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Gay Mag vs Adam Lambert: Glambert's Management Trying To Make Him Less Gay, Gay Mag Responds!

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We were really excited and proud to hear that Adam Lambert was included in this year's "Out 100" list in Out Magazine. We thought it was a well-deserved honor to cap off his incredible year.

That is until we got our hands on the editor's note from the issue. Imagine our shock to learn that Adam's management and record label insisted on de-gaying Lambert…..AT A GAY MAGAZINE!


Our sources tell us that while Adam was being interviewed, his record reps insisted on limiting his questions as to not make him seem "too gay" or "gay-gay." His interviewer was told NOT to ask him about the march on Washington or anything in that vein.

This sparked some understandable fury with Editor-In-Chief Aaron Hicklin, so he wrote the following open letter to Glambert explaining his position:

Dear Adam,

I like you, I really do. Although I’d never watched American Idol, I became a fan this year thanks to your unapologetic flamboyance and sexual swagger. It was refreshing to see someone playing by his own rules among so many cookie-cutters. And although you narrowly lost to Kris Allen, you were the real winner for those of us who saw your success as a test of America’s growing tolerance. That’s why we’re proud to have you in this year’s Out 100, along with all the other men and women who don’t believe their sexuality should be a barrier to success. It’s unfortunate, therefore, that your record label and management don’t share the same view.

We’re curious whether you know that we made cover offers for you before American Idol was even halfway through its run. Apparently, Out was too gay, even for you. There was the issue of what it would do to your record sales, we were told. Imagine! A gay musician on the cover of a gay magazine. What might the parents think! It’s only because this cover is a group shot that includes a straight woman that your team would allow you to be photographed at all — albeit with the caveat that we must avoid making you look “too gay.” (Is that a medical term? Just curious). Luckily, you seemed unaware that a similar caution was issued to our interviewer.

Perhaps we should have had you and Cyndi in a tongue lock. That would be radical. It’s odd, because this magazine has done covers with Pete Wentz and Lady Gaga — getting straight men and women to do Out is easy these days. It gives them cred. Getting gay stars like yourself is another matter. Much easier to stick you in Details, where your homosexuality can be neutralized by having you awkwardly grabbing a woman’s breast and saying, “Women are pretty.” So are kittens, Adam, but it doesn’t mean you have to make out with them. Imagine how much more radical it would have been to go down on a guy instead of that six-foot Barbie. We don’t think you would have a problem with that — why should you? — but your record label would, and letting them dictate the terms is the very opposite of rock ’n’ roll. And did you read the article? You would think your entire fan base was made up of women and heterosexual men, or “straight dudes” as the writer describes them, just so we can all be clear. No mention of your gay fans, which is kind of disappointing, don’t you think, given what your success represents?

We don’t want to sound ungrateful — you agreed to do our cover, and your interview is gracious and frank — but if the Out 100 has a purpose it’s to challenge the kind of apartheid that lays down one rule for gay mags and one for all others. We think you probably feel the same way — you even say as much — so we don’t mean to diminish your achievements this year. That’s why you’re in this issue. You’re a pioneer, an out gay pop idol at the start of his career. Someone has to be first, and we’re all counting on you not to mess this up. You have to find your own path and then others can follow. We just hope it’s a path that’s honest and true and that you choose to surround yourself with people who celebrate your individuality. The irony is that right now it would be easier to get Kris Allen to do a solo cover shoot for us. But only because he’s straight.

Aaron Hicklin, Editor in Chief


We can't wait to find out how Adam plans on handling this situation!

What do U guys think?

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73 comments to “Gay Mag vs Adam Lambert: Glambert's Management Trying To Make Him Less Gay, Gay Mag Responds!”

  1. 1

    I think everyone needs to let the dude be a singer right now. Geeze.

  2. 2

    I think everyone needs to chill and let the guy be a singer. Geeze.

  3. 3


  4. 4

    Holy Fuck Me Shit Balls, I love it!! Dude your gay, own it!

