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CBS: Okay To Show Girl-On-Girl Kiss, NOT Okay To Show Guy-On-Guy Smooch

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We're disgusted by CBS and this double standard!!!!!!

As we previously mentioned, Adam Lambert appeared on CBS' The Early Show on Wednesday morning to address the controversy surrounding his kiss at the AMAs.


The network blurred out the image of Glambert kissing his band member even though moments later CBS aired the clip of Madonna and Britney making out at the VMA's completely uncensored.

How is this okay???????

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371 comments to “CBS: Okay To Show Girl-On-Girl Kiss, NOT Okay To Show Guy-On-Guy Smooch”

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  1. 201

    Re: Laroccakiddd – lol, thats awesome, i totally agree with u…gay people have all this BEAUTIFUL style!! I For one could not live without all my Gay friends!

  2. Harv says – reply to this


    Because nobody wants to watch two guys kissing on TV.

  3. 203

    because even us who suport gay rights don't want to see two men making out. A VERY SELECT FEW IN THE WORLD WANT TO SEE THAT.

  4. 204

    who cares about him? are you on his record label's payroll?

  5. 205

    It's not the kiss Perez, it's the Oral stimulations was perform. Honestly I LOVE ADam, however, looking back all the stuff he has done in the show was a little too much, I wish he did it just exactly at the video that is more appropriate than the AMA performance, or better yet he should have the dancer do it instead of him. I don't think kissing the guy that turn off the audience is the other thing was done, NO NEED TO Flip the middle finger either.

  6. 206

    Re: cdiddy


  7. 207

    I though the same thing when I saw it

  8. 208

    I agree With You On This One!
    I Think 2 Guys Kissing Is Hot!
    But The Difference Is That
    VMAs: Anything Can Happened
    AMAs: Not So Much

  9. 209

    wow that's sooo not even okay!

  10. 210

    Everyone comparing this to other celebrities are retarded. MTV is not CBS, ABC is not CBS. Each T.V. has different standaqrds. MTV is fine with gay kisses and stuff. CBS is obviously not. More kids toon in for CBS than they do MTV. MTV has built a rep for Britney and Madonna and Christina stuff. CBS has NOT. Look at thew stations. All on different startions. So you cannot even compare the other TV kisses and stuff to this.

  11. 211

    That's so far from acceptable.

  12. 212

    Adam Lambert is a disgrace to the gay community. Do you guys honestly think that what he did is going to make people accept us more? REALLY?? No. He is hurting the cause. He is making us look BAD. I wish he hadn't been asked to perform at the AMA's. He has hurt our cause of getting our rights as people.

  13. 213

    ABC is owned by DISNEY.

    The Britney kiss was aired on MTV.

    See where im going with this now?

  14. galli says – reply to this



  15. 215

    OH. MY. GODDESS. I am so friggin' pissed off, I really do not understand what the big fu%$ing deal is!! Why can't people just be allowed to love? "all you need is love!"- The Beatles

  16. 216

    Okay first of all, THE MAIN DIFFERENCES ARE:
    - Britney and Madonna are NOT gay, and that kiss was barely anything, whereas Adam Lambert is using his sexuality to try and push himself past his 15 minutes of fame.
    - Britney and Madonna were internationally famous, and at this point given themself an actual fanbase. Meanwhile, this idiot, again, is trying to get maybe 15 more minutes of fame.

    When I ask someone about Adam Lambert, they either do not know who he is, or they HATE him. This includes some of my GAY friends. Just because he says he is representing gay people it does not mean that he is. If anything, he is a negative portrayal of all the other gay people out there. It's not like gay celebrities are still on the recieving end of major discrimination. You of all people, Perez, should realize that, as you are one of the most flamboyant characters out there. If Adam Lambert wants to be accepted as a gay person and treated with respect like every hetero out there, then maybe he shouldn't dress himself up like a complete tool, PERFORM his sexuality and then claim that it's not okay for people to single him out,
    even though he's really singling himself out.

    Conclusion: Adam Lambert is stupid, untalented and an insult to the gay community.

  17. 217

    i dont think this is okay but he did go a little overboard and he got a little crazy.
    AND the britney madonna kiss was hot his looked messy he could have done it in a classier way than that!!

