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Glee On A LONG Hiatus!

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Is Fox is making a giant mistake??

Even though the entire country is in love with Glee, the hit show will be taking a mid-season break with the last episode running on December 9th and not returning to prime-time until April 13th, 2010!!!

All to make room for American Idol!

Is it smart for the network to put the show on hiatus at the peak of it's popularity????

How do U feel about the break?

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258 comments to “Glee On A LONG Hiatus!”

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  1. 1

    I stopped watching Lost because of those long mid-season breaks. I just stopped giving a shit about the show.

  2. 2

    love this show. Keep it on!

  3. 3

    I think it's a good idea.. especially if American Idol is on. it wouldn't be good to have two popular shows competing against each other!

  4. 4

    OH GOD! :S……………. *tsk tsk*… greedy bastards!
    Where's ABC Family when you need it?? lol

    Who watches american idol anyways?????? :S

  5. 5


  6. 6

    I do not care who it is. Guy-on-guy action is nasty. Ick. Nast.

  7. 7

    Glee is for retarded people.

  8. 8

    Good, they need a break. I was tired of hearing the teacher sing more than the students…it's creepy. I like the show but the story lines were starting to get stale.

  9. 9

    That's bull! They better change this.

  10. 10



  11. 11

    NOOOOOO!!!!!! :@ IDIOTS!!

  12. 12

    i couldn't care less. bring on the american idol! can't wait for a lovely season with no pill-popping dumbass on the judge's panel to ruin it.

  13. 13

    FOX are idiots. I just recently started watching GLEE and am hooked. It's fresh and different from what is currently on air. Frankly after more than a few years of watching AI, I am becoming tired with the premise of the show. Who cares if ELEN is going to voice an opinion. I doubt I want to invest all that time having to watch the parade of singers arrive on AI. I will probably watch it once they arrive to the bottom 5. Why does FOX not place GLEE on an alternate night until the end of AI?

  14. 14

    nooooooooooo!!! somethnig must be done about this!

  15. 15


  16. 16


  17. 17

    This sucks. And yes BAD decision. We're going to forget little nuances (stories, personalities). Who makes these decisions??

  18. 18

    This sucks!!! They can change the night or time… why can't one be at 8 and one at 9?!?

  19. 19

    This is an AWFUL decision!

  20. 20

    you really are a delusional fatso. The whole country is not in love with glee. Im not in love with glee, in fact i hate it. Granted it is silly that they are taking such a long hiatus cause i wont deny its popularity. i just look for any reason to shit on what you say

  21. 21

    american idol is over and boring. glee is a lot better and should not be moved for a show thats not popular anymore.

  22. 22

    This is the one show that I actually set time aside for to watch! Boooo!

  23. pabst says – reply to this


    Haven't watched idol for years, love GLEE. I call bullcrap.

  24. 24

    that sucks.

  25. 25

    BAD IDEA! American Idol is getting old and Glee is postive and something to look forward to! HUGE MISTAKE for Fox…as usual.

  26. 26

    I don't watch Glee, but just about everyone I know does watch it.
    It seems to be a hit.
    But really, lets bring back a show that has has 982374 seasons, and is totally worn out
    get over it.

  27. 27

    crazy stupid

  28. 28

    OMG :(
    That is just wrong!!!

  29. 29

    BASTARDS! I hate AI. It should have ended after Carry Underwood. Glee is awesome and I want to kick FOX in the balls!

  30. 30

    MAJOR DISLIKE. FOX can be big enough for Glee AND American Idol. Viva La Glee!

  31. 31

    wtf, thats the stupidest thing ive ever heard. this pisses me off! i cant stand the break inbetween seasons, and now you're telling me theres gonna be a MID season break? is this serious??? im gonna stop caring and just not watch it when it comes on, that pisses me off. SCREW AMERICAN IDOL.

  32. 32

    i hate fox lol american idol is so over glee is one of nmy fav shows of this year

  33. 33

    Stupis asses!!! Another network should pick it up.

  34. 34

    it's a smart decision. once idol is back on, it'll die.

  35. 35

    this is horrible! who the hell cares about american idol! keep glee on!

