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Family Ties' Meredith Baxter On Lesbian Cruise, Just For Fun

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Who knew?

Actress Meredith Baxter was spotted on-board the "Sweet Caribbean Cruise" for lesbians, the National Enquirer is reporting and independent sources confirm to us!

Kelly McGillis was on the ship as well, which came as no surprise to passengers as she has been open about her sexuality for some time now. But Meredith was a surprise to all!

The actress has been married 3 times and has 5 children but she was seen "traveling with a female friend, and she seemed very relaxed and comfortable."

Maybe she's just testing the waters?

Good for her!

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32 comments to “Family Ties' Meredith Baxter On Lesbian Cruise, Just For Fun”

  1. 1

    I thought it wasn't a "choice"….

  2. 2

    And maybe straight people like to hang with gay friends? Hum, that's a thought. Maybe they didn't want the pressure of "looking" a certain way around men–especially in a bathing suit. There are many women who only want to go to female only gyms for that reason. Not everyone who hangs out with a gay friend is gay (maybe her friend wanted to go on a cruise & didn't have anyone else to go with) & Meredith is being supportive. I hate it when people jump to conclusions.

  3. 3

    Wouldn't surprise me, but if she wasn't a lesbian, it wouldn't surprise me either. Maybe she just wanted to spend time with a friend and have a good time and is secure in her own sexuality, whatever it is. Where are the rules that state you HAVE to be a lesbian to go on a lesbian cruise? Does it matter? I guess I just don't see the big deal with being gay/lesbian these days. You are who you are.

  4. 4

    of courze
    zhe waz refukinlaxed///hehehehe
    chickz know
    how 2/pleaze chickz…
    itz men dat have no
    effen clue…wooohoooooooooooooo
    luv me zome lezbianz….
    LDC….bet u know how ….
    xox kizzez….huggz

  5. 5

    Kelly went gay after making out with Tom Cruise. lol - who wouldn't?

  6. Wrenn says – reply to this


    Yeah…I get that vibe with her.

  7. Shark says – reply to this


    isnt justine bateman a lesbian?..aka mallory? if i am right..could mean they hooked up…eeeewww!
    Then again being on a cruise with no guys present..after being married three times…maybe she just has had enough of them…and wanted a non guy peace free trip?

  8. 8

    Re: 20thCFoxx – I AGREE.* :) perez hangs out with lady gaga,katy perry,ect..noone thinks hes straight.! or when he was hanging out with john stamos they didnt call john stamos gay because he was hanging out with perez.

  9. buck says – reply to this


    she doesn't stike me as someone with mental health issues but you never know.

  10. 10

    Re: Shark
    Justine Bateman is married to a man for quite some time and has kids. You clearly don't know what the fuck you're talking about.

  11. 11

    Can't a lady have a lesbian friend? Why does this all of the sudden make her a lesbian? Maybe she's a les hag? (is that what you call it?)

  12. 12

    What the fuck happened to Kelly McGillis? She went from being sexy and hot to a bull-dyke.

  13. 13

    as a friend of a friend of merediths', she has been "out" for sometime now….

  14. 14

    Who cares? The woman likes to cut carpet's get a life.

  15. 15

    Well who doesn't enjoy a nice big piece of hairpie?

  16. 16

    Re: sam007 – Exactly. Homosexuality IS a choice, as Perez clearly states.

    I guess Stepford Wives had more of an impact on Baxter than thought. Pervert!

  17. 17

    Maybe supporting a gay friend…..

  18. 18

    Re: sam007 – Well, Perez is sure making it sound as if it IS a choice. Way to kick the gay movement back about 20 years.

  19. 19

    National Enquirer

  20. 20

    "Good for her"?? as if being straight now-a-days is the old black. Blahh…you're so biased Perez!!

  21. 21

    She has a new role on the webseries "We Have to Stop Now" starring and produced by out lesbian actresses Jill Bennett and Cathy Debuono. They were filming episodes of the second season on the ship. Cathy and Jill play a lesbian couple who are therapists going through couples therapy. It's a funny show. www.wehavetostopnow.tv

  22. 22

    Hey whatever floats your boat! lol ha ha Let her be! I hope she's happy :) Go Meredith!

  23. 23

    and being gay is NOT a choice anyone who thinks that is a fucking idiot!

  24. 24

    Hey…what's the big deal. many women–especially older women–who are unlucky in love switch sides. Nobody wants to be alone.

  25. 25

    Re: ImmortalBeloved – it's a choice for some people. it's a "jump on the band wagon" type of thing now-a-days. i have friends who were once gay and are now straight. and this is not unusual either….wake up!!

  26. 26


  27. 27

    I'll BET she was on there just for FUN!!!!! :)

  28. 28


  29. 29

    GOOD FOR HER!!!!!!! Life is tooooo short :)

  30. 30

    She appeared nude in the 90's movie My Breast , about breast cancer . Check the scene at the doctor's office making a breast exam. Last week I watched this movie via internet television ( LoggTV.com ) Wow and she is really hot. I loved this woman.

  31. 31

    Man! I was on that cruise! Wish I would've seen her. I would've loved to meet her.

  32. 32

    I can see why Kelly McGillis went the gay way. Didn't she get raped twice?