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Palin's Supporters Are Awesome!

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Unintentionally hilarious!

Check out this LOLtastic video of fans that showed up to a Sexy Sarah book signing (above).

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331 comments to “Palin's Supporters Are Awesome!”

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  1. 101

    Wanna poll the average Perez sycophant now and see how well they do in terms of understanding politics? Just so you know, "LOL these people are so stupid!!! LOLOL!!!!" will NOT be a valid answer.

  2. 102

    WHAT an IGNORANT BUNCH OF MOTHERFUCKERS!! I deal with people this dumb everyday…I live in Alabama. It's really pathetic. They know the only problem they have with Obama is the color of his skin…they just try to hide it with ignorant bullshit! They would rather support a DUMB BITCH just because she's white.

  3. 103

    HAHAHA. Post more stuff like this! Great!

  4. 104

    LMAO… ahh, rednecks and hillbillies crack me up. "She governed the state across the street from Russia " Umm, I'm pretty sure Alaska borders Canada!

  5. 105

    Nothing but ignorant WHITE TRASH REDNECKS

  6. 106

    This video makes me really sad to be an American!!! If I were asked about someone's policies and I didn't know I would not even open my mouth. It kills me when people get on these blogs and talk about how Obama is f**king up the U.S. but the fact is that it was f**ked up before he even decided to run for president. This video is also biased because there are people just as dumb as those on this video that voted for Obama. I believe that the government as a whole as corrupt!!! The president is just a puppet and he does whatever he is told. When when u people realize this. Even if Sarah wins in 2012, which I doubt she will, she will too be a puppet. This government is designed to make us, citizens, think that we have a voice but the fact is that we DON'T!!!! The sad part is that I wish Obama hadn't won (I am a supporter) because he will go down in history as the 1st black president and those who know very little about politics will continue to spread the lie that he f**ked up the U.S. People lets do our research on the government before we start talking s**t!!!

  7. 107

    These people don't know their ass from a hole in the ground. Here's an idea, we'll just ship all these ignorant sheep "across the street from Russia" and Sexy Sarah can run the Republic of Idiots where Fox News is the only tv channel available. Talk about the blind leading the blind.

  8. 108

    Looks like Sarah has the low IQ votes. Lets just hope there is enough people with half a brain that can see how much an idiot Palin is.

  9. 109

    Re: mickeydeee – (#16) Of course you're completely right. The difference is that one HAS to be this ignorant to support Palin.

  10. 110

    ha ha these people are as stupid as Sarah Palin herself

  11. 111

    That made my head hurt. I am canadian and know more about american government then they did……I am so glad Sarah pailin is not VP, that woman doesnt know what she wants and is not intouch with reality. I think its all a power trip for her…watched her on oprah and just rolled my eyes….

  12. 112

    Re: tifuny – lmao I know right!!….

  13. 113

    LOL What a bunch of fucking morons. Than again, if you are lining up for Palin your intelligence is already in question. I can't believe the guy that said "Russia is across the road from her house" that is not even funny, it is sad that somebody can be that stupid in the USA. Palin appeals to the masses of stupid people who are dumb enough to rely on Fox News. None of them knew why they liked her and could not even speak English properly. FUCKING IDIOTS!

  14. 114

    OMG that was so hilarious. I can't get over some of those answers.

  15. 115

    Re: ExoPolitical – Most ignorant trashy people are comservatives last time I checked. I am not calling names here but most hillbilly rednecks are Republicans.

  16. 116


  17. 117

    OMG, what a joke! Looks like she paid all of her moose hunting
    friends to stand in line!!!

  18. 118

    These people make me very sad to live in Ohio…thank God they're in the minority.

  19. 119

    omg. these people make me ashamed to be a U.S. citizen! this clip is a total embarrassment! are you serious????????

  20. 120

    Wow,even as pathetic as her supporters are they're still more articulate and intelligent sounding than she is.

  21. 121

    Look what John McCain started. No one outside of Alaska would even know who she was if he hadn't chosen her as a running mate. Why can't people see she isn't nearly intelligent enough to be a Vice President let alone President. She sure is sexy though…

  22. 122

    Re: Justsomeguy – Well said

  23. 123

    Look what John McCain started. No one outside of Alaska would even know who she was if he hadn't chosen her as a running mate. I'm sure the Republican party is real thrilled with him for unleashing her opportunistic ways onto them. Why can't people realise that she isn't nearly intelligent enough to be the Vice President let alone the President. She sure is sexy though…

  24. Low says – reply to this


    That's so funny… If I liked Sara Palin I would NEVER admit it.