  36. 36

    seriously wtf? i look forward to this every week : (

  37. 37

    This is BULLSHIT!!! Fox finally gets a show I like since 'House' & now they wanna make me forget 'Glee'?? They did the same thing to 'House'…. just move 'American Idol' for a CHANGE!! CRAAAAAP!!!!!

  38. 38

    american idol is so last year.

  39. 39


  40. 40

    Bad bad bad bad bad idea :(

  41. 41

    I am pissed. WTF fox, i hate you.

  42. 42

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh man, Glee is like weekly prozac. Big mistake. Absence does not make the heart grow fonder in tv land.

  43. 43

    That really sucks.Glee is my favorite show.

  44. 44

    what the hell??????? glee is the best show on tv and has much better ratings then american idol had in the past 3 years! why cant they just cancel one of the stupid shows they have and keep glee and american idol??????

  45. 45

    It’s Fox! No surprise! This is the network that canceled Arrested Development, Family Guy, Wonderfalls, and the list goes on. I saw the first episode of Glee, and loved it, but haven’t been watching it b/c as a rule of thumb, if it’s good, Fox will kill or cancel it. But good luck to all you Glee fans, hope this isn’t just another to add to the list of good shows Fox has ended.

  46. 46

    Re: Spindoc
    heeeyyy… I seem to remember some series they had on a few years ago about a senator's wife who was kidnapped etc etc… I was kind of into it, and it just DISAPPEARED! WTF

  47. 47

    awful idea !!

  48. 48

    Who watches it? I've tried but I couldn't get pass all the ugly looking people.

  49. 49

    seriously? are you kidding me? im PISSED now. no one even watches american idol!!! give it up! its NOT a good show! its been on too long. we want GLEE.

  50. 50

    For American Idol?? Who even gives a shit about that show anymore?? Or ever did for that matter..

  51. 51

    I think it's a huge mistake! It's such an awesome show…who cares about American Idol! I'm tired of American Idol!

  52. KDick says – reply to this


    They're retarded…. less and less people are watching American Idol…. why risk losing such an amazing show like Glee for a show that is slipping in viewership? Especially since half the reason people tuned in was to watch that train wreck Paula, and she's not even there anymore.

  53. 53

    they should just move glee to a different night or something!
    this is absurd

  54. 54

    I was mad enough when they stopped it for the world series and that was only a two episode break. This is poor strategy from Fox. They have been making some bad decisions lately.

  55. 55


  56. 56


  57. 57

    WHAT THE FAAAKK!!!?!?!?!??!!?!?!?!?!?

  58. Ortcy says – reply to this


    With all of the bad shows on TV, they have to take one of the few good ones. I love that show.

  59. 59

    Seriously! Fox is making a huge mistake!!

  60. 60

    omg nooo! i love glee i dont want to wait that long. and american idol sucks. that show is so 2002

  61. 61

    sometimes I wonder wether Viewers would make better programm directors than the people who actually have the job. I understand that AI is huge, but wouldn't it be smarter to just push slots a bit and have Glee or AI aired at a different time/day instead of just putting it on HOLD all togther??? God, who makes these decisions????

  62. 62

    that is crap!! put it on BEFORE idol or a different nite!!! this is a great show - sad to hear what they are doing - stupid execs they have no idea!

  63. 63


  64. 64

    THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. who even watches american idol anymore? how is that show not over yet?

    first veronica mars, now this? I'm done with fox. in the immortal words of tina fey they can SUCK IT.

  65. 65

    I AM SICK OF AMERICAN IDOL!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE GLEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    FOX NEEDS TO STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!! GlEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. 66

    I think that is a really bad idea. 2 weeks ago I watched it for the 1st time and instantly I went and watched every other episode online. It is a great show. I am sure that there is another show that is going to kick the bucket that they can just put it in its place. Who is going to want to pick up on the same story line 4 months after the fact??

  67. 67

    THIS IS A TERRIBLE IDEA!!! screw you fox! glee is one of the best shows you've had in a LONG time, and you're sacrificing it for AMERICAN IDOL!!? what the hell! seriously you guys are idiots.

  68. obama says – reply to this


    Re: hader99 – You are right. WTF are they pulling a good new show for? LAME!

