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Palin's Supporters Are Awesome!

| Filed under: Sarah Palin

Unintentionally hilarious!

Check out this LOLtastic video of fans that showed up to a Sexy Sarah book signing (above).

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331 comments to “Palin's Supporters Are Awesome!”

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  1. 301

    Obviously not ALL Americans are as stupid as these people because her and McCain did NOT win! I didn't vote for this dumb shit that does not even know Africa is a continent NOT a country! This woman is an embarrassment!

  2. 302

    this makes me embarassed to be from Ohio

  3. 303

    I agree completely that these people should really know more about Palin and her polices but you know what this annoys me because people will take this little video and use it against all Palin supporters and repulicans … I WISH I would have walked around my campus with a camera around election time and did the same thing to all the Obama supporters, it would be JUST AS BAD AS THIS VIDEO!

  4. 304

    To those who say they're ashamed, or embarrassed to be an American, and to those who think they know what they're talking about,

    Read your history, Learn about the founding fathers, read the consitution, and learn what the governments job is in the first place. It's ungrateful and demeaning to put your own country down BASED on these few peoples..err…answers. (Believe me..I cringed at this but I'm sure obama supporters would be just as bad)
    I happen to be grateful to be an American because I know that we have our constitution that gives us our rights and freedom. I know that many has DIED to give us this freedom and for you to say something like being ashamed to be an american! it just shows that you don't even know the true meaning of being an American (try reading The Real George Washington, it's amazing). Oh and someone said something to me about watching fox news…How typical of you to assume that I watch fox news, and how typical of you to spout off the same thing every other sheeple has said to me. If you think it offends me, you've got it wrong. It only shows me that those who are ignorant would yell profanity to prove their point, while those who knows the truth and facts will speak logically.
    Good day!

  5. 305

    Convenient how your forum wouldn't allow my lengthy, educated answer. It went a little something like a 8 year old can be president by reading a teleprompter, any person educated in politics knows a governor of a state is always more experienced, and if you think these people are dumb lets do a intelligence test before the next election. Trust me, your poser gay champion would not be president if that was the case a year ago.

  6. 306

    okay….americans are dumb. that is a no brainer. but if you asked these same questions to the fans of joe biden or almost any other democratic politician you would get the same stupid answers. this clip makes it look like all of sarah palin's supporters are uneducated and dumb when that is SO not true. in reality many well-educated people support her because she is a smart politician.

  7. 307

    hahahhaa so sad ^^

  8. 308

    This is insane!! What is wrong with you people!?… The most disturbing thing is that her supporters are probably the ones who would benefit the most from Obama's health plan…

  9. 309

    And I'm sure if you interviewed some supporters of Obama, you would get a few dumbass answers. Not all Republicans are idiots, neither are all Democrats. Besides, it's not like either candidate was better than the other. Honestly, we picked the lesser of two evils; McCain was an idiot, yet Obama is an idiot that has nice speeches. Everyone has to remember, they're politicians, they don't care about anyone but themselves.

  10. odile says – reply to this


    omg. you fucking idiots! that is so hilarious, holy fuck.
    if you're going to support someone, at least have some comprehension in regards to what the fuck they are FOR. dumbasses. it's shit like this that makes me so glad i live in canada. damn.

  11. 311

    these people disgust me. if sarah ever became president I'd move to europe as fast as I could. who's with me?

  12. 312

    This is no different than all the morons who voted for Obama and couldn't identify one of his policies, or who his running mate was.

  13. 313

    Does anyone notice the demographics of Palin's supporters?!? INFURIATING! I'm sorry, I still stand by my notion of "scoop the 'good ppl' out and then annex the $hizznat out of the DIRTAYY South!!!" UGHHH

  14. 314

    Ok, I dunno if my comment worked.. So I'm going to try again.. Did anyone notice the demographics of Palin's fans? There seems to be a trend…. I still stand my notion of take the "good people" out and then annex the $hizznat out of the South.. They serve no purpose other than a delicious peach cobbler anyway!! Sorry, but it's just my personal opinion!

  15. Fidas says – reply to this


    OMFG!! this peolpe can´t be real LOL

  16. 316

    "stop the spending" ?!? i bet those white trash ohio people survive on government handouts. get an education and a job and get yourself informed. i agree that ignorant people come from all sides but this has got to be a total embarrassment. and for those saying it was biased, he didn't ask unfair questions. let's just say i'm proud to be an overeducated elitist north eastern democrat.