  5. 5

    Um, last time I checked, he didn't sign up to be a gay role model/ icon/ leader of the new school of homosexual understanding and social consciousness.

    He's a singer. He's a performer. Expecting anything more than that is ridiculous.

  6. 6

    I am not an Adam Lambert fan but this is ridiculous. He is the gayest thing around! He is loud and proud and not trying to be anything he is not! All record reps are assholes. Everybody knows that. It goes with the territory. He is trying really hard to be openly gay and get his career off the ground and it is going to take a few years for him to find that right balance of both. They need to get off his ass and quit being condescending and talking down to him, and be grateful for everything that he has done! Jesus Christ people! He is young and new to the world of fame. Cut him some f'ing slack!

  7. 7

    It's sad they think they need to make him more public friendly by making him seem less gay, unless it is true that Adam's got a little curiosity goin' for the tuna tacos. I like Adam. He seems very true to himself. Hope the Hollywood machine doesn't change that.

  8. 8

    There isn't anything in the world that could make this guy come across as less gay.

  9. amish says – reply to this


    Maybe he doesn't want or need to be an icon. Maybe he wants to satisfy his contracts with his record and management companies and get paid. Why should he talk about anything but his music? If OUT is having trouble getting gays to pose for their mag, maybe they should not release bullshit like this when they do !!?? STUPID

  10. 10

    Much ado about nothing

  11. 11

    Unfortunately, Adam Lambert has a record contract and with that contract comes the understanding that his mgmt, publicist, record executives are the ones in control of Adam's career right now. Hopefully, if his record sales are high, eventually Adam will have a little more control or say on how things are handled. It's not up to him….he's just a worker for a corporation and they call the shots.

  12. 12

    I wonder what the response would be if Kelly Rowlands management told Essence Magazine "She will be on your cover, but you can't make her look too black." They would rip her handlers apart.

  13. 13

    Unfortunately, it seems there are many 'stars' (especially the new ones) who are under the hypocritical thumb of their management. I think in all fairness, Adam Lambert is stuck under a rock and a hard spot - on one side he's a proud gay man and on the other, a success hungry and driven young performer/singer who's still understandably afraid of breaking ALL the rules right at the get g-o.. I am willing to bet, with time, Adam will get sick of following these types of double standards and just as he did on American Idol.. he will remain true to who he IS.. like it or not..

  14. 14

    Hooray for Aaron Hicklin, calling Glambert out! Americans voting against civil rights for gays is disgusting and it's more important NOW then ever for everyone to stand up and show the world it’s not okay to discriminate against anyone!!! Adam is in a position to do some good for the cause, if anyone thinks he can just tip toe back in the closet to boost his redneck, southern hillbilly fan base, they are crazy. And really Adam, why would you want those fans in the first place?

  15. 15

    This is NOT Adam's fault u idiot!!!!!! And fuck OUT mag for writing this blaming Adam!!!!!!!

  16. 16

    If he does not want to be a gay role model than he may want to NOT pose on the front of OUT magazine….I mean really people, think about what your saying here.

  17. buck says – reply to this


    so i'm confused…do we like him because he is gay or do we like him because of his music?

  18. 18

    Love it

  19. 19

    I find it hard to believe that Adam didn't know what he was getting into when signing up for AI and 19.

    also I am curious to know whether or not this editor has seen the cover of Adam's album? 19 didn't seem too concerned with how "gay" that looked!

    Re: the "details" comments… A gay man going down on another man… how avant-guard and radical. Not expected or normal at all!
    I somehow don't think Adam was forced into that shoot. Did Adam not boast about how unexpected it would be? has he not said before he thought women were pretty? Are they not? Does it make him less gay to acknowledge that?

    I could go on but really what would be the point? Aaron Hicklin seems more concerned with dictating the 'acceptable way to be gay' than allowing an artist to be himself. he is as much of a problem as those he is upset with in the first place. he is no different than the managers who want to make Adam less gay - he is just on the opposite end of the spectrum.

    Last I checked being Gay is about who you were sexually attracted to not what you wear or who you pose with in a picture.

