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Lambert Speaks - Again!

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Watch Adam Lambert's interview on CBS's The Early Show this morning about his performance at the AMAs above!

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240 comments to “Lambert Speaks - Again!”

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  1. 201

    It pisses me off so much that they fucking expect him to appologize! He's completely right about what he's saying. He's not a babysitter and its not his responsibility to think about what the children are watching!

  2. 202

    Re: jones19 – amen to that!!

  3. 203

    who cares .i don' t care what he doesn

  4. 204

    Great response!

  5. 205


  6. 206

    hE LOOKS LIKE A DOOFUS That hairdoo has to go!! I hate him!

  7. 207

    VERY well stated.

  8. 208

    Re: LisaL79 – Its not about him apologizing…the dipshit could have alittle CLASS and keep that homo shit at home and stick to SINGING. Which he sucked at by the way on the show!He was too worried about letting the audience watch his simulated blow job that he forgot to sing on key! DUMBASS!

  9. 209

    Re: Poindexter-X – asshole.

  10. 210

    Good interview, dont apologise, keep doing what your doing and learning and getting better…hes a great role-model….

  11. 211

    This faux outrage for the children is ridiculous and besides there WAS plenty of warning for parents.. the announcer for ABC said it at EVERY commercial break that Adam's performance was a "HAVE TO SEE TO BELIEVE IT!" Adam himself said in the days leading up it would be very sexy. If you're letting your kids watch tv after 10pm you're at fault. ABC's show "Cougar Town" had the lead adult character giving a 17 yo oral sex, not just a head to the crotch!

  12. 212

    I think ABC let this air in order to hasten Adam's downfall. That was the plan. They knew it was a sorry act full of ridiculous behaviors…. they gave him enough rope to hang himself. THANK YOU ABC. His first performance and he pulls this? what a moron - go the way of kanye - your time is up.

  13. 213

    He sucks, his music sucks, and he needs some pro activ. WTF is so great about this douche?? He gets too much attention for all the makeup and gay crap…who cares if your gay or not. Bottom line his music is shit and he had no business at the AMAs to begin with.

  14. 214

    WHY do people love these "entertainers" who are genuinely UNINTERESTING? They have to resort to doing outrageous things on TV or wearing "avant-garde" outfits (GaGa). He knew damn well that there would be an outrage. That's what he was going for. That's the whole point. To stay on the radar. To be interesting where he otherwise wouldn't have been. He even says, "Oh, it wasn't my best performance, but no one's perfect." No, he just sucks in general. He screeches, not sings.

    I cannot wait for another generation to roll in. This one is reliant on normally bland people who only want attention or money and have no respect for art. Hopefully, one day I'll change this.

  15. 215

    I think what he did was fine, I don't understand why its such a big deal. People need to grow up and get over it.
    He shouldn't have to apologize at all. He was being him and asking him to say sorry for that is totally ridiculous.

  16. 216

    Does anyone remember the good ole days of the American Music Awards? When Michael Jackson won, he scooped up Emmanual Lewis as if he were his own child? How do we go from such a tender moments like that to Adam Lambert's S&M show with a forced blowjob?
    My kids were up late because of the week off for THANKSGIVING BREAK. Thank GOD they were in the other room when Adam performed. I think at the ages of 8 and 10, that might be a little too early to explain bondage and oral sex to them. Call me crazy
    Adam Lambert seems just so appreciative for all the fans that voted for him. Especially the fans with kids saying, "I'm not their babysitter, they should've been in bed, it was late." This is the same audience that was staying up late voting for him to win on American Idol? He's a piece of shit. I hope his CD tanks and we never see him again

  17. 217

    I am surprised that GLAAD has not weighed in on this. If they are truly for the betterment of our community being represented correctly, then they should be reprimanding and ashamed of Lamberts performance for feeding and perpetuating the promiscuity of Gay males. They already think all we do is fuck, now I bet they really think and believe. I guess they are right. Lambert just forced us to take 10 steps back!

  18. fiona says – reply to this


    It smacks of dimwit logic: that the majority of the american consumer is slave to political correctness. The persons who influence the economy of the music industry know that good ol' boy tunes, conservative american images, and classic vocal productions will always outsell the trendy sellouts.
    If adam wants longevity, he shouldn't rape the traditional values. Or he will ever be labeled a rapist, instead of an artist. It is sad to ruin a real opportunity to make a stand for your issues, by aggressively offending your opponent. Sad, and UNINTELLIGENT.

  19. 219

    i think hes really mature, even if i dont agree with him

  20. 220

    More reason why America needs to experience deprivation of their rights for the ability to create new ones
    Re: citizen

    Rights are not "created" according to the Founding Fathers AND the Constitution states that we are endowed, by our CREATOR, with CERTAIN inalienable rights. If you actually knew anything about America's history you would know this, but you are, no doubt, either a euro hedonist or an attendee of the USA's atrocious public school system.

