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Epic New GaGa!!!!!

| Filed under: Lady GaGa


Get ready to have your minds blown!!!!!!!

This is some next NEXT level shit right here!

Rumored to be the second single off her new album, The Fame Monster, out November 23rd, enjoy the mindblowing Telephone by Lady GaGa below!

P.S. Yes, that's Beyonce making a special cameo on the Rodney Jerkins-produced song!

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356 comments to “Epic New GaGa!!!!!”

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  1. 201

    LOVE IT!!!! I love gaga and beyonce on the track makes its so much better!!!!

  2. 202

    how in the hell is this epic?????….i was expecting something that would blow my mind and actually make me like gaga…wow…no taste much…the beyonce part was kinda good though…and i don't even like beyonce…..lady gaga=too hyped=overated…..at least so far….

  3. Sezzy says – reply to this


    shouldve left beyonce's bitch ass out of this

  4. 204

    Love it!!! 2010 is gonna be a huge year for Gaga.

  5. 205

    This is SUPER catchy.

  6. 206

    Perez is so biased …this is crap! It's like bad guido club music. Ugh I can't wait for her to just go away.

  7. 207

    Damn that is AWESOME

  8. 208

    Mario this song is fucking shit! Repetitive drivel, didn't expect anything more! Seriously your brown nosing of Gaga is getting old! I'll give credit where credit is due, Gaga is a talented musician but I wish people would stop saying "OMG Gaga is totally revolutionizing music! etc etc" Like hell she is! Her music is nothing new, in fact what she does is what Madonna, Britney, Kylie and Janet etc. have been doing for yeaaarrrsss! She's contrived and a complete fame whore! She doesn't care about the music, she cares about the fame - I fine the album's title very fitting, she is a fame monster!!!

  9. 209

    Just Some Vaccine Ingredients: Aluminum, Mercury, Formaldehyde, MSG, Chicken Embryos, Monkey Kidney, Aborted Fetuses. What's doesn't k*ll you can only make you stronger right?

  10. MUNON says – reply to this


    She is the new Ace of Base…all songs are the same…same beat.
    More of the same, nothing new……next!!!

  11. 211

    Hey Perez,
    so Ive been reading your blog for about 2 and a half years now. Im always refreshing your page to see if you have updated at all. (I do have a life besides reading your blog though lol) I just want to say thank you so much bringing lady gaga into my life! I have never seen such an incredible artist. I love LADY GAGA SO MUCHHH I CANT WAIT TIL HER CONCERT ON DECEMBER 2ND IN BOSTON, MA.

  12. 212

    It's alright. Maybe it'll grow on me. I like it better than her latest single.

  13. 213


  14. 214

    One of the worst songs in years. This cannot possibly be released as a single. It's awful and it will fail.

  15. 215

    it's ok, im sure her other music is better but this is nothing special, deff not "EPIC."
    britney would've sounded great in this song, so does Gaga though.

  16. 216

    My mind = Not blown. Dammit, she just tries too hard.

  17. 217

    this actually really SUCKS!!!

  18. 218

    For God's sake, am I gonna love everything this woman does? I just LOVE the song!!!!!!!!! Damn!!!!!!

  19. mafe says – reply to this


    It's OK, but a little boring…

  20. 220

    Beyonce is amazing this…. Gaga not so much

  21. adt says – reply to this


    Everything she does is fucking horrible. A fucking child could have written the horrible fucking lyrics in her songs.

  22. 222

    Re: idevenn – Please learn you facts, because thats not the case. She WROTE this song specifically for Britney, and Britney turned it down. So Gaga and that hood rat picked up the left overs.
    I love how ppl call ME a hater lmao, does anyone read what OTHERS say? And get over this "Britney cant sing" crap! lol, she cant sing yet she is the best selling female of this decade??? Selling over 87 million records ww??? RIGHT. Keep thinkin that. Its a cute track but nothing special, and "Bey" made it especially sad.

  23. 223

    wow. love the song! the album can't come out soon enough!!!

  24. 224


  25. bran says – reply to this


    I am so sick of this ugly, talentless, piece of poo. But enough about Perez, Ga Ga sucks too : (

  26. 226

    okay this song is FRICKIN AWESOME. love it.
    …….haterrrsssssss shut it!!!

  27. 227

    this is so my new song for my boyfrannn, love it! :)

  28. 228

    I cannot STAND your annoying pathetic obsession with this stupid artist!! Do you really think she is your friend? This is beyond annoying. PLEASE stop posting about her.

