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Lambert Fallout! Morning Show Performance Cancelled!

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Sources confirm exclusively to PerezHilton.com that ABC has cancelled Adam Lambert's planned performance on Good Morning America tomorrow.

No official reason has been given for the cancellation.

Translation: The network is upset with Lambert's homoerotic American Music Awards performance on Sunday and afraid of what he will do on live, morning television.


Would all of this be happening if Lady GaGa made out with one of her female musicians or shoved one of her female dancers in her crotch???

Hell no!!!!!

But, don't stress for Adam, sources tell us he's going to be appearing on ANOTHER morning show tomorrow - The Early Show on CBS - and his song Whata Ya Want From Me has just been added to Z100 in NYC. A huge coup for the Idol alum!

At the end of the day, though, there is no such thing as bad press. All this publicity - which Glambert was hoping for but could never imagine would reach this scale - will only help him!

[Image via WENN.]

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330 comments to “Lambert Fallout! Morning Show Performance Cancelled!”

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  1. 101

    Don't need to see a simulated blow job on national TV folks. And even if it was a simulated blow job between a guy and a girl, it still would have been tasteless. Adam should have used the head on his SHOULDER a lot better than he did. Stop playing the gay card, Perez and get over yourself. People don't want to see crap like this - period.

  2. 102

    This should prove that all this "gay" shit is not as accepted as you'd like to think it is.

  3. 103

    Hollywood trying to make homosexuals acceptable. Sickening.

  4. 104

    Adam's moves on AMA fit his song. He kissed, groped (hotly), and simulated sex moves while performing a song that celebrated being both hot and in control, as well the pleasure of taking a ride with someone who is (metaphor for his career path).

    Many pop/rock performers and their dancers simulate sex and, in fact, many others DID during the AMAs.

    Adam's being treated differently because he also simulated oral sex (is one kind of sex "worse" and more morally offensive than other kinds?)

    GMA has worked with Adam before. They know full well his professionalism and personality. Adam was not going to "go AMA" on GMA, just as he never did on "Idol."

    Adam is being treated differently because he's openly, happily, beautifully gay.

  5. 105

    Re: ColdLaker – so in teh 21th century Network TV is going to show musicians pretending to get a blowjob? Have some standard. America is turning into a shithole.

  6. 106

    SHut Up Perez…he simulated a BJ on stage and played tonsil hocky with a band member. If Brittney did that…everyone would gush….so get over it. So he's gay…yay…I'd have more respect for him if he shared that on American Idol. I love my gaggle of gays…and they agree…with ME.

  7. 107

    When you don't have talent you have to rely on shock value.

  8. Eula says – reply to this


    Perez you should have known this was going to happen, Britt and Mondona got back lash for there kiss. This life of loving the same sex is not accepted in the public eye like you want it to be. Guy shit needs to go back behind closed doors. Dad's,Fathers don't have son's to hope thy grow up to be weak ass punk bitches taking it up the ass. Thy hope for grandkids and a fruitful life for the not rittled with AIDS and sickness. SO GET A CLUE ALL YOU HOMO'S… PUT THAT SHIT BACK BEHIND CLOSED DOORS…

  9. 109

    We love Adam!!!!!!!FUCK GMA

  10. 110

    Perez, as an adult, I honestly thought that Adam's performance was hot, and brilliant. I loved it. However, on the flip side of the coin, it's not only adults who watch the AMA's. Children watch the show too. As a parent, I wouldn't hold issue with Adam's kissing of another male at all, but I would hold issue with the simulation of oral sex. It's not appropriate imagery for a televised event. It has nothing to do with the fact that it was guy on guy. I'd feel maybe less strongly about it if it were girl on girl, or a girl pushing a male down into her crotch, but I'd feel the same if it were a female being pushed down on a male's crotch. No matter what gender performing the act, sucking on a cock is a pretty extreme image. Not one I'd want my child to be privy to on network television.

    Although I do feel that people are DEFINITELY freaking out more over the fact that it was homoerotic, and that the backlash wouldn't be AS intense if it were girl on girl, but if it were girl on guy, you can bet it would be experiencing the same controversy for the reasons I stated above.

    You can continue pressing the issue due to it definitely pertaining to homophobia, but as a responsible member of society, you shouldn't be discounting the fact that the act was too much for television. Adam shouldn't get a free pass for that. Sorry Perezzel :0(

  11. 111

    Pathetic on ABC's part. They have to at least LOOK like they are punishing him. I wanted to go so badly, but was going to be out of town.

