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Lambert Fallout! Morning Show Performance Cancelled!

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Sources confirm exclusively to PerezHilton.com that ABC has cancelled Adam Lambert's planned performance on Good Morning America tomorrow.

No official reason has been given for the cancellation.

Translation: The network is upset with Lambert's homoerotic American Music Awards performance on Sunday and afraid of what he will do on live, morning television.


Would all of this be happening if Lady GaGa made out with one of her female musicians or shoved one of her female dancers in her crotch???

Hell no!!!!!

But, don't stress for Adam, sources tell us he's going to be appearing on ANOTHER morning show tomorrow - The Early Show on CBS - and his song Whata Ya Want From Me has just been added to Z100 in NYC. A huge coup for the Idol alum!

At the end of the day, though, there is no such thing as bad press. All this publicity - which Glambert was hoping for but could never imagine would reach this scale - will only help him!

[Image via WENN.]

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330 comments to “Lambert Fallout! Morning Show Performance Cancelled!”

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  1. 201

    I am a huge Lambert fan and I am not homophobic, but I thought his performance was raunchy. It wasn't about being gay. It was about what his sexual preference is such as bondage, etc. That is a private matter and should be kept that way. If your gay fine…but what you do behind close doors is your business. Don't make it public on television. I am really disappointed in him. I thought he could be our next Freddy Murcury but now I am having second thoughts.

  2. 202

    Re: lovalicious – Because it's at HIS own concerts….not on Network television. Kids are watching…the kids that voted for him. Probably not 5 year old kids, but older kids and teens were watching. SICK FUCKER.

  3. 203

    He sucked. He tries to hard to be something he isn't. It doesn't have to do with homophobia…it has to be with being a low class twit who thinks he is more profound that he is. He used his ridiculous performance to cover up his no talent lame singing.

    Moving on….

  4. 204

    Uggghhhh….Perez Hilton…you are exhausting!! None of this has to do with the fact that he is gay at all. He took the performance too far.. It was a horrible performance, no class!! I can guarentee if a female had done the same performance, she would hear the same things. He is an incredible talent but because of all the crap he was doing, it totally distracted from his singing. He's gay…yes, everyone gets that but leave that out of it. The point is he was way over the top. Who wants to watch someone grope people while they sing…pointless and so not even remotely sexy at all!

  5. 205

    Re: imsoregistered – BWAA HA HAAAAAAAA!!

  6. mb311 says – reply to this


    Perez, HE PUSHED IT TOO FAR…and there was nothing entertaining about it. He caused the backlash and he should at least enjoy that it is putting his name out there. It has nothing to do with him being gay. Had that been women he was crotching and kissing….it still would have been raunchy. End of Story.

  7. ap076 says – reply to this


    There should not have ben any problem with the kiss. Does anybody know if it was edited out of the west coast broadcast? If so that is wrong and to call a spade a spade, homophobic.
    You (for a change) use the correct word to describe a simulated blow job/face fuck and that was homoerotic. Erotic depictions like that of any gender or sexual orientation have no place on broadcast networks in prime time, period and if a network had a poor working relationship with an artist (like maybe they went off the ranch and did things during a performance that they planned but failed to tell the network), they have a right to not have that artist back on the network.

  8. 208

  9. 209

    After watching the video, I laugh at the term, over the top.

    He obliterates the precipice with unparalleled form and talent.
    He jumps off the screen in an extraordinary display of energetic fierceness.
    He unites with cosmic forces in a virtuoso display of unbridled depth and enthusiasm.
    He dwells in an imaginary world of dreamy wonders where visions become reality.
    He takes us on a virtual ride through our convictions and leaves us wanting ever more.
    He is an erupting Supernova of Universal ramifications and untold sacrifices.
    He dances with our inner light and brings forth emotional bliss.
    He is Adam Lambert and he is for real!

    Have a nice day everyone!

  10. 210

    Maybe Adam and Perez should think back a few years to a Superbowl performance by Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake(heterocentric performance). Oh wait, what am I thinking, would either of them know what the superbowl is. If not let me remind you of a little incident when Timberlake pulled down Jackson's top to reveal a pasties on her nip. People went ape shit over that.

  11. 211

    Adam's inappropriate performance probably set the gay community back a couple of years. The performance was ridiculous and inappropriate for a network TV awards show no matter what his sexual orientation is. All it did was make the gay community look like a bunch of sex crazed lunatics. Most of us know that is not true, but it gave fuel t the homophobic fire.