    She does draw in the nerds like no other…….

  25. 125

    Re: citizen – Lol so true.

  26. Low says – reply to this


    Re: HausGaga

    Who the Hell is you??? All of us that voted for Obama… You are clueless.

  27. Low says – reply to this


    Re: Willys Bong

    Again.. fuck you. There are some really stupid people outside America this guy being one. Most of the nation here are making fun of this too.. FYI.

  28. 128

    whoahahhahaha…Is this the kind of Americans she attracks as a politician??? Oh, so funny…These people don't know anything about politics! I can't wait to see her as a president!

  29. 129

    Lol "I'll give you one scenario that'll do it, if an atom bomb goes off in the US"… Umm… lol? Yeah, sure, that'll do it.

  30. 130

    Who knows how this was edited though.

  31. 131

    wow…..these people should probably take some college classes and pull their heads out of their arrogant, IGNORANT, fat, american asses. i'm so ashamed and embarrassed.

  32. 132

    I'm a American. We don't have tsars in america.


  33. 133

    Re: qweda – umm…were you in this video? because i wouldn't be suprised. it sucks that so many people in the U.S.A. believe all other societies and cultures in the world need and should be the same as "us." seriously, take some college level courses, travel the globe, quit watching Fox News, and read books that don't start with the letter "B" and end in "ible"…basically, please do the future and the world a favor and get and education.

  34. 134

    Re: lemonbird spewed nonsense

    Those acting all pretentiously condescending because they lean to the left instead of the right are just as big of bafoons as the people they are making fun of. The left doesn't have any superiority over the right, and the right doesn't have any over the left. You say things otherwise to make yourself feel "smarter" than "the other guy" because you are insecure and it's a knee-jerk reaction. Both sides SUCK equally. A sheeple is a sheeple no matter what side they are on. You think Obama is any better than Sarah? I have a bridge to sell you then….

  35. 135

    Re: youareblind – PLUS WON!

  36. 136

    Re: schutte Wanna poll the average Perez sycophant now and see how well they do in terms of understanding politics? Just so you know, "LOL these people are so stupid!!! LOLOL!!!!" will NOT be a valid answer.

    We both know all they will do is make lame character assassinations. I saw a study that showed 25 out of 35 people that supported Obamacare had NO CLUE what it was about. They just support it because they are leftist and just assume Obama will do what is good for them.

    Talk about creepy and ignorant.

  37. 137

    Re: AnnInWonderland Most ignorant trashy people are comservatives last time I checked. I am not calling names here but most hillbilly rednecks are Republicans.

    WOW you have no clue. NONE. First I hear that only rich snobby people would be repubs. Now it's only ignorant trashy people.

    Let me let you in on a clue. It's not the rich smart people voting to pay for welfare handouts. Why do you think the left keeps it coming? They get the "poverty" vote. You know, ignorant people that never got a higher education.

    Either you are very young and naive, or part of that ignorant group you talk down about.

  38. 138

    the only reason I ever write anything is because I hope "Perez" or one of his queer entourage will read what I've written. How many offensive words should I use so that someone will listen?? I will tell you I am an upper class, straight, white male…so basically I no longer have a voice. I have not designated myself to a single political party, but guess which one I'm leaning towards?!?! Why don't you all dissect what I wrote as if it were written by your own son and come to terms with what you are doing wrong. HINT: segregation was never a good thing, in case you were lost

  39. 139

    It's sad but on the same note how many people who voted for Obama knew what he stood for.

  40. 140

    I'm so happy not to live in the us!

  41. 141

    Re: Astri-Marie I'm so happy not to live in the us! – Wherever your from is just as ignorant. America is just a mirror of the rest of the world. Where do you think it's people came from?

  42. 142

    I'd love to interview leftist Perez Hilton readers and put it on here. It would be as equally embarrassing.

  43. 143

    Two Points: 1. I see absolute proof that after seven years the No Child Left Behind is an epic fail. 2. I think I saw God shaking dropping his head into his hands with resignation with all the self-righteous Christians spouting their rhetoric.

  44. 144

    conservatism at its finest! idiots..

