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Nick Hogan In ANOTHER Car Accident!

| Filed under: Legal MattersNick Hogan


Breakin' in that California drivers license good, aren't ya, Nick???

The son of Hulk Hogan, who was convicted of reckless driving when he practically killed his friend in a car accident back in '07, was in another accident on Saturday night!

A minor one, but still!

Hogan was returning from a charity event in Downtown Los Angeles that was raising funds for driver safety (we know) when the former convict ended up in a fender bender.


[Image via WENN.]

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69 comments to “Nick Hogan In ANOTHER Car Accident!”

  1. 1

    Gimme a 9 iron and I'll bust out few windows and save him.

  2. 2

    I always thought he was a little booger.
    You could tell in 'Hogan Knows Best'.
    It's a shame what fame does to some.

  3. 3


  4. 4

    there's nothing to say….

  5. 5

    you dont even know if he was the victim……its a fender bender…its not the end of the world. give it up.

  6. 6

    He has his license back? Truly disgusting and sickening.

  7. 7

    I'm was thinking the same thing Candy. Fender bender can happen to anyone but for him to even be able to drive?? Glad the law is looking out for us!

  8. 8


  9. 9

    I've never known a bigger tarugo! (eye roll)

  10. 10

    The Hogan family is a mess!

  11. ap076 says – reply to this


    Boy the concept of paying your debt to society is completely foreign to you. He was tried, found guilty, sentenced, and served the time.
    What he did to his friend in the accident is no less tragic (civil litigation?), and this kid is just a "celebreality" whore, but you don't need to jump down his throat for a fender bender.
    At some point, though we may never forget past wrongdoings, there should be a place in our hearts and minds for forgiveness.

  12. 12


  13. 13

    Um…excuse me but why is this peice of shit guy allowed to keep his license after he turned his friend into a vegetable?
    He should be forced to care for his friend for the rest of his life. Feeding him, wiping his ass, cleaning him.

    Califfornia is run by retards, Im so glad I moved out of that fucked up state.

  14. 14

    i hope he violated his probation or something so his lame ass will go back to jail. little mongloid fucktard.

  15. 15

    A fender bender…and it may not have been his fault.

  16. 16

    Did you do any research before you posted this douchebag? He might not have been at fault, he might have been run into, accidents happen. You're assuming he's guilty before being proven innocent. And since you don't drive or own a car, you are the last person to judge other drivers. This is typical of your reporting, amateurish and unfounded.

  17. 17

    Re: Big Black Dick – LOL

    This dipshit should never drive again.

  18. 18

    This has to be the stupidest kid alive. Oh wait, what do I expect from Hulk Hogan's genes?

  19. 19

    Returning from a Charity Event….He IS a CHARITY CASE, if you ask me….spoiled little ugly brat. I blame the father.

  20. 20

    …MAYBE they can make a 'reality show' out of this…mak'n sure he gets his cut, of course…. Yeeesh ! I wouldn't be surprised if the old man is looking into this !

  21. 21

    Oh…AND, white trash is as white trash does….

  22. 22

    Where os the slutty sister…. ?

  23. 23

    Where is the slutty sister…. ?

  24. 24

    On Hogan Knows Best he just sat around on his computer all day lol

  25. 25

    too bad he didn't die

  26. 26

    So this is what Tila Tequila was talkin about lol

  27. 27

    Re: ap076 – Couldn't have said it better myself. And what the rest of you are forgetting is the friend brought the alcohol, supplied the alcohol and asked him to drive, Nick was a minor at the time of this horrific crash and his friend the adult. They both made choices that night the friend chose to get in the car with him knowing full well the potential dangers.
    It is an extremely sad story, but Nick is not soley to blame here Perez, you shouldn't cast stones when you are far from perfect. Seriously, just because you have a hit website, does not make you any holier than thou. And the rest of you, seriously get a life, what kind of person needs to entertain themselves by writing on perezhiltons website with utter rubbish belittle celeb - its pure jealous and you look rather pathetic, are you lives that bad? If so, do soemthing about it!!!!!

  28. 28

    The big question: why does this guy still have a drivers' license???

  29. 29

    Re: stanwarsaregay

    Can't believe you actually said that..

  30. 30

    Talking on the PHONE probably!

  31. 31

    Re: yougotit – To add the dude wasn't wearing a seat belt. ..and accidents happen.

  32. 32

    Fuck him and his entire white trash family. I am a whitie so I hate to use the term but damn if they wouldn't be living in a trailer park had daddy not made a career of wearing underwear and wrestling men.

  33. 33


  34. 34

    well, he may be hot but I'm not gettin in a car with him anytime soon lol

  35. 35

    Buy a bicycle. Park that car, Nick, before you kill someone else.
    Even though we don't know whose fault this recent accident was .. If you have already killed your friend, time to reconsider driving a car.

