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For Those Of You Following The Numbers…

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The early numbers are in, and Susan Boyle's first-week U.S. album sales are projected even higher than before!

SuBo's I Dreamed A Dream is expected to sell 550,000 copies this week - 50,000 more than what Billboard previously thought!

You go, SuBo!

And congrats to GaGa, who is expected to come in at #2 this week in first week sales by pushing an impressive 350,000 copies of The Fame Monster (200,000 copies of the EP and 150,000 copies of the deluxe version of the album)!

Glambert rounds out the top three with the expected sales of his debut album, For Your Entertainment, projected at being 225,000 by the week's close.


[Image via WENN.]

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71 comments to “For Those Of You Following The Numbers…”

  1. 1

    So it looks like Susan Boyle is going to beat Lady GagGag and Glambarf COMBINED? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh my fucking God! That is awesome! The score is: Vocal Talent 1, Talentless fuckwits 0.

  2. 2

    There's NOTHING impressive about Lambert's numbers (except that he beat Kris Allen)


  3. freak says – reply to this


    yeah you'd think that's impressive cause the bottom 2 are losers like you
    Perez you look like the muffin man, cept you looked like a dumb fuck
    cause you are a dumb fuck
    making a living out of dumping and outting people
    suck a dick if you can find one that would let you
    you are horrific
    you are diseased
    you suck

  4. 4

    I love Susan! Congrats to her!
    And Gaga!

  5. 5

    i love this woman. i love how real she is. she's lovely. i'm glad for her success - you go, susan!!!

  6. 6

    I don't get this SuBo thing. She's a frumpy old woman who's music is boring. Who the hell is buying that shit? Are they taking buses of nursing home patients to Walmart to buy it in bulk?

    Congrats to GaGa and Adam though. Those are impressive numbers for first week sales!

  7. 7

    yes, she has a good voice. but the only reason people are so facinated with her is because she "was" ugly. Her looks have improved, because now she has the money to keep up with herself. What dominates the charts? Pop. Pretty soon people aren't gonna care about her because she's an old story, and not a lot of people care for the music she sings.

  8. 8

    Why did Kris allen even win if all this hype is about lambert should have just given it to him

  9. 9

    to Megan - be a dear and by one for you mum for Christmas.

  10. 10

    to Megan - be a dear and buy one for you mum for Christmas.

  11. PatM says – reply to this


    I wonder where Adam would be ranked if it was not for the AMA performance…I wonder where he will be in weeks to follow! It is sad, that he just got a career and now it might be over! I say this with all sincerity, there were a lot of people, including myself, routing for him..and I think Adam has to learn the difference between the Hollywood scene and the national/international stage. Plus it is not just about him, there are many people on his team who have worked hard, very hard for a successful debut.
    The numbers in the next couple of weeks will tell the story, I really hope it has a positive ending

  12. 12

    subo is amazing.she sings madonna song youll see in her album. CACA sucks big time. she is only #2 in usa. all around the world shes not even on top 10. madonna still at #2 around the world and #1 in all europe with her best of. and its just a best of. congrats to the legends

  13. 13

    Where did Shakira rank?

  14. 14

    Perez…you can't help it can you? You have to talk about Gaga and that stupid untalented Adam whatever his name is. Why can't you let Susan just have a moment without mentioning the people that you are sickly obbessed with. But I must say…I f****g so happy that she beat gaga and adam! Congrats Susan!!

  15. 15

    Good for Susan! She deserves the accolades MUCH more than Gaga or Lamebert. She has an amazing talent and her story is incredible considering what she went through growing up. What an inspiration to many. Go SuBo!!

  16. 16

    im so happy for her! yey go susan wahoo-i love her version of wild horses i love she is doing so well i hope she is happy and loving it :)

  17. 17

    Re: Anonymousdude – He may have beat Kris….but Kris' album is WAY better and he's not the famewhore that Lamebert is showing himself to be. Love Kris!

  18. 18

    Record Labels and artists should take note of the sale figures. LADY GAGA will eventually outsell SUBO but Glambert and his label should seriously reconsider his marketing strategy in promoting his product. I'm one of his fans but doubt I will fork over my money on his product based on the quality of his initial single. I don't care about his need to create controversy and grab attention. Its lame and tired and been done in the past with Elvis, Madonna etc…. I think it comes down to the product and the songs. SUBO has a way of simply singing a song with naivety that truly touches the heart of an audience without having the need to desperatly manipulate the media's attention.

  19. 19

    Im a huge Adam fan…and Im planning on buying more albums to make up for some of the fans he might have lost!