  18. 218

    that's ridiculous :S damn homophobics

  19. 219

  20. 220

    BOTH SCREENSHOTS ARE FROM CBS, NOT MTV. did anyone read the article? CBS showed the clip of britney and madonna on their station, but censored adam's. THATS the point! all of you comparing mtv and cbs shouldn't open your mouths (err.. typing fingers.) without at least reading the article first.

  21. 221

    I agree with u perez but for the sake of the cause stop talking u r very annoying and turn people off.

  22. 222

    The double standards make me sad. C'mon America, move with the times.

  23. 223

    Madonna and Brittany were shown because neither one of them is gay. God forbid that mainstream media actually acknowledge a gay entertainer!!!!!

  24. 224

    Let’s stop acting like this is just SO controversial and on everyone’s mind right now. I think America could really give a sh!t. A handful of people no bigger than an American small town complained about this. Where are the public protests? The condemnation from religious leaders and the right? The public burning of his CDs? By the end of the week, no one’s going to care or will be talking about this, just like they won’t Adam in a few years. Most of the stuff that has been written in the media about this performance was about how bad it was and blatantly calculated his shock tactics were.
    As far as Madonna & Janet, you needn’t compare yourself to them, Adam. Janet & Madonna can get away with the stuff you’re trying to imitate simply because they can. They’ve paid their dues. You haven’t earned that right yet, baby! Until you make a significant mark in the entertainment industry other than being an Idol runner-up, THEN people will take you seriously.

  25. 225

    Insane… Can't wait until the day when this isn't a big deal..

  26. 226

    and they never show christina … i think if britney and christina would have kissed it would have beeen wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more sexier

  27. 227

    LLLLame. I'm not even going to read the million comments defending this. It's total bullshit, which anyone with a few brain cells working knows.

  28. 228

    Of course they blurred it out. Who the F_ _ k wants to see that shit, guy on guy, girl on girl, guy on girl, whatever. It is all a bunch of publicity stunts that they later want to whine about because it is not shown and then claim discrimination. Whey are you going to get it that people are TIRED of hearing homosexuals, minority groups, overweight/obese people, handicapped people, feminists, muslims, arab americans (not all muslims are arabic), mexican americans, etc. whine all the time about discrimination. You, they, intentionally set up situations where people will complain about your anti-social actions and then you BITCH non stop. Get over yourselves!!!!!

  29. 229

    Re: warpedmind41

    BOTH OF THOSE SCREENSHOTS ARE FROM CBS. they DID show britney and madonna's kiss on their station! the issue is with cbs censoring one kiss and not the other

  30. china says – reply to this


    what else to say?

    take the torch with this one, perez. it`s woth to fight for - concerning gay rights.

    i live quite good in a town with a gay mayor, capital of a country with a gay secretary of state.

  31. 231

    This is one of the very few times I have agreed with you

  32. 232

    Wow, are they retarded or something. Double Standards.

  33. 233

    Perez are you blind? Madonna is a living legend (usually does whatever she wants and knows how far she can push the boundaries before being reprimanded which is why she didn’t release the original American Life video) while Adam is new in the game and did it on regular tv. It wasn’t the kiss, it was the simulated bj that people found to be vulgar and way over the top. This was the AMA’s, not the VMA’s…it’s supposed to be more of a family show that attracts different generations of viewers. That was totally inappropriate for prime time tv. Janet Jackson is an excellent example, she’s a legend in her own right but after the Superbowl her career got completely derailed, she hasn’t had much success on the radio, tours or album sales and she’s not what she was before. It that can happen to an established legend with a 20+ year career Adam is stupid if he thinks he can pull stunts like that right out the gate. I think the guy has talent but the shock value thing and trying to be a male Madonna/GaGa wannabe is lame. Madonna is original and does things to be ironic and make a point. Adam has no plan, he’s just trying to be controversial for the sake of being controversial but he crossed the line for prime time tv.

  34. 234

    Yes Adam Lambert is a disgrace to gay community and so as Perez. I have nothing against gay community, its just adam lambert i dont like him since after his AMA performance

  35. 235

    Lambert's puffy pockmarked face should ALWAYS be blurred out on TV. That is one fugly bitch!

