his wife. What kind of an asshole would just sit there and listen?

  7. 7

    What would you have done Perez?? Of course Ashton did the right thing. What man would stand there and let someone talk shit about his wife?? Way to go Ashton, way to stand up for your wife. Perez, get a life dick wad!

  8. 8

    You're wrong Perez, I'm not a Demi/Ashton fan, but to make fun of someones wife right in front of them is wrong, He should have kicked his ass.

  9. Fabu says – reply to this


    Good for Ashton, I'm glad he stuck up for his wife, because Perez, dear, that is what you're SUPPOSED to do.

  10. 10

    I dont get why anyone would make fun of her ? ha she's actually like really pretty… for any age? she's not even that effin old. This whole thing is pointless?

  11. 11

    Perez, what is WRONG with you? Since when is 40's old? You're in your 30's, which is not all that far behind.

    Here's what I want to know…It is not alright to bash/ridicule people for their race, religion or sexual orientation, right? But you Perez, and many of your readers, think it's just fine to bash people for their age.

    WHY? It's all still Hate….

  12. 12

    ok hard for me to find fault with a guy..defending his wife and doing it without throwing punches and bringing on a lawsuit. Love him even more and truly hope this marriage makes it for the long haul

  13. 13

    Perez, I love you but you gotta think of it this way: prejudice is prejudice. If you were out with a man you loved and some drunken douchebag came over and started giving his bigoted opinion that two men shouldn't be together, or that you should date women, you would feel just like Ashton did. Ashton is no kid, he's over 30, and capable of loving whoever he wants. Love is love, right? Age ain't nothin' but a number (R.I.P. Aaliyah) and two consenting adults don't need anyone to approve their relationship.

  14. 14

    Man, it is just stinking of bigotry ’round this site today. This is a glaring double standard. I'm quite sure that if he was in his 40's and she in her 20's you wouldn't have a bad thing to say about the age difference. They seem happy together and he usually seems like a pretty nice guy. So he lost his temper when he heard someone dissing his lady. I don't see where his action was all that outrageous.

  15. 15

    It's not a touchy spot or sore nerves you dimwitted asswipe! He is defending his wife, which any good husband would do!!!

  16. 16

    Learn to Relax!
    I think Perez has been living under the cocoon of media celebrity and paparazzi for too long……When you start thinking its ok for a stranger to go up to someone at an event and make fun of them because of their age or whatever else….I think you need a reality check.
    Its one thing to do it on your site…we all know that you do it for entertainment purposes. But its another thing to disturb someone in public just because you think it might be funny

  17. 17

    Re: TorontoBitch – and for their size, and for any mental illnesses they may be dealing with. Hate is hate.

  18. 18

    Re: TorontoBitch – Seriously! I'm only 22 and I have total respect for people who are older than me. They know more than I do and are infinitely better in bed and in character.

  19. 19

    It is so sweet of him to defend his wife but they make the most odd couple. I am hoping for a divorce. She has sucked the glow outta him.

  20. 20

    Re: TorontoBitch – You're absolutely right. This is why I have NEVER felt bad about Perez being bullied. Perez is such a complete loser himself who makes his living out of bullying others. Perez acts like a 12-year-old mean girl who other people are nice to so that she doesn't pick on and bully them.

  21. 21

    nothing wrong with ashton defending his wife

  22. 22

    Ashton is great defending his wife like that. So many guys would be too cowardly to do so. And so many guys would be too EMBARASSED to do so.
    I used to be friends with a guy who was crazy about his GF. Until he showed his GF's pics to his friends saying "Isn't she great?" and all his friends could say was how ugly and old she looked and that he could do better. He dumped her less than a month later and she was heartbroken. That's why I stopped being his friend. I just thought that showd a very severe character flaw on his part.
    Some men need to be with women OTHER PEOPLE consider hot for their own damn egos. Good that Ashton is not like that. (And neither is Robert Pattinson)

  23. 23

    You shouldn't talk about her like that.

  24. 24

    Wow did you jennifer buy her real name? shocking..

  25. 25

    Re: cheesemeister – There's been a double standard for YEARS. It's slowly getting better.
    I recall meeting a couple when I was a kid. His wife was obviously older than he was and he ADORED her. When she became older and sickly HE took care of HER, instead of the other way around. I thought that was fabulous and I remember thinking…that's what I want. At any rate, I DO NOT want to be pushing my frail little old husband around like I always see the wives doing in the rich area I live in.
    Women are under a lot of stress in society. We work, we are the prime caretakers of our children. We are the prime caretakers of our ageing parents….God forbid we also have to be the prime caretakers of our ageing husbands. Enough is enough. I deserve better. Which is why I don't date old farts. Let the dumb bimbos HAVE THEM! Relationships are really so selfish.

  26. 26

  27. 27

    Kudos for the heckler

  28. 28

    Why would you commend someone for making fun of someone's wife within in earshot of the couple?

  29. 29

    I wish Ashton had slugged the guy! Or kicked him in the dong. If some creep is abusing you then you shouldn't be a doormat.

  30. 30

    Wait, what? You're commending the douchebag who went up and insulted Demi? Seriously Perez, you of all people should know words hurt, and how it feels to be mocked.

