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Epic New GaGa!!!!!

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Get ready to have your minds blown!!!!!!!

This is some next NEXT level shit right here!

Rumored to be the second single off her new album, The Fame Monster, out November 23rd, enjoy the mindblowing Telephone by Lady GaGa below!

P.S. Yes, that's Beyonce making a special cameo on the Rodney Jerkins-produced song!

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356 comments to “Epic New GaGa!!!!!”

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  1. 101

    You should put up a poll. The overwhelming response will be: NO.

  2. 102

    I LOVE the song!!!

  3. Laury says – reply to this


    I like it. Very good song. But mindblowing???? No. I love me some Gaga, her music is fun to dance to and very catchy, but to call it epic and mindblowing is an overstatement. Beyoncé is the best thing about this song.

  4. 104

    okay i LOVE LOVE LOVE Lady Gaga like LOVE but this is SOOOO boringgg ugh i was expecting so much from her and after Bad romance that was pure orgasm PEREZ SERIOUSLY youre love blinds you tsk tsk what about being objective and all that jazz

  5. 105

    Haters stand down.

    Loves it, Gaga!!!

  6. 106

    AWESOME!! my 2 favourite pop bitches together! Hopefully it will be the 2nd single because I want a damn VIDEO to this omg

  7. 107

    Called it. Ive been waiting for them to collaborate for the longest time now and it is exactly what i expected, amazing (:

  8. 108

    I thought it was *ok*, and Beyonce RUINED the middle of the song :/ Bad Romance was so much better.

  9. 109


  10. 110

    At what point is my mind supposed to be blown??? Listened and gave it the benefit of th doubt..pretty much sounds like the rest of her garbage music..sorry Mario.

  11. 111

    I do love Gaga. But after listening to this song a couple of songs…I am not feeling it at all. It's nothing new and a bit boring. Bad Romance is much better. But, of course, I don't expect all of Gaga's songs to be amazing. This is just mediocre. oh well, I am still looking forward to the new album! :)

  12. 112

    The best thing happen to music since MADONNA.
    She is the only POP princess so far, Britney go home or start to sing LIVE.

  13. 113

    I could very much do without Beyonce's verse. Good song though.

  14. tasha says – reply to this


    All her songs are starting to song just alike. Boring.

  15. 115

    fuck man… the lyrics and verses are fucking sick, but sounds a little like everything else for gaga. can't wait to see it conceptualized. Still amazed about bad romance!

  16. 116

    LOVE IT! Definitely a love-it-or-hate-it song.

  17. 117

    It's a bit weird that when Beyonce starts singing all of a sudden the music turns all Beyonce-ish.

  18. 118

    it is truly not my thing. the production is so blah. maybe with different production it might be something, but i honestly never could stand this kind of music…

  19. 119

  20. 120

    I don't like it. Beyonce fucked it up for Lady Gaga.

  21. 121

    100% pure SHIT…reminds me of the Crappy PCDs and Danity junk

  22. 122

    horrible, very disappointed, i was looking forward to some good stuff too, oh well

  23. 123

    It's not bad, but not great. Maybe it's my age, but all of her music sounds the same to me. In fact, everyone out today sounds the same to me.

  24. 124

    nooo beyonce why???? wow i just lost a lot of respect to you. music really is almost dead now god bless alicia keys

  25. 125


  26. 126

    love gaga, hate beyonce!
    song is good. i just wish it wasnt beyonce

  27. 127

    Can't listen to this at school =(. So until then, Alejandro is still my favorite =D

  28. 128

    It's good. I don't really like Bad Romance except for the video which I LOVE, but this song is good.

  29. 129

    ive always wantes beyonce and lady gaga ever since ive heard lady gaga

  30. 130

    This song is just blahhhh. Lady Gaga's music is turning into some generic sound and people are starting to realize that. The song is good and catchy as all the others songs from Gaga, but nothing outstanding and completely forgetable and even worst, if she doesn't slow down people will eventually get tired of her…
    PS: Bad romance is way better.

  31. 131

    Love it! I am still reeling from her video of Bad Romance. I can not wait until I see her in concert this December. She kicks so much booty, and I am lucky enough to get to see her live. She is the most exciting, entertaining, and inventive performer to come around in ages. The woman has no fear and TONS of courage!

  32. 132

    Gaga is pretty much the only artist that can get me interested in pop music, yet again she has managed to get my head nodding.

  33. 133

    Re: Mr Tibbles – Did you literally call it a "wop nose"??? How old are you, 65? Bit to old (and prejudiced) to be on a young person's site, honey.

  34. 134

    dont like lady gagas part…LOVE beyonces part

  35. 135


  36. 136

    Average…definitely not "next level" or epic

  37. 137

    My mind is still in one piece. I do have a headache now though.

  38. 138

    :O i love it, except, ALEJANDRO should TOTALLLLLYYYYY be the 2nd single! & wtf i heard britney was supposed to be in this!!!!! that would have been A HELLLLLLL OF A LOT better than beyowolf !

  39. 139

    I love it. This really is a great song. Impressive.

  40. 140

    She is fucking BRILLIANT. Seriously…she's on some next level shit for real. WOW!

  41. 141

    beyonce kills it, imo

    i agree with most…. nothing amazing, but def catchy

  42. 142

    Love it! Waaaaay better than that Video Phone shit.

  43. 143

    The Lady is in a league of her own! On fire and smokin hot!

  44. 144

    Best GaGa song by far.

  45. 145

    i only really liked beyonce's part.. the rest of it was kind of boring

  46. 146

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

  47. 147

    OH how I wish it was ALL Beyonce!

