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Epic New GaGa!!!!!

| Filed under: Lady GaGa


Get ready to have your minds blown!!!!!!!

This is some next NEXT level shit right here!

Rumored to be the second single off her new album, The Fame Monster, out November 23rd, enjoy the mindblowing Telephone by Lady GaGa below!

P.S. Yes, that's Beyonce making a special cameo on the Rodney Jerkins-produced song!

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356 comments to “Epic New GaGa!!!!!”

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  1. 301

    She's so damn good

  2. 302

    she is amazing…every new song seems to get better and better

  3. 303

    The songs are getting worse and worse. Does she really write this stuff? It's AWFUL. I don't think she creates anything. Her "handlers" do it all. She's just a mindless mouthpiece. The voice is ok. Nothing else. Her sales are in the toilet so at least not too many people are falling for her stale act anymore.

  4. 304

    PURE EVIL. Research GaGa symbolism. Do yourself a favor and find out what she REALLY stands for. Look it up.

  5. 305

    A goddess.

  6. 306

    Re: BritneyFreak – STFU!! U talk shit… This was NOT written for Britney it was written by GaGa FOR GaGa she wanted Britney to do Beyonce's part but Britney wanted the full song to put on her Singles collection and GaGa pretty much said Fuck That!!

  7. 307

    omg this is amazing!!!!!!!!!

  8. 308

    I think its amazing… Dixie doesnt know what their talking about !

  9. 309

    she can't sing. she will zone out in a year guaranteed

  10. 310

    Definitely loved it. "Mid-blowing" and "next level" might be a bit of an overstatement, but I'm a huge Gaga and Beyonce fan. Great, fun song.

  11. 311

    Sounds like all her other songs. I like most of her songs but this just sounds boring. Too much repetition and digital alteration.

  12. 312

    Alejandro is way better

  13. 313

    what the fuck? stop smelling lady gaga's ass like a dog perez. This is the same shit she's been doing since her first song

  14. 314

    It's the same shit. She died after Poker Face! She's such a good musician I don't know why she doesn't do more with her music than this Disco, Club crap! In a club it might be alright, but when you listen at home or in the car you want music to be a little more interesting. Isn't everyone sick of hearing the same 4/4 beat in every song? Fucking BORING!!!!!!!

  15. 315

    All her songs sound the same.

  16. k-lee says – reply to this



    as usual, you are giving it more credit than it deserves.

  17. 317

    damm gaga ur the best

  18. 318

    I don't understand what the hell you see in Lady Gaga.. This song is awful just like her.. She's in today and out tomorrow.. don't get so comfortable with her around, this circus you call music will not last long..

  19. 319


  20. 320

    Re: kjkjkj5 – DANCE IN THE DARK is also SO epic. but this is just asgood after listening to it a wee bit

  21. 321

    darkChild is GREAT. i found it a little muddy at some points though. 9.5/10!

  22. 322

    alejandro has more of an orginality to it & impact

  23. 323

    Sweetness. I love GaGa and cannot wait for The Monster. :D

  24. 324


  25. 325

    I am no fan of Gag-a, but this may just be the song that makes me see her in a different light …

  26. china says – reply to this


    Re: Genn – coz she`s a stupid ho that wouldn`t recognize talent if it bites her in her saggy tits?

  27. 327

    this is amazing. Darkchild does it again. DUHHHH.

  28. 328


  29. 329

    I like Lady GaGa. The song is alright. I'm sure the queens will eat it up like it's the second coming. Sounds like something Britney Spears should have done, however.

  30. 330

    great club banger

  31. 331

    Loves it!!!!

  32. 332

    Wow. Just utter brilliance.

  33. 333

    signature gaga. hope to see her at nokia live december 21st. hey perez, if you need a date, i'm game to hang out with both of u fame monsters at the concert! let me know…

  34. 334

    I really like it! I definatly can't wait until November 23rd

  35. 335

    Loveeee it!!! I can't wait to see her in Orlando at The Hard Rock in January!!!

  36. 336

    Compare this song to Speakerphone by Kylie Minogue.

  37. 337

    is that Beyonce? =D

    this song is alright. a bit boring though .____.

  38. 338

    I love Gaga, but the lyrics of this are just awful.

  39. 339

    best song ever

  40. 340


  41. 341

    HOT HOT HOT Definitely gonna be a hit. Gaga+B=Amazing

  42. 342

    its a good song, makes you wanna dance. I love GaGa

  43. 343

    Terrible. Hate it.

  44. 344

    Gosh people whats wrong with cha all?!
    This song is like totally epic!
    Whaa whaa Whaat did u say oooh ur breakin up on meii… sox i cannot hear u im kinda busy… k kinda busy… k kinda busy

  45. 345

    LOVE GAGA!! cant wait to see her in NYC january 20th! I might just pass out or have cardiac arrest fromher amazingness lol

  46. SSTAV says – reply to this


    She is perfection.

  47. 347

    Just don't like it. After experiencing Bad Romance, this song really stinks in comparison. Beyonce yuck. If I wanted to hear her I'd buy her album.

  48. 348

    Horrible. Even worse than Beyonce's. The new album will flop.

  49. 349

    she is attractive,gorgeous and very hoooooot.check out some sexy videos with Lady Gaga at w w w . u s e x e d . c o m/sexy

  50. 350

    Those melodies

  51. 351

    Re: dudulica7

    Stop Spamming.

  52. 352


    change of heart. LOVE LOVE LOOOOVE THIS SONG!

  53. 353

    PPl that are bad mouthing this music are just jealous!

  54. 354

    Re: alberich
    pleaz this whole song is gagas credit , she wrote it
    you should be happy that gaga invited her in telephone
    cuz beyonces videophone is a (sorry to say ) crap song

  55. 355

    Are you actually listening to this shit or are you just making up positive things to say? It's cheesy, derivative, and way over produced.

  56. 356

    Fuck that haters, she is the princess!

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