  20. 20

    even his first 2 songs.. I'm goin "where's the 'Adam Lambert'"

  21. 21

    And yes, JUST LET ADAM BE A SINGER AND ENTERTAINER, stop having these fucking expectations of him to be a gay hero or whatever. He will be that by just being himself everyday.

  22. 22

    Aaron Hicklin is dead on. How insulting, how degrading to the gay community at large, to have someone who is just so out-and-proud willfully de-gay their persona in order to appeal to more people, to sell more records. Apparently, being gay is only okay if you don't talk about it, if you keep your opinions and individuality to yourself. Do you not realize that you are sucking away every last drop of what makes Adam unique? If you want Adam Lambert to be Kris Allen, why give him a record deal in the first place?

    As usual, the quest for fame and fortune is more important than being true to who you are. And you trample on those who most want you to succeed in the process. Thanks alot.

  23. 23

    I have such great respect for Aaron Hickler for writing this letter. I think he raises valid points that need to be addresses. Why is it that Adam Lambert and so many other famous gay individuals decide to align themselves with homophobic companies?

  24. 24

    performance after performance we heard his original style. so far his album sounds like he's shoved into britney/pink songs.

  25. 25

    yeah… and people wondering why i dont like him.

  26. 26

    A lot of the responses below are ridiculous. Obviously some are not gay so the context of the letter matters none to them. Yes, Adam is a singer and i agree, thats all we should focus on. yes, Adam did not sign on to be a gay icon so let him be, but, if his management tells a mag do not make him look or sound to gay, yes, as a human being and as a gay man Adam has to say something or answer to us. They are asking a gay mag to soften or gloss over who he is as if it is shameful and a career killer. Adam did all of that when he was on AI.. It's like telling a latino person to change his name from Rodriguez to Rogers, so as not to sound to hispanic.. It is wrong what they are doing and the editor of Out was right on for saying something.

  27. 27

    This is why I never understand why Lambert is supported by Perez. That Lambert would not come out until after the competition, and on a cover, no less.
    Much less, perez supporting new moon with its linkage to the mormon faith and mormon faith link to Prop 8. There is always threads of being a hypocrite.

  28. 28

    This twat is such an embarrassment to the gay community. His management should have tought before that idiotic album cover. In no way does this asshole represent me.

  29. 29

    Yeah, it's a lot of pressure to put on a new pop idol, but I can see where the magazine is coming from…a little.

  30. 30

    Who is this guy to judge how "gay" a gay person wants to be. You are all about equal rights, but I find gays to often be the opposite. You will Out one of your own who may not be ready for that step. You also feel that when you come out and say you are gay, the rest of your life you should just flaunt being gay.
    Not everyone is like that. Some people believe their sexuality is just a very small part of who they are. Since Adam came out, all you hear about is how gay he is, or how much gayer he should be. Shouldn't Adam decide how much of his life is focused on his sexuality and how much isn't?
    Taylor from Twilight, he wants his movie roles to be about him, and not necessarily about his body/abs. Everyone is ok with that…but isn't Adam doing the same thing? Why is it different for him? Why is it so wrong? Sounds like the gay community needs to learn a little more tolerance.

  31. 31

    Did you read the actual interview online? Adam couldn't have been more open. Even after Adam's mgmt laid down the law, Adam still held nothing back. He should be commended for this, not chastised. Sure, go after his mgmt, but don't drag Adam into this. He delivered in the interview, and then some. This letter should have been addressed to 19, not to Adam.

  32. 32

    I do share Mr. Hicklin's anger, but my anger is not aimed directly at the record company, but rather the fact that they have to do this in order to promote their talent. That's what sad.

  33. 33

    Im surprised that people didnt expect this. Im gay myself and even i recognize that right now Gay does not sell …its sad but true. I bet if you took a look at the numbers of the issues that sold the most would be the issues with straight people on them.

  34. 34

    ***You’re a pioneer, an out gay pop idol at the start of his career. Someone has to be first, and we’re all counting on you not to mess this up.***

    So what the fate of the gay magazine world rests on his shoulders. What is he the poster child of the gay movement now?! Seriously he is who he is. Why does he have to champion a cause. He's a great singer period, not a great GAY singer. His sexuality is secondary.