  12. 212

    Actually if Lady Gaga was making out with women and shoving them in her crotch i bet they would be acting the same. People are trying to say there is a double standered but there isn't. People did make a big deal about Britney and Madonna kissing your just not remembering it.

  13. 213

    Honestly, I couldn't care less about whether he's gay, straight, bi or asexual. I'm sick of sex being used to market poorly written, poorly performed music. He could lick off his entire dance line if he had some genuine talent to back it up. Lady Gaga, Madonna, Britney Spears…it's all the same sh*t with different wrapping paper.

    And the truth is the more our immature culture eats this cr*p up, the less money there are for genuinely talented writers who can create melodies and lyrics that won't be forgotten twelve seconds after the song is off the air.

    This just reaffirms my love of Indie!

  14. 214

    Poor singer. Poor showman. Sorry but this guy is dead on arrival.

  15. 215

    Im gay, so I am not offended…He does not deserve his 15 min of fame…he's got no talent to back up his actions.

  16. 216

    I've been reading the comments and can't believe how many of you brought up the kiss. It wasn't about the kiss… it was about the simulated cock sucking. ABC has soaps with gay men who kiss all the time. We don't get to watch them sucking each other off on TV though….

    Adam fucked up, and sadly is sticking to his guns which is only hurting him. He would be smart to admit that we went too far.

    Actions have consequences, no matter how talented, and hot, you are.

  17. 217

    I have been a Perez reader for years, and this will be the last time I view your blog. if the only way you know how to articulate your support for LGBT issues is by subordinating another disenfranchised group - the entire female population - then you are simply recreating the hegemony that you feel violated by. I wonder how someone in the public eye can flaunt such ignorance without a backlash.

    I support your cause, but I no longer support you Perez. Good luck.

  18. 218

    This pisses me off! ABC has a bunch of Homophobic assholes working there! Fuck them! No matter what though, Adam is super talented and amazing… if people can't accept him because he's gay, thats their loss and shows what closed minded pricks they are.

  19. 219

    Adam, so many of us are pulling for you. But please don't demean us by saying we are "scared, and it's so sad" because that is not the case for so many of us. It's insulting. We love your provocative nature, we love your sexy you, but we also love a good performance with some logic to it. Knock 'em dead. Pam

  20. 220

    Re: Hymie4 – he wasn't true to himself…he just tries to hard to be different. He tries to shock, he tries to cause controversy, he tries to be an idiot so you and I will sit here and debate whether he is a complete actor hiding himself behind makeup and hairdye (my point of view) or someone who is genuine (your point of view).

  21. 221

    Again Perez, HUGE HYPOCRITE! You hated Adam Lambert two weeks ago. When he came in second on Idol, you were so jealous you couldn't see straight. Now you love him. Also, as far as I know Lady Gaga, Brittney, etc. haven't ever grinded their crotch's in anyones face on national TV. If he does it at his concerts, so be it but you can't do it on TV. I can't believe how stupid you are.

  22. 222

    It is not only about homophobia, Perez. Get over. It is about THE WHOLE performance.

  23. 223

    Waaaaaaaaa! He's got no one to blame but himself.

  24. ap076 says – reply to this


    Perez your sudden love for Lambert is confusing. Did he let you go down on him? I mean last week you were posting Out's rather rude criticism out Adam x 2 and then in a balanced fashion you posted his response. All fine. But then Adam did a video shout out to you on this site and things changed from there. Another quote of the day so soon after the first was a sign.
    Almost every gay or non-gay person knows you have been on the outs with the gay community at large for everything from your public behavior, your insistence on "outing" those celebrities who may not be ready for a variety of reasons, and lastly your public use of the F word.
    You have been told you were not welcome to join Equality rights events so now you take this event up as a cause to regain your gay rights credentials. The kiss is one point but you are just wrong on the simulated face fuck.

  25. 225

    He sucks! I'm not just saying that, I truly mean his music is awful, horrendous.

  26. 226

    As hard as it may be to believe for Perez, ABC chooses not to expose their audience to male fellatio while their eating their wheaties. As much as you love it Perez the rest of American will pass.

  27. 227

    His voice and music suck.

  28. 228

    Re: TristezaRe: Tristeza – If your boyfriend loved it, my guess is that he's not really straight.

