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Freaky Lip Action!

| Filed under: Nicole Kidman


We don't know why celebrities attempt to deny it when they have plastic surgery. It's so blatantly obvious and not really something you can hide, especially when it comes to your face.

Nicole Kidman is a stickler for denying that she has had any work done, even though you could build an ice rink on her forehead. But it's actually another part of her anatomy that got people's attention at Wednesday's CMA Awards - her lips!

Sources are claiming that the actress showed up at the event with hubby Keith Urban looking like she had just had her lips done. One witness said she looked "freakish" and compared her to Meg Ryan!


It is obvious she has had massive amounts of Botox put in her face, but the lips…we're not sure. They sure look like they've been plumped, but we wouldn't go as far to call them freakish.

Maybe it's just because we've seen worse.

What do U think?

[Image via AP Images.]

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174 comments to “Freaky Lip Action!”

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  1. 101

    I don't think she looks freakish. Her lips look pretty normal to me, and I love her hair!

  2. 102

    I agree….her lips look fine. I think she looks great.

  3. 103

    She actually looks really pretty with her hair down. When it's up all you focus on is A big shiny forehead… as far as her lips go they look normal to me. probably had some lip plumping gloss or something.

  4. 104

    She looks better than she has in a long time…

  5. 105

    I think she looks FUCKING AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. 106

    the lips are ok, the skin a little weird, but I like her hair a lot this time around, very nice color

  7. 107

    to compare this tiny plump to meg ryan's botched lip-job is ridiculous. her lips look quasi-normal compared to every other person's in hollywood. the rest of her face…now that is another matter.

  8. 108

    Nicole Kidman looks better than ever. She's been there and done that. I'm happy to see she's happy with herself….simply beautiful.

  9. 109

    her lips look normal to me. plumped? if so they sure didn't do much "plumping"

  10. 110

    her lips look the same as always.
    her boobs arent real though

  11. <3. says – reply to this


    She looks beautiful.

  12. 112

    uh..she looks exactly the same…and if she did get lip injections, let's just be thankful they're nowhere near as bad and obvious as aubrey o'day's. anyways, i need to see a clip of her speaking to come up with a final verdict…lip injections always are obvious on camera because they have a certain effect on the lips while the person talks

  13. 113

    She actually looks amazing in this pic

  14. 114

    She looks fine. Perez you crazy!

  15. 115

    I think her lips look great. WTF are you on?

  16. 116

    they don't look that bad

  17. WTF! says – reply to this


    WTF…Pearass you are officially a moron.
    There is nothing wrong with her lips. Her lips are thin as usual. That lipgloss shine makes her lips look plump. Just look at her old pictures-SAME ASS LIPS.
    She is pretty and I think Pearass is just jealous. Go get some botox in your ass Pearass.

  18. 118

    She looks pretty.

  19. 119

    She's had her lips done years ago! The problem is… plastic surgery on the lips do NOT age well. Look at Lisa Rinna. BTW Nic also had her boobs done, but very moderately.

  20. 120

    That is a freaky looking woman who is in massive denial about the public's ability to use their eyes and brains at the same time!! Anyone who looks that enhanced is just ridiculous!!

  21. 121

    I dont' care what anyone says-she's gorgeous. She looks the best she has looked in ages and the media finds something to critique her bout considering her face isn't shiny enough for them. It's pathetic!

  22. Low says – reply to this


    She looks great.. it's a good picture of her.

  23. 123

    i think she looks better than i've ever seen her. i'm not a fan and normally i think she looks like a freak, but she looks gorgeous here.

  24. 124


  25. 125

    Wtf, the lips? Where do you see that? She looks like she always does, even mroe amazing actually, and that's because of the colors she's wearing not the lips.

  26. 126

    What are you WTFing about?

  27. 127

    She's obviously had them done, if you look at older pictures of her they are really thin……but I think they look nice. She hasn't gone overboard

  28. TKH says – reply to this


    She looks fantastic. I'm sorry you can't see that but you also can't see the train wreck that you look like in almost every single shot. Don't you have mirrors in your home? WTF!

  29. 129

    Funny how now you never post anything about Rihanna, her album has leaked, a new video aswell and you said that the album sucks, but everyone knows its PURE FIRE and its so much better then Good Girl Gone Bad and it isnt dark at all..
    You are so predictable, you dont post the good things about Rihanna now because she will realise the album the same day as your Lady Gaga, afraid of the competition eh?

  30. 130

    I'd like to know the name of her Dr. She looks beautiful & natural. I don't even get why you're obsessing on her lips…they look fine to me.

  31. 131

    you can tell the breast implants are recently done because they have not settled in yet, she should not have been displaying them, they look terrible.

  32. 132

    they are far from meg ryans lips…she looks great, great ass

  33. 133

    Nicole looks stoned.

  34. 134

    The lips don't look bad in this picture. But they did look really bad on TV for some reason. Maybe it was the HD

  35. 135

    so? i wish i had her lips… whats so wrong with her lips?

    how about taking a close up of your face!!! we could talk all day about what you need!

  36. 136

    lips look great…

  37. 137

    I've always thought she was a weird looking woman. Not attractive in the slightest.