  35. 35

    Leave the guy alone!! He's out already! Is he not out far enough for some people? He doesn't owe anyone anything.Right now he's trying to market himself and establish himself.He's also under contract you don't need a genius to know you have to give up a little piece of yourself when you're first starting out. Let him become the superstar he is meant to be and then when he is watch what power he'll have over his image. Who are you all kidding,if you had a chance to make it big you'd make a few smallconcessions to get there. I'd say considering who his contracts are with he's staying pretty true to himself. Besides, it's no ones business to pigeonhold him into any bracket of sexuality. Have fun Adam and do whatever or whoever you want!!

  36. 36

    Well, as of yesterday, Adam's first single is struggling at #78 on Itunes. Hell, even Beyonce's old song "Single Ladies" was selling more. The record company execs are cognizant that the tweens / teens download more, on average, than adults. Having said that, Adam's album cover looks uber-gay and the stills from his video shoot also have a "no holds barred" look to them. Just let Adam sing and entertain us for now. He didn't sign up to be a gay icon.

  37. 37

    I think this is great!! He wants to have his cake and eat it too…sorry bud, can't be both ways….While he didn't sign up to be a gay role model, taking picks of you kissing your boyfriend and trying to be in gay hotspots certainly doesn't help the situation…..The good thing is I'm sure he will be the next Justin Guiarini……

  38. 38

    Still love Adam :)
    He's original, talented and handles awkward situations like a true star!

  39. 39


    Michael Musto, take a page from Adam's book and just stop FOCUSING on his ORIENTATION you one minded muppet.

    Talk MUSIC. STOP ASKING HIM CONSTANTLY ABOUT ONE THING. You can tell from his eyes in interviews that it affects him when all they talk about is that!

    Adam hasn't thought about his orientation once since the first time he came out at 18! It's always been apart of who he is. I'm Latino and I don't think twice about it.

    Adam just gave this amazing, long, incredibly wise interview SPECIFICALLY talking about how he doesn't believe that people should let their sexuality define them, or worry about being "too butch or too fem", and what does the editor of the VERY magazine that interview is from go and do? MAKES IT ALL ABOUT SEXUALITY!


    Now if his management really did MAKE him do the Details shoot to seem more straight, that's NOT cool. But Adam said why not. He loves a challenge and he doesn't fit into any box so something tells me he wanted to give the photography a shot. But as I said if the management ARE doing this, shame on them! But still, what an ungrateful catty letter.

  40. 40

    I think the way Aaron Hicklin handled it was way out of line, the guy comes across as a bullying, condescending d-bag. There is probably truth on both sides of the situation, but Adam has publicly said he feels his management is giving him a lot of support. He gave them a very honest, insightful interview. WTH else do they want from him? That letter should NOT have been addressed to Adam or made public at this time. By the way, last years cover was a group shot as well. I don't believe Aaron is being completely upfront with HIS intentions.

  41. 41

    Re: fabtree – Come out? Where the photos of him and his ex bf not enough for you…? Did you need a printed wooden notice?? He sang CHER in Hollywood. EVERYONE knew he was gay. AS LONG AS GAY PERSON HAS TO MAKE AN ANNOUNCEMENT, THERE WILL NEVER BE EQUALITY. He was given RS REGARDLESS of whether or not he wanted to talk about his orientation. Firstly, if you READ the OUT interview it reveals they weren't allowed to talk too much about anything too personal. Secondly, he knew that if he said "yes I'm gay" in the middle of the comp, all the headlines would be about that instead of his PERFORMANCES. Not only that, it would sound like he's ashamed of it and admitting to something instead of just adressing everyone's obsession, he didn't want that. He wanted the focus to be about his MUSIC. Why would he stupidly risk that chance midway and kill his dreams and career? He addressed it as a nonissue because it IS a non issue for him. Adam never thinks twice about his orientation UNLIKE some people who will spend their life worrying whether or not they are too gay or flamboyant OR are offended by others who are. This letter is so full of BS omg.

