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Johnson & Johnson Heiress Denies Charges

| Filed under: Legal Matters


Casey Johnson has revealed to Page Six that she did not steal from ex-BFF Jasmine Lennard.


Jasmine claims Casey entered her Hollywood residence and stole "clothes, shoes and jewelry - leaving a vibrator behind."


The troubled heiress goes on to say:

"Everything she has said is 100 percent fabrication. It's not true. I've had a rough time. I've just got out of jail. It is a very serious thing she is charging me with, so I am not going to mess it up by telling my side - as much as I'd love to. But the truth is far different than what Jasmine Lennard has said."


We'd LOVE to hear your side, if you're sane enough to remember.

By the way how's your kid???

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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11 comments to “Johnson & Johnson Heiress Denies Charges”

  1. 1

    lol! it looks like she's carrying a stuffed koala bear around :P

  2. 2

    that poor dog should be taken away from that heinous bitch! look how she is carrying the pitiful pooch.

  3. 3

    *yawn* Just another rich blonde coke brat with a little dog as an accessory , running herself ragged in Lost Angeles. Between THIS and lady caca, you're boring me.

  4. 4

    Perez thankfully we live in America where you are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law and considering how wealthy she is I am sure she will get either a plea or a not guilty verdict.

  5. 5

    umm, who cares about this poster child for abortion?

  6. ap076 says – reply to this


    I did not notice your addition to her sunglasses, I thought it was the style of her glasses and I was wondering who would buy sushi inspired glasses.

  7. 7

    Humm, I should introduce you to Greasy Bear — no — w8 — what's a Bear in the Gay Community? Just saying: Birds of a Feather and All.

  8. 8

    Johnson & Johnson TEST ON ANIMALS!!!!

    Google the list of companies who test on animals, you'll be shocked at how many common companies still test on animals. I learned recently that most of my favorite products test on animals. Unfortunately Mabelline, Johnson & Johnson, and Herbal Essences are products I have used often & they test on animals. I am not supporting this mega industry giants anymore! If you care don't support them either there are many companies that produce amazing products that don't test on animals like Revlon, Clinique, etc.

  9. 9

    ugh who are they? ive never even heard of either of them

  10. obama says – reply to this


    Can we also let this story die? I'd never heard of her till you started posting about this trainwreck. Lets just let her go away and not make her famous. She sounds like a monumental waste of time. Lets gossip about people who have talent and gifts besides ignoring their children, bills, and morals.

  11. 11

    Oh my gosh that is the CUTEST little dog!!!!!!!!!