  29. 229

    Re: kingrusky – I want some of whatever you are on.

  30. 230

    FUCK THE CONSERVATIVES!! Hilarious that they are all up in arms over this stilly kid. LOL

  31. 231

    THERE IN lies the problem! These delusional queen thinking "any publicity is good publicity!" WRONG. Would OJ say this? How about Michael Jackson and the molestation charges? Amy Winehouse? Remember Dr. Laura and her TV show that thousands of gays protested to have taken off the air? Well it was canceled and now she no longer makes headlines AT ALL. These publicity whores need to see reality. Bad press can DESTROY.

  32. 232

    Re: NoMoreObscene – He's not gonna get over it because the gay agenda is rapidly becoming all he has left. When this was just a light and entertaining gossip site, he had positive feedback and support most of the time. Since he started using it as a propaganda platform to further his extremism, he's been steadily losing that. Pretty soon he'll lose his advertisers and have to get a real job instead of ripping off other gossip sites and being a fame-whoring hanger-on. Lambert isn't the only one who needs his 15 minutes to end.

  33. 233

    You can become a vampire and wait 1000 years Perez and still the majority of people will not want to see trashy homosexual sex for entertainment. Just like it's mostly gay people that have made Madonna a millionarie.

  34. 234

    More pub for the album.

  35. 235

    Lamberts actions were uncalled for. This was on ABC not a cable channel and children were watching the ama's. Does not matter Lambert was the last act on here in central time zone it ended at 10:00 pm kids seen it, it is not a homo thing it was a sexual act girl on boy boy on boy girl on girl it does not matter. We want to see who wins awards and see the entertainment of the stars singing not porn, that can be bought or ordered on cable. HE will lose alot due to his Stupidity.

  36. 236


  37. 237


  38. 238

    Um…how do we know it wasn't because he fingered a girls CLITORIS on stage in that same performance? That part made me cringe. He DUG into it. I have it on Tivo. Go have a look. I'm gay and KNOW homophobia when I see it and I fight it. This ISN'T. It was him SLOBBERING on anyone and anything nearby. It was like someone had unleashed a dog in heat. If Katy Perry (who is the only female he can be compared to, as she too, is a poser geek) had LICKED the crotch of some guy, or pretended to stick something up his ass, you can be WELL sure it would be talked about in a negative way and there may be consequences. It was the grossness, not the gay aspect.

  39. 239

    So what. He got quickly picked up again by The Early Show. It's all the same thing. and now the Early show is going to get all the publicity and views that Good Morning America could have had.
    I don't see David Letterman canceling on Adam, and his show is a little more important than stupid 'Good Morning America'.
    I mean reallly haha… as if Adam would actually bring out the people on leashes at 7AM.. in front of 'the children' lol lol.

  40. 240


  41. 241

    Adams performance was great and Im happy he did what he did. Nobody ever cared when Britney kissed Madonna. Its such a double standard, society just needs to stop being so homophobic. I can't beleive they cut it out on the West Coast its bullshit… Team Glambert

  42. 242

    Re: Soda-Pop-Lover – You are the close-minded one. You can't accept that it's NOT his sexual orientation that is the issue….it's the blatant disrespect for his audience (flipping the bird) and his vile behavior (simulated fallatio=not appropriate for network tv) and his spaztic "performance" and shitty vocals that are the problem.

  43. 243




  44. 244

    Too bad he wound up doing such an "overdone" performance. That was not original or the least bit interesting. The refreshing thing about Adam, I thought, was that he was a sex symbol disregardless of his sexuality and he doesn't need to bump and grind to be sexy.

  45. 245


  46. 246

    This guy is fucken disgusting…not attractive at all! Mediocre talent AT BEST! you really need to STOP playing the gay victim card…no one is falling for it.

  47. 247

    tHE exact SAME THING would be happening if lady gaga had done that.. moron. what he did was disgraceful.. children watch music awards. re evaluate your values moron. if a straight man had done this you would be bashing him non stop.. you are so so very pathetic

  48. 248

    ADAM LAMBERT IS A JOKE. Stick a for in him….He's DONE.

  49. 249

    Stop saying "hell no" to the sernerio of people being mad if Lady Gaga got "head" on live TV. . .it's just smut. . .so going on a morning show now. . .probably not the best audience. . .do it in your shows, people know what they are PAYING for. . .but on TV programs that people enjoy watching with their families. . .grow up and get some class!

