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J.Lo's Ex Denies Sex Tape - For The Most Part!

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Although he's attempting to sell footage of himself and ex-wife Jennifer Lopez, Ojani Noa claims that he does not have a sex tape!

"They think I have a sex tape with her and that I'm trying to sell it," he said. "My tape is from our honeymoon, the wedding, us hanging out. There's no nudity—maybe one spanking."

Such a gentleman!

"There's moments of her fighting with her mom…couples having fun and kissing. If someone has a sex tape, it's not me," he continued.

Above all, Noa is still fighting to release the mockumentary, How I Married Jennifer Lopez: The J.Lo and Ojani Noa Story, but Lopez has continually shut him down with several lawsuits and injuctions.

"I'm not going to harm anybody," insists Noa. "I'm a great guy. If I was going to hurt anybody I have had many, many chances to do it. I always wish her the best. The mockumentary is about me escaping from Cuba and living here. They think it's about her but it's not. It's about me."

That's right, hun! It's always about you!

[Image via WENN.]

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23 comments to “J.Lo's Ex Denies Sex Tape - For The Most Part!”

  1. 1

    ha.. I'd paid to see her with her original nose ! when she was ghetto, you know.

  2. 2

    Yeah, its not about her at all but um when you use a title saying how you met her….kind of obvious that you ARE making it about her in some way. What a dumbass….you signed a confidentiality agreement stupid!

  3. 3

    It's "not about her" but her name is in the title twice? What a total loser.

  4. 4

    this is what happens to people who are bitches on their way UP in the world. everybody they step on and treat shabbily is happy to come out of the woodwork and let the world know about it.
    this nasty bitch deserves what she has coming to her. release the tapes - hope she is mortified & ashamed.

  5. 5

    Who knew that you really have to be careful who you enter into a holy union with?

  6. 6

    hes such a bitch ,and should get a life

  7. 7

    Of course it's about her, nobody knows who he is !!! Poor excuse of a man if you ask me. GET A FUCKING JOB.
    As for those who call her a bitch etc … you're probably jealous lol , i don't like her music much or her but at the end of the day she made something out of herself while you sit at home feeling sorry for yourselves :)

  8. 8


  9. 9

    Right, it isn't about her at all. That's why her name is in the fucking title.

  10. 10

    ugh! who really wants to see a JLO "sex tape" anywayss

  11. 11

    Could we send all the Cuban douches (including you Mario) back to Cuba?

  12. 12

    he's just another loser who simply want to make some money without actually workin. But what's really stupid is the people that actually would buy this crap…

  13. 13


  14. 14

    Who wants to see that Fat Ass naked, anyways, other than for the 'freak show' factor……?

  15. 15

    lame lame lame. Ojani needs to get over it and find a new way to make $ other than riding on jlo's coat tails. Dude, she dumped you for the chris (hot), and then traded up to ben afleck….would rather see their stories, not yours.

  16. 16

    Bg 46 ms. Ywlisi stwiws. Yn b

  17. 17

    Uhm ojani is nt from cuba. Ojani is my boyfriends estranged nephew and was born in the states so this guy is an idiot and a liar.

  18. 18

    It's not about her, it's about him? That's why it's called How I Married Jennifer Lopez: The J.Lo and Ojani Noa Story. HAHAHA, time for him to move on. She's obviously wants nothing to do with you, leave her alone and go get a job you fool.

  19. 19

    i didnt think anyone cared about jlo anymore

  20. 20

    wow even if its not a full blown sex tape why would u wanna sell out ur ex wife 'hanging' out on ur honeymoon? because ur desperate for some sort of income? i would be a little scorned too if my ex had made it big for herself and I was left in the dust trying to sell honeymoon footage.. DOUCHE

  21. 21

    To hell with J. Lo. I want to see Ojani……yum

  22. @v@ says – reply to this


    Couched like this it doesn't sound quite so bad, but old relationships shouldn't be resurrected for a profit. They're personal. Good ex's don't talk.

  23. 23

    If it's all about him why is it called "How I Married Jennifer Lopez: The J.Lo and Ojani Noa Story" COME ON!!! This guy should be doing gay porn for money and leave Lopez alone. They divorced like 10 years ago!!!