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CBS: Okay To Show Girl-On-Girl Kiss, NOT Okay To Show Guy-On-Guy Smooch

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We're disgusted by CBS and this double standard!!!!!!

As we previously mentioned, Adam Lambert appeared on CBS' The Early Show on Wednesday morning to address the controversy surrounding his kiss at the AMAs.


The network blurred out the image of Glambert kissing his band member even though moments later CBS aired the clip of Madonna and Britney making out at the VMA's completely uncensored.

How is this okay???????

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371 comments to “CBS: Okay To Show Girl-On-Girl Kiss, NOT Okay To Show Guy-On-Guy Smooch”

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  1. Swami says – reply to this


    Because Clitney and Douchedonna are not really dykes- they're just pretendin'

  2. 302

    Yeah, I get it, it's really not fair that they'll show one and not the other.. however - I think they're doing the wrong thing, it wasn't JUST the kiss people are complaining about, it's the other two things that the did that led up to the kiss.. also lets be reminded that the girl on girl was on a cable network..AMA was not.. as for Adam's comment on ' im not a babysitter.. kids shouldn't be up that late anyway '.. he can blow that up his bum..bc it was OKAY for 'kids' to be up to 10 watching American Idol and stay up to vote for him, but not okay to watch a music award show? Again, I dont think it's fair that they're saying it's ok for girls to do it and not guys.. BUT his comments are ridiculous and makes him look like a hypocrite

  3. 303

    is not the same, britney's was almos like a peck, lambert on th eother way was like he was gonna have sex right there in the stage, disgusting!

  4. 304

    CBS had him on to increase their ratings plain and simple ABC is number one in the morning tied with NBC. Adams "performance" was depicting the gay lifestyle in a negative over the top light this is coming from an artistic perspective. There are many gay people who are low-key and you would never even know that they are gay unless they told you. Judging by a lot of the comments here he insulted his own community by acting like that. It is much like when a black person like Kayne acts up it is embarassing as a black person to see an entertainer go on the world stage and make a complete fool of himself. Artists whether they want to accept it or not are viewed as role models or representatives on whatever community they represent. I completly understand why the gay community is not supportive of this kind of outrageous behavior, it wasn't artistic it was crass and unecessary. Adam was lucky to be asked to perform and he should have been respectful to everyone that means little children watching wanting to grow up to be singers.

  5. 305

    Double standard?? bullshit… 2 girls kissing is more excepted because it is a feminine thing… girls kiss all the time being lesbians or not. I am getting sick of all this gay shit. They are all abunch of whiners if they don't get their own way or if people criticize them

  6. 306

    Uh….over 90% of the population is not gay, Perez…and of those 10%…let's guess 5% are gay men. That means….95% of folks think that gay men kissing is gross. Get over it.

  7. 307

    Re: balls deep – still fun to make

  8. 308

    PEREZ WE ALL GET IT! but the only difference between the britney kiss and the adam kiss, was that adam was full on making out with the guy!

  9. 309

    That is ridiculous! This just helps to fuel the fire for homophobia! Male same sex imagery, if they were to be shown on programs such as this, would help alot of young people to realise that there is nothing wrong with being gay, and would help those who are to feel comfortable in their own skin, and those who aren't a greater level of acceptance.

  10. 310

    I think the reason it's a big deal is because Madonna and Britney's kiss was on MTV, a station that isn't as viewed or watched as much as ABC. I am sure their are many executives at ABC that are homosexual and loved it. I loved it. Adam is awesome.

  11. Laury says – reply to this


    It's funny you should call CBS out on their double standard when you are the king of double standards yourself. You keep bashing some celebs for something and then whenever Lady Gaga, Madonna or someone else you like does it, suddenly it's all okay. You, sir, are the epitome of hypocrisy.

  12. 312

    I seriously screamed at the T.V when I saw this. This is so wrong it's discusting.

  13. 313

    That's kind of funny. I guess they thought Madonna & Britney kissing was hotter.

  14. 314

    Discriminatory… Double standards…

  15. 315

    this is stupid. The britney/madonna kiss was just as "offesnive" i mean personally i dont get why you need to make out with anyone during a show but still why does it cause so many problems?

  16. 316

    Perez, you stupid dildo. It was him rubbing a guys face in his crotch and pretend fingering a female dancer. It has nothing to do with him being gay. Janet Jackson got in trouble for something very much the same. Straight or gay, you are going to get into trouble acting sexual on stage. And Madonna didn't shove her face in Britney's crotch, so stop comparing the two. Shut the fuck up already.

  17. 317

    Re: Claudiane – Double standard! Where?