    NBC's SNL should be BEGGING him to appear. Can you imagine what fun they'd have? And HE'D have?

  12. 112

    Re: Adele46055 And statements like yours are the reasons why gays will not get the same rights or treatments. You act like you are better than someone else. Like every problem in the world that is there is because someone is gay - regardless. That EVERY SINGLE THING in the world is homophobia and persecution. What Adam did was tasteless, classless and vulgar. Period. NO other artist - cable or not has EVER performed a show where they've hung onto to people's crotches, forced people into several sex acts… yet, people like you, in your self-righteousness immediately clamor to whining about because he was gay. If you even remotely look at the coverage - the kiss is just about the LAST thing in the performance people cared about - right behind the oral crap, the crappy dancing and that god awful singing. Keep comparing apples to oranges - it only hurts the cause.

  13. 113

    It was disgusting. Man or woman, If I want to see sex, I'll rent a video. You're a pig Mario. You have no style, you have no class, you have no clout. Your "idols" (Gag-Gag and Lambert) are sleazy and Gag-Gag proved how awesome she's NOT by loosing the AMA's. Lambert won't get anywhere either.

  14. 114

    Perez, I love you and all, but——–Adam cannot get a pass on this one JUST BECAUSE HE IS GAY! It was an inappropriate performance no matter who it was-and Adam knew just what he was doing!! All the young kids who voted for him on AI were probably watching-I agree with others, he can do what he wants for his paying customers-otherwise, stop giving the middle finger to the networks. He did drag queen shows before, this looked like another. AI created a monster! I already swore off future AIs because of the way they pandered to him - ugh! I'm pissed all over again!!!

  15. 115

    no one cares a bout him. he just some AI loser.

  16. 116

    Re: Jessies posse – Well put … he did this to himself … now he has to deal with it.

  17. 117

    You're an idiot, Mario (or whoever is writing this site now). All the negative publicity in the world won't give this guy talent. For crying out loud, he's a TV karaoke show loser - nothing more. If he had an once of talent, he wouldn't have to rely on gimmicks and schtick to get noticed. His hideous performance was a blatant attempt to shock the audience, in hopes of drawing attention to himself (where his musical abilities fail) - and shills like you take the bait. I'm glad to see that Good Morning America has standards. God, this site has fallen into the abyss.

  18. 118

    i just hope that this story won't be bad for his career
    I bet people will talk a lot about that ….
    and talk about him for years….

  19. 119

    Sorry Perez, but I still stand by the fact that Adam Lambert’s performance was in extremely bad taste and this is coming from someone who is a liberal and pro- gay rights. First of all stop making it seem like all the hoopla is over A. Lambert kissing another man because it’s not. He simulated oral sex on stage which is just plain vulgar and he gave the audience/viewers the middle finger. I do believe that if Lady Gaga or any other artist would have done that, it would have been backlash as well. Also, it appears that you don’t understand the rules that apply to basic television networks…he may could have gotten away with this at the VMA’s but on the American Music Awards on ABC of all networks, I don’t think so. Adam Lambert’s performance on the AMA’s was contrived and he was trying waaaaay too hard to be controversial and let’s not forget that fact that he sounded awful!

  20. 120

    If adam lambert had done this on MTV it would be fine….but on ABC I get their point. Plus he sucks anyway. He will just be another ruben or blake or fantasia. Get over it!

  21. 121

    smartest thing I've seen a network do in a long time! This kid doesn't deserve the airtime!

  22. 122

    I just listened to his album and wow they actually are amazing! gay or not, over the top or not. Adam Lambert has a really good vocal and amazing songs! no wonder why he has such talented ppl around him, All of them have strong faith in Adam!

  23. 123

    ABC = Another Banned Cocksucker. Too bad Lamebert.

  24. 124

    Re: tigrrrlilly I dare you to name me a SINGLE person, man or woman simulate oral sex with a man or woman, forcing someone's head to their crotch and gyrating into it, on ANY awards show in the history of network awards shows. In fact, I'd even go as far to dare you to name me one that includes MTV.