  45. 145

    All i hered was … Ummmm. uhhhh , i unno what your talking about im just good white christian, Notice how their all WHITE TRASHH!!!! HAHAHAHA DUMMBB MOTHER FUCKERSSS!!!!!!Like you nothing of politics so shut your dumb MOUTHS!!!!!YOU STUPID IDIOTIC RETARDED PEOPLE!!! This is why i voted for obama cuz i think i would cry is sarah palin was was anywhere close to the whitehouse!! Wow Like these people are stupid they shouldnt be allowed to talk! Cuz it sounds like BLAH BLAH I am a dumb redneck:) HAHAHHHEHEH

  46. 146

    OMG….I cannot believe these idiots have the right to vote….Scary.

  47. 147

    Thanks Perez, that was hysterical!!! I wish you would have more stuff like this and less Gagaglambert

  48. yyys says – reply to this


    what a bunch of ignorant douche bags! HAHAHA

  49. 149


  50. 150

    LMFAO!!! these people are as empty-headed as Palin. What a joke.

  51. 151

    Keep hearing that 'Americans are idiots', well… maybe. But just to make you guys feel a little better - NZ elected John Key as Primeminister last election and he's pretty inane too. Although Sarah Palin has far more hilariously stupid sound-bites. The interviewer is GREAT - although I can see he's trying not to laugh through most of it.

  52. 152

    oh for shame, it looked like a lot of these people were from Columbus, OH. (With the Ohio State hoodies or Capital hoodies). UGHHHH. It's making all of us from Ohio look like ignorant conservatives. not true… haha

  53. 153

    Re: Shinygirl
    Helen Clark was one of NZ's best PM.
    John Key is a nutter!

  54. 154

    Re: thajester – Don't feel too bad you could be a Obama supporter from Detroit.Even better than this clip is the one from Oct.7 th when 35,000 people lined up for "Obama Money" in front of Cobo Arena.Only 1200 people qualified for what amounted to $1500.00.Go to youtube and type in "Obama Money"and you'll see lots of "Smart" Obama supporters.
    Hope and Change!

  55. 155

    Fox News-ites

  56. 156

    The election of Obama broke their brains.

  57. 157

    The lisping guy was the greatest! Overall though its a pitiful look at "regular" america.

  58. 158

    Oh lord…. no one is at the wheel in Ohio… other scary thing is all the woman almost seem manish.. geeesh!

  59. 159

    Re: KevinK – I think they come from a white trash park..hahaha

  60. 160


  61. 161

    hahaha, that was really funny!!
    it has just highlighted how ignorant and easily fooled all Sarah Palins supporters are! nice to seee she has chosen to target such cretins to support her in her attempt to ruin America!

  62. 162

    Rotflmao. Her fans interview almost as well as she does. They're all on the same intellectual level.

  63. 163

    when will social Darwinism take effect in America?

  64. 164

    OMG those were Americans??? were they drugged? oh wait, they must have had been on a cheney strict diet of aspertime, flour, red dye, gluten, processed milk, and vaccinated early with multiple shots, right?- this vid is a joke right????

  65. 165

    Erm, I'm living in Texas and this is really how people think. They are so hellbent on being completely uneducated and frankly, mildy retarted.

  66. 166

    The comment "I can see Russia from my house" was not a Sarah Palin quote but a line from the Tina Fey skit derived from Sarah Palin's comment that you can see Russia from Alaska, which is true. If you are getting your news and facts from SNL or Jon Stewart you should be reminded that those are entertainment programs.

  67. tygor says – reply to this


    "This country used to be the shining light of the world"….I agree with that statement, it used to be 8 YEARS AGO. At least we have someone right now with the intent of repairing the light that has been dimmed by the powers that be that were in office up until last year.

  68. 168

    good heavens these people are thick. they don't know what they are supporting, just that she is white. it's funny because i don't live there, but if i actually lived in america i would be seriously concerned that there are such thick people. since when is russia next to alaska. and by the way it is spelt tzars, not czars for whoever said that. and that guy who said he gets his info from fox news and his church, seriously, religion is a great thing, but it is never impartial, and never takes an objective view. palin won't run for president, she is making too much money from idiots like these buying her crappy book.

  69. 169

    Ask Obama supporter about his policies and they will say: I won't have to worry about putting gas in my car, I won't have to pay my mortgage. Everything free paid for by WORKING americans. Life must be good for the 48 % of the country sucking the life out of the people with work ethics.