  42. tasha says – reply to this


    Adam is a singer not a rep for the gay community. He's also signed to a record label and all artists pretty much have to do what they are told unless they own their own record label and masters to their own music. Lighten up.

  43. 43

    Work it Aaron Hicklin!!

  44. 44

    Re: singsong – You said it PERFECTLY. Bravo!! 200% agree!

  45. 45

    Hey, why don't we all focus on the music now. The release of that album couldn't have come at a better time to remind us what it's all about.

  46. 46

    Hes a singer not an advocate for gay rights. Its not like hes in the closet anyways! This guy needs to take a chill pill.

  47. 47

    Wait, someone explain to my again why, although the Editor's Letter and the Writer's letter CLEARLY show that Adam was unaware of the circumstances, that you want ADAM to show how he handles it? He doesn't owe anyone an apology any more than he had a choice of who his management would be after Idol. Get a grip, people.

  48. 48

    Re: Poindexter-X – You're right. In no way does he reprsent someone as uptight, bitter and pretentious as you. I feel sorry for people with no sense of humor. Adam said one of the things he hoped people who chose to follow his career would do, is LAUGH. Laugh with him. He showed his friends his CD and they laughed. They were all no way! And he just laughed and said why not. We might as well make it fun. He doesn't take himself seriously, he has a hilarious, sassy sense of humor about everything. That's partly what makes him so awesome.

  49. ap076 says – reply to this


    I think the horse is out of the barn on this issue, just look at the cover of his "album". Being gay is one aspect of Adam's life and how he carries it into other aspects of his life, like career, is his choice. He signed up to be a singer and not a gay icon, or a hero for gay youth or a popular face to be put on as a generic gay male to appeal to non-gays. Even as I write this I realize although always out and proud I do tend to adjust the volume of the loud part depending on the venue.
    Like it or not record companies exert a great deal of control over their artists in every choice they make pertaining to a "record" and its marketing. I do think it was a stupid choice to do this with Out magazine where they could have just let Adam be Adam, and in an ideal world there would be no need to control any aspect of an artist's persona, but the company is out for the dollar and they want him to appeal to as broad an audience as possible. Is the editor so naive as to think that when Wentz and Gaga appeared on his magazine they were not tweaking their public image to be more "gay friendly"? I see the Editor's points but just don't feel this is any great issue at this time though it is one worth watching. If this whole thing put a bug up his journalistic ass why did he agree in the first place to put Adam on the cover and interview him with limitations placed that bothered him so greatly. Oh, yeah, because he wants to make money as well.

  50. KCL says – reply to this


    –Last I checked being Gay is about who you were sexually attracted to not what you wear or who you pose with in a picture.—

    This. Who you date has s…h…i…t all to do with anything. As Adam said, your orientation has nothing to do with your style or your music. So all the backward people on BOTH side like Out mag + Perez who can only ever see one thing, and the people who are so cautious about everything, need a life.

    Adam's management probably didn't want the focus to be only on his sexuality. And Out were more interested in talking about that than his music!

  51. 51

    Adam Lambert: The Out Interview, Part One & two are awesome!! Go to read!!
    Adam is a great man an open book, the editor made this because scandal = publicity, Adam is a singer and gay and he likes icecream—, gay pop idol why? ice cream pop idol? No! He´s pop idol and World Idol ;)

  52. J.Ann says – reply to this


    This magazine sucks. Leave Adam alone man. He's a talented artist and owes no obligation to answer your shit.

  53. 53

    Just another celebrity story gone way out of control.
    Adam is a fantastic singer/entertainer .. wish it could stay there.

  54. 54

    While I think his management is stupid to go there, I think Adam is stuck between a rock and a hard place. He can't win!