  29. 229

    I love lady GaGa, but surprisingly….I HATE this song!
    Just another example of Beyonce trying to milk the gravy train once AGAIN
    and why did rodney jerkins try to make this sound like Brandy and Monica's "the boy is mine". He lucked out with their hit, but FAILED miserably here.

  30. 230

    okay for everyone claiming that this is so epic and different, sorry but it's not. it would fit perfectly on a britney album and that's probably why she offered it to her. i swear you gaga extremists are crazy and perez you will honestly be her downfall. in fact she will be her own downfall.

  31. 231

    I love it.

  32. 232

    Sounds like "Tardy For the Party"

  33. 233

    Re: Brown_Eyes44444

    no buddy that's where your wrong: she has whenever, wherever, underneath your clothes, la tortura was huge in america for a spanish song, hips don't lie, beautiful liar.

  34. 234

    It rocks. She is the Princess of POP !

  35. 235

    Epic? Mindblowing? Really?

  36. 236

    Beyonce is like lil wayne GaGa got killed on her own track lol.

  37. 237

    love beyonce's verse! but please get out of lady gagas arse its annoying

  38. 238

    INSANE!!!!!!! LOVES IT!!!!! Gaga & Beyonce are amazing! DARKCHILD!!!!!

  39. 239

    I really liked her last album and her style is cool but I am surprised this 2nd album is out so quickly. I was waiting for more songs off the first one to be released. I think she should have milked the first one a bit longer and taken more time with the 2nd. And so far my opinion of it is not very good. The music is NOT groundbreaking WHATSOEVER. And having Beyonce' attached has SOLD OUT written all over it.

  40. 240

    I really liked her last album and her style is cool, but I am surprised this 2nd album is out so quickly. I was waiting for more songs off the first one to be released. I think she should have milked the first one a bit longer and taken more time with the 2nd. And so far my opinion of it is not very good. The music is NOT groundbreaking WHATSOEVER. And having Beyonce' attached has SOLD OUT written all over it.

  41. 241

    Beyo = Fuckin Fierce!!
    Alright song, not her best…

  42. 242

    she's sort of a one-trick pony

  43. 243

    no, it's bad. it's too much motifs packed in one song. probably the worst gaga so far

  44. 244

    Re: perez is a fat douche

    yeah, fuck you. im sure if you thought she DIDN'T get a nose job, you'd just call her ugly. leave her the fuck alone. she's much more successful than you will ever be, and she could smash you with her wallet AND 10 inch heels, so shut up, you're just jealous.

  45. 245

    Another great song. Get up and dance!

  46. 246

    ok, but not 'mindblowing', and beyonces part was best

  47. 247

    It's funny people claim so much to hate her, yet she generates tons of comments each time Perez posts something about her. "Oh, but Perez is shoving her down our throats!" He can't be shoving it down your throat if you're willingly reading it You know how many Lindsanity posts I skip past everday? I could care less about her. Don't like something, don't read it, don't click on the link to the song or video…it's a simple concept.

  48. 248

    It wasn't that good.
    She could've picked a better song.

  49. 249

    Re: DixieNormas – It wasn't that bad, there are worse things. Need I bring up "Higher" or "Party in the USA"?

  50. J.Ann says – reply to this


    Nice! Prefer Dance in the Dark though. And of course Bad Romance is epic along with its video! ;)

  51. 251

    sorry, i don't like it. :(

  52. china says – reply to this


    epic FAILURE!
    and a rip-off on top of it. i definitely heard this melody before.

  53. 253


  54. china says – reply to this


    oh, it`s so obvious:
    copy much?
    how much more proof do you need that this ugly bitch is nothing but an EPIC RIP OFF?

  55. 255

    i think she got herself another hit coming :P i like the song
    but am i the only one who's noticed the nosejob she had??? and why doesnt perez mention anything about it??

  56. 256

    shes getting boring

  57. 257

    It's a dude.

  58. 258

    you're kidding right?????all her music sounds the same…..or am i the only one who hears it or doesn't? Overrated artist by far. cute but overated.

  59. 259

    Nah, i dont like it. Dance in the Dark is a thousand times better, but her voice does sound really nice in this.

  60. 260

    Oh and might I add that she looks fierce in that photo :D

  61. 261

    Re: Little Miss Genius – I agree with you on this one

  62. Genn says – reply to this


    This song is not better than Bad Romance, it's good, but it's not epic.
    And I hope it isnt her new single, I really wanted Dance in the Dark to her next single ):

  63. Genn says – reply to this


    Re: china – oh, stop it. Artists sample other artists, its normal. And please, why would gaga ever rip off of britney?