  18. 318

    Re: SEB BLUNT – Uh yeah! your description sums up how 99.9% of hetero's feel. Quite frankly I find nothing beautiful about two men or two women having sex. it is gross and homosexuals need to stop trying to shove their deviance on the world. I swear they have a conspiracy to try and "convert" everyone to their perversion. Ick!

  19. 319

    It's not a double standard. It's not so much the kiss that's the problem more so as it is the simulated oral sex. But I guess you're too much of a drama queen to take that into consideration.

  20. 320

    Madonna and Britney are not openly gay so to America this was seen as acting. The kiss was short and sweet but Adam's kiss and oral sex were gross and aggressive. I am almost 100% positive that had he executed the kiss and dance move in a more subtle way, this whole ordeal would not be happening. Men kiss each other on prime time tv all the time and this "outrage" does not happen because it is done properly and in the correct context.

  21. 321

    that is fucking stupid!!! i saw that and was like WHAT?? that totally proves Adam's point.

  22. 322

    I agree its a total double standard!!!!

  23. 323

    This is absolutely so ridiculous…such a double standard. And who cares that it was MTV that aired the Madonna and Brit thing and CBS showed Lambert…both clips were aired on CBS even though MTV originally aired the girl kiss..CBS showed it on their network unblurred then blurred out Lambert..its the fucking definition of double standard you small minded dumb dumbs..oh and some arguments that girls kissing is hot and boys kissing is gross? another sexist double standard..open your fucking eyes people and lets stop trying to tell others how to live their lives and what is appropriate and what isn't..i'm sick of people pushing their beliefs on everyone..if you don't want your kid to see the real world than get rid of the tv and take their fatass somewhere…watch out for the gay couple walking in the park though! might ruin the child! God forbid they witness any act of love or anything remotely sexual!

  24. 324

    It's not proper to show either one. Not on a regular network. HBO, whatever, that is fine, but not on a show that is watched by all.

  25. ngb00 says – reply to this


    this is about a "male society", instead of "double standards", i think the latter is the product of the former.

  26. 326

    Not cool… double standards much???

  27. 327

    Wow… I like seeing the differences in opinions. It is amazing.

    Let's not forget that the Britney/Madonna thing was on MTV!!!! Did they blur out Bruno's sack being in Em's face? I found that more disgusting than that kiss!

    Does anyone remember how much shit Hetero Janet Jackson got for slipping a nipple for less than a sec? A straight woman's nipple caused an uproar! How can he not get skewered for this?

    It wasnt just a kiss. It was a full on make out session that was far from being sexy, but vulgar. Even if it were an opposite sex kiss like that, it would still be of Ewww factor.

    Why must when something like this happen to a minority of some sorts, its automatically discrimination? Its simple. The U.S. is filled with prudish, bible thumping married homophobes, who secretly dislikes their spouses and enjoy Homosexual sex in dirty motels. Its not hypocrite behavior. Its America!

  28. 328

    There is no double standard! Britney and Madonna were on MTV and Adam was on ABC. This is the difference. ABC is owned by Disney-what he did was not appropriate for that channel but would have been okay on MTV. This really isn't hard to understand.

  29. 329

    Honestly, the performance itself was just horrible - I dont see why the kiss is a big deal, the head to crotch maybe a little much but still - if your really talented you dont need to do pretty much everything he did on stage.

  30. 330

    Definitely Double Standards!

  31. 331

    Turns out CBS couldn't reach the keyboard player for permission to use the footage so they decided to be cautious to avoid being sued. Calm down.

  32. 332

    that sucks. I mean it's not something I really want to see but if they show a girl on girl kiss they have to show the mano e mano…it's just freakin wrong

  33. 333

    Double standard yes.. but none the less this was over the top, slightly offensive and inapropriate. Adam Lambert shame on u, ur gay, fine, live ur life the way u choose but how dare u display ur sexual escapades on a network where ANYONE can have access to.. grow up and have alittle class. A simply girl on girl kiss at an mtv performance is dif than the impression of gay oral sex! WOW!! ur a disgrace..

  34. 334

    Pure and simple homophobia. It's totally unacceptable. Americans should make a formal complaint against CBS.

  35. 335

    i keep hearing a bunch of buzz about the SOON grammy straight men kissing for a stand for gay discrimination

  36. 336

    Really? Why no mention of the simulated fellatio? Eh? Eh? Yea thats what i thought. shut the fuck up. I don't recall brittany and madonna doing that. Adam Lambert needs to shut his cakehole.