    What you should be doing is commend Ashton for sticking up for his wife.

    Or is it just that you're jealous of Demi for still keeping herself in shape and having a hot young stud like Ashton, while you're still single, living with mommy?

    Shame on you Perez.

  31. 31

    Well, it's going to get worse for Demi and Ashton… if you look at this picture of Demi, the face is starting to hit the brick wall, where even the face lifts start to melt, and don't help…much like Madonna.
    Plus, being too thin doesn't help the eventual "madamism" that sets in. They'll eventually divorce, but both had a good run, nothing lasts forever.

  32. 32

    Um, he was standing up for his wife you dipshit. If my man just sat there and let some guy harass me, you better believe I would dump him in an instant. Ashton did exactly what he should have done.

  33. 33

    Good for him! He defended his wife.

  34. 34

    So he had the balls to marry the person he fell in love with in spite of what judgmental little assholes had to say about the relationship? And now he has the audacity to DEFEND her and his marriage? Yeah, you're right, sounds like a real ass to me…

    And yet Perez spends every day telling us everone should have the right to be with whoever they fall in love with. Without judgment. (I agree by the way)
    What a hypocrite!!!

  35. 35

    Re: luvstotango – Some people aren't that superficial. I'm sure it must be a shocking concept for you.

  36. 36

    Perez is such a hater. Wasn't T.R. Knight's boyfriend 16 years younger than him. How about Ellen Degeneres and Portia? I guess it's ok if there's an age difference when the woman is younger or if you're gay.

  37. 37

    any man with balls and any sense would do the same thing. any guy who sits around and listens to someone disrespecting their woman is a fool

  38. 38

    Ashton is a gentleman to have come to his wife's defense. And seriously, now you're losing me as a fan Perez. Love knows no age or race or sex and when you give her shit about being OLD it's almost hypocritical of you. Far too much emphasis is on youth these days. You would not like someone calling you that in the very near future so try to play a little more nicely. As they say, "Be careful of who you step on on the way up, because you will pass them on the way down." (Hint - now is the time while you're 'famous" to do an Oprah and start using that fame for good instead of evil. See how well it worked for her? It'll give you Hollywood legs, girl.)

  39. 39

    The old bat is so full of plastic it must be like F****** one of those blow-up dolls. Really, Harold and Maude. Another one who is gonna be (more of) a Freak Show when she gets even older ! Too Funny!

  40. 40

    Clearly the asshole was jealous that Ashton is married to her!!

  41. 41

    Right Pig rez. If it would have been a gay joke, you would have been peeing in your panties.

  42. 42

    Ummm, where is Perez's thick skin whenever anybody says anything about him? What about that whole black eyed peas confrontation? Real mature. Some guy starts verbally assaulting Ashton's wife and he is just supposed to turn the other cheek. He was not being overly sensitive, he had every right to freak out and you shouldn't commend some idiot for being rude.

  43. 43

    I think they're both over-hyped pieces of dog crap, but I don't think Ashton did anything wrong. A man is supposed to defend his wife from drunken jerks, what did you expect him to do??

  44. 44

    He did the right thing in defending his wife. Those two really do make a nice couple in my opinion

  45. 45

    Good for him!

  46. 46

    Kutcher just went up in man points…Not sure he showed so much restraint I would have knocked that guy out…no questions asked….

    Perez is just defending his best interest, his site is based on promoting drama and doesn't went to get caught in that situation.

  47. 47

    hey, if somebody insulted my wife in public I would give them a piece of my mind too. Only spineless dweebs sit their like mannequins while some ass is going after their wife.

    go Ashton!

  48. 48

    PEREZ, YOU ARE JUST SCARED HE IS GONNA KICK YOUR ASS AS WILL.I.AM DID. Ashton wont…because he´s a gentleman….but he should do it. You deserve it.

  49. 49

    Perez you sound like such a douche bag. Maybe you would have sat back and let someone talk shit about your significant other…but wait who on earth would want to be your significant other? You are a fucking idiot!!!

  50. 50

    a real man stands up 4 his girl

  51. 51

    She is so beautiful because she follows a raw food diet!!!

  52. 52

    He should have ignored it. Looks like he was being way too defensive. It's no ones business in the long run. Maybe he's just had enough of it.

  53. 53

    Really Perez? You commend someone for hurting someone else's feelings in public? I guess that's only wrong when people hurl insults at you in public. Remember the law of Karma, hopefully you'll write about it when someone does it to you. And then let's see how much you commend bullies and douchebags.

  54. Maryg says – reply to this


    perez when your 47 you are going to be one fucking ugly man, you sound pretty ugly on the inside already, you are a typical acid tongued gay guy, hardly every saying anything nice about girls, your so pathetic. if you hate girls so much, why dont you just a have gay blog? im sick of your bullshit comments, you must be one miserable prick.

  55. 55

    The relationship is a bit icky

  56. 56

    looks who's talking about learning to relax after some name calling–ha! and why would you commend someone for making fun of another person in public and embarrassing them? but then i guess if you do that for a living–you wouldn't understand.