  48. 148

    After the flop of B.R. no wonder she wants to get this out quick. Too bad this song sux even worse than the last. Funny how all the hype is NOT justified by actual sales data. If her album hasn't even sold 2 milli in the U.S., and her tour is marked by club dates and tiny lame azz venues, that's proof enough that she isn't as popular as her followers would like to believe. Why CAN"T she fill ARENAS now that she's a known commodity? WHY, because she IS a known commodity!!…and hardly anybody is buying it anymore. The worst thing in the world has happened to this artist -she's become totally PREDICTABLE.

  49. 149


  50. 150

    i dont really like it its w/e

  51. 151

    I love Gaga [& Beyonce I guess], but I'm not feeling this song. :/

  52. 152

    LUVVVV IT !!!!

  53. 153

    love it!!!!!

  54. gbat says – reply to this


    Not really feeling it. As for gaga, I'm over her.

  55. 155

    Of course Britney rejected this tripe. She wouldn't touch it. Every track on Circus is better than this. Even the ones that didn't make the cut like Trouble beat the hell out this stale GagGag fiasco. Britney RULES. 90 million albums sold. Sold out arenas around the globe. She's hot. Gagag will never be sexy no matter how much surgery she has. Brit's first album -24 mil, Gagag -4 mil. HAHAHA.

  56. 156

    OMFG Everytime I hear a Lady GaGa song I automatically love it! RedOne is genius

  57. 157

    Sounds techno, thought it was Britney Spears.

  58. 158

    not really enjoying this and i absolutely LOVE gaga. it's a good dance song, but a little too boring compared to all of her stuff, especially bad romance. i want some epic-ness, some darkness, not just a dance song.

  59. 159


  60. 160

    ACK !! what atrocious garbage ! what has happened to pop music ?? the taste level of the public has really been dumbed down. it's sad.

  61. 161


  62. 162

    This sounds like everyting that she is doing right now :S

  63. 163

    Hmm. Let's see…
    Madonna sells out Stadiums for hundredS of $$$ a pop.
    Britney sells out Arenas for around 1 hundred $$ a ticket.
    GaGag sells out gay nightclubs and insignificant playhouses for about 10 bucks each, that is…when they're not given away for free.

    Worldwide Album Sales: Madonna 250,000,000+. Britney 90,000,000+. GaGag 4,000,000, almost.

  64. 164

    My favorite Gaga song and i'm not a major fan of hers.

  65. 165

    Like You Said, This is some next NEXT level shit right here!

  66. 166

    Beyonce ruined it. Damn. Stop trying to steal GaGa's Fame thunder tights.

  67. 167

    I don't like it. I like the other songs but not this one.

  68. 168

    Gaga is AWESOME!!! NONstop good music…..

  69. 169

    LOL. So now Rodney Jerkins is being BLAMED for this disaster. He prolly don't want no part of it. Can't blame him for THAT! This chick should take a year off and get that nose cut down to size a bit more and add the Mariah funbags.

  70. 170

    lady gag is tha shiz i love love her voice all u h8trz are only fuel to her fire so keep it comin bitches and she will keep making mind blowing hits u rock gag luvs the new pic seksi

  71. ac239 says – reply to this


    I love it

  72. 172

    Re: MarcLarouche – . be my best friend, please! lol I love you. I'm a huge fan that being said this will have to grow on me. I thought Alejandro was freaking out of control crazy and should be her next single. Either way it's Gaga so it's a million times cooler than most stuff out there right now.

  73. 173

    Generic, derivative, vapid, mindless, boring - and really bad lyrics to boot (as usual).
    I'm guessing that these 'new' songs are outtakes from the original album.

  74. 174

    Re: LadyAwesomeGaga
    Lady Gaga is just….what is she???? She is probably the coolest person in the world….I love her new video for Bad Romance and I definitely LOVE Telephone!!! Any haters can go to Hell because this is freakin epic!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. 175

    yeeeah Gaga can't wait 4 the album :D

  76. 176

    As much as I do not want to like, I sure do love her music. Her songs are epic, addicting, but shes just strange I really dont want to support her but.. I can only go so long listening to the songs on youtube before I need them on my iPod.

  77. 177

    It sounds like a low rent version of Britney Spear's 'phonography'.

  78. 178

    I gotta say…I thought it was just average until Beyonce claimed the song…she saved it, definitely

  79. 179

    the song is cute, but its just not like GaGa.
    Shes really talented.

  80. 180

    BAD-ASS! cannot waittttt to see her in toronto!

  81. 181

    This is so awesome!!!! I love this song! :D DDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  82. 182

    I love it! Gaga just keeps getting better.

  83. 3l$@ says – reply to this



  84. 184


  85. 185


  86. 186

    This has been a daily waste of our time and effort to have to see that nose show up on the screen daily.
    STOP IT!!!!!!!! Never gave a crap about her, never will! She is a talentless bimbo!

  87. 187

    what the hell is with the haters?
    geez, this song is THE BOMB!!

  88. 188

    Love it, she's great!!

  89. 189

    She needs to work with VINCE CLARKE! that would be f-ing KILLER!!!!!

  90. 190

    Mmmm… lukewarm..

  91. 191


  92. 192

    That is the worst song on the face of the planet

  93. 193

    she has a definite talent for popping out hit after hit… the best part about lady gaga is the smirk behind nearly everything she does… monster is going to be a must-have album

  94. 194


  95. 195

    wayyyyy better than the beyonce song she's in.

  96. 196

    it's a shame cause i think i would really like gaga if it weren't for you perez

  97. 197

    I LOVES IT, and Beyonce singing on it doesn't even bother me that much, and I hate that bitch.

  98. gloom says – reply to this



  99. 199

    this is so fucking gooodddd. she can do no wrong, ever.

  100. 200

    this is GREAT! NO WAY does this sound like EVERY OTHER song on the radio by a girl… can't wait to hear this in the local gay bar a BILLION times an hour!

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