  36. 236

    Re: mm1234 – Did you know that CBS shows the news? They showed that some time after the kiss, not during the showing of the VMA's, they showed it on the NEWS. Whenever people are doing the news, they don't usually censor stuff. It says it was during the Early Show, the Early Show discusses this sort of stuff the next day or a couple of days later or whatever. You're trying to say they showed the kiss live, but they didn't, they showed it during a news segment. It's different. Also, Lambert kiss wasn't censored everywhere, just the West coast. AND, again, the Britney and Madonna kiss happened on MTV, MTV chose not to censor it. Different TV stationsw have different standards. MTV is known for having kissing, and for letting the dances be sexual and provocative, it is an award show aimed at teens and adults. The AMA's are supposed to be for everyone and they try to be a bit classy. Adam's performance was not classy, it was trash. He did things to do them, not to be artistic, just to be out there and be "edgy". He isn't edgy, he is the dirt on the bottom of my shoe.

  37. 237

    LMAO!! You're really asking this question?? Are you really complaring Madonna to Adam?! Insanity!! While M has established her self as an icon, Adam has yet to establish himself as an ORIGINAL artist. Umm…didn't Madonna do 99.9% of the things Adam did…only 10-12 years earlier?!?!?! No debate needed…M is way ahead of Adam and always will be.

  38. 238


  39. 239

    Re: calislug – Where is the double standard? Two television stations, two different standards.

  40. Nirak says – reply to this


    They should have showed both or none of them. Why can't 2 men kiss, they have the same rights - or at least they should have … I found the kiss hot!

  41. 241

    But I thought you were all for CBS since they had your precious lamebert on instead of ABC. At least ABC didn't edit the performance since I'm on the West Coast and I unfortunately saw his whole mess. You cannot have it both ways. This is the problem with trying to make every issue a gay issue with him. I didn't care about the kiss and most people didn't. That they didn't show in on CBS when everyone was LOVING them for having Adam on is to me….nice karma. Sad to make it seem to press against gay rights. I would rather they blocked out the crotch grinding and oral stimulation scenes that he did. The kiss is lame.

  42. 242

    ENOUGH…Precious Perez and Adam should get together and cry over both of their 15 minutes of fame ticking away.

  43. 243

    Forgot to add, Perez, that NO, I do NOT want to see homosexual/heterosexual, s & m simulated sex acts on TV. If he is so untalented and the songs so terrible that he must resort to these kinds of shock tactics onstage, then that does not bode well for his career. And you are pathetic for turning anything related to the gay community into your personal agenda. I think you really need to see a psychiatrist/therapist to discuss the issues you have with sexuality and why you think everyone has to accept it. They don't. I couldn't care less who wants to sleep with whom as long as it is consensual and does not involve children. Does that mean I want to see it on TV, NO. You need to let your issues be your issues and pick some causes to fight for that REALLY matter in the world, there are so many to choose from.

  44. 244

    Re: richwithhatred – Holy shit….Rob Halford is GAY???? Isn't he from Judas Priest??? Wow….never knew that one. Knock me back with a feather. Now THAT is a man who can ROCK! Lamebert wishes he had that man's rock-godness!! Lol…

  45. 245

    ITS NOT OK! ATTTTTT ALLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. 246

    prudes. bigots. knuckle draggers

  47. 247

    Re: TheRussianOne – hell yeah

  48. 248

    I've been saying that for years. Why now now in 2009 it's still an issue? I'm Glad AL did that it forced it to the forefront.

  49. 249

    For once, I agree with you. Total double standards on their part and it is disgusting.

  50. 250

    i hate double standards its fuckin ridiculous

  51. 251

    Um one was cable and one was network tv. BIG difference!! Madonna did NOT have oral sex on stage. It's not just about the kiss. The singing was terrible. It was NOT SUITABLE FOR TV!!! Why is he focusing on the kissing? He knows damn well its not about that. He WAS WRONG. DAMN WRONG!!! If it was
    MTV it would be perfectly fine with me. Love you Adam but you were wrong.

  52. 252

    Definitely a double standard! But at least CBS let Adam on the show at all…unlike ABC

  53. 253

    And when Adam makes the VMAs he can do all this stuff and more. We all know network TV is…blah.