  25. 125

    Maybe ABC is just seeing what everyone else in America saw the other night-that Adam Lambert really isn't great. And for the record, Perez, Lady Douchebag hasn't been on Good Morning America and probably won't be because of her totally heterosexual antics (which are incredibly slutty). Some people are only made for prime time, not daytime.

  26. 126

    Re: St00p!d Bitchassness – Amen to that. THEY WERE ALSO ESTABLISHED STARS, not new at getting their 15 minutes. They also didn't cross the lines into vulgar. Lamperv's performance was gross, tasteless and way too long. That and the song sucked. Copying stars (like Madonna) is never going to get you noticed. All it's going to get you is a head shake and pity when it fails (such as in the instance of Lamperv.)

  27. 127

    Re: stellala – If I ever get censored for acting like I was sucking cock, kissing a chick and flipping people off in public in full view of people who didn't pay to see me to do any of this…I'd deserve it.

  28. 128

    I think I'm in love with Perez Hilton now. The world must be coming to an end! #GMASucks

  29. 129

    That really sucks….I was going to watch it too…I still like him.always will…..He has talent and it's really silly for ppl. now to be "shocked". I was sure the pics. that came out while he was on Idol shocked ppl. enough….Too much BS over nothing…..In this day and age, if this stuff is something you've never seen on stage, pictures etc. or heard of, then i don't know where you've been living. Kudos to Adam for doing things his own way….I'll be watching CBS tomorrow morning.

  30. 130

    Re: starchild80 – WELL SAID

  31. 131

    Re: Valerie1988 – Sounds like someone needs to be head slammed into a brick wall.

  32. 132

    There is a HUGE difference when you are trying to compare Madonna & Christina Aguilera on cable tv you jackass!! Come on Perez! Just bc you're a flaming queen doesn't mean the world wants to see it. I have nothing against gays, but I cannot bare to see two men together! It's so unnatural and so disgusting! Eewww!! SO NASTY!! & Adam is still a NOBODY, so NO, he took it way too far!! I am sooo glad that they cancelled him on the GMA! Hahaha! I really like Adam, but his performance on the AMAs was such a turn-off!! I hope this ruins his "career"!

  33. 133

    "Ignorance breeds fear." That depends on what kind of ignorance we're talking about here. Was it Lambert's ignorant, crass, self-indulgent, vulgar performance we're talking about, or the ignorance of those who don't know or understand something?

    Lambert was disgusting in his "performance." He was ignorant. And I don't mean ignorant in the "unknowing" sense.

    Some loved it … some hated it. But if Lambert is the new face of the gay community, they need a new rep. I don't care what he does or does not do with his genitals. That's none of my business (I don't want or need to know no matter what his orientation). What I don't want is his unoriginal cry for attention in my face.

    Lambert: Get some originality and some genuine talent. If you need to resort to those antics to get some attention and press, then you're just another wannabe we'll be well rid of soon.

    Appreciate his talent if you think he has some. Be a fan of that talent. But to condone self-indulgent, inappropriately timed crassness because a certain society segment thinks it's trendy is sad. Each and every one of you is smarter and more independent than that. If you'd welcome Lambert into your home and let him do that in front of or to your family members, then maybe you support that desperate cry for attention.

  34. 134

    Adam was the only reason i would even watch that piece of shit show!

  35. 135

    He did it to himself. Little brat needs to learn that there is a time and a place for everything. Get some class, LAMEbert. You're digging your own grave.

  36. 136

    did everyone forget how controversial the britney/madonna/christina kiss was? it WAS a big deal but it was also on cable so there's only so much you can say about it.

    i don't care who you fuck, i don't want to turn on a network show and see people simulating oral sex and being sexually over the top JUST to get some buzz about you.

    lambert is a no talent hack who had to distract us from his horrible music by being controversial and that, my friends, is probably what's most offensive of all.

  37. 137

    What a crock of shit - further more what the fuck are your "young" children doing up so late on a school night - go F your small minded selves

  38. 138

    I am so pissed. and sick of heterosexual america. Justin Timberlake humps everything on stage - how come that's not a problem?!?!

  39. 139

    Seriously Adam brought this on himself. This isn't about being homophobic, or anything for that matter. This is because Adam is not a good performer anymore, and no one wants to see shit, and that's what he did the other night, shit. It wasn't "pushing boundaries" or "out of the box" or even original for that matter, it was just plain ol' shit. And if Adam wants to continue to be a "star" then I suggest he gets his act together and figure out who "he" want's too be and not who his consultants wants him to be.