  37. 337

    Fuckn dumb arses!! They can go fuck themselves!!
    Double standard pieces of shit!! This reminds me of that episode of Will and Grace where they dont air the kiss between two men… Such UTTER BULLSHIT!!

  38. 338

    fucking bullshit double standard! >:(

  39. 339

    I HATE double standards!
    I thought I was great for The Early Show to get Adam after Good Morning America kicked him off.
    But then I watched it and saw this and it pissed me off so badly I just wanted to scream.

  40. 340

    The entire performance was inappropriate and way over the top. Also, in the video of it I saw you could clearly see the kiss anyway. CBS is not to blame. They were covering their ass, which is something businesses often have to do.

    The fact is that it is more likely that they would somehow get in more trouble over this than the Madonna thing, so to counteract that they blurred it out.

    I also remember there being a ton of controversy of Britney/Madonna.

  41. 341

    It's Thanksgiving break moron! You must not have kids, because most kids have one week off of school. Shame on us parents that let our kids watch something as racy as the AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS! It's 2009 so I should explain to my 8 year old what oral sex is ? You are a pathetic low life.

    Re: flower76

    Yeah this.

  42. 342

    Maybe I like to lick my ass hole on a Friday at noon, but I don't have to make unsuspecting people watch..

    Re: YouRLess

    LOL…that's terrible…but accurate, accurate.

  43. 343

    The Babby Boomer generation was one on the wildest and most liberal generation EVER!

    Re: queenrosered

    The baby boomers(not all) were a decadent and hedonist generation that has suceeded in destroying a once great nation. Afterall, it's you baby boomers that have been running the country for the last 30 years and now we are broke, our manufacturing base has been exported to Asia, single mothers are now common, divorce is now common, drug use is now common, STD's are at an all time high, pregnant teens are the "norm" and now you are trying to mainstream porn and homosexuality. Congratulations, you suck. And as a member of Gen X I can't wait until the government starts rationing health care where so many of your generation will be at the mercy of the government.

  44. 344

    Re: Swami – RIGHT???Madonna has never had sex with a woman…hahahahahaha What planet are u from?

  45. 345

    you mean there is a double standard? - you mean women aren't really more than sex objects anyway so it doesn't matter how they are portrayed? you mean the powers that be are men - and they can't handle homo action but have no problem with lesbian action? - you mean this isn't an ideal world and sexism will be here into the next few centuries?

  46. J.Ann says – reply to this


    Yeah..double standards! XD

  47. 347

    James Brown sang it right "This is a man's world", a straight man's world that is! This sexual orientation discrimination against gay men HAS TO STOP! Straight guys love to get their fucking rocks off to watching 2 broads kiss & lap it up, but 2 men? Outrageous! On top of all that, the performance wasn't even that jaw-dropping. People need to get in touch with the NOW, not the past; this isn't the 1950's for Pete's sake!

  48. 348

    Yeah, but Britney and madonna was a short kiss not a full on makeout session. As americans, we are all trying to adjust to the gay emancipation and many of us encourage it, but are not ready for this extreme. It may be extreme, but a straight person will never understand what it feels like to be gay, a gay person will never understand what it feels like for us to see two men together or vs. versa.

  49. 349

    It's time to get past the unfortunate events of the AMA performance and concentrate on important things. Many of us have found Adam to be an agent for change already. I believe this issue of male/female inequality needs to be addressed and now! for decades it's been the opposite way,now it's time for males to be accepted in all their guises. As has been pointed out on other sites the major networks are being hypocritical as there are drama series, reality shows, music videos etc filled with 'inappropriate' fondling, clothing or lack of, etc… time for CHANGE!

  50. 350

    Both are disgusting…No sexism here.

  51. 351

    that's BULLSHIT why are ppl so fucking stupid???? fuckin homophobes and hypocrites up the ass!!!
    GAH IT PISSES ME OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: highcottonquinn – No, sorry. That bunch is older than the boomers. Check it out.

  53. 353

    this isn't a double standard at all. if you watch both video's you can see the difference in the madonna video and the adam lambert video. adam lambert's kiss was disgusting, noone wants to see ANYBODY man and man .. woman and woman or man and woman kiss like that on a video show which can be watched by all age groups. the madonna/britney/christina kiss was much less offensive. in my opinion adam lambert needs to apologize for HIS behavior on the show, not only for the kiss but for shoving his crotch in someone's face. in no way has he even came close to earning madonna's shock value.

  54. 354

    Take it easy! First of all Madonna, Britney and Christina kissed - BUT and this is a big but…Adam Lambert molested the Key Board player's face. It was a disgusting make out and nothing to do with the fact that it was guy on guy. It was just too much. For once in your life, just shut the fuck up Perez! We get it your gay, but enough already!