  54. 254

    This is discrimination….ITS NOT FAIR!…Girls can makeout and dats sexy but guys cant do the same..and b sexy and free also…?…

  55. 255


  56. 256

    how backwards is your country, you claim to be the land of the free, yet you invade countries to "let people be free" yet you condem your own for being gay ! get a grip and be like europe

  57. 257

    u tell them republican, creationism-loving, jerking-it-to-sarah-palin, watching-fox-crap-news, obama-hating, gay-bashing, redneck hoz, perezzzzz!!!!! LESBIONISM IS JUST PLAY BORINGGGGGGG… MORE MAN ON MAN SMOOCHING PLEASE!

  58. 258

    Re: tigrrrlilly – What in the world makes you think it's only old, right-winged folks that don't agree with this? I am young twenties, Dem, who finds what he did DISGUSTING! Personally, I don't want to see two guys or girls kissing. Adam just took it overboard with his performance.

  59. 259

    How the hell will you compare MTV to ABC? With Madonna kissing Britney, at least they were both attractive. The kiss between Adam the keyboardist was just disgusting. THe keyboardist looked like he was dying of AIDS. Perez, why the hell do you keep defending Adam? Oh wait, cuz you're a flamer just like him and you wish it was your face in his crotch that night

  60. 260

    Not okay. Some of my lesbian friends once told me that they wouldn't let Britney Spears within twenty feet of their bedrooms. So, IF this girly kiss was supposed to be supportive of the lesbian community, they should have picked someone OTHER than Britney Spears. Guy on guy kissing when one of the guys is a genuine nice fellow?? the other guy might be also, they seem to know each other and seem to get along otherwise?? And GAY?? Perhaps. REAL homosexual sex uncensorship in Canada is still against the 1976 Charter Amendments Resolution Committee's back door. I think Trudeau got the ball rolling….. THE fact that they make amendments FOR gays and lesbians and other disallowed gender identifying individuals; we obviously DON'T have the same rights as the rest of you. DID ABRAHAM LINCOLN DECLARE, "OH - BUT HEY, THIS IS NOT FOR MY DEAR OLD LESBIAN AUNTIES, SORRY UNCLE SO AND SO." He actually didn't exclude the GLADD community at all. So, every Canadian and American Citzen CAN legally marry. Dump the re-intro-to-declusion stuff. READ your CHARTERS!! As Nathalie says "I have the RIGHT!" If the GLADD community can't marry then neither can Russo and I. Yup, once upon a time we joined up with a lot of Vietnamse people who got sort of lost in a hurricane and ended up in New Brunswick….

    Anya Blah, blah, blah The Undead Again Zombie Mother of Blog-Doom

  61. 261

    WTF… I've tried to put up a message that I'm sure PPPerez wouldn't agree with and I can't get it posted! what are you cencoring what you don't want written!

  62. uno says – reply to this


    Thats horrible, what the hell? Total hyporcites!!! Ok so I must say I don't want to watch either a man kissing a man or a woman kissing a woman, but if we are going to show one we must show the other…. It really is kind of sad that this Adam Lambert is getting so much flack for exactly the same thing woman artists do all the time

  63. 263

    it wasnt the kiss you asshole it was the face humping,quit defending this jackass just because you want Adam inside you.

  64. 264

    This is such crap!

    I can watch gusn & rifles, violence, people being Killed on television, women kissing & grinding - but I can't watch two guys kiss - why????

    Let's Get Real!

  65. 265


  66. Becci says – reply to this


    I posted a complaint to ABC about their double standards. If any of the rest of you are as upset I suggest going to ABC.com, clicking Contact ABC and lodge a complaint about it.

  67. 267

    Everyone is turning this into a sexist thing, or a double standard, and as I do see that point of view I disagree. I think its more like softcore porn vs hardcore porn. Its the way it was done. Raunchy and with no class. I dont care what they air and who makes out with who, but lets make it tastefull if its gonna be on national television. Thats not to say they havent aired some things they should have or vise versa but its their millions, not yours or mine.

  68. 268

    oh it's been a while since i've logged in FAT BODY! Saw your fat ugly ass at the AMA's you sick fuck. the reason it's not ok to show two dudes kissing is because it's fucking disgusting. plain and simple.