    And Perez, stop saying, oh well if Gaga did it, or oh, well Madonna did it. I don't think it's exactly "what he did" that are making people disgusted with him, I think it's the fact that they know he can sing his ass off, but he is now failing to do so, since he is too caught up in making some kind of other statement.

  40. 140

    It's about time the TV networks start standing against the FILTH we are constantly subjected to. Well done ABC!

  41. 141

    Yes, as Chris W says, you can be outrageous and shocking without taking it that far . . . His performance would have been cable appropriate, perhaps . . . I know I didn't want to see that. Remember how long he took to come out? Now he is going all out!

  42. 142

    Perez, you stupid piece of crap. This bad press will help him? I just decided not to buy his album. How many more will follow suit? And why do singers feel the need to do something raunchy just to get a rise out of the audience? What happned to JUST SINGING!!??? People only do the rauncy thing on stage to cover up for the bad singing. Keep the raunchiness off primetime tv and just do it on live tours.

  43. 143

    Honestly it's ridiculous how retarded America is with censorship — for how DEMOCRATIC and LIBERAL our society is, we are SO CONSERVATIVE! Europe would find no big deal with what he did!

  44. 144

    They wouldn't invite Lady Gaga because of her shows either dude… Did Lambert ever do anything like that on AI? No. Do you know why? Because he wanted votes.

    Here ya go douche. he knew it was crossing the line and no, women don't pretend to give head to male dancers on stages either.

  45. 145

    Hey, just because you're gay does not mean that can get a free pass to make a total ass of yourself in front of the country without some consequences. STOOPID.

  46. 146

    You're such a douche sometimes, Perez. If some rapper or rocker had face fucked a female dancer on the AMAs there would be far worse fallout..ad you'd probably be screaming your cheap die-job head off about misogyny to boot. You don't want equal treatment for gays, you want special treatment.

  47. 147

    Britney and Madonna got away with it because they're big names (unlike this idiot) and they were on the VMAs, which are on CABLE and made for an older audience.
    Janet Jackson didn't get away with her titty pop (and ruined the Super Bowl half-time show forever), why should this NOBODY get away with making out with guys onstage and simulating blow jobs. It's not because he's gay, it's because it was inappropriate. If he did that on the VMAs, he'd probably get away with it, but it's not okay for a show on network television, that's most likely got little kids and much older people watching.
    And then for him to say that it was all spur of the moment, why would a show like good morning america want to risk him doing something inappropriate??
    I know you want everyone to be gay and love the gays but just because people don't want to risk having their children (or just people who aren't comfortable with it) watch a show where people are pretending to give blow jobs doesn't mean they're homophobic or anything like that.

    Get over it, and tell this kid to shut the fuck up, he isn't famous enough to be a bitch.

  48. 148

    I was working 2nd shift at the hospital, so I missed what happened, but I'm about to go to utube to see what my adam had done.

  49. 149

    I still don't "get it" when so-called celebs hold us hostage (paying for concerts, etc.) and then give us their version of masturbation, fellatio and the like. I, for one, never needed lessons on how to get the job done. Madonna kissing Britney grossed me out, Madonna pleasuring herself grosses me out (I know…..anything for publicity!) Why do you think the U.S. is overrun with pedos and pervs? There happens to be a fine line between the provocative and just plain old whoring yourself out. I also find it odd that Madonna (allegedly) refuses to allow her children to watch T.V. or read newspapers. What's the point when they're allowed to see her shake her droopy old cooch in concert? I could never understand Michael Jackson's crotch grabbing, either. Was he afraid his dick would sprout legs and take off like an Olympic runner? There's nothing wrong with sexually-charged performances in the correct context……like a whore-house or a "gentlemen's club". It's a sad day when Glambert has to give someone a facial dick massage and call it "art". And I love your line about "no such thing as bad press". You might want to ask Pee-Wee Herman about that one.

  50. 150

    Re: Rise2theTopAdam And some turds rise to the top in the toilet too.

  51. 151

    What did he expect? Too much too soon. It was prime time not cable. The idiot gets what he deserves. I guess he really bought into the idea that the whole world knows how he rolls & we all love him no matter what. Get a clue Lambert. You're not Madonna or Gaga or even Miley Cyrus yet. What a self-centered fool.