  20. 20

    Gaga will be #3. They are not going to combine her EP with her full album. It doesn't work that way.

  21. 21

    Re: deaduntildark – Because he was the better talent. Duh…..Lamebert is all about the shock value and making hype. He's a famewhore….doesn't mean he should have won. The right talent won last season.

  22. Lucas says – reply to this


    Yahhhh - someone "somewhat" normal for a chance. No drugs, no sex, just plain music. Lady caca and gaybert can't beat that! Saw gaybert on the tele this morning - dam he sucked singing live. He needs to take a few lessons from susan boyle.

  23. 23

    I think it's great that of all people Susan Boyle is going to beat Lady CaCa. That's fantastic shit right there!

  24. 24

    i hope her sales exceed waht was expected

  25. 25

    Re: Megan718 – I don't get this Adam Lambert thing either - he's just some bloated man with horrid skin who thinks he can SING (which he can't) and does a God awful job at entertaining.

  26. 26


  27. 27

    Actually Lambert's ARE quite impressive. It's a debut record that has already sold better then half the artist this year (He's had a better first week sales then even the Jonas twats) even with that AMA performance which would doom most performers. Face it, for his first record and with everything going on, Lambert's doing very well

  28. 28

    Lady Gaga is SO not going to sell 350,000 copies.

  29. 29

    congrats to susan :D

  30. PatM says – reply to this


    Re: PhoenixGX93 – But will the numbers hold up and will the AMA pervformence hgurt futre sales

  31. 31

    IT IS SO refreshing to see true talent prevail FOR ONCE! Susan Boyle is fantastic and I am glad that GaGa is nearby, because she is very good in her own right. Her voice and piano stuff has proven she's got what it takes.

    Having said that, it is ludicrous that that Lambert queen is anywhere near those two! How is that possible? And why are all these kids talking about his "amazing range." RANGE is singing actual MUSICAL NOTES, not shrieking. ANY male can do that with enough terrible strain, and you can see Lambert does just that.

  32. 32

    2 reality star contestants and a circus freak, I think its confirmed, music today sucks shit

  33. 33

    BAHAHAHA perez "And congrats to GaGa, who is expected to come in at #2 this week "
    the way perez was talkin about gaga's album it was supposed to be the hugest most epic thing ever. gues he was wrong…..again

  34. 34

    …what's so great about susan boyle?

  35. 35

    Congrats girl!

  36. china says – reply to this


    susan rocks!!!!!!

    being equally attractive and talented as laddy caca and glambert obviously pays off!

  37. 37

    WHAT! Subo over Gaga? that sucks and i don't care about Lambert

  38. ap076 says – reply to this


    Word is that Susan Boyle may even go bigger with 660,000 + albums sold, thus making it the highest selling 1st week for an album beating out Eminem's Relapse.
    Second place for Gaga may be the subject of debate as Billboard agrees with 200,000 copies of The Fame Monster EP, but the figure of 150,000 is being reported for both The Fame Monster Deluxe and The Fame combined. It does not make sense to me and frankly I don't understand how the Fame Monster EP and Deluxe edition count as one release. Either way masterful marketing and kudos to her for making the EP content available separately.
    In positive Gaga news the Grammy's rules and awards committee is going to meet to take up her eligibility for a Best New Artist Nomination.
    Depending on how they consider the Gaga releases Lambert may come in second (though he has a deluxe and convention version of his album counting as one, so why not for Gaga?) but in any case he showed who was the true winner of American Idol with 4 times the sales of Kris Allen, who Adam may hire as a roadie on his tour as an act of charity.

  39. 39

    her hair is sexy

  40. 40

    susan boyle is a relle amazing singer

  41. 41

    Re: ap076 – 660k for SuBo looks about right. Gaga Fame Monster deluxe and original version of The Fame are the one being combined. The Fame Monster EP will chart separately. Glambert comes in at #2.

  42. 42

    CONGRATS to Susan Boyle. So happy for her
    Also, congrats to GaGa and Adam.. 2nd and 3rd isn't bad at all

  43. 43

    Good for Susan Boyle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. MP says – reply to this


    I just listened to Susan Boyle's CD and it's very good. It's an eclectic mix of songs from a Christmas song to a couple religious/spiritual songs to some covers. I think it'll sell well during the holiday season.

  45. 45

    I'm seriously thinking you're fudging Lambert's numbers. If he's top ten I'll be surprised. If not, Perez, you can go blow William Hung.

  46. 46

    If these are the top three this world is really fucked up.