  69. 269

    Re: luii

    Ok luii…..If you really think that perez is annoying wtf are you doing reading his website???? Seriously people!! If you don't like Perez, dont visit his site. Its not rocket science.

    As far as the Adam Lambert issue, I totally agree that it is such a double standard. No one had this much objection to Madonna and Brit-brit making out on tv. What is the difference? Adam didn't do anything that women haven't been doing for years. Get over it. Good for him for not apologizing.

  70. 270

    Re: Cinlouxx – It's Thanksgiving break moron! You must not have kids, because most kids have one week off of school. Shame on us parents that let our kids watch something as racy as the AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS! It's 2009 so I should explain to my 8 year old what oral sex is ? You are a pathetic low life

  71. 271


  72. 272

    Because if ANYONE KNEW ANYTHING, you would know that AFTER the incident with Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake, the FCC has upped the fines as well as what was deemed appropriate content for television. The Britney and Madonna kiss came AFTER that.


  73. 273

    Perez has a right to post his opinion on his blog, if you don't like it you don't have to visit this site. I'm in Canada and most of us could care less about AI/Adam Lambert. It seems to me that you shouldn't be comparing some AI winner to the greats like Madonna and Brit. As an active member of the LGBTQ community, I would hesitate to call him a representative of gay individuals. It seems to me he cares more about "shock value" then actually advocating for gay rights.

  74. 274

    WTF!? Thats messed up.

  75. 275

    Re: goodtasteishardtofind – yeah, like her book, and the way she treated one of her own entourage like dirt in her movie… but when kids are tuning in to see their idols- there's no excuse. Too gimmicky. -Unnecessary and disappointing.

    Back to Adam - oral sex is WAY too over the line. Notice how humble he was -even had his mom on CBS this morning. -Must've taken the critics to heart after all. -Total damage control. -Bet he won't criticize CBS for editing/blurring his kiss!

  76. 276

    While both performances involved kissing. The kissing that Lambert engaged in was disgusting, open mouth, tasteless kissing. Im sure you are not too moronic to notice something like that. You just would never post it on your blog because you want to do all you can to promote your cause. I have been reading your website for years and I have to say that your posts have declined in quality every day. You post old news. I can get faster news by google searching. Half the crap you post is from at least 24 hours ago. WITH FAME COMES A DECREASE IN QUALITY PEOPLE. ITS SO OBVIOUS.

  77. 277

    Its okay cuz no one in the world wants to see two dude kiss…it wasnt ment to be kid!!! On the other hand it was intended for two ladies to kiss!! Hell Ya!! dont hate Perezzzz

  78. 278

    Now THIS blog comment of yours I can agree with. If they can voluntarily show two girls kissing, there is NO reason not to show two guys.

  79. 279

    You'd think they'd at least be ashamed of being hypocrites, but no, that's overestimating them obviously…

  80. 280

    YAWN! Give it up, Mario. You're milking this thing for Adam Lambert just about as badly as you did the Miss America stunt.

  81. 281

    I think the text under the first image says it all really.

    There are much more important things in life than this excuse for a headline.

  82. 282

    So Janet grabbing her male back up dancers crotch was ok for kids to view? HHMM people are just ignorant … I thought he did an amazing job and guess what you dont like it change the channel and dont watch it !!

  83. 283

    GET OVER IT, FUDGEPACKER(S). It's not okay to simulate your deviant sex acts on primetime, or in any other public venue. Keep your filth in your closets! AGAIN, THE MAJORITY OF AMERICANS DO NOT SUPPORT YOUR AGENDA - like it or not. SO…quit trying to shove "it" down our natural, heterosexual throats, deviants. Saying it's discriminatory over and over and over again, doesn't make your sickening behavior o-kay. IT IS NOT.

  84. 284

    It's not. Full stop. For once I completely agree with you, Perez.

  85. 285

    Short Answer: It's not okay.

  86. 286

    I am so glad someone has the balls to say it thank you CBS!!! Male homosexuality is disgusting and gross not too many people who are straight are turned on by this, but "most" people if they are being honest, male and female are turned on but girl on girl action. It's not discrimination it's a fact you fat blowhole! Is this a Hollywood gossip site or a platform to spew your bullshit???