  52. 152

    Re: imsoregistered – FORCING? heloo adam n his dancers were already practicing for it many times. The only extra thing about his performance is when he kissed that dude ;)

  53. 153

    He has no one to blame but himself !

    If Lady Gaga had done the same thing, it still would have been tack and uncalled for on the freakin AMA ! Now if this had been on cable and his spot was bulled then bitch away !

    However if your going to pull some shit like that on ABC during family hour and think your going to be invited on a morning show.. your dreaming !

    I did not watch American Idol after that extra judge was added and he if it were not for his forced make out session he would have little press !

  54. 154

    Re: bluedemon – BWAA HAAAAA!

  55. 155

    GOOD! Lambert said it hiself "his, song is not for everyone!" and that's included Good morning America….Excellent call ABC!

  56. 156

    Re: St00p!d Bitchassness – " EAT EACH OTHER OUT"old school Funny stuff

  57. 157

    Unfort. people aren't ready to see that and it's crazy b/c we are going into 2010!

  58. 158

    Honestly, I don't care if he's straight, gay, lesbian, or bisexual. That performance was just downright disgusting… Besides, ABC is a family tv station, he should have known better than that.

    Besides if you sing well, you really don't need to do all that to get public attention…

  59. 159

    What a crock of shit - further more what the fuck are your "young" children doing up so late on a school night - go F your small minded selves - and one other point -you know there is always something extreme so why did you even watch - and lastly hmmmm how many people watched it let's us see 1500 comments and is what .0000001% of the viewers - woo hoo

  60. 160

    NOT surprised. Why give some 2nd rate talent a prime spot when he's worried more about showing "who he is" instead of "the talent he's capable of" HE BLEW it. NO double standard. HE got up, flubbed the song, flubbed the routine and showed us EXACTLY why he lost AI. Use to think he at least had a broadway career but now he's lucky if he can secure a traveling freak show.

  61. 161

    Yes, the same result would have happened if Lady GaGa made out with a female dancer. Remember the scandal that was Janet Jackson's nipple? If there could be that much hoopla over a body part, no wonder there is as much (or more) over a simulated blow job. I couldn't care less what he does in his act and think it's dumb that GMA cancelled his appearance, but I do think it would be the same result no matter who did it.

  62. 162

    Re: adamzlover – I'm not afraid nor am I ignorant. I am disgusted by his vulgarity on national tv. I'm not ignorant. I know that he is an ASW.

  63. 163

    People are not outraged that he kissed another guy. Are you blind? Have you read the articles? No one cares about the same sex kiss. Britney and Madonna and Christina did it years ago…That's got nothing to do with it.

    It was the simulated oral sex. Whether it was done with a man or woman to a man or woman is completely irrelevant. I have no problem with homosexuality whatsoever. What I DO have a problem with is simulated sex acts on primetime television, followed "slamming" a females face in his crotch (see, both male and female).

    Stop trying to be a martyr; get off your cross. It was disrespectful to the gay community and you should be just as offended as the general public.

  64. 164

    Flambert got started on a family show, AI, with many kids for fans. His first major televised event was the AMA during a week in which kids are off from school during the holiday. I can just see it, "Mommy, can I stay up to see Adam". It's not homophobia, it's just bad taste and complete lack of respect. On top of all that, the song just plain sucks and his vocals were horrid and I WAS a fan of his. Seriously, Perez's opinions are less relevant every day, he's too caught up in himself to have a true feel for pop culture any more.

  65. 165

    If you have to use your sexuality to get people talking (see Lambert and GaGa) about you and your music…well, obviously it's crap to begin with.

    There's nothing wrong with being gay…but why do you have to shove your sexuality in my face? I don't want to see some guy with his face in your crotch, thanks. The same would go for GaGa, btw. Basically, get a room. No need for that on tv…

  66. 166

    white bread america got served a loaf of whole grain bread and choked on the extra added nuts. get a grip. creative freedom needs to be championed in ALL of it's forms. if you feel weird after experiencing a performance, look at yourself and why you feel this way. art means to make you feel, be uncomfortable,tell the truth,question the staus quo. artists ,good ones, sacrifice their own selves to enable you to see yourself. be grateful we have such people who will do this. adam lambert is one of these people. and ,thank goodness, he's having fun with the process.

