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Jon Gosselin Whines About Being Too Famous For A Regular Job

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We're pretty sure that if you stopped the douchey behavior and just went to work every day to support your family the paparazzi would quickly lose interest!

Jon Gosselin has come up with the lamest excuse in the book, claiming that nobody will hire him because he's just TOO big of a celebrity.

He explains:

"Now, I find myself unemployed and without the ability to secure non-entertainment related engagements because the enormous Media interest, cameras, reporters and public interest makes it impossible to carry on normal daily activities, let alone find, secure and maintain a job with an employer who is willing to be exposed to the daily Media intrusions that has impeded by life."

So is your grand plan to keep up your douche antics to continue making money?

Sounds like a great idea!

He's also upset that TLC is blatantly "Team Kate," but come on, Jon! Can you blame them? She's not running around town with a different man every night and befriending Dina Lohan!

He says that TLC enforced their contract "strictly and harshly towards me, while leniently, if at all, applying them towards my wife. The Plaintiff has promoted and even facilitated opportunities and appearances for my wife, yet attempts to restrain and enjoin me from making a living for my family."

Jon's and his lawyers' main argument in the case is that Jon didn't breach the contract because they gave TLC advance notice of any media appearances. They also say that the contract should be void because it was signed when Jon and Kate were not yet represented by a lawyer or management.

However the contract WAS renegotiated several times later on when they did have representation, but Jon and his lawyers intend to claim that certain provisions were unable to be touched.

Give it up, Jon!

Get a real job like you did before, perhaps in IT if that's what you're qualified to do, and maybe your kids can have some sense of a normal life again.

We think your 15 minutes are more than over! Quit hanging on!

[Image via SMartinez / WENN.]

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46 comments to “Jon Gosselin Whines About Being Too Famous For A Regular Job”

  1. 1

    he can come and work for you mario… is grammar and spelling can't be any worse than the imbeciles you have working for you now….and he'd probably copy and paste a whole hell of a lot faster too, given his past computer experience.

  2. 2


  3. 3

    I like John. Hes a douche but the 30 sec. I watched of their show I thought how does this guy put up with this bitch. Good for him for moving on and actually enjoying his life unlike that dried up vag.

  4. 4

    TLC didn't make him too famous for regular employment, the antics between him and Kate, followed by his party-hosting, Ed Hardy promoting and women chasing is what rocketed them to the level of infamy they are at now. Kate has levied this into a successful career. If he really wants a regular life back, he should sit on his hands. He's got more than enough money to make it until he is forgotten. Then he can go back to "normal life." Oh, but a normal life means normal pay and no more Vegas parties, expensive wardrobe and NYC bachelor pad.

  5. 5

    can we just drown him in a bucket of vomit!!! Honestly, killurself bonitah!!!

  6. 6

    Maybe if you asshole gossip blogger'a and writers stopped talking about him he'd have to get one

  7. 7

    he is so full of excuses…no one cares about him at all..get a life, get a job and get out of the media glare, you are a realitry star has been… get used it to it…there is nothing lower than that! Has-been

  8. 8

    PEREZ! MARIO! YOU are directly contributing to this! YOU are contributing to these 8 kids' troubles by heckling their parents! How can you keep going on about the poor kids when YOU are part of the problem?!!???!!

  9. 9

    As much as he annoys me I have to say I can imagine the difficulty he would have at a normal job. Imagine how terrible it would be to be his co-worker when you would have a million photographers hanging out at your work. I know I'd get annoyed with it and probably wouldn't hire someone that would bring along that kind of baggage.

  10. 10

    Yeah….how many real jobs did he apply for?

  11. 11

    Re: Canadiana* – lol!!how true ..I'm soon done for the weekend!hehaaa Later

  12. 12

    What bullshit. He and Kate need to get back to "regular" jobs.

  13. 13

    So then you must also think that Kate needs to stop constantly calling up to give interviews to PEOPLE Magazine and every news show and entertainment show that will have her.

  14. 14

    Re: Sensitivity – hey darlin'… missed the barley breakfast.. ;) . have a good one !!

  15. 15

    Hey man, no one is able to find a job right now because the economy sucks and he probably doesn't have the skills or education- he can't find a job because he's a loser stuck in a shitty economy. He might as well say that.

  16. 16

    What a horrible human being- inside and out! GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!

  17. 17

    Oh my goodness, Jon, I am so sorry. To think that you will not be able to find a regular job because of your fame? Can't Hailey help you out? Wow, if only you had not been such a douche, you could still be living the pretty life. Now, you are fat, balding, and have a girlfriend who could be described at best as a bottom dwelling, insecure little home wrecker. Just remember now, you have to try to save money, so no more surgeries for Hailey, or else she will wind up looking like the cat woman! You are such a pathetic excuse for a human being, your poor kids, you not only destroyed your life, but theirs in the process, kudos! You suck.