  69. 69

    um….wtf? why would they do that? Are u fucking stupid? They wouldn't be competing if they put it that it comes before Idol or after Idol. IDIOTS.

  70. 70

    How long are they going to drag American Idol out? We barely hear form any of the 'winners' anymore! Big mistake!!!

  71. 71

    I dont watch either,so I dont care lol

  72. 72

    I love "Glee", but AI is easier to heckle. A break may be good, I got a cavity from watching "Glee".

  73. 73

    Perez: Please learn the difference between its, it's, and it is…It's getting embarrassing!

  74. 74

    that makes me sad. I don't know if I have the attention span to wait until the summer for Glee and I know I'm not going to watch American Idol. Why don't they keep it at a 10 o'clock slot? Nobody cares about Leno anyway.

  75. 75

    Wow. Totally stupid.
    I love the show, but I know my attention span, and i'll easily forget about it.
    I loved many shows that I never picked back up after the writers' strike. And yeah, who even gives a crap about AI anymore?

  76. 76

    this is the worst thing ever. glee makes me so happy fuck you fox how could you do this

  77. 77

    thats cause they have to make room for 24

  78. 78

    fox is doing it because Glee has better singing

  79. 79

    naaaaaaah! really?? damn… I'm ADICTED 2 that show!

    thou, Im not surprised: It's fox.

  80. 80

    You do realize that they have to FILM the rest of the season right? They only shoot 13 episodes and they won't start filming until January. It's not AI's fault(even though that show should never have existed in the first place). You can't show new episodes unless there's episodes to be played.

  81. 81

    The Biggest Mistake Ever!
    I Love That Show!!!!!

  82. 82

    I think that this is a stupid call on Fox…
    Just change the air time/day of other shows or either American Idol or Glee.

    When the show comes back on.. it's not going to be as great and loved by it's current fans. D=

  83. 83

    also i guess Fox couldn't stand having 2 lesbians on prime time

  84. 84

    wtf i LOVE glee.
    no one is gonna be watching american idol now that paula is gone

    its a totally diferent show now
    smh STUPID fox

  85. 85

    Dumb dumb dumb.. it's refreshing tv that's why people are watching it… if it's gone too long though it will lose it's impact… not a good idea.. networks drive me crazy.. hey it's a popular show lets take it off of air for a show that's so over..ugh

  86. 86

    Does anyone even care about American Idol anymore? LEAVE GLEE ON TV!
    Seriously, I look forward to Glee so much. A mid-season break could ruin the show. This is a really bad decision on Fox's part.

  87. 87

    Well, at least I'll have a good b'day present (my b'day is April 13th). But I would rather have the show on from Jan-March! They did the same thing with Battlestar Galactica.

  88. 88


  89. 89

    please. the people at fox are morons. why is anyone surprised?

  90. 90

    I hate american idol…….
    I love glee………..

  91. 91

    almost every show is taking a 2-5 months brake. Why? different reasons, not because of American Idol (which is in the same channel).
    I hope they promote it very well when they come back and let people the desire to watch it. I'll be watching in tho.

  92. 92


  93. 93

    I lost interest in Glee after episode 4 so it makes no differnece to me. I do agree with Spindoc, this is why I stopped watching Lost as well…and because the storyline was way bizarre.

  94. 94

    NO!!! i love this show!!!

  95. 95

    Re: DoubleFister – cause all the cool people watch american idol right? please…go attention seek somewhere else please

  96. 96

    Why don't they put House or 24 on permanet hiatus to make room for Glee. No one watches thoses nasty shows anymore and Fox continues to carry them?????????

  97. 97

    the networks are so stupid…bad move…and probably one that will hurt the show…no one cared for Idol anymore.

  98. 98

    people will simply forget why they loved the show and not be so interested in it anymore.

  99. 99

    cancel something else. gosh!

  100. 100

    who actually watches AI anymore??? losers, that's who. It's the same old show every year and the winner never prospers. It's all set up and fake. Adam should've won, but due to the politics of the show he didn't. Haven't watched AI in years, and won't be starting again anytime soon. It's sooo boring. The only good part is the shitty auditions.

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