  67. 167

    I predicted that he would be shunned by mainstream media in my post yesterday due to his over the top antics at the AMAs. He will be a footnote in musical history very soon. Mainstream America is not ready for this kind of artist. Being mainstream and having crossover appeal is key to an artist success, look at Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift is a bona fide pop and country princess making her millions and she is just what America wants someone young, pure and beautiful with talent.

  68. 168

    I believe American Idol's, queer Adam Lambert, sole intent was to "freak out the squares", on the AMA awards show the other night. I watched a clip on youtube and it was shocking to see….kinda like watching the scene in Ten Commandments, when Moses (Charleton Heston) comes down from the mountain and sees the orgy his people have taken up while he was gone….it's what happens when all boundries have been removed.

    Just shameful what gets promoted as talent…Miley Cyrus picks a stripper's pole as a prop. Sheesh! I was so happy when Michael Buble aced out KISS (I think) for the #1 record a few weeks back. I think I'll buy a Susan Boyle CD, just to show my support…much like my Sarah Palin book…If I can't vote till 2012, I'll vote with my dollars to support anti-lib values, which are none.

  69. 169

    Perez, this is crazy…if you think Lady Gaga or anyone else would get away with assimulating oral sex or having it done to her, had her crotch stroked and stroked dancers' crotches…and would be welcomed on live morning TV you are dillusional. Lambert's performance was over the line end of story.

  70. 170

    Re: lotsa_coq – PEOPLE! It's one thing if you "just happen to be gay" like Ellen DeGeneres, Neil Patrick Harris, Wanda Sykes…They have enough talent that they don't have to overtly flaunt their sexuality for attention, and we love them for their talent. their sexuality is a non-issue. It's quite another story to show blatant disrespect for your viewers by flipping them the bird and putting your sexuality on display rather than your actual talent.

  71. 171

    perhaps, when he had simulated oral sex on network television..WTF was he thinking. So long flash in the pan.

  72. 172

    I hope some little boy or girl saw everything on TV and realized that it's OK TO BE GAY! :)

  73. 173

    Oh yeah, and don't forget the backlash that Britney and Madonna got merely because there appeared to be tongue. And that was on a cable network. Not primetime national broacast television.

    So lets compare: Adam forcefully grabbed two dancers' heads into his crotch, the first one appeared to be slammed back in there and rubbed around repeatedly. He simulated a pornographic act on primetime television. Not once, but twice, only one more extreme than the other.

    When has Britney, Madonna, or GaGa took a dancer's head and repeatedly grinded their crotches into the dancer's faces? Even at their raunchiest, NONE of those performers have even come close to simulating sex acts on NATIONAL TELEVISION. Britney has done some raunchy things ON HER PAST TOURS but that is a TOUR that is not broadcast. That was also over 6 years ago. She was 21. Adam is older and SHOULD be wiser.

  74. 174

    No such thing as bad press? Maybe, if you're already a famous, talented, established performer. (or rich). No, that performance was so ridiculous it was painful to watch w/out the crotch face/cooch fingering episodes. If he had @ least sounded good, it might have given him an edge but his voice was absolutely hideous. That was one of the most horrible performances from any standpoint ever on prime time tv that I know of. Just so bad.

  75. 175

    Re: jabbles – Well, thank God we're not in Europe then!! I have a child @ home & I am sooo glad he didn't see this. You must live in a trailer so I'll excuse you're ignorance.

  76. 176

    I love Adam. #ShameonyouABC. I will neer watch your station or GMA again. Its ridiculous. Adam's performance was no worse than half your performers on the show that night! You pick on him because he is gay? ABC will be sorry! None of Adam's fans are buying from their sponsors or watching their channel.

  77. 177

    I personally enjoyed the performance. We have all seen worse ( anyone remember the madonna, britney & christina performance) The only reason people are lashing out about it, is because it was 2 guys kissing on stage and some of Adam's moves (heck…i've seen worse form Elton John on Disney). I am a straight married 23 y/o female (to those who may think otherwise) and I just have to say I found the performance entertaining (in my opinion). When I go to concerts or watch a performance there are very few who have give off this feeling that feels like you are being pulled into the performance, or being captured by the performer. I felt that w/ Adam's, it even had kind of an erotic pull for me. I will state again though, this is all just my opinon.