  38. 138

    ever heard of lip liner and gloss? it looks fine.

  39. 139

    Re: Zombie Hitler – Awe, that was sweet.

  40. 140

    I think she looks fine. If that is what botox did to her lips I'd call it pretty unsucessful. They don't look pouty at all. She's no Meg Ryan

  41. pomme says – reply to this


    fake lips and fake boobs!!! she must fired her plastic surgeon doctor

  42. 142

    She looks so different than she did even five years ago. Put up side by side pictures, Perez, so we can really see.

  43. 143

    I think she looks great! Who cares if people get work done to make them look better? I'm sure if any normal person who bashes getting botox sudden;y became a celebrity…they'd consider it too

  44. 144

    Whatever, but she looks good here. I've seen worse. She is happy now and her lips just look plump but not overdone! She very pretty.

  45. 145

    Re: georgiagd13 – Wtf: Wtf is wrong with her lips….? Nothing…

  46. DVTG says – reply to this


    You're as ass! She looks beautiful - and classy, not like the other fake-tanned women YOU think look "hot." There's nothing wrong with her lips - or her forehead!

  47. 147

    She looks great anyway!

  48. 148

    thats the best ive seen her look in a long time

  49. 149

    I think people have forgotten what she used to really look like. She had less of an upper lip than Reba! Ever seen Dead Calm, 1989? Nicole has steadily gotten more and more "Barbie" over the last 7 or 8 years especially. I would say that #1) those are implants, not injections…look how the implant on the bottom is actually wider than the colored area of her lip. #2) she really needs to knock it off, but I think "freakish" is a bit of an overstatement. Why can't Hollywood learn moderation?? Is it really that difficult a lesson? Don't we always have Lindsay and Tara Reid to remind us??

  50. 150

    they look fine

  51. Jai says – reply to this


    Her lips look pretty normal to me….other parts not so much.

  52. 152

    Make her stop doing that to her forehead! Gives me the creeps….and…her lips look fine.

  53. 153

    Too much Botox! You could watch a movie off of her forehead!!

  54. 154

    Actually, who ever did her lips did a really good job. Compared to what most look like after they get their lips pumped up. Now considering she had no lips to speak of before, she looks good. At least we can tell what kind of lip stick she is wearing now. lol. Perez, I don't know what your fussing about, you do have to admit she does look good. Now when you take a blow up of her and display her lips like that, then anyone's lips will be open for ridicule. If that's all you have to say on her, she's doing good, pick on someone else. I guess news is slow these days????

  55. 155

    im pretty sure if you look at old photos - like pre tom cruise days - she actually has no lips at all
    so there is a pretty big difference

    she still looks ugly and cant act though

    and btw nicole whatever happened to your freckles?
    no cosmetic procedures huh?

  56. 156

    I'm just SO glad that she started coloring her hair reddish again. I suspect Tom Cruise liked her hair red, so she started coloring it that weird blondey color after they split up just to spite him. The red looks SO much better - yay Nicole! Oh, and ..her lips look just fine!!! (don't love the Botox though..agreed)

  57. 157

    Really not that hard to figure out Perez. Just look at photo's of Nic from a few years ago. The upper lip is totally different. She is still a very pretty girl but she should lay off the lip injections and back off of doing too much Botox. Less is more sometimes.

  58. 158

    I think her lips look fine and I love her hair red. It's such a better color on her. Her boobs look like anyone in Hollywood.

  59. 159

    I am so jealous of her skin!!!

  60. 160

    Seriously? She looks like she is in her early 30's in that pic. She looks fine.

  61. 161

    um that's nothing compared to some stunned whorelywood plastic surgery addicts

  62. 162

    Nicole had her top lip plumped before "Australia". Why is this news? What about Lady Ga Ga's nose job? There are plenty of celebrities who have much more obvious work done. Posts like this and the constant Kristen Stewart bashing is turning me off you, Perez.

  63. 163

    i say, who cares? really?

  64. 164

    dont see anything wrong. they look the same as usual.

  65. 165

    she looks fine.. nothing on her is overdone. when women age skin gets loose and looses its fullness. a little up keep in moderation is perfectly acceptable. now if she all of a sudden had angelina lips or a face like mickey rourke.. then you'd have something to comment on.

  66. 166

    I think she looks good.. it is a good lip job..

  67. 167

    her lips look pretty good 2 me

  68. 168

    I think she looks really pretty… I don't think she did anything to her lips. They look normal to me. Perez just likes to start shit :/

  69. 169

    Her lips look fine.

  70. 170

    i think they did a good job on her lips

  71. 171

    Um, where've ya been? She had those things enhanced years ago (post Moulin Rouge) Look at side by side pics - her upper lip was NEVER that plump.

  72. 172

    they don't look like they've been done at all STOOOOOOPID post

  73. 173

    She looks great! Just perfect!

  74. brock says – reply to this


    When she was younger, like in her twenties and early thirties, she had small, pretty lips. Why does she think now that plumping them up will make her look younger when she never had plump lips in the first place? She doesn't even look like herself anymore…

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