  50. 250

    Re: LisaLu – He loved it because he knew everyone over there would freak out and thought it was funny.. besides, if my boyfriend were bi (which he's not, but I am) I would likely enjoy it.
    -I just thought blow jobs were pretty standard and mundane these days, and don't see why the (fully-clothed) suggestion of it should be a big deal in the music business, it's been going on for decades. The kiss should be a complete non-issue. If people don't like him, then they shouldn't watch him or buy his music, it's that easy. If kids were watching and the parents had problems with it, it's their responsibility to turn it off. There was plenty of time to do so before the so-called controversy.

  51. 251

    This is a balant display of discrimination!!! When Madonna and Britney made out on tv, they weren't having things cancelled on them or people bitching about their kiss!!! But because Adam is a man and made out with another man, it's suddenly a bad thing??? America is the most fucked up country on the planet!!!
    This is the stupiest thing I've ever in a long time…I LOVED Adam's performance and even though I am a hetrosexual female, I STILL think he's one of the sexiest men in the entertainment biz as well as one of the most talented! I love his CD and hope he's around for a very long time!!!

  52. @v@ says – reply to this


    Well, listen. T.V. is governed by specific boundaries and always has been. A smart and respectful performer will try to work with those parameters if he wants to work in that medium. Networks have shareholders and a middle of the road clientele. You can't sell units if you've offended a lot of people in the middle of the curve. Get creative in your live act if you must. It may not be your boundaries, but respecting the boundaries of your audience builds a following.

  53. 253


  54. 254

    Oh, please spare us the homophobia propaganda! If Lady Gaga did this, you can bet there would be fallout. The sexual suggestiveness was inappropriate for a prime time audience, whether it was performed gay or straight (though I find the pictures of you trying to look like Draco Malfoy way more offensive than a guy's face smashed in Lambert's crotch). It's ABC's right to cater to its viewer demographic. Stop trying to make this a gay rights issue.

  55. 255

    It was a horrible performance, and I could care less about the homoerotic element, which of course does nothing for gay people other than make them look like they're sexually deranged and aggressive. If I were gay, I'd never want someone like this to represent me.

    The routine was rushed, wailing, and possessed no artistic merit. Further, it was obviously choreographed to shock, which is not entertainment. Maybe if he'd used his voice for the power of good and dropped the kitsch, people would be talking about him years from now. However, 'talent' that relies on a gimmick never lasts.

  56. 256

    When is a talented person going to come. I was married to a fantastic pianist and am now married to a wonderful singer. To put that overdone
    TWIT in that category is an insult to all of the over looked musicians that are out there. I want to see someone who knows how to play an instrument, write and sing without all of the studio HYPE. Both my ex and now husband know how to play and sing. Not famous. They are both engineers with master degrees. Yes, Mario, my ex is gay and would probably retch at your comments. Never mind your look and comments. You make gay men look bad.

  57. 257

    I didn't like the song he sang but the dance was great. I love how uptight america is. I'm a very straight girl but I have no problem with same sex anything…why do other people have to care? its not like THEY'RE the ones dacing. It's call entertainment, and thats what he did.

  58. 258

    I like him. Janet grabbed on of her dancers crotch when she danced. It may have been a bit over the top but he can still sing.Hes very different. I picture him on broadway more. I am glad Adam did that. Most gays still have to hide what they really are. Its like saying ok, "you can be gay but we don't wanna see it". Hes right woman act out sexual stuff on stage all the time. A guy does it and its oh u cant do that. and I have kids they were in bed. that's why Adam had the last slot of the night.

  59. 259

    Re: wasteofmylife
    Excellent rant!

  60. 260

    He's off my Xmas list..He's not right for children to see…nor is Lady GAGA…I don't discriminte between the sexes regarding indecent behavior.

  61. 261

    First of all … he didn't just 'make out' with people onstage .. he simulated sex acts. And yes, if a woman performer did it I would expect them to be treated the same way. Get over it … he screwed himself royally by being so over the top and in your face. Part of being a successful performer is knowing what your audience wants and giving it to them. Trust me .. ABC would rather not risk incurring the wrath of its morning viewers. Maybe it would be a good idea to tone down the theatrics and work on the voice and music - that's where the REAL work lies.