  78. 178

    You know what Perez, this is innapropriate on prime time regardless if this was a man on man or woman on man scene. Listen I am gay, so it's not a homophobic statement I am making… it has no place in primetime TV. I am not saying that it isn't being more sensational by the fact that it is man on man action, because it likely is - however it shouldn't have happened at all.

  79. 179

    It is ironic that he was trying to grow and get out of the little niche he was in. Maybe that stuff flies in L.A., but if he wants a broader audience, he is going to have to stop coming off as a pervert with a huge ego. I feel duped re: the way he seemed at least sincere on A.I., and had no idea that we were seeing just a little bit of his nasty self.Come on, Adam…grow up and cut out that nacisisstic pervy stuff and concentrate on your voice. You could have done such amazing vocals instead of that freek show.

  80. 180

    Mario your just jealous that it wasn't your face he shoved in his crotch!!

  81. 181

    Re: tenyearsgone
    perfectly put.

  82. 182

    perez, at least give SOME consideration to the notion that it was the overtly sexual nature of his performance that has people upset, not the fact that he's gay or the performance was overtly homosexual. kids were watching that show and his performance would not have been appropriate for anyone to perform without the network's prior knowledge. *most* people aren't mad cuz he threw gay in their face. they're mad cuz he threw sex in their kids' faces. deal with it- sometimes it's not about homophobia, or more importantly, ABOUT YOU!!!

  83. 183

    It's all about class….give me a fucking break Perez…his AMA show was such shit and I'm not talking good shit…it was shit! It was fake…fake…fake! What was he trying to pull off!!!

    He is someone that could go missing and no one would care!!!

  84. 184

    Looks like Gene Simmons WAS right afterall. I guess being openly gay does hurt your career. Adam's performance was gross, plain and simple. After
    Ellen Degeneres stopped tongue kissing Anne Heche on camera, everyone starting liking her again. Adam should take a lesson from Barry Manilow, Kevin Spacey and Jodie Foster. All stars that are known to be gay, but choose not to stick it in our faces.

  85. 185

    People on this site are being incredibly short-sighted and naive. ABC knew EXACTLY what Adam planned on doing in his performance. That's why they advertised it as being shocking. If ABC didn't want something like that on during primetime, they should have said no. Adam has the right to propose whatever kind of act he wants, and ABC had the right to say yes or no to it. So I don't understand why all the hatred is against Adam…if you have to complain about something (something way tamer than most of what you see on primetime TV these days), complain about ABC's decision to allow the performance. Adam was just trying to entertain and perform and I think he did great.

  86. 186

    stop blamming it on homophobia… what he did on "National Television" was not good. save that for cable..

  87. 187

    Well Gaga had a performance that was suitable for an ABC awards show. Adam should have saved this for MTV. Now I will say that ABC is full of it also because the annoucer kept saying "STAY TUNED FOR ADAM LAMBERTS PERFORMANCE EVERYONE WILL BE TALKING ABOUT."

  88. 188

    I Love Adam Lambert. I think part of his charm and likeableness is the fact that he goes out there and performs without any aplogies. Most successful artists are succesful because they act true to themselves and look at their perfomances as art (ex: Madonna, Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson). They are pure entertainers and either you will love them or hate them. I think the 1,500 complainers need to realize that this is not 1952 anymore. I also do think it's a double standard. Where were the complainers when Brittany and Madonna kissed. Oh I forgot it doesn't count because it was two women and "thats hot". I'm hoping this attention will only make you admire Adam more for his ballsyness to try something new. His talent will prevail!

  89. 189

    Re: Genghis KhanRe: Your S-M Girlfriend – Very well-said!!! Look at the bigger picture, folks. It's not about gayness here.

  90. 190


  91. 191

    Get off your efin' gay train Perez…have you ever stopped to think that perhaps it's not because he's gay instead that it was offensive? You want to talk all this sh!t about Madonna and Britney's kiss and how its a double standard but fail to remember all the backlash they got from that. Plus another thing that makes it different is that it wasn't on NETWORK TV.

    There is absolutely NOTHING wrong about being gay or the pride gays have but refusing to understand that simulated oral sex on network TV us not acceptable. I GUARANTEE that if Lady Gaga was muff diving on some chick during her performance there would be the EXACT same backlash. Hell, even having a chick simulate oral sex on a guy would be exactly the same. You fail to realize that although someone is gay doesn't give them the free ticket to be tacky and classless on network TV….instead it does more to hurt the cause.