  64. Genn says – reply to this


    Re: Connor – A simply concert that people refuse to do, sadly.

  65. 265

    There is completely NOTHING "next level" about this shit. The only cool thing bout it is Beyonce, but it's a shame she felt like she should participate in a song of this crappy Lady BarfBarf.

  66. 266

    it's ok, but not as good as her earlier singles, too r & b generic!

  67. 267

    Seriously? Seriously!? The song is alright, but not "epic". I'm sorry but Beyoncé completely outshines Lady Gaga on this one. It was pretty boring until she came in and did her thing. Bad Romance was epic. This is tame. Also, I understand you guys are "friends" and all, but please stop littering your site with her. It's pathetic.

  68. 268

    just awful, why hasn't anyone told her to stop taking close up pics of her face, it just shows how undoubtedly ugly she is

  69. 269

    I love it. It's got a great hook and Beyonce's part brings it all together!

  70. 270

    gaga keep covering her face because she is fucking UGGGLY!

  71. 271

    Ok I like this one. Not exactly epic but it's got a catchy lil beat.

  72. 272

    nothing to see here carry on just the first of 25 gagita posts today

  73. 273

    bee u rock!!!! so much better than lady gaga…thnx for the amazing show in greece bee

  74. 274

    Lady GaGa and Beyonce for president 2012!? I think yes!

  75. 275

    No this is boring …no way , but she can't win them all…

  76. 276

    Is it possible for to write a song that does not have the words, "club, favourite song, drinking, i cant think, telephone"
    Seriously, how many gosh darn songs will she write about getting crunked downtown. That's not a clever premise, nor is it difficult to write. Any one here can write a song about get drunk downtown. We get it. We ALL seriously get it. Stop using repetition! GAH! This is her most Timberlandesque song to date.

  77. 277


  78. 278

    OUCH! Was good for the first two bars and then OUCH! SUCKS ASS! Her lyrics are some of the most juvenile shit I've ever heard…ohh, now I get it, that is why you two get along so well!!! Junkies unite! Tell her to please cover her track marks better, I'm tired of looking at them.

  79. 279

    Dear Perez,
    Sorry to disappoint you but Gaga is running out of good material and beginning to sound like BULLSHIT. You better start listening to some real music and regain your perspective. Supposedly you do this with your concert promotions? She really was reaching for the stars but no more (for 5 seconds she was avant-garde). Now she's sounding like googoogaga…just like the rest of them.

  80. 280

    LOVE LOVE LOVE everything she does!!!

  81. 281

  82. 282

    im still crazy about Bad Romance! that song is really really sick and the video is super fablicious! x

  83. 283

    Seriously Sweetie, the song is alright, but you really need to chill with the "epic" & "…minds blown" stuff. We know you have a personal relationship with GaGa & she has talent, but come on, enough with the dramatics!

  84. 284

    Love it! not as good as bad romance though

  85. 285

    Gaga is incredible! November 23rd isn't coming fast enough!

  86. 286

    Love it. Good collaboration

  87. 287

    Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Once again I smell a big hit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. 288

    This is so bad and her act is sooo stale, she's beginning to make Miley look like a genius.

  89. 289

    well i liked it better than B's videophone that song was kinda blah.. Blah boo!!…But this aint nothing spectacular! like it enough to download somtime..

  90. 290

    im not a big gaga fan but i have notice people do hate for no reason i think this person is doing some great stuff this included with poker face and bad romance are a masterpiece and this means a lot coming from me cause i was a hater (i love christina all the way) but credit is due here be reasonable

  91. 291

    She could be the next Debbie Gibson. She's right up there. But, sadly she's no Tiffany! LOL.

  92. 292

    she needs to make some darker songs, like rihanna.

  93. 293

    it's cool and very pop, also that picture is amazing, it reminds on some way to Madonna's Celebration album cover

  94. 294

    t sounds like all her other music
    stupid repeatitive lyrics
    too much auto-tune
    absolutely nothing special
    and definately not epic in the slightest

  95. 295

    this song is sick! beyonce killed it on her verse! love itt!

  96. 296

    Seriously? This is awful!

  97. 297

    It's not her best, but I think it may be one of those that grows on ya. Still way better than most the other artists out there.

  98. 298

    omfg i love this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. 299


  100. 300

    Nasty. Not in a good way.

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