  62. 262

    hahahahahahahahahahahaha!! At least they finally got somethign right! Of course you will try and spin this as yet another gay discrimination thing when in all actuality it was his own stupid fault for not thinking of the audience at the time. This is the beginning of the end I hope. He sucks and there isn't anything special about him other than the size of his enormous ego! Serves the f'er right!

  63. 263

    Oh get on with it people. He wanted it, you gave it to him. Not a fan, but the dude is smart. If you think about it, maybe the dancer were simulating people desperate to hear about him, your sucking his d$%k people….

  64. 264

    Re: Adele46055 – hahahaha…good luck getting tha hon. Go and read a lot of the comments dumbass. It has NOTHING to do with him begin gay. It was ALL ABOUT being INNAPPROPRIATE ON REGULAR TV….NOT CABLE. Dumb fuck.

  65. 265

    Why is anyone surprised? He went WAY over the line on national television and what's to say he wouldn't try the same on GMA. You can bet that CBS will lay down the law with him. As I've said before, I think he is extremely talented but am not impressed with his inappropriate form of expression. It has nothing to do with his sexuality - I would think the same if any performer male/female, gay/straight did the same. Save the theatrics for the concert stage.

  66. 266

    I have no problem with Adam being gay, but I do have a problem with him simulating oral sex, etc. I would have a problem with that no matter who did it, gay or straight. Being an accepting society doesn't have to mean becoming tolerant of X-rated performances, especially when children have easy access to them.

  67. 267

    You Tell 'Em Perez! You're right! It's Complete Bull Sh*t !

  68. 268

    As a gay man myself, I actually found it UNNECESSARY and A STEP BACKWARDS for GLBTQI rights! Act like a responsible human, showcase your talent and that will help you last, not shock value! Not necessary, period. This should not be Congratulated or celebrated at all. Shame on you Perez..sorry!

  69. 269

    if Lambert was doing this at one of his own concerts it would have been fine but this was a tv show that kids could possibly be watching. Im all about people facing their fears but on their own. Why shove your beliefs in peoples faces. Its not right when the christians do it and he wants to talk about double standards? Is controversy such a new thing anyway? Janet got the backlash for the superbowl thing and i think Lamebert should get nothing different. There is a time and place for everything and what he did was just tacky. If GaGa did it there would be controversy too. But at least she has the talent to back it up. I was even more offended by his screaching like a banshee!!!!

    He shouldn't do things that he knows will cause a stir if he cant handle the stir.

    And I agree….Good Morning America is not the kind of show for that. Imagine if he did that on good morning america how desperate THAT would be OMG.

    And Perez…..one more thing. You are the worst spokes people for the LGBT community when you CONSTANTLY use the word "tranny" as a derogatory name and make fun of Chaz Bono. You disgust me too and I am sad that GaGa loves you so much.

  70. 270

    Re: stellala – So what? That has nothing to do with this. People trying to blame in on him begin gay are completely mentally retarded. it was the obscenity of his show, not that he's gay or he kissed a guy. I could care less about the kiss. The cock in the face bothered me and most people with decent common sense. Guess you obvisously aren't either.

  71. 271

    Here's what it boils down to, he had a responsibility to his younger fans to keep it clean in such a public venue, he failed to do so. I regulate what my kids watch…always have…..take Family Guy for example. The show is HIGHLY inappropriate for kids so I do not let my kid watch. Why do they need to see Stewie tell Brain to grab his tail at the base and slowly stroke it up and down to get a clone? They don't. So I don't let them watch and make sure that when I watch it, they are in bed. However; when it's live tv on a national network where kids are celebrating their favorite musicians, the musicians themselves have a responsibility to keep it appropriate. AL, Janet as well, and anyone who pushes the envelope at these things are fucking morons who lose fanbase b/c of it. Do what you want at your concerts,live tv, keep it clean.

  72. 272

    Re: gaybc6969 – I totally agree. And Im transgendered.

  73. 273


  74. @v@ says – reply to this


    Is he acting out? Either he's self-destructing very early on, or he was given some very bad advice to shock and shake up a mainstream audience. I hope it wasn't his idea, because then he won't continue to p*ss mainstream people off and can still pull himself up and out with his talent; but all the talent in the world won't help him if he runs roughshod over the inherent boundaries of the very industry people and audience he needs to help lift his career up into any kind of ozone.
    I'd like to see Adam do well. It's never a mistake to err on the side of good taste, and with his voice, he could almost forget about all the hype and trappings, because all he needs to dominate is to open his throat and sing some very good songs. The rest of the crap is all colored feathers.