  55. 55

    Wow,that letter is SO unprofessional.. Adam Lambert has been totally open n honest about his sexuality.. Yet this editor thinks Adam needs to go around flaunting it..
    Adam Lambert cant do things that would jeapardise his career.. U want him to sacrifice his career jz so u feel he's gay enuf for u..?
    Let him be however he wants to be.. Evry1 nees to stop being so damn demanding of him.. He's doing something big by coming out right at the beginning of his career,so jz respect that.

  56. 56

    BRAVO. i don't listen to adam's music, but the kid is adorable. i hope he becomes the gay paragon that both he and the gay community seem to want him to be and FUCK the record companies.

  57. 57

    No matter what happens here, Glambert wins. Because, how many people out there were thinking, just like me, "who the fuck is Kris Allen?"

  58. 58

    I think that you idiot press are just trying to ruin it for him. He just wants to sing! Why make it all political? Just give him a chance! He had dreamed and worked hard to be a singer not a poster boy for gay issues. Shame on you for putting road blocks for him in every corner! Let the man do his thing - sing!!!

  59. 59

    Bravo Aaron Hicklin!!

    That is an impressive letter.

    It is also very true with some very good points!

    I can't wait for Adam Lambert's "candid" remarks about this.

  60. KCL says – reply to this


    The Out Editor is a drama queen who only focuses on one thing like Perez.

    Anyway. TO: RCA. When the F are you going to release Adam's album properly? His fanbase is huuuuugely global YET no one outside of the US can even pre order? We have no access to the single OR the album. GET ON IT.

  61. 61

    For someone who is an editor of a magazine that works with celebrities, this guy is pretty clueless about how celebrities are "handled". ADAM didn't request anything, his HANDLERS did. ADAM probably didn't know a thing about it until this letter appeared.
    I don't know why Americans are so damned uptight about sexuality anyway. Who cares who someone sleeps with? Does it affect YOUR life personally? NO, so let people be who they are. ADAM is a singer, first and foremost, an entertainer. Does his sexuality somehow negate his talent, or make him less talented? No. So why does it matter, and why do people want him to be some kind of "gay icon". Just leave him alone and let him entertain.

  62. 62

    At the end of the day it's all about making money. Everybody has a price. People will sacrifice thier beliefs for a higher pay. If Adam thinks being "too gay"= less money, he will act "less gay". simple as that.

  63. 63

    I think it is just fine that he is acting such. After all, everyone knows that he is gay already, and it need not be said more just to sell a magazine. Let him and his music speak. And let him do his thing. Don't you think the album cover is gay enough?? Thom

  64. 64

    This is kinda sad. Everyone is bombarding him with their own shit, regardless of WHAT ADAM WANTS. Since when did his life get taken away from him? I'm sure he is proud of himself but it doesn't mean he HAS to flaunt it to the world. Give him a break.

  65. 65

    I just love how these idiots keep blowing everything out of proportion. First off, the guy is just a singer. He isn't trying to be, nor should be expected to be, some poster child "savior" for the gay cause. "We're all counting on you not to mess this up"??? What kind of BS is that?! Second, this whole rambling diatribe is complaining that his reps don't want him to be colored as "to gay". Yet, the crux of his complaint is that he isn't being "gay enough". That's just a wee bit hypocritical isn't it?

  66. 66

    He is the gayest thing of this days !
    Everybodys know that.
    Why he should look less gay on OUT?

  67. 67

    oh come he was proud enough of his sexuality to confidently come out..this is about marketing him right to get the maximum amount of sales. another case of something beign blown out of proportion

  68. 68

    i dont agree with the enitre thing but i defo agree with that he said about the details shoot, yeah maybe its good fantasy material for old hopeless women and tweens but it really alienated his gay fans

  69. 69

    I hope Adam's next album will be called "Steve".

  70. 70

    Re: ForeverWyld – u are so right. the gay community is the least tolerant group of people around. they will backstab each other in a millisecond.

  71. @v@ says – reply to this


    Adam's not required to run 'Out " magazine's agenda! Adam has the inherent right to decide what his own positions are.

  72. 72

    wanda sykes is so pathetic, she will do and say anything for attention

  73. 73

    less gay? no. no gay. just let him be a singer.