  87. 287

    If Perez is so annoying, then don't get on the website. I think YOU'RE really annoying. On Adam Lambert's kiss, get over it. It was a kiss. We've all seen it. The day everyone stops freaking the f*ck out, it will just be another norm..oh, wait..God forbid gay is a norm!!!!! He's an artist…(although I really though the performance was horrible) and he's trying to break in and establish a name for himself and break the mold. Good for him. He's being brave, not being scared. Next time you homophobes jam to "We are the champions" at another football game, think..about..that…one…

  88. 288

    I dont think it's about him kissing a guy. It's the pretend oral sex & grabbing other peoples crotches. He was trying to shock people & it worked. It was more like one of those Vegas shows that people go to see some T & A.

  89. 289

    i hate hypocrites and double standards

  90. 290

    okay i agree with the part that its not fair to show girls kissing and not the guys..that isnt right..but on the other hand..the grinding of the the males head into his crotch wasnt necessary..that simulates a type of sex and i dont think that would be acceptable from anyone..especially since this isnt mtv or vh1..it was cbs..he could have skipped that…like i said tho i understand why the kissing thing seems like a double standard. I almost feel like he is trying too hard to show that he is gay..we get it..we dont need him to simulate oral sex for us to get that..

  91. 291

    NOT okay. *shakes head*

  92. 292

    okay i agree with the part that its not fair to show girls kissing and not the guys..that isnt right..but on the other hand..the grinding of the the males head into his crotch wasnt necessary..that simulates a type of sex and i dont think that would be acceptable from anyone..especially since this isnt mtv or vh1..it was cbs..he could have skipped that…like i said tho i understand why the kissing thing seems like a double standard. I almost feel like he is trying too hard to show that he is gay..we get it..we dont need him to simulate oral sex for us to get that..

  93. 293

    Who the fuck watches CBS anymore?

  94. ap076 says – reply to this


    It is so wrong I agree with you. "Disgusted" a little over dramatic as usual. I personally am still willing to blame Adam for this one as he could have predicated his performance/appearance on CBS based on them at least showing the kiss.
    If all he did was kiss a boy, we may still be having a debate with homophobes about this subject but there would be much more support for Adam. The simulated blow job really screwed things up, what a douche.

  95. 295

    Re: tigrrrlilly – WRONG!! Sorry Honey, but I guess some of those "old right-wing homophobes" passed on some morals to their families. Cause I am 23, healthy, far from death and I happen think having to watch any kind of sexual barrage of homosexuality OR straight sexuality shoved into my house under the guise of entertainment and as a cover for complete lack of talent, very offensive! I didnt like the madonna/brittney thing, and I nearly threw up when I watched this freak act like a total disgusting cretan on my television set when I had no warning and I did not pay to watch it. I couldn't care less what they did and did not show. I wish they would all just flippen disappear so we can get back to not having to worry about what our children see and think is ok to emulate. Hollywood has become a complete cesspool.

  96. 296

    I think everyone is missing the bigger picture here. He has gotten more press for not performing and not showing the kiss, then he would have if they did. He got the cause in the news, he is able to plea he case now. What did you think was going to happen? Its a Man Kissing another Man. Like it or not people arent used to it and it makes them uncomfortable. So calling people names and creating hostility around men kissing another men is only going to cause people to close there mind even more and just concentrate on the hostility and it will take a lot longer for it to be accepted. There was a point in time where none of it would have been allowed on T.V. or anywhere for that matter. I just feel that if one fights hate with hate it will only cause everyone to lose and slow down progress. Time to refocus

  97. 297

    Two completely different channels. While parents may let their children watch ABC at night, they might be less inclined to let them watch MTV. Lambert is being selfish and petty with this one. Let it go, you were wrong. Maybe I like to lick my ass hole on a Friday at noon, but I don't have to make unsuspecting people watch..

  98. 298

    WHAT A HYPOCRITES!! this is because men LOVE TO SEE WOMAN KISSING, and in this world rule male chauvinism!!! THAR IS WHYYY!!


  99. PatM says – reply to this


    Re: Lucas – Ditto

  100. 300

    I agree about the hypocrisy with the kissing, but Adam's performance was completely inappropriate with the simulated oral sex. Unnaceptable for either girls or guys to do…and I'm a liberal AND a Lambert fan.

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