  75. 275

    Ummm…yeah! If Lady Gaga did that trust me ppl would be bitching, she's not as favored as you love to think, Perez! And I'm so sick of hearing ppl say "but Madonna and Britney didn't get edited or made a big deal about it" Actually there were ppl that complained and said it was too much even for MTV! Secondly, IT WAS MTV, you watch ppl grinding on ppl in videos u kinda know to expect some crazy things, not so much with the AMA's! There are more children who watch the AMA'S than the MTV music awards b/c of this!

  76. 276

    Not fair.
    Adam will not do the same performance on a morning news show that he did at 10:45 at night.
    I'm a huge Adam fan. I love his voice, his looks, and his stage presence.
    Here's the problem .. the song "For Your Entertainment" is terrible. It does not showcase Adam's talent, and is a big disappointment.
    Adam, please stick to singing … leave the cheesy sleazy for drag shows.

  77. @v@ says – reply to this


    His vocals were shockingly mediocre for someone with his proven ability, and that's all I care about. Too much performance, not enough vocalizing.

  78. 278

    I saw the performance and I thought it was completely trashy. It was just too much. To me personally it would have been too much if it was Madonna, Lady Gaga or Britney Spears who did that performance. It was too sexually graphic for my liking. Good thing he didn't win American Idol!

  79. 279

    I dont care what people do with each other as long as its two or more :) consenting adults. But that grossed me out!!! it would have if it was two women or a man and a woman. Its too much! Thinks are messed up if think its okay to do that on national TV.

  80. 280


  81. 281

    The gays always try to make it a gay thing, but gay doesn't even factor in this situation. If it had been a male and female. It still would have been wrong to walk a person on a dog leash. Tongue kiss. Simulate a blowjob on live TV. Adam Lambert is an idiot! So are you Perez!

  82. 282

    do not try to make this about a poor poor gay person being treated unfairly. He's not being cut from GMA because he's gay. He was more than likely cut because his act two nights before involved lewd acts.

    Poor Poor picked on Lambert….He claims that a female artist wouldn't be treated this way….THEY WOULD if they illustrated oral sex and fingered a woman's crotch.


  83. 283

    The gays always try to make it a gay thing, but gay doesn't even factor in this situation. If it had been a male and female. It still would have been wrong to walk a person on a dog leash. Tongue kiss. Simulate a blowjob on live TV. Adam Lambert is an idiot!

  84. 284

    Re: Adele46055 – THIS IS NOT A DOUBLE STANDARD. HE ILLUSTRATED BLOW JOBS AND FINGERED A WOMAN'S CROTCH. HE'S NOT BEING TREATED UNFAIRLY. If he was being treated unfairly because he was gay, he wouldn't have these gigs. grow up.

  85. 285


  86. 286

    I know you wanna be the ultimate gay defender Perez. But no one is with you on this one. Adam Lambert went too far sexually for any live performance on TV. He made his bed, now he has to lay in it.

  87. 287

    you say homoerotic…i say sexually provocative on family television. gay or straight, man or woman, what he did wasn't okay. Has nothing to do with being a homo

  88. 288

    Thanks ABC for protecting children´s rights. This cancellation has nothing to do with Mr. Lambert´s sexuallity, a fine singer who chose to sing poorly at the AMA´s (I love him, but I suffered his bad performance of the song, nevermind the dancing or whatever it was…a lousy rip off of ¨Cold Hearted Snake" by Paula Abdul). ABC cancelled because their show is for families…why expose toddlers to this?
    I can only think of how much monitoring and control measurements Mr Lambert will endure at CBS…poor kid…he´s sweet…

  89. 289

    well I hate it for him but this was ABC not MTV. I had my two sons with me. Its Thanksgiving break and I let them stay up to watch the award. To put a guys head in his crotch was to much on ABC!!!!!!!

  90. 290

    Dont people understand that wat he did was tasteless, vulgar, disgusting, appallling, not for TV, children watching, doesnt he get it??????? Could have been anybody it was still not cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fat ass Perez!!