  36. 36

    Sounds like Karma is trying to get him!!!!

  37. 37

    Re: Sexsai – Just a little FYI: His accident/trial that involved almost killing his friend, happened in Florida - not California. So your "retarded" comment should be directed towards Florida. Because it is because of the ruling in that trial, that somehow allowed Nick to get/have/maintain a driver's license after what had happened.
    But do we even know if he was driving? I didn't see it anywhere in the post…
    BTW, how is he even allowed to leave the state Florida? Shouldn't he be on probation or something?

  38. 38

    And what was his career goal? Wait for it. Race car driver. Seriously. He can't drive in a straight line but though he could be a professional driver. By the way, daddy Hulk pulled some strings and got him into a race. And, of course, he put the car into the wall.

  39. 39


  40. Lava says – reply to this



  41. 41

    I strongly dislike this family and any news regarding them.

  42. 42

    What a fucktard!!!!!!!!!!

  43. 43

    Nick Hogan = walking, I mean driving timebomb.

  44. 44

    I thought his license was revoked? Misinformed I guess….

  45. 45

    He should be banned from driving for life.

  46. 46

    this kid comes off as a total douche bag to me

  47. 47

    Why the fuck is he allowed on the road? If I lived in LA I would be angry and concerned for my life..

  48. 48

    Put him under D LIST category!

  49. 49

    Re: yougotit – the thing is, he was driving recklessly on several occasions before he turned his "friend" into a vegetable. the parents didn't punish him or anything, so nick kept on driving recklessly until something bad finally happened. the parents should've seen it coming but didn't do anything about it. so it's technically not the friend's fault that he's now a vegetable-no one asks for that.

  50. 50

    good one BBD, you are hilarious!

  51. 51

    POS should never have been given a license. WTF?

  52. 52

    Re: yougotit
    Nick made the worst choice of all. Letting someone sit in his car without a seatbelt. It should be the drivers responsibility to make sure people are buckled up before the car is in motion. Therefore making Nick the person responsible. Oh, and his damn foot on the pedal? Also responsible.

  53. 53

    Re: BeNiceYall – Accidents happen? Yeah, especially when you are voluntarily going over the speed limit and driving recklessly. Yep, accidents defintely happen when you give them the odds.

  54. 54

    what a fucking idiot.. regardless if it was a 'fender bender' and he was the victim, blah blah blah! He shouldnt even have a lisence and if so, be EXTRA careful moron

  55. 55

    Tila Tequila tweeted about this last night. They were headed to a resturant for dinner along with his girlfriend.

  56. Icey says – reply to this


    god get over it accidents happen! 4 sure in LA…. its an accident get the fuck over it

  57. Icey says – reply to this


    Re: yougotit – i agree w/ u.

  58. 58

    what a trollish tard.

  59. 59

    ok, time to stay off the road…

  60. 60

    Who the hell is this guy? I've never heard of him, bleh not worth my time to read about his pathetic little crash.

  61. 61

    Nick Hogan is crazy..You know what Tila Tequila did she stopt her tour to Turkey and Germany only because Nick Hogan had a minor car accident ..
    Both are crazy..
    Get a life Nick Hogan and Tila Tequila

  62. 62

    Wait a second? They gave him his driver's license back after what he did?!?!?! What the eff? I would have thought if he was on probation or something he wouldn't be allowed to drive.

  63. 63

    he still is a convict! What the hell is he doing driving? This little piece of shit should just be happy hes not in prison where he should be anymore! totally worthless

  64. 64

    this is bs ap076 and Perez Smells_His Skidmarks clearly have DUIs themselves… just ignore those idiots what they say is so irrelevant they are excusing things because they have the problem.. losers

  65. 65

    anyone who justifies anything this loser does is such a loser themselves…. "accidents happen'??? really weird Ive never almost killed any of my friends and neither has anyone I know you dumbass

  66. 66

    wtf with the peace signs nick hogan is a loser brooke is a retard linda is diddler and I just feel sorry for hulk,but on the other hand he whored out his family because he was probably broke, because shit we all know roids are not cheap

  67. 67

    On one hand I agree, we don't know if he was the victim in this incident but on the other hand it doesn't look good for Nick considering his past wrong-doings, plus just coming out of a driver safety charity thing makes it seem worse.

  68. 68

    what the h3ll is wrong with dat boi!!! omfg!!! take his mofoin lincense away!!!!goshdarn!!!

  69. ap076 says – reply to this


    Re: kate198 – I have never driven (so no DUI) in fact as a resident of Boston it is highly unnecessary. My point was merely that at some point the time has been done, and you need to stop jumping down people's throats for everything, like a fender bender. If it was another drunk driving incident that would be another thing. Do you believe redemption is impossible? If so I feel sorry for you and the word you like in.