  21. 221

    What's wrong with gaga smashing empty whisky bottles ????

  22. 222

    GO AWAY ADAM LAMBERT !!!!!!!!!!

  23. 223

    I am a straight male in my mid 30s and would just like to congratulate Adam on his performance and agree that he is stuck with the double standard. Other performers do dances and peformances (including lyrics) that are as sexually "charged" without incident. He is a gay man who dances and sings. Let him express himself and just get over it.

  24. 224

    Brilliant! I think he handled that very well. He is not letting himself be bullied by all of this controversy which has to be hard for a new artist. Go Adam!

  25. 225

    dude looks beat down - for real. and please let this fucker just go away…. we are sooooooooooooooo over him and his trifling shit.

  26. 226

    Re: gessie – Wrong! I bought his CD and I am a heterosexual married mother of two. Don't make false assumptions based on what you think. It's always better to get the true facts before you "open your mouth".

  27. Bokay says – reply to this


    You fucked up gay, aggressive assholes!!! You shove your shit down our throats(or so you try to) and run around parading your gay sex lives in front of all of us. Keep your cock on lock and sing your tune. We don't need to know what the hell your mouth wants to do while you dream about fucking the guy on stage. Why do we have to be subjected to this homo shit way of life all the time because you are gay??????? You did not see straight girls pretending to suck wang didja????? Fuck!

  28. 228

    Re: Poindexter-X – Conservatives aren't the only ones complaining, you ass.

  29. 229

    this flaming queen is a disgrace to gay men who look and act like men

  30. 230

    all i have to say is…WAY TO GO ADAM!!! i'm glad he stuck to his guns and didn't apologize! he is a performer! just like he said em, janet & ga ga did 'risky' numbers..hey at least hes getting some publicity outta this. and he is NOT cocky, he is CONFIDENT!!!!! go adam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. 231

    Re: Yellow Peeps – His answers were incredibly classy. He took everything so well, and handled everything like a professional.

  32. 232

    His performance at the AMA's was amazing. He shouldn't have to apologize.

  33. 233

    Arrogant!!! Are you kidding me people! He is not arrogant. This interview was amazing. He said everything perfectly. Well spoken, and sexy as hell…he's perfect.

  34. 234

    I am such the fan and never was until NOW!

    this opens the door for many discussions. One being the homophobic attitudes of straight men that dominate media and societies acceptance or lack there of for what can be considered "norms." Standards must change!

  35. 235

    He is a joke. It is amazing to me that people support his behaviors. It clearly explains why this country is in the crapper - Adam has no class - he set gays back a decade…..the outrage has nothing to do with homophobia and everything to do with lewd behavior in public. I think he should have been arrested - i hope there are lawsuits to come - he is a total idiot. You do not win people over by throwing this crap in their face - he reinforced EVERY sorry stereotype of gays in America - everything i cannot stand about flaming queens is embodyied in Adam - self-serving, serf-rightous, moron

  36. 236

    he is a delusional queen - nothing more.

  37. 237

    Who is that bitch interviewing him? She is so condescending. Children are surrounded by images of suggestive sexuality every day. To put it all on the shoulders of Lambert is wrong wrong wrong. If you're going to overprotect your child, don't make children. The best is to let your child know how the world really is, and then teach them to never loose touch with gentleness and their good heart (if they have one, that is, as sometimes I fear some people are just born evil). Simulating oral sex is not evil, it is just silly. It's very ok to laugh about sex.

  38. 238

    spoken so eloquently, like a true professional. good for you adam for sticking up for yourself and bravo for owning up to a sub par vocal performance. your voice is your gift, all the rest is just wrapping. take care of that and you will go far.

  39. 239

    well said. the funny part is. society will not collapse in the United States. because of this

  40. 240

    I think that this crap has gone on long enough. I mean really America??? Fuck sakes it's SO boring to keep hearing the same goddamn thing everyday…Adam did what he did, hes human..made a choice..and was being himself. People do things they regret sometimes, but in reality he IS right. Children shouldn't be up watching shows like that ESPECIALLY since every award show seems to blow up and go wrong *cough kanye cough*.. i mean COME ON people. Hes a beautiful talented young man, who is expressing himself. It's about damn time someone did. I'm proud hes sticking up for himself, that mormon bitch needs better manners, she reminds me of an old teacher i used to have. LIGHTEN UP PEOPLE. Fuck am i ever glad to be Canadian. I love you Adam Lambert. Fucking Team Edward.. Team ADAM all the way!!!! And anyone who is homophobic should really be put in their place. People love who they want to love, and i feel love is a gorgeous thing, be it with who they may.

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