    So do us all a favor and get off your ef'ing bandwagon and go back to doing what it is that made you "famous" and stop looking at everything through your one-sided gay eyes. YOU are doing more to hurt the gays than anyone!

  92. 192

    I am sorry but to say anyone who was put off by this performance is a homophobe is prejudice as well, I have danced on the stage at a gay bar on numerous occasions and am as liberal as they come and I found it very disgusting. I don't care if it is girl and girl, girl and guy, or guy and guy I don't think it is appropriate for anyone to push there sexuality down other people throats, and I felt that way with Madonna and Janet. I tuned in to watch an awards show not to watch someone to purposely offened so many just to get the media attention

  93. 193

    I agree with this and I am gay. He was totally out of line. It was PORN! Not a performance. He set the gay rights movement BACK by years!!! I don't even get what the point of it was?! Pretending to make a guy choke on your cock then fingering some girl! You ruined your career Adam. BYE!

  94. 194

    Re: LisaLu – Ellen has class. Adam whathisface, well he doesn't. Be as gay as you need to be, fuck 30 guys a night if you feel you have to, just don't shove it in my face when the only thing I'm doing is watching an awards ceremony. For the record, though, this was NOT as sickeningly disturbing as the MJ/LMP kiss from latter years.

  95. 195

    i luv how you're bringing lady Gaga into this instead of britney and madonna. Another lame excuse. If lady Gaga or another of female has giving oral on stage then they'd be in a hot mess too. Stop dragging Gaga and britney and madonna into this.

    I think his performance was too much too soon. Nobody starts out like that.

  96. 196

    Perez really you are completely idiotic. It's not about being homophobic. He sucks. His screaming is just high pitched SCREECHING. I didn't understand a word he said at the AMA's and his show was inappropriate and offensive. Yes Britney kissed Madonna in one of her shows but it's not the kissing that's the issue you dummy. He was ABUSIVE and disgusting. He fell on his ASS and tumbled across the floor like a dead fish. It was a hot mess. I loved him on Idol but whatever he is trying to do to disassociate himself from the show is not working. Bye bye Lambert.

  97. 197

    Re: WKNDBIKERIDER – Perez would care because he only approves of flamboyant "flamers" for his extreme cause. Subtlety and intelligent dialogue are lost on him and the Lamberts of this world. And he wonders why mainstream America takes the position it does? And don't bother me with the "homophobic" label. What you do in the privacy of your own bedroom is none of my concern as long as no one underage or defenseless gets hurt. The more extreme it is the more Perez applauds it, and then he wonders why people leave the negative comments about him they do. DUH.

  98. 198

    -It was a smart move, as he's gotten a headline in major newspapers across Europe (BBC, Aftonbladet in Sweden, Dagbladet in Norway, etc) where no one had really heard of him until now.
    -The papers also printed nice big color pictures of the oral sex simulation and kissing. Most Europeans see Americans as major prudes and moral hypocrites, so this is only spiking the international interest in him. It was shown at night, so I don't see the problem. Not to mention, it was hot. My (straight) boyfriend loved it too. The singing itself wasn't as good as the other live appearances I've seen, but everyone sounded off on the show.
    -He's now hit the iTunes chart in several countries (#1 pop album in Finland, 3 in Portugal, and 7 in Sweden which is the largest music market after US and UK). Who cares if he offended people in the US? He's now selling worldwide, and definitely has everyone's attention.

  99. 199

    That's what I HATE about ABC. They come out with all of these shows that are in the forefront, really taking a chance, and then as soon as someone takes offense, they back track and cancel the show or in this case, the performance. Adam isn't a wall flower, you knew exactly what you were going to get. He's a brand new performer on the scene and is going to be willing to take a risk and the network knew this as well. For once I would like to see a network stand up for the programming they initially chose to air instead of succumbing to the hypocritical middle america. He didn't do anything that other people haven't done in the past. Did he bite the head off of a live bird? Did he reveal his body parts in public? He kissed a dude, stuck his finger up and grinded a bit, who cares, lighten up people, it was a PERFORMANCE, it was FOR SHOW, it was for ENTERTAINMENT. boo to ABC.

  100. 200

    I love how Perez talks about double standards… You do the same, Perez, you are even worse.

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