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Lambert Fallout! Morning Show Performance Cancelled!

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Sources confirm exclusively to PerezHilton.com that ABC has cancelled Adam Lambert's planned performance on Good Morning America tomorrow.

No official reason has been given for the cancellation.

Translation: The network is upset with Lambert's homoerotic American Music Awards performance on Sunday and afraid of what he will do on live, morning television.


Would all of this be happening if Lady GaGa made out with one of her female musicians or shoved one of her female dancers in her crotch???

Hell no!!!!!

But, don't stress for Adam, sources tell us he's going to be appearing on ANOTHER morning show tomorrow - The Early Show on CBS - and his song Whata Ya Want From Me has just been added to Z100 in NYC. A huge coup for the Idol alum!

At the end of the day, though, there is no such thing as bad press. All this publicity - which Glambert was hoping for but could never imagine would reach this scale - will only help him!

[Image via WENN.]

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330 comments to “Lambert Fallout! Morning Show Performance Cancelled!”

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  1. 301

    Swear to ME! says – reply to this

    Well said.

    Would Lena Horne, Shirley Bassey or Keely Smith act like this on stage? Frank Sinatra or Michael Buble act like this on stage? It's about class. Lambert categorized himself in the gay bathhouse entertainment level. That's just stupid.

  2. 302

    Hate to break it to you gays, but America is STILL 99% not gay and not gay-friendly.

    Lambert screwed the pooch on this. He thought he was being Bruno Uber Cool on the AMA's, but instead he just looked like an idiot and sounded like a bad AI audition. Pathetic Glambert loser!

  3. @v@ says – reply to this


    With all of Adam's vocal talent and promise, I'd really hate to see it hijacked by the gay agenda or the shocking for shock's sake boundary pushers. It's about the voice, stupid. It would be a shame to have his career tank because he or misguided boundary pushing management showed poor judgement and miscalculated what people will or will not put up with. He could ponder his own best interests and get established in a big way first rather than bonking people on the head with this soft porn sh*t. Established artists have the possibility for far more long term influence than unestablished artists trying to make a big shock statement.

  4. kaylo says – reply to this


    Wow… you threw her under the bus.


  5. 305

    What would Brian Boitano do?

    This is not for a public audience…private party only…just no manners, and it really, really shows.

  6. 306

    How many posts about the FCC never show up? Or they will when this page is at number 4 or more and no one reads it. Is that legal even in the blogging world to misrepresent?

  7. 307

    You're ignoring facts. He's a new performer acting above it all. He fingered a girl's crotch, a girl grabbed his crotched, he pumped a male's head in his crotch in simulated oral sex, and then flipped off the crowd at the end. All before 10:00 on network television!!!!!
    Yes, Perez, if GaGa or any other performer male or female or gay or straight had done the same thing, they'd have been banned.

  8. 308

    NOT,SO NOT A DOUBLE STANDARD!!!!!!!!When Madonna kissed Brit and X-tina all hell broke loose.Not the mention all the other things Madonna has been punished for.Get over it cry baby Perez and Lambert.Get some real talent.

  9. 309

    Television stations had no problem with the Britney Spear/ Madonna kiss. When those two kissed the camera stayed on them.
    When Adam kissed a musician, the camera swept away quickly.

  10. 310

    I dont think Ive ever seen a woman simulate oral that explicitly…i think thats what really offended people. That being said, regardless of the sex dance/kiss, Adam's singing sucked beyond bad….I mean really bad..I just dont think his talent or career can sustain hits like this. He needs to get his ego in check and start operating from a place of reality…Adam you arent THAT BIG!

  11. 311

    It would not have been such a big deal if he would have done this tastefully. He shoved that man in his crotch aggressivly like a sex starved maniac. Even the kiss with the keyboardist would have not been an issue if Glamberace would have be a little more subtle.
    Yeah women performers do this and it's not a double standard because at least the women and their dancers try to show a little bit of class while doing it. It's all about the delivery and he failed. Too bad this will ruin his mainstream career.

  12. 312

    ABC = dumbasses
    CBS… good move. I know who I'll be watching on Wednesday morning.

  13. 313

    Re: stellala – No, it won't hit me today because I am not simulating sex acts, straight or gay in a public place. It is one thing to help people to accept your choice of lifestyle but another to shove vulgar scenes in the face of elderly and children. It's called respect for family and apparently you all want to destroy that.

  14. 314

    Re: MikeMike

    i have - and it's the most derivative, unfocused piece of shit i've heard from somebody who is hyped to be the next rock god, glam rock god - bullshit. he copies the styles of the gaga's, pink, bowie - not one original thing about any of this shit. and why does rca have to try so hard to convince people to buy his shit… if the album was all that, they wouldn't need all this ass kissing sellout bullshit from the media. lambert and rca and idol disgust me, because they hope people are as stupid as they believe, and will fall for their crap without digging deeper… lambert is an arrogant, self centered, crude douchebag who thinks he can just waltz onto the scene and become a star… nooooooo, doesn't work that way… where is the press about his three flop singles from this brillant album so far… somebody as hyped as he is should have songs flooding the airwaves, but radio doesn't like what they've heard… so they manufacture all this drama to keep your focus off the fact that lambert hasn't done one damn thing to back up their claims of greatness… this motherfucker needs to have a reality check, and fast. as does the fools who go all over the internet harassing anyone who dare not like him, or his shitty music. you can have him, his obnoxious fans, and his tacky ass… america does not need or what what this poseur is selling.