  57. 57

    I didn't like Ashton before, now I love him! Thanks Perez for helping me see the Ashton Demi fell in love with.
    I still do not understand why people make fun of this couple for the age difference.. how about Tom Cruise and Katie, Brad and Angelina …

  58. 58

    Props to Ashton. He's her husband and he stood up for her. Perez, you're way off base here criticizing him.

  59. 59

    Learn to relax??? Any man would do that if someone was openly berating their wife in that way. My husband would never raise his voice or fight anyone, but I know he would defend me in a second if that happened.

  60. 60

    She's not old you fat misogynistic pig. somehow nobody bashes a man for dating an younger woman but if a woman does it then the whole world stops.
    You know Perez , you advocate equality for gays etc and yet you promote other stereotypes like age etc. Fuck you , you're a hypocrite.

  61. 61

    really Perez? making fun of a man for standing up for his woman? you're disgusting. if it was someone making fun of Gaga and you heard, you mean you wouldn't rush to defend your wifey? If not - you're not much of a man.

  62. 62

    That's terrible. I think they make an awesome couple and she's really not that much older than him…and she still looks fantastic. Why do you have to be so mean? That guy was being a jerk and Ashton had a right to defend his wife.

  63. 63

    Re: luvstotangoRe: Be-Atch – Did it EVER occur to U guys that Ashton might really, really love Demi? Maybe he doesn't put a lot of importance on how she looks. Weird, huh?

    So what if she is "full of plastic", half of Hollywood, male and female, is… and how could U say she's "hit a wall?" If I said your Mom or Grandmother have "hit a wall" what would U think? Everybody gets older….DEAL WITH IT.

  64. 64

    Re: LetLoveRule – agreed

  65. 65

    I'm five years older then my hubby, age is just not a relevant thing. When you love and care about someone age has no relevance on how good or bad a relationship may be. Demi is a smoking hot woman and a great actress so any man no matter what age is lucky to be with her. I commend Aston if anyone was talking smack about me my husband and most husbands for that matter would be in the guys face. He was defending his wife good for you Ashton.

  66. 66

    perez you are really mean. that's why people hate you

  67. 67

    I don't blame Ashton for defending his wife.
    The guy was rude and ignoranat to mock Demi within earshot.

  68. 68

    What's wrong with calling someone out when they act like that? I don't see why anyone would make funny of Demi Moore anyway…she looks REALLY good, and they seem happy.

  69. Moron says – reply to this


    Re: DeadlyNightshade – Exactly.

  70. 70

    Perez, you are really losing it! How is it okay for anyone to ignore someone bashing a person you love? Would you sit back and let anyone make fun of your mother? Would you just ignore it? I doubt it - get fucking real! You say you are for equality, blah, blah, blah, you're for yourself. You're an agist asshole. AND you've gotten boring. You need to pick up your game, you're slipping into the white noise of irrelevance.

  71. 71

    the real question is who WOULDN'T make fun of aniston if they saw her fugly face out? she is so desperate.

  72. 72

    Excuse me Perez? You "commend" someone for yelling insults to a married woman? Really? You sack of shit. Well I commend the guy that blacked your eye. In fact I gave him a standing ovation.

  73. 73

    Stick a hot poker up your ass Perez and rotate.

  74. 74

    Anything to do with Ashton Kutcher really pisses you off - doesn't it Mario????

    Get over it!!

    You are so biased about Ashton even before you put one word in the post - then you go nuts!

    Let it go!!

  75. 75

    You are SUCH an asshole Perez. Of course he got upset.

  76. 76

    Perez Hilton is a fucking douche bag and an ageist. It's because he's afraid of getting old. Demi Moore is WAY hotter than you'll ever be fat ass. If I were Demi Moore I would stick my stiletto right up your ass. You'd probably like it, however! When all the chicks that Perez Hilton panders to NOW get old or unpopular, like Meagan Fox, Lady GaGa, Katy Perry and whatever that burlesque chick's name is, he will do the same to them. Mark my words!


  77. 77

    Re: MrsLambert – i agree. I thought it was quite obvious and common knowledge that bad mouthing someone in earshot was, is and always will be, rude.

  78. 78

    Ashton needs to face it he is with an old bag for a wife and has miss Maniston tagging along trying to find herself a young man too. What is wrong with these bitches buying off young boys? Too sickening to be real love. Why is Maniston latching on Demi now? She is such a douche bag. I am a big fan of Angelina and Brad. They don't even know me but I like them enough to defend them and the haters like Maniston. Ashton needs to face reality, regular people are disgusted of old bags with young men and buying them off.

  79. 79

    demi looks hotter than most 20somethings… i dont see how shes a "scratch-out grandmother"…

  80. 80

    How many men out their are dating women 20 to 40 years younger? I'd say far far more than women dating men 20 to 40 years younger. by far. but hey Demi found love with someone and just because the tables are turned doesn't mean we all should critique on every little move. Though its fun. leave this one be. like many others have said if it were vise versa no one would say anything.

  81. 81

    They are pathetic!…end of story..oh and I was watching Ghost the other night…what happened to that huge hole on the left side of her face in that movie. Looked like a scar…plastic surgery?