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Hasselbeck Lucks Out, Plagiarism Lawsuit Dropped!

| Filed under: Legal MattersElisabeth Hasselbeck


Early in the summer Elisabeth Hasselbeck was sued for plagiarism after publishing her book, The G-Free Diet: A Gluten-Free Survival Guide.

Self-published author Susan Hassett sent Elisabeth a copy of her book about living with celiac disease in April 2008 and she claimed that Hasselbeck lifted significant passages from her book to include in The G-Free Diet.

The case was dismissed by a judge last week after Hassett's lawyer was late in turning in some paperwork pertaining to the case. The judge did admit that some of Hassett's work was put into Hasselbeck's book, but not enough to warrant damages.

Somehow we think if Hassett has a better lawyer, the outcome would have changed!

Lucky break for Hasselbeck!

[Image via WENN.]

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21 comments to “Hasselbeck Lucks Out, Plagiarism Lawsuit Dropped!”

  1. 1

    You're the expert on plagiarism, most of your stories are stolen from other sites.

  2. smodo says – reply to this


    she's a biatch

  3. 3

    I'm sure she didn't write the book herself she's an idiot.

  4. 4

    It is my business when Perez takes down an article blasting FOX for not supporting the gays. Perez does have to answer to somebody, makes me not trust this website.

  5. 5

    Did George Bush pull some strings for his stupid little puppy!
    This bitch was a cheerleader for the Iraq war… But did she sign up did her husband ? Did Oriely or hanity ? Of cause not!
    Reality show air head! Idea thief!

  6. 6

    LOL! She looks like a complete dunce in this photo.

  7. 7

    …show us the video of elizabeth sucking off the judge Perez!

  8. 8

    i hate this dumb bitch

  9. buck says – reply to this


    not mny comments on this one. i guess the liberal arguements of bitch, whore, slut, idiot have run their course.

  10. 10

    it's like david vs. goliath when you have a "regular" person trying to fight for their rights against a "celebrity". sucks for the little guy.

  11. 11

    oh she needs to go away.

  12. 12

    Why is this "holier than thou" conservative blow hole still in the news at all? She is a blathering idiot who doesn't have the slightest idea what she spouts off about. I really wish she would just shut up

  13. 13

    She's so annoying I can't watch the View when she's on….

  14. 14

    I seriously HATE this bitch. I cant even figure out why I loathe her so….

  15. 15

    So she doesn't get justice because she couldn't afford a better lawyer than the rich bitch has? Gee what fuckin surprise! American "justice" system strikes again

  16. 16

    Please. You know that vapid airhead hasn't had an original thought in her entire silver-spoon little lifey.

  17. 17

    Re: karencarpenter

    Karen….I doubt she even does that for her hubby! LOL

  18. 18

    Re: buck

    Come one Buck. I thought you would be in TJ by now watching Carrie's new donkey act. ;)

  19. 19

    Elizabeth Hasselbeck is a cheap hack.

  20. 20

    Suprising? What else did you expect from "Linguini for Brains?" This moron thought Palin was in charge of the National Guard during the Gulf War. She really though Pumpkinhead Palin has some national security defense experience. LMAO. I hope she does not go away. Palin, Preejean, and Hassleback should revive the roles of the three stooges.

  21. 21

    Didn't she used to be on Survivor or something? How the hell does she get a talk show and book deal? She's a complete moron.