  47. 47

    but in any case he showed who was the true winner of American Idol with 4 times the sales of Kris Allen, who Adam may hire as a roadie on his tour as an act of charity.
    Re: ap076

    Well that is because the RUNNER UP is being heavily promoted, while the actual WINNER isn't. the RUNNER UP is getting by on flash, controversy and the gay pushing liberal agenda while the actual WINNER is straightforward and wants to get by on his ability.

  48. 48

    Fuck you old woman ! Get lost ! Ur so ugly !

  49. J.Ann says – reply to this


    "For Your Entertainment" is not available is Malaysia yet! T.T

  50. J.Ann says – reply to this


    Re: DwarfLove – Can you do Maths? Anyway, Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert are both VERY talented and daring artists!

  51. 51

    LOL. Boyle killed them. SPIN it anyway you like; GAGA's ALBUM FLOPPED, along with Gaybert. Hilarious disaster for both.

  52. 52

    Susan Boyle is actually better looking than GaGa. She looks younger too.
    "Tranny tranny boom boom -Ga Ga"

  53. 53

    god subo's annoying. she's really not very good.

  54. 54

    Who's older -GaGa or Susan Boyle? It's hard to tell. They look close in age, but Susan is far more attractive and talented. Genuine too, not fake and phony like GaGa.
    "Tranny tranny boom boom -Ga Ga"

  55. 55

    It's OFFICIAL. GaGa's and Gaybert's albums both SUCK. And they FLOPPED.

  56. 56

    GaGa is a FRAUD. Nobody's buying her STALE act anymore. Her sales figures are dismal despite all hype.

  57. 57

    congrats to all 3, but especially to SUSAN BOYLE!!! I LOVE YOUUU!!! YOU DESERVE THIS SUCCESS!!! :) )

  58. ap076 says – reply to this


    Re: highcottonquinn – Yet sadly he can't. The record company did not promote him much because they knew the album was DOA.

  59. 59

    Re: MadonnaCelebration – Shut the fuck up, Susan Boyle and Lady Gaga could beat Madonnas saggy ass in a fucking heartbeat. Lady Gaga is the 1st person in almost 49 years to have all her singles go #1 on the first try, Madonna slept around to get a record deal.

  60. 60

    Re: DixieNormas – Nobodys buying her stale act even though she came in as #2 with 200k? Wow your an idiot.

  61. 61

    Re: DixieNormas – Do you even know what the word 'flop' means?

  62. 62

    Re: DixieNormas – You have a vagina, and its crammed up with herpes.

  63. 63

    Re: Christik – your kid is the nastiest thing to walk the Earth.

  64. 64

    Re: DwarfLove – You love dick in your ass everyday. And its Lady Gaga's that you want, and SuBos strap-on from the front.

  65. 65

    Lady GaGa's album really sucks. Even the people who don't like her are shocked at how bad it is and how LOW her sales are. I thought she was supposed to be popular.

  66. 66

    GaGa and Gaybert suck and blow. Their new albums are in the toilet. 200k is weak, really weak for these overhyped wannabes.

  67. 67

    So GaGa wanted ugly and disease. Well, she's certainly got that is SPADES.

  68. 68

    The TRUTH is that GaGa has only had 2 number one songs on the billboard hot 100. None of those other charts count for shit. Fergie had MORE number ones on her debut album. And Fergie outsold GaGa 3 to 1. LOL>

  69. 69

    SuBo # 1.. great!!! :D .

    Lady Gaga # 2?? ajajajajaajjajaja sorry, Perez ajaja

  70. 70

    I was a fan of Adam Lambert and would have bought his CD if I had not seen the wreck he made of his AMA performance. BTW he looked and sounded terrible during the performance. What was going on with him. That angry face at the end with him giving the finger to the audience and camera was the biggest shock of all. It was like he was a totally different person from the guy that was such hit on AI. I realize he kind of played us during the AI competition and if he had performed the way he did on the AMAs on AI, he would never have made it to the final ten. That is a fact. He knows the type of people that were making up his fan base, but that is not what he wants now. I read one of his interviews that he discussed the excessive pot and cocaine use in 2006 and the fact that he was on a drug when he decided to go out for AI. It crossed my mind at the end of the AMAs performance that he was on something. I really hope not and I hope he won't become self destructive if he doesn't become a "star". His advisors need to really start "advising" him real soon or his career will never take off. Maybe Simon can talk some sense into him.

  71. 71

    Lady Gargoyle got KILLED. Her new album is FLOPPING, just like her tour. HILARIOUS DISASTER!