  55. 355

    It's been said already, but i'll say it again - and as a supposed industry insider you should no this too. It's not FUCKING cable! Network television is different and you are a completely ignorant moron if you can't get this simple fact through your thick skull. It's great for you to be gay, I have nothing against it in the world but stop forcing your beliefs on everyone else. Enough is enough and someone needed to say it to you because this is getting out of hand. Grow up! It's not high school anymore.

  56. 356

    Let me be the first to say that I'm also gay, but who honestly cares? There are tons of other things in the world to worry about then CBS blurring out a kiss. You know there are people who are against gay people, so this should come to no surprise to you or anyone that this occurs. Grow up, not everyone will think the same as you do.

  57. 357


  58. 358

    Re: warpedmind41 – Gay male kissing straight male…. Blocked out. Straight female kissing bisexual female, then bisexual female kissing straight female… Allowed. Double standards plain and simple. And I doubt that the station that showed either the Britney/Madonna/Christina kiss versus the station that showed the Adam/Tommy kiss makes any difference. We all watch different stations. For those who allowed their small children to watch the AMAs: shame on you. You should know better.

  59. 359

    Britney and Madonna didn't eat eachothers faces off like Lambert did.

  60. 360

    …Maybe its b/c guy-on-guy is GROSS??? Im sorry if you're sensitive gay ass is offended, but sometimes there are double standards for a reason! Lets be honest here: Girls can do it b/c we're more emotional. We can do stuff like this and be innocent about it. When guys do it, its just gross!

  61. 361

    ok. madonna kiss was simple. but adams kiss was just crude. but i can see how it was all part of the show.

  62. 362

    I have to say, seeing two guys kissing, isn't top of my hit-parade, but if it's okay to see men and women kiss on stage or on TV, then it has to be okay to show two guys. It also has to be okay for people to cringe and cover their eyes if that is their reaction, but in a free and democratic world, all people are equal and none can be more equal than the other. You really have to suspend judgement on what for many is completely normal behaviour. So if Adam wants to kiss or fondle his musicians - as is his wont - then he should. Of course, could you imagine being a straight musician on stage with him, quivering in your boots thinking `Oh God! Not me! Not Me!' No offence intended to Adam, I think he's amazing but I think I'd rather kiss Britney and Madonna - preferably at the same time, but never, never on stage. I'm far to classy for that!

  63. 363

    Re: JiLLianKyLe – You're an idiot.

  64. 364

    Double Standards!! what were those kids they were talking about at 10:00 pm, mine were in bed sleeping cuz they had school the next day… people that write back to Perez to complain, if you don't like Perez what the F are you doing in his website? is obvious you like to see what he is writing about moron… Lambert has different sides just listen to What do you want from me the song it's amazing…. leave the glambert alone, he will probably be bigger in Europe. I'm glad someone brought back entertainment gay or not gay. CBS you are a piece of shit!! bottom line, we r used to Madonna n Brit pic cuz we've seeing them for years, maybe you should see Lambert's a lot more to get used to it too. Hypocrites

  65. 365

    Re: CrankyGranny – your name says it all… ha ha, you get over it what are you doing in Hilton's website moron? this is not for you if you don't like gays.. you are twisted

  66. 366

    Now i'm not talking about the channel cbs and the whole Lambert performance, but nobody says anything about having a song about kissing a girl they played in in the radio for months or Morningwood lead singer making out with a guy and a girl when they show the music video everymorning…I'm sick and tired of double standards and hypocrites!!

  67. fiona says – reply to this


    I would walk away from seeing guy/girl, girlgirl, or guy on guy, because I think it is crude, common, and rude to impose private behaviors on strangers. It is just plain rude and inappropriate. Your amoral exhibitionism or pda's are not anything I care to witness.It has nothing to do with prudery, just with courtesy and respect.

  68. 368

    ok right so im from the UK i dont know how people have the nerve to do that to some one so what if he was kissing an other man he proberly does it alot not sayin that hes a whore or owt lol but come on hes gay its not the end of the world women are gay too who gives a S*** leave him be!!

  69. 369

    so what if he kissed him
    whey did they do that
    they shuldnt do it
    i hate those fucking cbs tite standerds

  70. 370

    Re: EasyRider – Thats a pretty ignorant comment. It's not a plus for women, it just shows women are seen as sexual objects.

  71. 371

    I would like ot add as a bisexual woman who is dating a bisexual man that two guys making out is soooooooo hot :) just like two girls making out ;) People need to get over this whole sexual taboo nonsense.

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