  91. 291

    I think someone should have complained about his lack of singing talent over his performance. But that's my opinion.
    I unfortunately watched him perform. There's a difference between a performer's dance moves being sexual and what he did. He took it WAY over the line for performing on network television.
    People bringing up Madonna/Britney..that was a totally different situation. That was a simple kiss. Nothing more. That isn't what people have a problem with about his performance.
    And the Janet/JT superbowl…Forget if it was planned or not. Fact is, JANET got the shit and JT walked away from it virtually unscathed. THAT is a double standard..not this Adam situation.
    In the end I think he got what he deserved. That type of performance is fine for a concert setting but on a live televised award show it's too much. He did it now let him deal with the consequences

  92. 292

    Why anyone feels like they have to try so hard simulating sex acts is insulting to viewers own imagination.

  93. 293

    I think Adam had one of the most incredible voices I have ever heard. I thought Freddie Mercy had been reborn.
    However, his voice/pitch was just horrible on AMA. I hated his whole routine.
    His CD is ok, some good stuff, but not great as I'd hoped it would be.
    The AMA performance seemed so self destructive. Didn't any of his handlers see this coming and try and redirect him?
    I think Adam has ruined his career. I feel really sad today.

  94. 294

    hahahaha thank you God . Adams is a bad example of the Gay people

  95. 295

    Re: WendyW – You are a complete MORON. The kids are OUT OF SCHOOL THIS WEEK FOR THANKSGIVING. I doubt it was that big of a deal to most parents to let them stay up and watch it that late. Doesn't excuse him for being a gross pig on stage in a venue where he should no better. he does…he doesn't care and that's what will tank his stupid ass. You can go right along with him over that cliff little lemming.

  96. 296

    I love you perez, but that shit was nasty!!! You can prove your point tastefull and respectfully, and what he did was definitely over the top! I am bisexual myself and repect anyon'e sexuality, but some things are just completely innapropriate! I imagine THIS WILL COST HIM ALOT OF FANS AND RIGHFULLY SO!!!

  97. 297

    The more I think about this, the more I think ABC was upset that they had given the word to Adam's people (perhaps hearing what he had planned for the AMAs or maybe they observed his practice sessions) that certain moves would not be acceptable. Perhaps Adam's people didn't inform him of ABC's displeasure. If ABC and the producers of the AMAs thought he was informed and then he went ahead and still did those moves anyway, they decided to cancel the GMA performance. I hope Adam knew not to do certain things and decided to do them anyway. Well that would have been a stupid business decision. Adam has said he is a "businessman", so if he may not be the smartest businessman around. He can't dictate to a big corporate entity like ABC what he will do or not do. They may have felt they could not trust him after the AMAs on what he might do on GMA. I just feel sorry for him and I think he has some internal anger to be so spiteful to himself. He has been self destructive in the past like the cocaine use for most of 2006 that he has discussed, but he needs to grow up real fast so he does not waste the amazing talent that he has.

  98. 298

    Good. I hope he keeps pushing the boundaries.

  99. 299

    Perez, I'm a fan of yours but you've really been pissing me off lately. I understand you're gay so you feel the need to protect any gay performer that gets backlash, but enough is enough. I'm a dancer of 16 years, and I watched the performance online once I heard what was going on. Lady Gaga wouldn't do to the extent he did. He made sure to push into everyone's faces his sexuality, compared to Lady Gaga, Madonna, Britney, they "hint" at it. I was fine with his performance until he YANKED his keyboardist away from the instrument just to make out with him. The dude wasn't even expecting it! You could tell by how frantic his fingers were to try to continue playing, how shocked he was by the kiss itself. AN ARTIST/PERFORMER DOES NOT DO THAT TO A MUSICIAN.

    We get it. Adam's proud hes a gay performer, but you don't see Elton John pulling a man out of the audience, tossing him ontop of the man's piano and smooching with him do you? Or hell Wanda Sykes as a comedian you don't see her fondling some random woman during her act do you?

    Stop letting your crushes control your gossip column, it's getting really rediculous.

  100. 300

    it is a morning show…they know their viewers and they have every right to cater to them.

    GROW UP.

    and if Lady CaCa did the same she would not appear the next morning either…don't start acting all EIGHT years old.

    This is NOT about Homophobia….it is about taste, maturity and having some decorum left as opposed to displaying your own methods of 'THERAPY' because you need to shock and awe everyone because your sooo uncomfortable in your own skin you have to make everyone else uncomfortable around you.


    I know…my brother went through this when he was younger. Then his brain evolved as he GREW UP and realized it was ALL in HIS head, not OURS!

    MOST people could care LESS what your sexual preferences are….it is about throwing things in peoples faces.

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