  15. 315

    We love you, Adam! :)
    If ABC thinks 1,500 complaints is bad, they obviously did not consider the public backlash they would receive for canceling this concert. One, the proceeds were going to be donated to a music program sponsored by Hot Topic - they should sue. And two, this is downright discrimination.
    Fuck you, ABC! TEAM ADAM!

  16. 316

    "The dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural." So says Emperor Palpatine on a brief shopping trip to NY…

  17. 317

    Perez, I used to love reading your blog. Now, I can't stand it. You need to get your head out of your ass. This performance was tasteless. As I've said to everyone, I couldn't tell the gender of most of the people adam interacted with during his performance. IT's not a matter of his sexuality, OR his gender. IF Lady Gaga had done it, there would have been an uproar as well. Grow up and stop blaming others for a disgusting performance he put on himself. one minute you praise gaga, the next you use her as some bullshit example. I'm seriously done with you.

  18. 318

    Re: msduchess – ARE YOU HIGH??? TO EVEN UDDER ADAM LAMBERT IN THE SAME SENTENCE AS THE GREAT FREDDIE MERCURY IS AN INSULT TO ALL THAT IS SACRED!!! Don't ever say that again!!! Adam Lambert is like a flea next to Freddie Mercury!!!

  19. 319

    Good work Adam. Sock it to the haters. America needs to chill out. Madonna has been doing this kind of stuff for years and no one cares. I'm surprised people with such conservative views even have TV's. Go raise a barn or something.

  20. 320

    His own fault, Adam is NO lady gaga…..he does not just get fame, he has to earn it and I have not heard anything worth buying yet. His career is over before it began.

  21. 321

    I knew that was going to happen to him, and honestly I don't blame them. His performance was way more than I've ever seen a female performer do. You criticize and scrutinize Miley Cyrus and other female artists if they wear too short of shorts and if you remember correctly, there was ONE dance move that Miley Cyrus did that you said she shouldn't have done that made it look like she "liked it from behind". So you can't say that this is a double standard, he was simulating oral sex on stage! That's not something that ABC wants to support, and I can completely understand why…especially on an awards show!

  22. 322

    LOVE YOU GLAM-B!!! I am straight, black, a woman and over 30 I have 0 attachment to your demographic. So KNOW that for no other reason than love do I love you. You are FIYAH! I just stopped in my tracks to watch this SENSATION when I saw you appear on my screen. I didn't watch AA. So I had to ask my daughter who you are. FIYAH! When GMA comes begging back, accept graciously, but make them sign a contract that you will be you. They WILL come begging back ’cause you are Britney @ her best performance, Halle @ her prettiest and Christina A. singing Fighter. MMMMMMWUAH!

  23. 323

    You know what? I would've been equally annoyed if Lady GaGa was as provocative as Adam Lambert. You know why? Not because I"m homophobic, no not at all. It's because doing "dance" moves like that and resorting to that kind of behavior is a cover for a lack of talent. If Adam Lambert or Lady GaGa or Britney Spears or Madonna were REALLY talented, none of them would ever have to resort to using shock as a means to get their performances remembered. It's a really, really weak thing to do. No one is talking about how talented a singer/dancer/entertainer Adam Lambert was at that performance. They're only talking about the kissing and provocative dancing. So if he wants to be remembered as "the guy who kissed his keyboard player on the AMAs" instead of "the guy with the great voice" then that's his bag. If he were more talented maybe none of this would've happened.

  24. 324

    Re: Kamilalil – excactly what i would have said

  25. 325

    Re: katiejeeves – I think this will be my last time, too. More often than not, I am extremely disappointed in the skewed views that Perez and his people post. I'm not homophobic or a Republican, but I am starting to realize that more often than not, I'm annoyed by the posts made here.

  26. 326

    hello perez i usually dont do this leave comments im more of the reading type i love reading other peoples comments but i am very upset of what's going on with adam lambert. WHAT THE FUCK leave the guy alone that is some BULLSHIET what gma is doing to him say the truth you fucking cowards they dont want him on the show not because of his performance because if this was two female singers doing it would they have done this to them i dont FUCKING think so my god we live in a different world people get it thru you're fucking heads let him be himself when madonna britney and christina did it it wasn't this big of a deal if straight people can declare there love in anyway they want why can gay people do ti too and im a straight personim tired of hearing the media say oh he screw up this is going to hurt him whatever people get over it we all at some point have done something in our life that we dont agreed with but it doesn't have to be the end of the world. how come nobody said anything about miley cirus dancing on a stripper pole and she was 16 . there is other thing we can focus about more important things leave adam alone and let him be who he wants to be i love you perez and adam you have my support que vivan los gays

  27. 327

    Yes I will see CBS this morning,shame on you ABC.

  28. 328

    Completely disgusting! I would have died if my child was old enough to see that and know what was going on. I'm so glad they cancelled his appearance this morning, because his performance was obscene and immoral. Everyone I know is upset by it.

  29. 329

    omg Adam fans are so fucking retarded. Seriously, why do you keep defending this egotistical asshole?

  30. 330

    I don't give a shit that he did something HOMOSEXUAL. I care that he was much too sexual, and–more importantly–that he sounded… less than good. Much, much less.
    Perez, stop acting like this is because he did something homosexual. It's because he did something sexual. If he had done the things he did to a girl, the media would be acting the same way.

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