  70. 170

    Re: lemonbird – Same way obama energized liberal idiots.

  71. 171

    lol, very sad, but if a lot Obama supporters were asked the same questions they would probably be just as confused.

  72. 172

    Re: rhombus92 – You should pull out a map…This was Sarah Palins comment that has been distorted: "They're our next-door neighbors, and you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska, from an island in Alaska." She is referring to Little Diomede Island (Alaska) and Big Diomede Island (Russia) they are less than 2.5 miles apart. You can clearly see Russia from this Island.

  73. 173

    Re: losers1234 – Where's are "Obama Money"?

  74. 174

    Ha Ha ha I am from Columbus Ohio and this is so embarrassing!!! We dont all get our news from FOX.

  75. 175

    Haha!! I watch fox news… surprise!!

  76. 176

    She governed a state right across the street from Russia….lol she'd be on the front line from an attack!

  77. 177

    Not a fan of the woman, but realistically it's no worse than the answers people gave for voting for President Obama.

  78. lnln8 says – reply to this


    OMG …. this is a gem! this 8 minute video is perfect…. just perfect!

    thank you Perez for posting this video!

    so sad…

  79. lnln8 says – reply to this


    Re: ebeth33 – are you serious? really? did you not watch the video?

  80. 180

    AND….to a lot of the people in the video: 'Don't you have a cousin somewhere you should be dating … ?'

  81. 181

    I am sooooo glad I live in NYC ! my contact with these idiots are minimal…smh

  82. 182


  83. 183

    the obamabots did the same fucking thing

    they didnt even know who joe biden was!

    you cant just think that sara palins fans are idiots and show this without showing the idiots who follow obama.

    i would not vote for sara palin, but obama has more idiots following him

  84. 184

    Re: Devil_In_DoubleDs – ummm she does make a lot of women proud to be women. she didnt go to some elite college, yet she still has made a good difference in alaska. she is tough, smart, and sexy!!

    i would much rather be her than cankle clinton

  85. 185

    Re: Heather099 – Thankk you! Canada has nothing to do with the USA and thank god for that. It is fair to say everyone has opinions and should be able to express them, but at the same time I cannot fully agree with Palin supporters. I do beleive she has proven time and time and time again that she is not fit to run a country, let alone a state. It is not only her views on gay marriage, it is the fact that she has no policies that can stand on two legs let alone one.

  86. 186

    This video makes me ashamed to be from Ohio. Epic Fail!

  87. 187

    hahahaha this is hilarious/sad.

  88. 188


  89. 189

    Wow, this is just scary.

  90. 190

    p.s. the interviewer is great

  91. demon says – reply to this


    Re: HausGaga

    WTF! I assure you not all of us are unaware of our candidates' platforms, and plenty of us pay attention to foreign policy. We all share this one earth, dammit, we have to care. Please do not generalize us.

  92. 192

    The left must be terrified, seriously. Their wet dream is turning out to be an empty suit. I suspect many who voted for Obama are just as ignorant on the issues as some of these people. Perez, lets take you for instance. Obama has the same stance as Carrie Prejean on gay marriage yet you support him unconditionally. Hmmm…

  93. 193

    Have you all forgotten the Obama supporters who were asked why they supported him? It went a little something like this … "Because Oprah said" and "Now I'll gets an increase in my food stamps" and my favorite "Because he's black like me"

    There's no cure for stupidity and it affects all races and political parties.

  94. 194

    wow, another example of ignorant americans… how shocking… "she had russia across the street" lmao retard.

  95. demon says – reply to this


    Re: citizen

    Thousands upon thousands of Americans wrote to their state reps. and told them no bailout for the banks and large corps. like GM, and because of the great opposition, it did not pass.

    BUT when congress, i.e. the majority of state reps. were not there for a full session hearing, Paulson did some back hand dealing and got his buddies to pass it. When the other reps. heard of this, it was too late. The people getting duped through back room deals happen all of the time, you can not stop what you're not around to see, and trust this happens in most if not all countries, you can bet on it.

  96. 196

    Sarah Palin is an idiot. Anyone who supports her is an idiot.

  97. 197

    favorite part - "so you don't think there's enough white people to vote her in?" hahahahahahahahah.

  98. 198

    Re: MrsLambert


  99. 199

    Re: Maggie the great
    Well said, bravo!

  100. 200

    was the guy in the Steelers jacket drunk or what?????

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