  17. 317

    In a country that says: 'everybody is equal'. They make you choose, donkey or elephant. Blue or Red, Left or right… Republican or Democrat… that would be the first problem. I am for the person who can do the right job, whoever that may be.

    What I find so interesting about US politics is that the policies of each party are actually … the views and actions of the other. The RED GUYS claim to be for business and against government but… every time they get to sit in the chair the government gets bigger, taxes go up (all be it deferred) and business gets screwed. Whereas the BLUE GUYS are in fact, smaller in terms of governing and pro business.

    I love that the RED GUYS 'say' the BLUE GUYS are commies … but, ever notice that… all the expensive property in the US is in BLUE STATES, that most of the people who are on rich lists… live in BLUE STATES.

    The RED GUYS 'say' they're pro business, but the RED STATES for the most part… don't have many businesses… they are pretty much all in THE BLUE STATES…

    The BLUE STATES are the highest payers of taxes and the RED STATES are the highest users … of taxes.

    The RED GUYS call the BLUE GUYS commies…. but most of the people in the US who are on government assistance programs… yup… they all live in RED STATES…

  18. 318

    Yeah you will find un-intelligent people everywhere..and not all Black people voted for Obama if it was just Blacks he would not be President..and yeah it will take a bit longer to fix the mess that took so many years to make. This video is obvious as to how we took things for granted here in America and slowed down on education…Time to make that a priority again and compete with the rest of the world, that is not an issue with me. I welcome that challenge, do you? We are still the US and a powerful nation.

  19. 319

    this makes me both sad and scared.
    but at least the US has little global influence left.

  20. 320

    ok. first I have to say that these people are defnitely ridiculous and need to learn their fact before they do an interview. But, that being said, how many people standing in that line actually new their shit? They could have EASILY been edited out. I try and look at everything I see with a grain of salt because it is always edited to be seen a certain way. In this case I am sure that they wanted everyone to think that the people who support Sarah Palin are crazy…and they did a pretty good job at that. Unfortunately, in this video you don't see the people that support Sarah Palin and also have the facts to back up that support, and I believe that if the media has it their way, you won't.
    Funny video-but I just wish that I had been their to explain my support of Sarah Palin…but then I probably wouldn't have made the final cut.

  21. 321

    Re: b a t k i s s – 292 LOL! I just saw your post, days later and have to say, you read my mind as usual! My guess is the guy in the black and yellow jacket.
    …I did recognize the certain lunacy of "I'm Registered" in the girl pictured above. Self righteous and crazy all at the same time! Love it!

  22. 322

    hahahaha. glad to be Canadian

  23. 323

    HHAHAh idiots

  24. 324

    To those of you say this is biased….this video the supports OBVIOUSNESS of STUPID SARAH WHO CAN'T EVEN TELL THE DIFFERENCE OF IRAN AND IRAQ. Stupidity keeps it's own company because an intelligent person who can reason and uses logic would never support Palin. DUH.

    Ignorance is a dangerous thing. ~Einstein

  25. 325

    Re: yousuck613 – - How is that even funny? For your information, thats my brother your talking about. He acturally DOES have a brain injury while serving for the USA. So why dont you think before you make these pety comments about people with disorders like these.

  26. 326

    sounds like Obama's supporters to me…

  27. 327

    looks like hr fans are just as vague and stupid as she is!

  28. 328

    ok mr. perez. this is the first time i have posted on your site. even though i have followed you for years now. i am a Canadian gay man. and i just have to say that the "sexy sarah", is truly truly scary. i feel sick just watching that clip of her "fans". kudos to the guys who made that clip. and kudos for you, because you "aired" it. during the "bush" administration I was scared. Does anyone remember Mathew S.? When I see that woman, I fear for my life. She represents everything that could be wrong about the US. Instead of what is great about the US!!

  29. 329

    thank you perez.

  30. 330

    Re: Havanamama59 – wow you suck girl. i suggest you move away from the US

  31. 331

    Black or white, man or women? Who cares?????? The only thing I can agree with is to vote for the man (or woman) who promises least, they are the one to leave you the least disappointed…

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