  18. 18

    The same thing should also be applied to kate, end of story.

  19. 19

    Binman maybe?

  20. 20

    cant he just spontaneously combust already?

  21. 21

    HAHAHAHAHAH! Famous? HAHAHAHAHAHA! My gut hurts.

  22. 22

    He is right.

  23. 23

    I can agree with what he said, but honestly, you but yourself out there.
    And I mean, as much as people want to say that Kate is the biggest monster-bitch ever, anyone would have to admit she doesn't go around famewhoring. Yes, she makes appearances, but at least she's classy, unlike John. So yes, people will tend to be Team Kate.

  24. 24

    Epiphany Jon: If you returned to a"normal" occupation the paparazzi would lose interest in you very qucikly!

    You even know this to be true!!

    You are such a Douche!

  25. 25

    I have had it with even hearing or seeing Jon! He isn't worthy of 5 minutes of fame. I hope he gets criminally charged for the money that is missing from Kate and the children. He would fit in working in an assembly line, no sorry that is an insult to hard working honest people. He belongs on a chain gang!

  26. 26

    Jon's new job: starring in the film, "A Day Without a Fucktard".

  27. Mada says – reply to this


    I call BS! You can get a normal job if you were once famous. People do it all the time. "Blossom" became a college professor after her run on TV. So, it's possible, he just doesn't want to ge fogotten by stepping out of the spot light and getting a real job. It's much easier to do what he's doing…which is nothing.

  28. njlou says – reply to this


    I doubt the problem is his "fame." More likely, no one will hire him (if he has indeed tried to get hired) because everyone knows he's a lying, unreliable douchebag. Would you hire him?

  29. BOKO says – reply to this


    He could be a plumber. He could unplug toilets by screaming down them.

  30. 30

    They BOTH need real jobs, including the sociopathic KATE. Kate is such an entitled hog (and hag) who thinks she deserves to be in movies. It's time to ban these reality TV hos from polluting entertainment and leave the entertainment jobs to the professionals.

  31. 31

    PLEASE go back to your IT job. You can do that from home or in the basement of any building. Go away! No one cares. That that Icon of Douchbaggie-dom Ed hardy with y9ou.

  32. 32

    I guess MickeyD's turned down his last application …

  33. 33


  34. 34

    i am so incredibly OVER hearing about this douchebag

  35. 35

    urgh he is such a douche. He probably doesn't even want a normal job! Excuses, excuses. Other people who are much bigger "stars" than him have had to go out and get everyday jobs. He is such a slacker douche!

  36. 36


  37. 37

    When Jon's children are teenagers they are going to say, "I am too famous to go to school."
    How many non-entertainment jobs has Jon G applied for?
    My guess is ZERO.
    Every day I think Jon can not do anything stupider, or dig his hole any deeper, but he does!

  38. 38

    just die already

  39. 39

    I think hes right. Even if a company did accept him workig with them ppl would still chase after him to see what hes doin at work and who hes talkin to at work n see who hes having relationships with..i feel bad for him….

  40. 40

    oh my G-d, he is such a douche! Kate needs full custody! I used ot be on Jons side and think this was all Kates fault, but now, i believe it's all Jons! good luck to you, Kate and your family! >:P to you Jon!!!

  41. @v@ says – reply to this


    I have a hard time feeling sorry for him, seeing as how he shut down his own golden goose, er, I mean, show. Just what did Jon think; that some fairly was going to fly down and give them money once the paying gig was shut down? He shut it down on his wife and kids, too, with no concern to their affected income.
    He seems to have no ability to see future results of his actions. He acts first, and thinks later. Lawyer, schmawyer.

  42. 42

    This is no one's fault but his own. If he wouldn't have been such a fame whore when he blew off Kate, maybe he would have more opportunities. No one wants to hire a douche bag.

  43. 43

    You know I felt bad for him during the show cause Kate was not to nice to him. But man to famous of what? He truly needs to get his head back on his shoulders and wake up, he is not as big as he thing he is. And the more stuff he does makes me no longer feel bad for him.

    He is going out partying, sleeping around like a twenty year old and seeking way to much attention from the media. While Kate will speak to the media but keeps tight lipped on the situation, and she is still acting a concerned mother!

  44. 44

    On October 9, 2009 Jon Gosselin gave an interview to ParentDish.

  45. 45

    Jon gave an interview to Parentdish on October 9, 2009.
    PD: What are you doing with yourself these days for work?
    JG: I'm still building websites.
    When Jon goes to court, he will face one of the top law firms in the nation. I and many others will be glad to see an end to all Jon Gosselin's colossal douche-baggery.
    Go TLC. Shut down this idiot and his idiot lawyers.

  46. 46

    Jon also said, " I started writing a book. My book says it all. It will teach fathers a lesson."
    "I'm like, I'm gonna do what's right, whether or not it costs me my career. "
    I'm looking forward to December 14th.